A fist full of cash

Down the main street of Camarga, Angela and Pablo road their lanky steeds through the town. Begin a stranger to this foreign land Pablo was in complete awe of Camarga. Everything from the citizen's sense of fashion to their buildings architecture. Angela, on the other hand, has been to similar American southern towns, the only thing that bothered her was the abundance of gunmen walking around. Just the sight of those tools of violence makes her feel and timidly, they swivel their heads from side to side. Looking for the perfect client to assist them.

Suddenly the blonde nudges the young man and points up ahead. Once They turned the corner, their eyes widen at the sight of a crowd of armed men standing before the saloons entrance. The town sheriff is among them as the leader of this semi-organized their guns are focused on Jack, as he stood before them with his hands with all their guns pointed directly at him Morrison keeps his cool.

"There he is sheriff, that's Jack Morrison, the same yellow belly who swung at me," said the eager young man. His jaw is swollen from their previous encounter. In retribution, the boy rallied the sheriff and couple of guys to confront Jack head on.

"You got some serious explaining to do Morrison" the sheriff Marston has been this town's protector for over twenty years. Despite the fact, he showed signs of aging. he was still fit to wear the silver star white hat he wore barely hid his narrow eyes. His handlebar mustache dominated his wrinkled face.

" sure, on one condition."Jack keep his hands in the air while he analyzes the men weren't formally trained held their guns with a weak grip, making them unprepared for the recoil. Each man stood in a compromising position increasing the chances of friendly fire. Morrison looked them in the eyes, only to see fear and uncertainty. These were all the signs of a massacre waiting to happen.

"What!" the sheriff fired back in a demanding tone. Him, on the other hand, was seasoned gunfighter with scars to prove it. The silver revolver in his hand was aimed at Jack's head.

"Tell your men to stand down so I can get my badge, bullet holes won't help me talk".He said with his gruff voice.

The lawman understood the soldier's request, nodding his head in turned to the mob standing behind him. With a wave of his hand, he gave them the sign to relax. Compelling the armed men to lowered their guns. The sheriff returned his gaze on to Jack, showing his willingness to compromise.

Now it's Morrison turn to hold up his end of the bargain. Jack reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his badge. It was a circular shape, it looked like a cross between an O and W with an orange bridge at the top. Everyone who caught sight of the unique looking badge gawked at it with wonderment.

" I am Captain Jack Morrison of the 76th infantry and founding member of the Overwatch task force.I'm also a newly licensed peace officer in the Indian territories as well several other states". He proclaimed before all eyewitnesses within the Vicinity. Among the onlookers, Angela studies the badge he held up. Her memory of seeing Reinhardt with the same emblem comes back to her.

"Senorita Ziegler, are you alright"? Pablo asked with concern. He looks at his colleague as she stares into space. Her body stood completely still atop her steed being unresponsive.

"Oh yes. I'm alright". She responded in a soft tone, while her eyes were still fixated on the symbol." I believe this man can help us". Angela professed to the young man.

After hearing the validity of Jack's words the sheriff finally holsters his revolver. Being fully convinced of the man's identity puts the lawman's mind at ease. Now they can speak to one another as noncombatants.

"So Captain what business brought you to my humble town? Sheriff Marston questioned. This time his eyes were more mellowed than before.

"General Shepherd along with his men were wanted on multiple charges of murder in the state of South Dakota, sir".He drew a Spare wanted fliers from his pocket and hands them over to the sheriff. Marston takes out his glasses and begins examining the papers. To his dismay, he recognizing each face on the fliers.

"Well I'll be damned, I had a couple of lowlife varmints in my own backyard". Shaking his head in disbelief. " He turned to Morrison. "Since you did your job I'm guessing you want your reward right?"

"What your gonna reward this man, he attacked me!".The young man yelled in defiance. He pointed at his bruised jaw to emphasize his point. The sheriff signed as the teen publicly whines in front of everyone.

"Yes or no, did you strike this young man? He muttered in an indifferent manner. Marston used his left hand to direct jack's attention to the self-proclaimed victim.

Jack briefly glanced at the conniving individual. The memory of him punching this rude kid almost slipped his mind. He redirected his gaze to the lawman.

"Yes, I struck down the little bastard after he boasted and proposed a challenge,.." Morrison said bluntly.

" so it was a legitimate showdown between the two of you, funny how you didn't mention this before". Marston darted his eyes at the young kid began to tremble and shake as multiple eyes stare him down.

"Um.. we. you.. See-" just before he could finish explaining himself the sheriff inched towards him. In a false attempted to backhand the troublesome youth Marston cocked his hand back. As a result, the young man flinches and ran off like a bat out of hell.

"Sorry about that Captain, my son can be a real pain in the ass most of the time" he apologizes.

"No need sheriff, every man is responsible for his own actions," Jack said in affirmation

"I guess you're right, so I let`s get you paid already" Marston grinned

" yeah pretty much" Morrison replied.

" okay folks there's nothing to see here, get back to what you were doing". The sheriff announced to the spectators. Marton faced his militiamen "I want you two to find the undertaker and drag his greedy ass down here". The two men nodded and ran off. " the rest of you help me drag these sack of shit out of our saloon".

With the situation defused the citizens went back to their daily lives. Angelia and Pablo, on the other hand, had their quest in both saw Jack remounted his horse and begins to follow behind the sheriff. Noticing his departure, the pair exchanged a look of cohesion just before they intercept the man.

As Morrison begins to pull off, he's impeded by two individuals on horseback. The timid young man Pablo road on his left. while the eager blonde woman Angelia road on his right. Despite this sudden obstruction jack kept his head straight and continued to ride along.

"Excuse me...Excuse me, Captain Morrison, we wish to speak with you". Said Angela

Her words fell on deaf ears, jack refuse to respond. Dispute his rudeness she processed to communicate further.

"There is this woman, Sombra, a thief and a murderer..." She stops talking as her mind recalls that's tragic night. Noticing her pause Pablo followed up with his own few words

"Her and her men, they steal our food and they leave us with so little-" suddenly jack began to speak.

"If you need protection, why not go to the Rurales?" the soldier proposed. His eyes remained focus on the road. both Pablo and Angela`s eyes widen slightly once they got a response.

"Our mayor did twice but he said they can't station men in a small village for who knows how long"Angelia professed

" That's why we must buy guns but we don't know much about them. Will you buy guns for us?" the teen ask

"Guns are pretty expensive but Yall could hire a couple gunmen nowadays gunmen are cheaper than guns"

"If that's so will you come to Mr. Morrison?" Pablo leans in closer towards jack.

"It would be a blessing if you helped us" Angelia does the same.

"I'm sorry- I'm not in the blessing business"

"No, we offer more than that. We offer more than that. We could feed you every day. And this as well".The Hispanic young man hands the soldier a brown leather satchel. Jack commands his horse to stop, then proceeds to open the Bag. Inside were Inexpensive jewelry, medallions, and a watch. Sheriff Marston noticed Morrison stop following him.

"Is everything okay Morrison?"

Jack look up at the aged gunslinger. He gives him a quick nod, acknowledging the question.

"This is everything of value in the village. Would it be enough?" Pablo inquired.

"No," he said bluntly as he throws the bag back at the kid.

Hearing his answer didn't bring them comfort. It was like a punched to the what she's experienced Angelia won't give up so easily. The blonde took a deep breath before saying here piece.

"Let me explain the details, they are simply hard working people, my friend… she pauses for a brief moment before reusing. My friend Reinhart gave his life to helping them before his body went cold they kidnapped his daughter and shot a young man. These aren't the acts of men but of monsters. Her eyes started to get watery as she continues to speak. "if you could help us just drive the bandits away life could be very good in the village but as it could only survive a little longer. The children they cry because they're hungry"

Jack gazed into her sapphire eyes inside them he see's conviction. This made him ponder on their words for a moment.

"Let's head to the sheriff's office to talk about this" He quickly mumbled.

Pablo and Angelina's heart jumped for joy knowing they've made some progress.

"Gracias you-"

Jack raises a hand to stave off the gratitude.

"Don't thank me yet kid, don't thank me yet". He motions for his horse to move. They quickly followed suit.

Once they arrived at their destination the trio parked their trusty steeds. The group entered the office and took a seat next to the sheriff's desk as he went to access his safe. It was a pretty standard law enforcement headquarters from the looks of it.

Before the soldier can get comfortable he was interrupted once again.

"Shall we pick up where we left off?" The blonde queried.

He proceeds to give her a blank stare. The expression made her felt very uncomfortable, to counteract this Angela began to lightly chuckle. Not wanting this to get any more awkward Jack speaks.

"Do you understand what it means to start something like this? Once you began this path of there will only be killing and more killing until the reason for it is gone."

"I understand, " Pablo said in a heartbeat.

"I've considered that'"Angela muttered.

"Now does every in the village feel the same?"

A long pause. Jack considers it

Just then the sheriff returns with Jacks money in hand.

"Here you go sir, honest pay for an honest day of work". He hands over the bundle of cash. Morrison got out of his seat and took the money.

"Thanks, Mr. Marston but I have one favor to ask ?"

"Sure thing what is it?"

"Do you have any prisoners I the back if so can me and my...deputies would like to meet with them?"

everyone except Jack raised an eyebrow at the strange request he made. The lawman glanced at the other two to see if they can give him any as lost as he is they just shrugged at him. He paused for a moment before he spoke.

"Is this some sort of request you Overwatch fellows normally ask for?"

"yep, more times than you think sheriff," He said in a dry tone.

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