Prologue part 1

Dorado, Mexico

The day was young, the sun shined upon the land and its inhabitants. Local wildlife continued their daily escapade. For the citizens of Dorado, it was just a normal day. The Farmers tend to their crop fields, women hung newly washed clothes to dry while children run and play. Approaching the town was a coalition of men on horseback. Their sheer numbers cast a shadow over the settlement. Once the residents took notice of the travelers, terror spread across the hid their children inside and locked the door. For Los Muertos has returned.

Los Muertos are a gang of self-proclaimed freedom fighter who protect the Mexican people for a price. They are a grimy and sweaty lot, dressed in ragged clothing fit for vagabond. Each man was armed to the teeth with revolvers, rifles slung on their backs and machetes strapped at their most distributing feature are the skull and bone tattoo that covers they're whole upper more like an undead army than a group of thugs.

Leading this band of criminals was a young woman called Sombra. Like her men, she too wears the full body skeleton tattoo. Her nails were sharp and painted violet. On her belt buckle, she wore a talon shaped insignia. While her men expressions were either bleak or sullen hers on the other hand had a broad smile. It was cheerful, almost childlike, it was the smile of a woman who is an irresistible and knows it.

As they continue towards the town, along the way they come across the cornfields that stench for miles. Julio her second in command plucks an ear of corn from a stalk. He began to strip the grain before taking several bites out of it.

"This is some good corn" he muttered with his mouth filled. He rode next to his boss to showing her his discovery. Sombra turned her head to Julio.

"Como estuvo?" Sombra ask. (How was it?)

"Mucho Bueno" as he shakes his head in delight. (Very good)

"Esto va a ser una Buena Cosecha". She said in a playful yet menacing tone as her smile lingers. (This going to be a good harvest)

Inside the local church, the residents argue amongst the podium stood the mayor Guillermo Portero, a man in his late forties evident by his receding hairline and gray hair. He attempts to speak but their voices overpower his behind him were three consists of Angela Ziegler, an accredited doctor, a huge German man by the name Reinhardt and his surrogate daughter Bridgette. Both ladies exchanged a look of concern while Reinhardt's face conveys a look of irritation.

"We can't let them do this to us any longer they're just a couple of thugs!" Carlos shouted.

"Did you forget that they have guns Carlos" Robbie countered.

"We leave…. That's what we'll do" said Antonio

"yeah and go where?" Carlos replied.

"we should hide some food" Bridgett suggested.

"You Loco that would make things worse" someone blurted out.

"They never take all our food. She lets us have enough to go on with." Maria interjected.

"we should just pray instead, " Mr. Mendez said with a meekness.

"You're right brother Mendez, the Lord will provide." Angela agreed.

"as mayor, it's my sworn duty to look out for your best is why I'll have a one on one discussion with Sombra and address your complaints to her personally."

People threw up their arms in dismissal to the mayor's plan. They continued to argue and talk over each other again. Feeling the air with noise that grows louder.

unable to take it anymore Reinhart jumps out of his seat. As he stretched his palms out to gain the audience attention. with his booming voice, he began to speak.

"Brothers and sisters lend me your ears!"

The congregation halted their tongues. All eyes were on him.

"I understand that you'll are afraid not just for yourself but for your children as well. What I see before me aren't cowards I see hard working folks who suffered losses too painful to bear alone. This is your home you're land everyone here has the right to dictate what happened to it"

"He's right," said Robbie

"I stand by Reinhart!" someone shouted

"We must fight!" Carlos noted.

Just then the church doors are kicked in. Los Muertos along with Sombra entered the building. Julio closes the door behind rifles drawn the bandits stood by the of sheer fright the crowd goes who stood up high slowly sank back down in their seats. Sombra strolls down the aisle, her spurs click with each step.

"This is the lord's house no place for guns there are children here." said Angela.

She ignores the statement as she gets closer to the podium. The locals got more nervous as she passed by them.

"Ah, señor alcalde mi buen amigo como estas?" She says as her arms are extending for a hug. (Ah, Mr. Mayor, my good friend, how are you?)

Reinhardt stepped in front of the mayor blocking his view from Sombra. He towered over her, a confused look she turned to her gang.

"Quien es el viejo?"(Who is the old man?)

They too shared her confusion of the giant response with a simple shrug.

"I am sir Wilhelm Reinhardt, I advise you and your men to leave this town."

"Is this how you treat us Mr. mayor, having a foreigner threatened us you know he's not going to like this right?"

"No, no senorita Sombra he`s new here-"

Reinhardt cut the mayor off with an arm jester telling him not another word. The Los Muertos pointed their rifles at the giant. With one wrong mishap, he will be filled with holes in seconds.

"You think your guns scare me I've faced far worse up north." he spoke as he turned and smiles towards Bridgette and Angela.

"Maybe no but"…. Sombra quickly drew her custom made machine pistol and pointed it at a nearby family. The scared mother hugged her daughter tight as her husband embraces them both. They constantly tremble as the gun`s barrel stares them down.

"Cowards!" Reinhardt barks.

"Where's the fun in playing fair"

Sombra makes a sly smirk as she gazes at the terrified family. Her view then shifted back to Reinhardt, staring into his single eye. He stares back at her with such intensity that he doesn't even blink.

"I'm just kidding I won't hurt them" Sombra lowers her weapon away from the family. She started to giggle like a child as she turned to her crew once more.

In one quick movement, she twirls her gun and fires a short-burst of bullets at him. The bullets ripped through his left ear. He grabbed that side of his face in pain. Everyone but the bandits jolted at the sound of gunfire.

"pappa!" Brigitte cries as she rushes to his aid.

"on my god did she really hurt you? She tries to see his wound but his huge hand completely covers it. Small ounces drip down his neck staining his clothes.

"Don't worry my little squire I still live," he said with bravado.

Angela followed suit. The doctor glances at her injured friend, then to the bandit leader. Anger began to boil inside,as she opened up her supply was her standard first aid equipment along with a unique item,her caduceus pistol.

"Can I do this...should I do this?" the blonde thought to herself as she slowly grips the guns she looks up at the mayor still at the podium. He saw what she was going to do, Guillermo shook his head in disagreement with her plan.

Sombra leaned in closer to Reinhardt. "what happens next is on you"

Julio fires a single shot into the church signaled for more bandits to barge in and kick the people outside of the church like common cattle. In front of the building, Los Muertos holds them at gunpoint preventing anyone from Stepping out of was the last person to step out the church before two bandits through torches into the building.

"Ahora mi amigo Vamos a tener nuestra pequeña charla"(Now my friend let's have our little talk)

"Justo por aquí." Mayor Portero leads Sombra and her gang to his office. (right this way)

The fellow residents helped Reinhardt back to his wagon. Ms. Ziegler stopped the bleeding and wrapped the final bandage on what left of his ear. After that, he was back on his feet like nothing happened.

"Danke Gott for sister Mercy here," Bridgett said with relief.

"Ja, many thanks, Angela you are a true angel"

The blonde doctor considers her supply bag. she stares at her concealed sealed weapon.

"I wish I shared your same sentiments."

"Listen I understand how you feel brother Reinhardt but you should reconsider your next course of action wisely"

"For evil to triumph, good men must do nothing"

He removed the brown tarp from the corner to reveal a massive suit of armor was passed down from his great-grandfather Balderich Von Adler, a crusader knight who defended castle Eichenwald from Napoleon.

"This armor can still serve its purpose"

"Don't you realize that they will kill you?" mercy asked

"I always envisioned myself dying in defense of justice like my forefathers before me" he places his hand on the cold steel.

"Bridgett help me suit up once more!"

The young brunette jumped out her seat in excitement. She was going to see her father wear his armor again. Before she could walk over to Reinhardt, Angela placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Please Bridgett don't encourage him to do this"

"I don't like it any more than you do but maybe his can be the spark these people need to take back their town."

Sister Mercy released her hold on left the duo alone in the wagon to get prepared. The armor was placed upon his massive frame piece by piece. Until he was covered from head to toe in gray armor. With his trusty war-hammer in hand, this knight was ready for combat.

Bridgett's eyes glow like stars whenever she sees him in all his glory.

"You look amazing in that thing dad only if mom was here to see now" little tires began to form in her eyes. Reinhardt noticed and placed his steel covered hand under her chin.

"kein Weinen, she's always watching over us" as he points his finger up towards the sky. (no crying)

"yeah you're right" the young lady mutters as she wipes away her tears.

"Of course, I'm right, now let us show these Los Muertos why the dead should stay dead!" He yells as he lifts his mighty hammer.