She awoke to a pleasant soreness in her nethers. The bed - while slightly sticky - was a thousand times more comfortable than her own. With a sigh, Tayuya nuzzled further into the marvelously firm pillow she had her arms around. It moved up and down so pleasantly.

Something squeezed her tit and pulled her close. It flipped her, the hand moving from her breast to along her stomach, around her back and then lower where it grabbed her ass. The hand was firm, strong, and rough. A healthy cock found its way between her legs, just inches below her entrance.

Tayuya's eyes opened up wide and she noted the broad chest with sissy blonde hairs that she was using as a pillow. She looked up and saw a stupid, blond, blue-eyed bastard. Last night flashed before her–the bar, celebrations, cheesy pickup lines, kissing, sex, sex, and more sex.

The fuck was this blond bastard's name? Why did it even matter?–she never called anybody by their name anyways. Fuck it, he was… he felt like a Loverboy, probably because he was a good fuck.

"Mmm, good morning beautiful," Loverboy said with a giant smile like he hadn't just woken up. Before Tayuya could say or do anything, the bastard had the balls to lean down and kiss her. This bastard was acting like they'd been dating since high school and finally moved in together.

Despite herself, Tayuya pushed into the kiss. She slithered along his body to turn a simple peck into something much hotter. If Loverboy wanted to play ball, she would fucking play ball. Damn, he was a good kisser.

Tayuya pushed off of him and smiled down at him. He could fuck good, he could kiss good, now all he needed was to be fucking loaded and have a sick motorcycle and then she'd consider making him a boy toy.

"Ready for round four?" Loverboy slid his hands from her ass and dragged them along her waist. His calloused fingers sent shivers up her spine and when he reached her nipple she had to mewl at the sensation. The bastard knew how to work her good.

Tayuya smiled and leaned down close to Loverboy's ears, there were multiple bite marks on his neck and a few hickeys as well, man she went at it last night. Chances are there were scratch marks on his back too. "You sure you can keep it up Loverboy?"

A buzzing followed by the guitar riff from The Will of Fire interrupted them. That was her phone alarm. Tayuya looked at the digital clock that rested next to the bed. It pulsed 11:00. The reason why she was out drinking last night, she was celebrating the interview she landed with the Myoboku music industries. They wanted her today at 12:00.

"Fucking shit god dammit!" She flung herself off of Loverboy's bed, his silk sheet tangled on her and forced her to the ground where the majority of their clothes were. She scrambled to her pants and pulled out her phone and turned off the alarm. "Fuck damn, I'm going to be so fucking late!"

She looked around Loverboy's room for the first place, It was very modern and swanky, numerous guitars lined the walls, all signed and a few dozen posters as well. One of the largest posters was of Minato Namikaze, who played The Will of Fire. Loverboy had good taste.

"You want to take a shower or something first?" Loverboy asked with a yawning stretch–fuck he was tall. And hot. "I'll even join you."

"Tempting, but there's no way in hell I'm going to be late for this." Tayuya sighed and put on her pants, looks like she was going commando today. "Besides, nothing screams rockstar like smelling like sex and beer."

Loverboy laughed and grabbed jumped up to grab her bra from the ceiling fan. How the fuck did it get up there in the first place? Oh right, she threw it up there. If only she knew where her panties were. "Well, that and cocaine but I'm fresh out of that I'm afraid."

Tayuya winced at that. Beer was one thing but she and drugs didn't get along too well. Probably because of the crack-addled corpse of her mother that left her homeless for three years. "Well thank fuck for that, alright, peace out loverboy, I gotta go make my destiny."

She stopped. She was forgetting something. Something a lot more important than her panties. "Shit, where the fuck is my guitar?"

"Does beer make you forget things or something?" Loverboy smiled as he put on his pants. He remained pleasantly shirtless as he walked past her to a closet. "You had me stick in here remember?"

She had to sigh in relief when he brought out her black guitar case, her chibi Kyuubi key chain dangled as thought to say hello. "Oh thank fuck, alright, nice fucking you Loverboy, come find me after I'm famous and we might do this again. Depends if I find a better cock than yours in the meantime."

Loverboy chuckled with one arm into the sleeve of an orange silk shirt. "Tayuya wait if you're that worried about being late I can give you a ride."

"Thank fuck."

"Hmm yeah, sure, sex would be a wonderful thank you."

Oh, he was good.

"So, car or bike?" Loverboy asked with a cocky as fuck smile. He dangled the keys in front of her face, his shirt still unbuttoned.

Tayuya whined and stomped her feet. This was so not fair. "Seriously dude fucking stop it."

"Stop what?"

"Being, I don't know being fucking perfect." Tayuya opened her arms wide and punched him in the arm. "You're pretty, you're fit, you kiss good, you've got a good taste in music, you're loaded and you can ride a fucking bike?"

"You're not half bad either." Loverboy laughed and pulled Tayuya into a kiss. One she was all too eager to respond to. "You're sexy as hell, got good taste in music, and you don't even half to try to keep up with me. The way I see it, it'd be a waste not to get to know you better, now bike or car?"

"Bike duh," Tayuya wasted no time in grabbing one of the two helmets that rested on the bike. She'd be sure to learn Loverboy's name later.

"Okay, now that's hot."


Myoboku Music Industries was as rock and roll as a building could get. The main building was made out of red bricks that contrasted against the standard white and gray of the larger city structures. The most standout feature was the gigantic electric guitar that marked the front of the building.

Tayuya couldn't help but smile as she jumped off of Loverboys bike. She couldn't help it her future was in there. She tossed him his helmet and practically sprinted inside.

"I'll park this thing and see you soon!" She turned to wave him off. But the show off pulled a wheelie from a dead stop and sped around to the parking garage. Okay, so it was kind of ridiculously attractive. Why on earth did he have to be such a clean-bad boy?

"Well, nice knowing you Loverboy, You'll see my name in lights one day." With her guitar bag on her shoulder, Tayuya marched forward into the on her face. She expected to be a nervous wreck, instead, she walked with confidence. Probably a side effect of good sex.

The inside of the building was a monument to all things rock. Dozens of platinum records sat along the wall and a few statues of the greatest of the greats lined the halls. She walked over to her hero, Minato Namikaze–she grew up listening to him. He was the reason she first picked up a guitar. "Man, I hope I get the chance to meet you."

"Can I help you?" A sweet voice asked. Tayuya spun on her heel and her impervious smile faded. That pre-sex confidence Loverboy had given her vanished. Before her looking as rock star wife as ever was Kushina Uzumaki, Minato's wife.

Tayuya could only open her mouth and shuffle awkwardly. "I uhh.. I'm Tayuya, I'm here to..that is.. I'm here for.."

Kushina rolled her eyes and sighed. "Great, another fan, look the tours don't run on Saturday so come back some other time or I'm going to have to call security."

"Wait no! I'm here for a meeting with Mr. Jiraiya." Tayuya frantically pulled out her phone, she had proof!

"Oh, you're the one that Jiraiya said was a mini-me, Tayuya right?" Kushina asked and her tone changed drastically.

"Yes, ma'am." Tayuya nodded her head fast enough that she might as well have been head banging. "Can I just say that I'm a huge fan and that-"

"Oi, rule one in here, we're all equals so no ass kissing." Kushina cut Tayuya short and pulled her into an awkward one armed hug. "Now follow me I'll take you to the perverts office."

There were frogs. A tank filled with frogs made up most of the back wall of Jiraiya's office. She had been told not to touch anything that looked important and to ignore the fact that all the chairs were bean bags and that Jiraiya was trying to relive the glory days.

Tayuya sighed and wiggled into the beanbag chair and questioned the thick shag carpeting located in the office. "I don't think shag was ever part of the glory days."

The door opened up and Tayuya stood up to greet Jiraiya. Instead, she came face to face with Loverboy. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Huh? Am I not supposed to be in here?" He asked like he didn't just barge into somebody's office.

"No, you're not! I swear to god–if you blow this for me I don't care how pretty you are, I will stab you!" Tayuya growled and grabbed hold of Naruto's shirt by the collar. It was still open. She glared down at it and began to button it. "Honestly, have a little class."

"Ah–Naruto, I see you've met Tayuya already." A man with a massive amount of white hair walked in. He wore a pinstripe suit that was an odd color of red. And sandals. The dude fucking wore a suit and sandals. He sniffed the air and looked at the two. "Oh wow, you two already had sex! I'm actually slightly impressed."

"Wait, for what?" Tayuya whirled her head between Naruto and Jiraiya. "Wait, what? You're Naruto? As in Naruto, the son of Minato Namikaze? The same Naruto that rocked the vocals to Sharingan when he was a five year old?"

"Uhh yea, wait you mean you didn't know that when we had sex?" Tayuya blushed and let go of Naruto at that. "Honestly, that's kind of hot."

Jiraiya sat down at his desk and kicked his feet up. "Alright settle down love birds, we're here to talk business."

"We're not lovers!"

"You two had sex… three times."

"How do you know that?"

"He has a super power where he can basically know somebody's sexual history at a glance."

"The bites on Naruto's neck are in three different stages of bruising, careful with this one kid she's a biter."

"And a scratcher–my back feels like if I move too fast it's going to burst open."

"Oh my god, can we stop talking about the fact that I fucked Loverboy last night until we passed out? I want to know what the fuck is going on."

"Gah, fine." Jiraiya sighed and placed a folder on the table. "You two are going to be the next big thing–well, part of it anyways. I'm sick of all these adorable little K-pop bands popping up and dying every year, it's honestly exhausting for an old man like me."

Jiraiya rolled his shoulder and removed his feet from the desk. "My plan is to not bring back the old stars, but to start fresh–get some new talent in here–that's where you come in Tayuya, I've been searching for a guitarist that can shred like Minato could. And that's you red."

Tayuya smiled into a blush at the compliment. "Thanks, Minato is actually my idol and why I started to play, do you think I can meet him?"

"Well, you're going to marry his son so I imagine you're going to meet him at some point." Jiraiya smiled as he opened the folder and clicked a pen.

"What makes you think we're going to marry?"

"Pervert's instinct, I know whenever a woman is off the market."

"I've barely known him eighteen hours!" Tayuya whirled around and poked Naruto in the shoulder. "And why aren't you backing me up on this?"

Naruto just shrugged and smiled at her. "It's Jiraiya. You'll get used to it. Besides, I was going to ask you out tonight anyways."

Tayuya groaned and slid into her chair. "You're lucky you're cute."

"Right, so now that your marital dispute is finished, let's talk details," Jiraiya explained all the minute details of the deal, from contract length to loyalties, in short, they would help her become famous. "As Kushina would put it we'd basically own you, so what do you say?"

"Where do I sign?"

By the end of the day, she fucked Naruto again.

By the end of the week, she was his girlfriend.

By the end of the month, she moved in with him.

After half a year later, they unleashed their first album, The Sound of Freedom topped the charts.

A year later, it was official. Rock was alive again.

At some point, their fans noticed that Naruto and Tayuya started to wear wedding rings.


Tayuya gasped awake as though it was the first breath she'd taken in months. She was wrapped up in some kind of cocoon thing that was withering away. With a growl, she pushed herself out of the cocoon and stood up.

"The fuck was all that?" She blinked up and stared at the moon, it wasn't a fucked up eyeball anymore so that was a good sign. She looked to the side to see Molio pulling himself out of a similar cocoon. "Grats Loverboy you saved the world, now you have to deal with having a pissed off pregnant fiance."

With a sigh, Tayuya flopped down onto the ground and stared up at the sky. She honestly felt a little cheated–Naruto got to go out and save the world and all she got was a trippy ass dream about becoming a rock star.

"Still, a rock star might not be such a bad idea. I wonder if I can make an electric guitar."


When Naruto saw Tayuya she looked torn between wanting to kiss him and wanting to punch him. He had tried to be on the team to go get her, but he could barely move as it was. He waved his stump at her and tried to keep up a brave smile (Something that was easier against Kaguya). "Hey, Tayuya."

The look on her face twisted from anger to downright venomous in a flash. With a growl, she stomped up the remaining distance between them and poked him hard in the shoulder. "First you knock me up. Then you leave me on a fucking island– with no beer by the way–while you go save the fucking world. And to top everything off I told you to come back in one piece and you fucking lose a fucking arm–you didn't even lose the good arm, I'd be slightly less pissed if I could have made a joke that you're alright now–instead I have to deal with the fact that you're a lefty for the rest of my life and-"

He kissed. If she was so torn between hitting him and kissing him, why not make the choice for her. His lone hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she returned the kiss with a frenzy.

"I love you so much, I couldn't even risk losing you." Naruto rested his forehead against hers. He felt her shudder briefly.

She moved her head down to his neck and bit him hard on the shoulder. He had to yelp in pain but at the same time it felt oddly good. Great, being bit turned him on. With a sly smile Tayuya looked up at him. "I know."

"But, if you think you're getting off the hook that easy you haven't learned shit," Tayuya smiled as she reached down to grab at his growing hardon. She squeezed it hard. "You're going to have to fuck me happy."

"Won't that mess with the baby?"

That comment appeared to break Tayuya for just a moment. Her mouth opened and she tilted her head to the side slightly, he'd seen that look before. It was often followed by him being called stupid. Instead Tayuya shook her head and smiled. "Honestly Loverboy, at some point you being this stupid will stop being so cute."

"Well you did agree to marry me, so let's hope not."

Tayuya snorted and walked away. "Don't remind me, I still have to do all this planning shit for that, and you're going to not be any help what so ever and the entire thing is going to be a massive pain in the dick."

Naruto smiled and chased after her. He grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers. "You know, I still do owe you a date."

"Sex first then date, and I want fucking flowers."

"You don't even like flowers!"

"I don't care, I'm a princess and I deserve to be spoiled with flowers and other things I don't like."

"Oh, so now you want to be a princess."

"No I want to be a queen, and you my stupid prince charming are going to be king, so sex first, then flowers, then date, then more sex followed by…."

" Sex?"

"Ahh good, you're learning."

AN: Special thanks to LayarSir who was a fantastic beta for this fic and put up with my demands well!

So yea, this is the official "End" of The Sound of Freedom. I feel like I explored all I could about Naruto and Tayuya's relationship, but I might do an epilogue because I can't get it out of my head that Tayuya would be a trash mom and put her kids on a leash while they're young.

I learned a lot while writing this, I made a lot of mistakes too I kind of rushed the relationship of Naruto and Tayuya. And honestly, I regret that. The original plot of this story had Tayuya in her wheelchair a lot more. It had her lose her legs again in the Pain attack, it had her being kidnapped by Kabuto, It had a lot of stuff that I was too afraid or lazy to write.

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