Supergirl: Always have and always will.

Hey there everyone, this is the sequel to my earliest Kara/Alex story 'In Deepest Love' this will feature Alex/Kara and a little bit of Kara/Lena so I hope you enjoy.

Kara was still waiting, it had been 2 hours since she dropped the bombshell on Alex that she was a lesbian and that she kissed Lena Luthor, Alex was in shock and she had not moved an inch so Kara was sat on the couch with some ice cream when the sound of Alex's shriek at the empty space in front of her where Kara stood earlier.

"YOU KISSED LENA!" Alex shrieked before seeing the space that Kara occupied in front of her was now empty and not only that, 2 hours had passed since Kara dropped the news.

"It was just a kiss" Kara said and Alex turned around to face her.

"What happened?" Alex asked no idea why she was feeling so jealous.


Kara stopped by Lena Luthor's office, Lena contacted her and asked if she was available for lunch and Kara thought it be nice to sit and get to know Lena on a more personal note.

Lena was very friendly with Kara; Kara did not mind. They talked for hours about their jobs and their interests and eventually the night drew in and Kara decided it was time to go home.

Kara walked to the elevator with Lena close behind "Kara, I was wondering…" Lena froze as she took a big gulp of air "I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me sometime" Kara was surprised that Lena was asking her out.

She was about to reply when Lena leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips, Kara moaned as she sank into the kiss with ease, her tongue meeting Lena's halfway and Lena moaned into the kiss.

Kara felt this was so right and yet so wrong too, she had long suspected that she was a lesbian and the kiss confirmed it but it felt wrong for it was not Lena that Kara wanted… it was Alex.

Pulling back from each other Kara bit her lip and blushed "Lena, you are so beautiful… but" Lena nodded "Your heart belongs to another" she replied and Kara leaned her head to the side "How'd you know?" Kara asked.

"It's kind of obvious, I felt you were holding back" she said and Kara giggled as Lena hugged her "She is very lucky" Kara walked into the elevator and gave Lena one last smile before the doors closed shut.

Flashback end:

Kara finished explaining and Alex looked in amazement "Wow, so you're in love with somebody?" Alex asked and Kara nodded "I've loved her for a long time" she replied and Alex smiled "Well go get her, tell her" Alex said and Kara closed her eyes "I can't, she is in love with somebody else" she replied.

Alex looked down and got to her feet "Take a leap of faith Kara, just walk up to her and kiss her" Alex said as she walked to the door.

Kara watched her and nodded her head before she stood up "Alex, wait!" she called and Alex turned to face her.

"Yes I am in love" Kara gulped nervously as her heart pounded in her chest "And I will do it, I will kiss her" Alex smiled even though the ache in her heart was getting worse.

Kara stormed her way closer to her but Alex thought she was heading to the door because she was by the door but instead Kara grabbed her hair and mashed her lips to Alex's.

Alex felt her heart explode as her tongue met Kara's, Kara moaned as their tongues danced together and Alex wrapped her arms around her tight holding her close and Kara smiled as the kiss deepened.

Alex was loving every moment and so was Kara, their tongues duelling heavily.

Kara was sure this was what heaven felt like, Alex pinned Kara to the door and began to assault her neck and collarbone with her teeth, Kara gasped and moaned as she felt Alex attack her neck and collarbone.

Kara managed to get the upper hand and she lifted Alex off the floor who on instinct wrapped her legs around Kara's hips and Kara carried Alex to the bedroom.

Their moans and screams echoed around the apartment as they made love all night long until they were nothing but a mess of sweaty limbs.

Kara was grinning and so was Alex as they face each other "I love you Alex, I always have" Kara whispered and Alex smiled "I love you too Kara, I always will" the 2 fell asleep in each other's arms.

I hope you enjoyed the sequel to the story and thanks for reading.