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Decepticons scramble!

Were I given to emotion, I believe I would be pleased to find that no one will remember that those were my last words. There will be no record that it was I who sent 457 hunter-seekers, 235 ground assault units, and 139 special operatives to their deaths against a Transformer of formerly unfeasible proportions.

I suppose even I can be guilty of Decepticon arrogance. A retreat was the logical choice. It was illogical to attack such an overwhelming force but my orders, as always, were clear: preserve Cybertron.

Following orders has always been my specialty, though I was not without ambition. Megatron entrusted Cybertron to me. For the first 1.3 million years, I performed exactly as he had ordered. During the next 2.7 million years, I began to take greater initiative, having calculated only a 12.356789% chance that Megatron would return. I oversaw the destruction of the female Autobots, the construction of my sentinels, and began the development of the Space Bridge. Later, I would be forced to place many Decepticons into stasis in order to preserve energy. I calculated a 98.654% chance that the Autobots would do the same and was proven correct.

I was Lord and Master of Cybertron. Lord and Master of a dead world, but Master none the less.

It was during the fourth million year that energy was at its lowest. My own attempts at creating or locating a new energy source had barely yielded enough energy to keep a small wing of elite soldiers functioning, despite a projected success rate of 78.963%. Ultimately, I was forced to do the one thing I hated more than anything: act despite the odds being so low as to be a certain failure. There was only a 0.003% chance that Megatron still functioned.

I have only been surprised five times since I became active. That Megatron still functioned was the second time. Yes. I was surprised. surprised and .disappointed.

Megatron's activities on Earth were plagued by idiocy, illogic, and failure. I believe now it would have been the more logical choice to scatter his atoms across the universe and assume control myself.

Though it marked the third surprise of my life, I was .as close to being pleased as I allow myself when he fell against Prime for the final time. I calculated an 89.546% chance that I would be able to assume command and exterminate the Autobots once and for all.

I predicted that Starscream would attempt to take control. My plans allowed for it. Starscream would have been a failure as Supreme Commander and I would have stepped effortlessly into position when he fell.

In the fourth surprise of my life, the super-Transformer Galvatron proved me wrong. I calculated my odds of defeating him: a mere 52.398%. As it was logical for me to act in a manner which would ensure my continued functioning, I pledged my loyalty to him and was rewarded once more with Cybertron. Like Megatron he told me to preserve it.

Then, in defiance of all probability, the giant Transformer Galvatron called Unicron arrived. After observing its simple destruction of the Autobot Moonbases, I calculated that Cybertron had only a 2.948 % chance of survival. After witnessing the failure of our initial attack, those odds reduced to only 0.00001%.

And with the destruction of my Watchtower, my own odds of survival are even less.

I am aware I am approaching deactivation and find. I do not wish to go off- line. I have failed to act logically. I have failed Cybertron.