Son of many Book One


I own nothing those rights belong to J. and Rick Riordan, authors of the two worlds I am borrowing.

chapter one: a demigod is born of many parents

(Hi)= Thoughts and God's speaking in mortals heads

{Hi}= foreign language's/I will say the language he is speaking

[Hi= beast speak

"Hi"= regular speak

/Hi\= spell's

"Nngh, James" yelled a witch by the name of Lily Potter nee Evans, demigod daughter of Hecate goddess of magic, crossroads, ghosts, and necromancy.

"Yes, Lily flower" said her husband James Potter a demigod son of Khione the minor goddess of ice and snow, blessed by the goddess Hecate.

"I am going to hex you so bad you won't be able to move for a week."Lily yelled at her husband. she kept threatening her husband for another hour.

Finally at eight o'clock in the evening, on July, 30, 1990, in the birthing room three of St. Mugnos, Harrison James Potter was born, with black and emerald feathered wings.

"Lily he has wings." said James.

"Hmm and a tail, we'll need to call my mother, and yours." she replied looking a t as black tail on her son.

"You called daughter" said a lady who appeared and was wearing purple, and silver robes.

"Yes Lily" asked a lady who appeared wearing a light blue pantsuit decorated with silver snowflakes.

"Hello mother, Lady Hecate." James greeted.

"So you decided to use the ritual I gave you?" questioned Hecate.

"Yes mother, Albus cursed us with sterility, he even wants to put me and James's under the fidelius." said Lily sadly.

"I have been hoping that your brother would stop his evil campaign, first he killed his and your brother Tom, then he scorns Thanatos, Hades, and other death deities by making horcruxes, he forcibly binds two of your sons familiars to him, and last but not least curses you two. I have no idea that to do with him." said Hecate sadly.

"Why not let my father turn him into an ice statue?" asked Khione.

"Because Harrison must defeat Albus." said Hecate.

"Why though?" asked James.

"Because of a prophecy made by a descendent of Apollo. Do you wish to hear it?" asked Hecate.

"Yes if it pertains to our son we must hear it." said Lily firmly.

"This is what it says,

The one to defeat the false light lord approaches

Born as the seventh month dies,

With his soulmates of six different worlds they will take the realms of god and mortals by storm,

Three are descended from kings,

One descended of the grace of the lightning king,

One the son of forge and fire,

One descended from one of sea and one of clear sight,

One son of the dead ones' king who is frozen in time,

One born of war and a shifter,

And one descended from magic and trickery,

two half brothers from a time that has long since gone by,

Together they will be trained in the home of immortals warriors,

All are separated by mere days in birth,

Together they will bring forth the world of magic to present,

And the one born as the seventh month dies will have those who would destroy the world and others as familiars,

The one to defeat the false light lord approaches born as the seventh month dies" Hecate said.

"Hmm why is it so lengthy" asked Khione.

"Not all prophecies are short or rhyme." Said a trio of raspy voices from the nearest corner of the hospital room making everyone one jump.

"Lady Fates what have we done to earn your presence?" asked Lily.

"You have birthed our champion." said a trio of soft female voices from the opposite corner of the Fates.

"Lady Norns you're here as well?" asked a confused James.

"Why yes what did you expect when your son is the one to change the fate of the Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian gods and goddesses." Stated a silky male voice from the doorway.

"Lord Shai?" James asked the man, wearing a white suit, who was walking to stand beside Hecate and Khione.

"Can someone explain why all the deities of fate are here, and why my baby has wings?" asked a very confused and annoyed Lily.

"Your son is a godling, meaning he is the son of many gods and goddesses, in this case he is the child of eight Norse gods and goddesses, seven Egyptian gods and goddesses, fifteen Greek gods and goddesses, and eight Roman gods and goddesses, the wings are a status of this." explained the Norns.

"Which gods and goddesses?" asked James.

"Well I could do a heritage slash ability test if you wish." said Hecate.

"Do it mother." said Lily.

With Lily's permission Hecate drew three drops of her grandsons blood. And then she put the blood into a green potion that she put into a gold bowl covered with runes that she conjured. She then stuck the tip of a long white feather into the mixture and stirred it until it turned golden and the quill absorbed all the potion. When the quill touched the parchment it started scribbling furiously. When it stopped the parchment was over four feet long and covered with golden writing.

"Read it quickly." said Hecate

The couple opened the scroll the were given and read:

Name: Harrison James Potter

Gender: Male

Age: one hour old

Notable features:

Black and emerald feathered wings

A black cat like tail

Mortal parents

Mother: Liliane Marie Potter

Father: James Boreas Potter

Godly parents:

Greek = fourteen total

Eros, god of true love, attraction, and desire

Psyche, goddess of the soul

Pan god of nature, the wild, shepherds, flocks, goats, mountain wilds, and sexuality

Gaia primordial goddess of the earth

Athena goddess of wisdom, strategy, war, wise counsel, defense, and crafts

Hestia goddess of the hearth, architecture, domesticity, family, and the state

Persephone goddess of the underworld, springtime, vegetation, and maidenhood, queen of the underworld

Thanatos god of death

Astrea goddess of innocence, purity, and justice

Amphitrite goddess of sea life

Apollo god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plagues, medicine, sun, light, and prophecy

Artemis goddess of the hunt, forests and hills, the moon, archery

Zeus god of the sky, lightning, law, order, justice, and king of the gods

Hera goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, family, and queen of the gods

Roman = seven total

Fortuna goddess of chance, and luck

Janus god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings

Ceres goddess of agriculture, crops, fertility and motherly relationships

Mercury god of financial gain, commerce, messages/communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, thieves, and speed

Neptune god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses

Pluto god of the dead, underworld, and riches, king of the underworld.

Vulcan god of the forge, blacksmiths, fire

Egyptian = eighteen total

Thoth god of moon, magic, writing, and knowledge

Anubis protector of the dead and embalming, god of funerals and death

Ma'at goddess of truth, justice, order, afterlife judgment, creation and magic

Geb god of the earth

Nut goddess of the sky, stars, the sun and moon, light, the heavens, astronomy, the universe, air and the four winds

Isis goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom

Osiris god of the afterlife, death, life, and resurrection

Sekhmet goddess of fire, war, dance, destruction, healing, plagues, and famine

Hathor goddess of love, beauty, music, joy, and dance

Serqet goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Babi god of baboons

Nekhbet goddess of Vultures, Protector of the crown of Upper Egypt, and upper Egypt itself

Wadjet Queen of Cobras, Protector of the crown of Lower Egypt, and lower Egypt itself

Isis goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom

Set god of storms, desert, chaos, war, and father of Anubis

Nephthys goddess of death, service, lamentation, nighttime and rivers, mother of Anubis

Sobek god of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

Khonsu god of the Moon

Norse = five total

Frigg goddess of marriage and motherhood

Freyja goddess of love, fertility, and battle

Hel goddess of the dead who do not die in battle, and queen of Helhiem

Odin The "All Father" God of war, wisdom, poetry, and magic, the Ruler of the gods

Vár Goddess of contracts

Total godly parents: forty four

:Abilities/ talents/ gifts:

Natural Occlumens

Natural Legimens

Beast speaker

Contract knowledge

Persuasion (blocked till age 14)

Photographic memory

Banished dyslexia

Ultimate elemental

Ultimate animagus

Ability and knowledge copying

Creator (blocked till age 9)

Natural healer

Ultimate metamorphmagus

Ultimate Weaponsmith

Ultimate Crafter

Full Seer

Shape shifter

Soulbond mind link (from birth)

Natural potions master

Natural runes master

Natural transfiguration master

Natural charms master

Natural arithmancy master

Natural alchemy master

Natural high necromancer

Natural Linguist

Natural archmage


Full sight


Soothing voice

Army bringer

Touch of renewal

Beast tamer

















-List of all familiar stats-

Familiar one:

Apophis god of chaos,darkness, night, lord of Isfet, lord of chaos, the dreaded one, serpent in the dark.


God serpent



Dormant form:

Tattoo of an isfet hieroglyph on his back between his wings

Active form:

White and red garden snake

Full form:

Red and white shake expanding throughout the duat

Notable features:

The Isfet crown

Familiar two:

Fenris Wolf lokison


Wolf Jotun



Dormant form:

Tattoo of a wolf celtic knot band around upper left arm

Active form:

Grey wolf size of a small mother bike

Full form:

Gray wolf size of city bus

Notable features:

Gold Gleipnir weaved collar

Familiar three:

Hati fenrisson


Wolf Jotun



Dormant form:

Tattoo of black wolf on lower left forearm

Active form:

Black wolf (regular sized)

Full form:

Black wolf size of big car

Notable features:

White paws, white around eyes, white on muzzle

Gold collar with model of the moon

Familiar four:

Sköll Fenrisson


Wolf Jotun



Dormant form:

Red wolf tattoo on lower right forearm

Active form:

Red fox

Full form:

Red wolf size of a normal car

Familiar five:

Jormungand lokison, the world serpent


Serpent Jotun



Dormant form:

Green serpent knot band tattoo covering upper right arm

Active form:

Green garden snake

Full form:

A snake the length of one hundred yards and the width of a subway tunnel

Notable features:

a silver band behind his head carved with protection runes.

Familiar six:

Aurora (forcefully bound to A.P.W.B.D.)


Royal Drakon



Dormant form:

Snake weaved tattoo on upper forearm with head on back of hand

Active form:

One hundred foot long gold and silver serpent with a emerald screen crown

Full form:


Familiar seven:

Hippolyta (forcefully bound by A.P.W.B.D.)


Royal Phoenix



Dormant form:

Tattoo on upper forearm with head on upper palm

Active form:

Four foot bird with a ten foot wingspan red and gold plumage

Full form:

Golden bird eight feet tall, and a twenty foot wing span

Notable features:

Silver crest and tail feathers

Familiar eight:



Nemean Lion



Dormant form:

Tattoo in the form of a golden lion with a brown mane covering the right side of his chest

Active form:

Golden and brown maine coon

Full form:

Golden lion with a brown mane the size of a large car


One of the only eighty in existence

Familiar nine:



Teumessian fox



Dormant form:

Tattoo up his right side rib cage of a fox with green bands on all four paws

Active form:

Regular sized fox with green bands on all fours

Full form:

A fox the size of a small car with green bands on all four paws


Only one in existence

Familiar ten:






Dormant form:

A greyhound, with a yellow collar tattoo up his left side ribs cage

Active form:

A medium sized greyhound with a gold collar

Full form:

A greyhound the size of small car with a gold collar


Only one in existence

Familiar eleven:



Set Animal



Dormant form:

A black backed jackal tattoo covering that left side of his chest

Active form:

A black backed jackal

Full form:

A black backed jackal the size of a small bus with a silver collar


One of the only three in existence

Familiar twelve:




Dormant form:

Tattoo of a turtle down the spine in the middle of back

Active form:

Galapagos tortoise

Full form:

Turtle the size of two hundred miles in length by two hundred and fifty miles in width with trees, plants and animals all over the shell


One out of the last eighty

Familiar thirteen:



Sea Serpent

Dormant form:

A serpent tattoo wrapped around the turtle tattoo

Active form:

small emerald green and sapphire blue scaled garden snake

Full form:

A five mile long serpent


Very common

Lordships to inherit

Lord of the most ancient and cunning Slytherin - Maternal - Liliane - only heir

Lord of the most ancient and benevolent house of Hufflepuff - maternal paternal - Liliane Apollo- first heir

Lord of the ancient and most noble house of Gryffindor - paternal 2 - James Odin - first heir

Lord of the most ancient and wise house of Ravenclaw - maternal - Athena - only heir

Lord of the most ancient and mysterious house of Peverell - paternal 2 - James and Thanatos - first heir

Lord of the most ancient and light house of Emrys - maternal - Hecate - only heir

Lord of the most ancient and Grey house of LeFay - maternal - Hecate - only heir

Lord of the most ancient and brave house of Potter - paternal - James - first heir

Lord of the most ancient and pure of heart house of Black - paternal - James - first heir

Lord of the most ancient and kind house of Pendragon - paternal - Odin - only heir

}Soul Mates{

Carter Kane - male - one month old - Pharaoh of magical egypt - eye of Horus - battle mage - located in Brooklyn, NY

Samuel Kane - male - one month old - high priest and eye of Isis - keeper of the spells and treasury of magical egypt - Scrying master - located in Brooklyn, NY

Magnus Chase - male - eight hours old - son of Frey - wielder of Sumarbrander - balancer of elements - high king of Alfheim - tamer of Ratatosk - tamer of Nidhogg - located in Boston, MA

Alex Fierro - male/female - three days old - son/daughter of Loki - wielder of the legendary sword Gram - high priest/priestess of Frey - located in Salem, MA

Jason Grace - male - five days old - son of Jupiter - tamer of storms - emperor of New Rome - located in Los Angeles, CA

Perseus Jackson - male - two hours old - son of Poseidon - sea master - Archon of new Greece - located in Manhattan, NY

Nico di Angelo - male - frozen at one hour old - son of Hades - master of shadows - the Ghost King - located in Lotus Casino Las Vegas, NV

Frank Zhang - male - ten days old - son of mars - master of tactics - keeper of the book of prophecy - located in Vancouver, Canada

Leo Valdez - one hour old - son of Hephaestus - master of bunker nine - master fixer - located in Phoenix, AZ

Alexander Helios - permanatly de-aged to one week old - son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony - master of the deserts - lord of the Nile - located in The Vallley of the Kings, Egypt

Caesarion - permanently de-aged to one week old - son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar- master of the library of Alexandria

§Titles given to him by others§

King of monsters - by Echidna mother of monsters

Champion of fate - the Norns, Clotho the spinner, Lachesis the measurer, Atropos the the cutter of life's thread, Shai egyptian lord of fate

Lead Thane - Odin

Captain of the Valkyries - Odin

Ambassador for Helhiem - Hel

Ambassador for Jotunheim - the Jotun collective

Ambassador for the gods to the I.C.W. - Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian Pantheon's

Commander of the Valhalla and Fólkvangr armies - Odin and Freya

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

As they finished reading a flash covered Harrison's torso and arms. When it cleared he had a lion tattoo covering the right side of his chest, a jackal tattoo covering the left side of his chest, a hieroglyph tattoo if isfet on his back between his wings, a turtle tattoo in the middle of his back, a serpent tattoo wrapped around but the turtle, a Celtic wolf knot band covering his upper left arm, a Celtic snake knot band covering his upper right arm, a red wolf tattoo on lower right forearm, black wolf tattoo on lower left forearm, a greyhound tattoo with a yellow collar up his left rib cage, a fox tattoo with green bands on its paws, Snake weaved tattoo on upper left forearm with head on back of hand, and Tattoo on upper right forearm with head on back of hand.

"Why does all of his familiars have tattoo forms as the dormant forms?" asked Lily.

"they are like that because he is very powerful if they weren't like that he may die." Said the Norms

"The Drakon and the Phoenix have been freed, but I had to create copies to be put in their place. Albus would be angry to see that they were gone." stated Hecate

"How does he have some of the most dangerous beings in the world as familiars?" asked James nervously.

"They are to help him as he grows and learns." said an ancient voice from the doorway.

They all turned to the door and saw an ancient man in a toga with a leopard skin cloak draped over his shoulders, and hieroglyphs swirling around him.

"Chief Lector Iskandar, I see you are about to have rebirthing day" nodded Shai.

"Yes I am Lord Shai , so this child is the first demigod of the Egyptian gods in centuries?" asked the Chief Lector.


Samuel Kane is the male version of Sadie Kane, and is soul bonded to his brother Carter Kane, but THIS IS NOT Incest. They are bonded to Harrison, which means they are bonded to each other as well, same goes for Alexander Helios and Caesarion, so before you send flame reviews think about it first, because I will report any and all mean reviews. So yes they are soul bonded to each other but only through Harrison, and even if they were soul bonded personally this would be culturally correct for a Pharaoh to marry a sibling, through the ancient Egyptian culture and laws. So before you flame me because of incest and other crap think.