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Ever since they got together, the main problem between them was jealousy. No one was surprised when Reborn turned out to be possessive. He even liked to make a big show of beating the hell out of people who dared to hit on Tsuna.

But not many people knew that Tsuna matched him on the topic. Hayato did, though and was getting more worried every time Tsuna finished another glass of vodka while glaring at the woman across him.

The woman was stupid enough to openly flirt with Reborn; even though Tsuna was right there.

Hayato felt his blood turn to ice the moment she touched Reborn's hand. This was not good.

"Hey Jennifer, want to hear a joke?" Tsuna asked, twirling another glass of vodka in his hand.

"Sure," the woman said with uncertainty. She didn't like how the purple haired woman called Nagi started filming them with her phone.

Tsuna gulped down the last bit of alcohol before Hayato could take it away and said, "Reborn's dick."

"I don't get it..." the woman said looking around, confused.

"EXACTLY!" Tsuna was laughing so much that he didn't care about the chaos that happened next.


They broke up once. For Mukuro, that was the best thing to happen around those days. So when he saw Tsuna sitting all by himself with an empty bottle of vine, he thought he had a chance.

"Someone is upset." Mukuro sat the chair across him with a smile.

"You think?" was the brunet's reply. He didn't even bother to look up to Mukuro. He was about to tell him to fuck off when he felt that familiar sensation. Reborn was here.

So without a second thought, he jumped into Mukuro's arms.

"Oh- Well, hey there." Mukuro laughed, surprised but happy to see brunet finally choosing him. "Hey" Tsuna laughed back, slowly petting Mukuro's cheek as if he was a cat. He looked quite comfy on the man's lap.

Said man was not as much as comfy, though. He was having a... hard time. So carefully he rearranged the brunet making sure Tsuna's hand stayed on his face.

If he forgot his hands on the brunet's hips, it was totally not on purpose, okay?

Tsuna kept petting Mukuro, with his attention still focused on the raven haired hit man. He felt a shiver ran through his spine when he noticed the man was watching them.

Mukuro also noticed the hit man, it was hard not to when there was a gun pointed right at your head across the room with a man looking murderous.

Except Mukuro was not known for his sanity; so he simply smirked and squeezed the brunet's hips, holding him tighter.

Tsuna buried his face in Mukuro's chest, settling closer with a small smile. Reborn was grinding his teeth so hard that Mukuro could see a vein twitch on his jaw.

He felt victorious when Reborn put down his gun, walking away without saying anything.

It was short lived though, the moment Reborn walked out of the house, Tsuna raised up from his lap.

"What are you doing?" Mukuro asked frowning. He still had some plans that involved Tsuna sitting on his lap.

"Not you." Tsuna answered without a second glance.

The fact that he got beaten up by the hit man later that night couldn't match the pain of being rejected by the brunet.

Good thing that Mukuro was a masochist.


Squalo always thought that Tsuna was an idiot. Who would join this world with dreams of peace? The kid was just out of his mind.

He just didn't know how much.

It turned out to be a lot. As in, willingly starting a fight with Xanxus a lot.

The kid was telling some lame jokes again (What do you call a party with a lot of tea? PARTEAS!) And Xanxus casually throw a bottle at his head.


The kid caught it.

And throw it. Back. Bull's-eye to Xanxus's head.

Squalo never saw Xanxus drenched in alcohol before.

The party quickly turned into a chaos.

Half an hour later, Reborn was trying to stop Tsuna from smashing people's head with his bottle of Jack while the brunet kept kicking him.

So of course, Tsuna smashed the bottle at the top of his head.

In the morning, Reborn had a tiny little cut on his cheek while a certain brunet with a bruised lip was having trouble to sit.

Due to some rough... time, last night.

Squalo felt sympathy towards brunet; after all, he also had some rough "time" calming his boss down, last night.

He wondered whose pain was "bigger", though.

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