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This fanfiction contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

So, Neji apparently has a thing for hair-pulling.

It's not particularly surprising, in and of itself: Neji is not shy when it comes to informing her of the things he does or does not like (and Tenten supposes she is more or less the same), but what really gets her is just how into it he seems to be.

Tenten's just kind of ashamed it takes her so long to notice.

The first time it happens, Tenten really doesn't think much of it. She's much too distracted to, anyway — Neji has her pushed firmly up against a wall in one of the hallways on the second floor of his uncle's house, kissing her insistently as one of his hands hikes up her dress and clutches at her hip in a way she'd almost think is desperate, and even though the more rational part of Tenten's mind keeps telling her that someone could come across them in such a compromising position at any moment, her libido is very persuasive about saying otherwise. Her arms are wrapped around his neck, fingers playing idly with the fine hairs at the nape of his neck when Neji's mouth moves away from her own in order to bite gently along the column of her throat, and when he nips at her pulse particularly hard before laving the spot with his tongue, Tenten can't help but moan softly and tug gently on the smooth, silken strands in response. Tenten feels Neji groan low in his throat at her action, and the next thing she knows he's pulling her into the nearest available bedroom as if their lives depended on it.

"Your uncle's going to be looking for you," she manages to tell him, somehow, even as her hands begin working desperately at the buckle of his belt. "Aren't you supposed to be helping him host this thing?"

"He can wait," comes Neji's reply as he turns Tenten around, bends her over the dresser. "I can always help host another stupid luncheon later." He presses himself against her, and even though they're still fully clothed, both Neji and Tenten groan at the welcome friction.

Tenten pulls her dress up around waist before resting her forearms on the flat surface of the wooden dresser, even as Neji pulls himself out of his slacks, grabs a familiar foil packet out of his wallet and slips the condom on (because of course he carries a few extra on him at all times). "Hiashi really isn't going to be happy about this, you know."

Neji's response is to settle one of his hands on her hip as he uses the other to pull her underwear to the side, and adjust himself behind her. "I don't care," he all but growls in her ear, and Tenten really can't help but shiver at that.

"Good, because I think we're probably going to be here for a while."

They're watching a movie at the apartment Tenten shares with Lee on a rainy, grey afternoon a week later the next time it happens.

Lee had been the one to suggest the movie in question as they'd idly scrolled through Netflix, and with no other options and nothing better to do, she and Neji had both agreed to watching it. They'd taken the couch, Tenten curled into the solid warmth of Neji's body while he draped one arm loosely around her shoulders, and Lee had sprawled unceremoniously on the floor, cocooned in the softest, thickest blanket they owned, and with a large bowl of fresh popcorn within arm's reach on the old coffee table, the three of them had settled in to watch.

The first third of the movie passes uneventfully. It's decent enough, if a bit predictable and scripted, but the movie has her interest all the same until Tenten becomes aware of the autumn chill seeping into the apartment through the kitchen window. She tucks herself in closer to Neji in a shameless attempt to leech his warmth (she swears he's a literal human space heater, sometimes), and when he shifts accordingly to make them both comfortable, a section of hair that hadn't quite made it into the loose bun at the base of his neck falls gracefully to brush against his earlobe. It tickles against Tenten's cheek, and she looks at it curiously for a moment before reaching up and taking it between her fingers. It's wonderfully soft and smooth, and Tenten muses, not for the first time, as she continues to play with it without any real conscious awareness of what she's doing, what Neji had done to be blessed with such long, beautiful hair.

It's then that Neji catches her attention by softly clearing his throat, and Tenten's gaze moves from his hair to meet his own. He's biting the inside of his cheek, and the way his eyes are narrowed, brows furrowed, body suddenly tense and jaw clenched tight enough that the muscles of his pale neck are defined in the low light of the living room, immediately catch Tenten's attention.

So she lets go of his hair immediately and tucks her hand against her chest. "Sorry," she says. "I just can't get over how pretty your hair is."

He frowns at the word pretty, but at least Neji doesn't seem too bothered by her actions. "It's fine," he assures her as he returns to a more relaxed posture, arm moving fluidly from her shoulders to rest around her waist instead, and he smiles softly at Tenten as she takes advantage of the body heat offered by this new position. "No harm done."

"Is everything okay?" Lee asks, then, from his position on the floor. "I really hope there isn't anything too passionately indecent going on up there again."

Tenten flushes at the comment, and she can hear Neji's undignified splutter beside her as she whips around to glare at Lee over the edge of the couch. "That was one time!"

Lee is not convinced. "Which is one time too many," he tells Tenten matter-of-factly. "I'm all for embracing the vigor of youth, you know, but I'd prefer it if you guys did your embracing when I'm not around."

"Jerk," Tenten huffs, but she's smiling when she settles back against Neji's side. She looks up at him through her eyelashes when he settles his arm back around her waist, and the last thing Tenten notices before she turns back to watch the movie is Neji's dark, pretty hair brushing temptingly against the pale skin of his jaw, and the way he's looking at her curiously from the corner of his eye.

Something occurs to her, then, as she leans further into his solid frame and body heat, and the beginnings of a thought starts to take shape in the corner of Tenten's mind before a surprisingly humorous scene in the movie removes any trace of it all together.

Tenten all but forgets the incident on the couch until she and Neji are invited back to Hiashi's house a few days later for dinner. The patriarch of the Hyuuga family doesn't seem to be upset at all about their disappearance during the business luncheon Neji was supposed to be helping with the last time she had been there — and Tenten knows that she'll be indebted to Hanabi and Hinata forever for covering for them all the time — and in fact seems happy to see her when he greets them at the front door. He even smiles at her, and while it's enough to let her know that something is definitely up as she returns the gesture somewhat awkwardly, it isn't until Hiashi has led them to the dining room and Tenten sees a familiar blond head seated across the table from Hinata that she finally understands what.

If Hyuuga Hiashi had the perfect mental image of the sort of person he'd want his daughters to bring home, Uzumaki Naruto is decidedly not it. Not that Hiashi hadn't been entirely approving of Tenten when Neji had first introduced her as his girlfriend, either, but she can understand where Hiashi's frustrations with Naruto come from. The younger man, while unbelievably kind and hardworking, is simultaneously notorious for his exuberance and tendency to say and do things without thinking them all the way through first, and Tenten knows that she isn't the only person in the dining room at that moment who can really only handle him and his considerable energy in small, occasional doses.

But Hinata loves him, and it's for this reason, Tenten knows, that Hiashi makes the effort to interact with Naruto regularly beyond business meetings and work. And because Tenten loves Hinata (and also because she loves Neji, who in turn absolutely adores Hinata, even though he'd rather be locked alone in a room with only Guy and Lee for company rather than admit it aloud) she figures she can put forth a little more effort, too. And Tenten will never admit it — publicly, at least — but she also empathizes with Naruto a great deal. She understands very well what it is like to grow up alone, and to work hard until you've finally earned your recognition and your place in the world, and also how scary Hyuuga Hiashi can be when he's watching you with those sharp, pale eyes of his (or any time at all, really).

Tenten takes the seat beside Naruto at the dining table, while Neji sits across from her, to Hinata's right. She smiles and nods politely at each of them before turning to wave at Hanabi, who is sitting by herself at the end of the table closest to the door, while Hiashi settles into his own seat at its head.

Dinner begins shortly after: the food is, of course, delicious, even if the wine is a little too dry for her tastes (but that's never stopped her before, because Tenten always drinks too much wine whenever she's invited to dinner at the Hyuuga estate — it's a nervous habit) and the conversation is surprisingly relaxed and natural. When it's time for dessert, Hiashi asks Neji and Hinata to help him find an appropriate port, and when the three of them disappear into the kitchen next door, Tenten finds herself taken entirely aback when Hanabi looks carefully from Tenten to Naruto and asks, "So, did you ask Tenten yet?"

While Tenten isn't terribly surprised by the knowing smirk on Hanabi's lips (she's been around members of the Hyuuga family long enough to stop being fazed by the haughty loftiness seems to accompany all of their facial expressions, which she's fairly certain is somehow linked to their ridiculously pretty hair) she certainly doesn't expect Naruto to flush beet-red at the question, and before she can stop herself finds herself asking, "Ask Tenten what?"

Naruto's flush becomes even deeper at her question, and it's with a growing sense of dread that she realizes the smile Hanabi flashes her, then, can only be described as evil, and Tenten finds herself wondering exactly what she's gotten herself into this time.

"Well," Hanabi begins slowly, seemingly unbothered by the way Naruto's just let his forehead meet the dining table with a muffled thump, "Naruto asked me something about Hinata the other day, and it made me wonder about Neji, too."

Throwing a curious glance Naruto's way, Tenten bites the inside of her cheek, almost too afraid to voice the question bubbling in her throat. Her curiosity ultimately wins, of course — she's always been a naturally inquisitive person — and she finds herself asking, "What did you want to know?"

"Hinata is apparently really into hair-pulling," Hanabi says without batting an eyelash. "I can't say that I'm particularly surprised, because I am too, but it did make me wonder about Neji." And then she looks slyly at Tenten from the corner of her eye, expression smug and knowing all at once, and asks expectantly, "So?"

By now, Naruto's face (what she can see of it, anyway: he's still sitting with his forehead pressed against the dining table) is a shade of red she wouldn't have thought possible if she weren't seeing it with her own two eyes, and if the warmth creeping up her neck and over her cheeks is any indication, Tenten assumes that she's not faring any better. She drains the remains of her wine in an attempt to compose herself, and is grateful that Hanabi and gives her that little concession, at least. "He's definitely into it," she finally reveals after a moment of brief hesitation. "It's pretty hot, actually."

It is then that Naruto straightens up and makes a face at her. "No offense, Tenten," he says, "but can we not talk about Neji having kinks of any kind? Knowing that he has enough of a libido to want to have sex is bad enough."

"You started it," Hanabi responds, and she sticks her tongue out at him for good measure. "Besides, you're in luck — I can hear them in the hall, they're on their way back."

Tenten and Naruto spend the next few seconds hurriedly attempting to regain their composure, while Hanabi just smirks at them from her end of the table, when, as if on cue, Hiashi shows up at door with a bottle of port in hand and Neji and Hinata in tow a heartbeat later. Neji raises an eyebrow when he sees how flushed Tenten's face is ("Had too much wine," she whispers across the table, and he nods and makes sure that only a small amount of the port — which is really delicious, by the way, and makes her wish her pay grade allowed her to indulge in things like that with higher frequency — makes it into her glass) and the rest of the dinner passes by in a blur. She and Neji are seated back in his car thirty-seven minutes later, during which Hanabi had thankfully refrained from making any comment or reference to their previous discussion, and as he's pulling out of the circle driveway of Hiashi's house, Tenten decides she's going to see just how into hair-pulling her boyfriend is before the night is done.

Fortunately for Tenten, the last traces of the effects of the wine she'd had at dinner have faded away by the time they reach Neji's condo twenty minutes later, and he makes no protest when Tenten pushes him against the wall and presses her mouth to his the second they are in the privacy of his home and the door is closed and locked behind them. His response — to immediately open his mouth to hers, and settle his hands on the curve of her bottom — is so instantaneous, in fact, that she can't help but smirk when she pulls away to look up at him a few heated seconds later.

"Someone's excited," she murmurs with a sigh, carding her fingers through his hair when he takes the opportunity to drag his teeth along the side of her neck.

"Hard not to be," Neji responds with a growl, pulling her toward him until their hips are flush against one another, "particularly when you do things like that."

Tenten kisses him again, then, dimly aware that Neji is now walking them backwards, in the general direction of his bedroom. "That's not the only thing that's hard," she says, and on a sudden whim, punctuates that last word with a decisive tug on his hair.

Feral is the only way to describe Neji's response when he stumbles at the suddenness of the action, only to growl again a moment later and pin Tenten to the nearest wall, where he begins to more or less attack her mouth with a renewed vigor she hadn't really expected of him. And, well, it's incredibly hot, so she responds as much in turn, with teeth and lips and tongue, and allows him to lift her up and wrap her legs around his hips as he presses her back against the wall. He's making these little sounds low in his throat, too, and it turns her on so much that Tenten decides to try pulling his hair again, if only to see what he'll do next.

By now, Neji's clever fingers have already found their way beneath her blouse, and when Tenten pulls on his hair the second time, his grip on her hips becomes very nearly bruising, and his nails bite into her skin in the most delicious way. His breath hitches, and he groans, and the next thing she knows, he's muttering something into her ear, voice hot and heavy with lust.

"If you do that again," he tells her (and the way he says it leaves little doubt in her mind that there is no room for argument on the matter), "there is no guarantee we'll even make it to the bed."

Naturally, that is exactly what she does, and one sharp, undoubtedly painful tug on Neji's hair later, Tenten finds herself being unceremoniously thrown onto the couch. She curses the fact that she'd worn pants to dinner (but it had been cold that evening, and hot sex with Neji in his living room hadn't been on the agenda for the night — she'd thought they'd at least make it to the bedroom before clothes would coming off) but Neji's kneeling over her within the next moment, deftly unfastening the button of her favorite high-waisted skinny jeans and pulling down the zipper before he helps her shimmy out of them and tosses the garment over his shoulder, with her panties following an instant later.

She thinks they land somewhere near the television set, but she can't be entirely sure, because right now Neji is running a hand along her and his thumb his pressing circles against her clit, and Tenten is pretty sure this is going to be the hottest sex they've ever had.

(And when she wakes up the next morning in the luxurious comfort of his bed, deliciously sore and entirely naked, to find Neji looming over her with a predatory sort of look in his eyes, she decides that last night was probably just a prelude to what will undoubtedly now be the best sex they've ever had.)