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Prelude - Aftermath

Judy suspected that her rational mind was in some sort of state of shock as she walked down the street, leaning a bit on Nick for support, due to the stitches in her leg.

They had just made their escape from the media circus at Zootopia Central Hospital due to what had now been dubbed by the media 'The Nighthowler Conspiracy'. Could your world really shift so radically in just 48 hours, was it even possible? Judy knew she wasn't dreaming, she'd checked just to be sure. She had though that the two days with Nick during the savage mammals case had been life changing, but that was nothing next to everything they had just gone through.

Judy looked at the red furred paw wrapped around her waist steadying her as they slowly walked down the nearly deserted side street and couldn't help but lean in a bit more into Nick's side and breath in his scent as the storm of emotions inside her flared up again. She had always been emotional even for a bunny, it was something she had learned to use as a strength, what kept her going when everyone said she couldn't. But she also admitted to herself that she sometimes acted on her emotions before her brain could catch up to what she was doing. And to top it all off she was trying to cope with feelings that she had never had to deal with before, at least not till she had meet a certain fox.

But their quiet walk after the near constant flood of events was giving her mind a chance to think beyond 'survive past the next moment' and really consider everything she, no they had done. Her mind was labeling the actions with a long list of terms that only started with reckless, audacious, and impulsive. The consequences were just starting to come into focus and she wasn't sure whether she wanted to jump for joy or find some deep dark hole to hide in.

Judy peeked up at Nick, and could feel her ears heat up again. He still had his casual trademark grin on, like this was any other normal boring day, but she could hear how his heart sped up when he glanced down at her and feel how his arm tightened ever so slightly holding her close to his side.

There were so many uncertainties in their futures now, so much she and nick still had to share and learn about each other. If she could go back and redo the last 48 hours would she still make the same choices? Her mind was still picking up speed, thinking over and analyzing past events and future possibilities, but the content happy feeling coming from holding onto the mammal next to her sealed the decision for her.

Yes, yes she would do it all over again.

A grumbling, growling noise came from Nick's stomach and Judy couldn't help but laugh at the sheepish expression he gave at her upraised eyebrow.

"So Nick, I know this might be a little late considering everything earlier today," She gestured with her free paw back in the direction of the hospital. "But do you want to catch a bite to eat, you know, sort of like a first date?"


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