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Chapter 42 – Work and Pay


Ulla Woolington frowned as she shifted gears in her old, almost antique convertible as she drove back after her meeting with Chief Bogo. The old XS sized Cowdillac Eldorado with its flared tail light fins, didn't really fit in with the modern Zootopia scene but she'd had the car for going on 40 years and would rather shave herself bare than give it up. She was an old ewe though, so she thought the car complimented her anyway.


That grating metal on metal noise from the transmission though was getting worse and starting to worry her. She'd noticed it a while back and knew clutch had been over due for a replacement but she simply hadn't had the time to deal with it, what with the city in near chaos during former mayor Bellwether's term in office and all the savage attacks. Now though, she was pretty sure that the car was going to need a real mechanic to work on it if she wanted it back up and purring along like usual.

That would normally have put her in a bad mood, since she preferred to do the maintenance on her car herself; even an old ewe needed hobbies and it also made it easy to ensure that no one had tampered with or bugged her car. She'd have to go over every inch of it after she got it repaired, just to make sure nothing was out of place or nothing extra had been added, not that she thought the mechanic would do anything like that, but it payed to sure. There was a reason Ulla Woolington had lived long enough to be an old ewe.

But while the need to take the car to a mechanic, in and of itself irritated her, she'd of course found a way to make the annoying errand work to her advantage. There were so many things going on, so many problems that needed dealing with, that if she couldn't figure out how to make different problems work to solve each other, she would have been swamped under all her work long ago. That and she liked to get out of the office on occasion and do some field work on occasion too. As the boss, she had to keep from getting rusty after all and this little side trip should be easy enough.

The old convertible groaned and grated as she pulled into the parking lot of the mechanic she'd looked up and with a final huffing cough like car was voicing its displeasure the engine turned off as she put the car in park.

"Oh don't be like that," Ulla said to her car, patting the dash board, "Everything I know about this mechanic says that she knows what she's doing. She'll have you back up and running just like new."

Reaching over to the passenger seat, Ulla grabbed the background dossier on the mechanic she was about to meet and put the file in her purse. She grabbed her keys and reached for the car door handle but stopped before exciting, almost giggling to herself.

"Oh, dear me! I almost forgot!"

She reached over to the glove box in the passenger seat and opened it, then reached under a concealed cover pulled out a pistol. And not one of the ZPD tranq pistols, but a military class small caliber side arm perfect for her dainty little hoofs. She undid the clasps on her purse and delicately dropped the weapon in.

"Wouldn't want to scare this nice young mechanic by having her stumble across that!" she said to herself in an amused tone. Her purse might not be the best place to keep the pistol but it would do for now, she already had her regular tranq pistol in its concealed shoulder holster and only fools and movie actors went around sticking pistols in their belts.

"And I wouldn't want her hurting herself on this either," Ulla said reaching under her seat and pulled out a deceptively plain looking, but expertly sharp and well balanced knife and tucked that away in her purse too, "Young mammals shouldn't go around playing with knives after all." She said and then took another look at the inside of her car.

"And… just one last thing…" Ulla mussed and opened the center console, then reaching under another concealed cover pulled out a grenade.

"I wouldn't want her asking where I got this, now would I?" she said with another dainty chuckle and dropped it in her purse as well, "I'm afraid not even my best little old lady, 'oh dear me, I don't know!' would explain that." She said with more than a little amusement as she snapped the clasps shut on her purse and exited her car to meet the arctic vixen in grease stained overalls that had exited the garage to greet her.

Ulla took a breath, mentally pulling up the personality she wanted to use and readied herself. The older slightly daft and belligerent workaholic with a touch of grandmother senility and chattiness, she thought, would probably be just perfect for how she wanted to play this. Granted, she might not accomplish anything more than getting her car repaired but there were powers and plots moving behind the scenes in Zootopia and a certain bunny and fox had somehow managed to catch their attention and inadvertently insert themselves right into the middle of things. And seeing as it was her job to root out those plots, she needed to find a way to keep an eye, or maybe an ear, on the new focus of those schemes and the closer the better. And what was closer than family and friends?

The grating of a car's clutch assembly badly in need of replacement caught Skye's attention and she scooted out from under her project car she had been working on while waiting for her next customer to arrive.

After hearing about the 'errand' Fin had need run… and then making plans for tonight with Mrs. Wilde, she'd had her parts supplier send over the replacement piece for Finnick's van with their fastest courier, which had been indeed been fast, why… Skye was pretty sure that it had taken the sloth driver less time to get there than it had for him to get out and give her the part. But with her work on Finnick's van done for the day she hadn't had much else to do but work on her project car she'd been repairing and hoping to sell for a tidy profit. Business had not exactly been booming lately, not that it really ever was, what with her being a small one mammal mechanic shop in the big city and a fox to boot, but she made do between the small customer base she'd cultivated over the years and her project cars she resurrected from the junkyard and sold after refurbishing them. Why she'd even had a possible new customer call in this morning, a slightly desperate sounding old lady asking if she'd be available to do an immediate repair on her car since she had to get it fixed today! That her precious car was making the must awful sounds and she just couldn't wait for her normal mechanic to free up some time in a few days to look at it.

The car's engine outside in the parking lot, sputtered and coughed as it turned off and Skye noted that she would need to take a look at the cars air filter and sparkplugs in addition to the clutch if this was in fact her new customer.

Wiping her paws on a rag to get most of the grim off of them, Skye headed for the garage bay door to go great the little old ewe getting out of her old covetable carrying a purse clutched delicately in her hoofs.

Skye gave her a smile, though without any teeth as she didn't know if this was one of those overly timid prey mammals that thought all predators where out to get them.

"Welcome to Skye High Auto, are you Mrs. Woolington? The one who called this morning about the car making odd sounds?"

The sheep looked up and then gave a small startled hop at seeing the fox approach, before trying rather unsuccessfully to act like it didn't bother her.

"Ehem," she cleared her throat before looking back and hesitantly reaching out a paw, "Y-Yes, yes I am. Mrs. Ulla Woolington to be precise," she said as if everyone in the world should know her name, and Skye took her hoof giving it a short shake as the ewe continued to talk in a nattering manner. Skye sighed internally already guessing that this was one of those mammals that just had to chatter incessantly all the time, but she was the customer so told herself to deal with it.

"-I just couldn't believe it when Hoof and Harris Auto said they couldn't fit me in until next week! By Jiminy! Can you believe that? Why did you hear that terrible sound my poor dear car was making? What if it broke down? what would I do then? What if…"

The old ewe looked like she was working herself up to the point she might break down crying so Skye interrupted.

"Well, mama, I'm sure that we can get your car fixed so that it's running just fine. Now, would you mind telling me exactly what noises you were hearing and when they started?"

It took less than a minute, let alone the full fifteen that the old ewe went on talking for, before Skye regretted her choice to ask the old ewe about her cars problems.


It was nearly an hour later and Skye was mentally debating about whether the time she spent talking to this ewe should count toward her billed repair time for her car. She kept on trying to regain control of the conversation but it was like trying to grab a wet bar of soap with grease covered paws.

The little old ewe had strayed from talking about her car to talking about her family, to the city and then to the latest news and gossip and had somehow managed to drag Skye along with the rambling conversation and questions about what Skye though of the issues with her car, and if they could be fixed, and didn't she agree that family needed to look out for another and did she have any family and oh my, she personally knew that new… 'progressive' couple that was all over the news and what did she think of that, and then back to her car again and are you sure you can fix it and, my gosh! Well, if you've managed to fix that car up from a wreck then you must know what you're doing, why it looks almost like new! And what a wonderfully talented mechanic you must be, I honestly never would have thought that with you being a… well, I guess this is the new and wonderful world we live, and you know I've been talking to all my friends and it seems so hard to find a good mechanic now a days and I must tell them about you, a sweet strong young girl running a business all on your own, though how you manage all that work all by yourself I don't know! And you know, my sister's friend has a grandson who is just moving into town and looking for work and he could probably learn a thing or two from such a well mannered and hardworking mammal like you, I must tell her to send him over to see you. Why I swear that boy thinks life is all about fun and games and it would do him some good to have a mammal like you teach him about real work…

Skye thanked her lucky stars when the little old ewe's ride arrived and interrupted her. Skye reassured her for the hundredth time that, 'yes, yes, I'll get right to fixing your car but it probably won't be ready until tomorrow' as she gently ushered the old lady to the waiting vehicle and that 'yes, fine, you can tell your friend to send over that boy, but I need to get back to work and your ride is waiting.' Honestly, she really didn't want any help (she probably couldn't even afford an assistant anyway) but if it ended the sheep's incessant chatter… and then again she had talked quite a bit about recommending to her friends that they should bring their business here… and she could sure use some additional customers. So keeping in this sheep's good graces might work out quite nicely for her… even if it meant taking on some snot noses lazy sounding kid as an assistant for a while. Well, from her description of him, the kid would probably quit after a week of real work anyway, and if it got her more customers…

Skye shook her head as she watched the car pull away (and wished that karma had mercy on the driver of that car for the conversation the little old ewe was probably going to inflict upon him). For right now though, she had a car to fix and then an evening's entertainment to get ready for.

"Let's get this old bird into the garage and see just how much work this is going to be." Skye said to herself looking at the old convertible and smiling. If nothing else, that little old sheep did have a decent taste in classic cars, and Skye had always enjoyed classic cars. She would of course have to test out the car once she was done repairing it to make sure that it was in perfect working order, and she was certainly looking forward to that.

Nick walked into the administration office ahead of Judy, still grinning from her nose-twitching, ears-on-end, bunny-in-the-headlights look he'd left her with after kissing her nose. Well… grinning from that and the scent of frustratedly aroused bunny, specifically, his frustratedly aroused bunny.

I wonder just how much more I can tease her before she blows a gasket? He thought, grin widening.

He'd never admit it to her but something about seeing that look on her was just flat out addictive… probably because it was so damndably cute. Back when they'd first meet he'd relished tweaking her nose because she'd just been such an uprighteous and innocent country bumpkin bunny (and okay, so maybe, just maybe, he'd thought seeing her all fluffed up was adorably cute) but seeing her all worked up, not because she was irritated or caught flat footed but because he'd pushed her buttons just right and she seemed on the verge of tackling him out of some combination of irritation and attraction, well… the thought of Judy tackling him made his grin widen all the more and Nick had to work hard to stop his tail from starting to wag. (And he couldn't have that now, or Judy might catch on)

"I swear," Nick muttered quietly to himself as he made his way to the counter at the front of the office, "that bunny is worse for me than catnip for felines…" he looked back and saw Judy hurrying through the door after him, ears perked up and a sort of stupidly silly grin on her face as she beelined for him, "can't even imagine being without her now, and I even get the shakes when she's not near me…"

More like Nick-nip, for one hopeless addicted fox… he thought as she hopped up next to him. He looked down at her, a not so faint hint of her scent reaching his nose as she beamed up at him and his heart rate accelerated dangerously. Judy's ear twitched slightly and her silly grin turned into a smirk as she leaned into his side.

"You can try all you want Slick, but you're never going to beat me," she said, her confidence back and he was about to retort when his vision zeroed in on her perked tail as it flicked distractingly while she all but rubbing against his side. He gulped as suddenly, all he could think about was how much he wanted to nip at that perked perfectly bit of soft white fur… and that lead to a slew of other thoughts about where he wanted to nip, kiss and nibble… and the fact that Judy's scent after the chase and fight with the wolf was stronger than normal, filled with excitement and adrenalin and now with an added aroused flavor from his teasing was just making it worse…

Nick didn't even notice his paw, smoothly reaching around to that perfect little puff of a tail as his mind screamed that he need more Nick-nip and right foxing now, damnit!

Judy's paw intercepted his before it reached its target and she tut-tuted as he snapped back to a more general awareness.

"And where was this trying to go?" She asked teasingly and smirked, standing on her toes to whisper in his ear as he stammered having been caught red handed, "You're going to have to try harder than that Slick, but I'll give you a pass because you're so cute when you get flustered."

Nick's stammers turned into a groan as she emphasized the c-word and it was only as he looked back at his victorious looking bunny that he realized what she'd done.

"You did that on purpose!" he said, and her smirk only confirmed his suspicion that she'd just played him.

"You can't blame a bunny for getting ahead while she's got the advantage, now can you?" she said with a giggle, and tapped his chest right over his heart, "and it's just soooo cute how easy it is to tell when I'm starting to get to you." she finished, leaning into him again and giggling as his heart rate picked up again.

Nick grumbled and looked back up as he crossed his arms petulantly, though try as he might he couldn't get his heart rate to lower or stop his tail from wrapping around Judy's legs. Another happy giggle from Judy made him adamantly determined to ignore her until he found a good way to get her back. So instead, he focused on why they were there and looked across the empty counter he could just barely see over, trying to find whoever was supposed to be there before calling out,

"Helloooo? Anyone here? Got important paperwork to take care off. Right from the Big Chief Buffalo himself."

There was a slow drawn out, "Oooooonnnnnneeeeee…. … … Mmmmmooommmeennntttt,…." and Nick groaned as he spotted the sloth at the back of the room just starting to refill his coffee mug.

"Bbbbeeeee…. … rrrrriiiiggggghhhhtttttt… …. … wwwwwiiiiittttthhhhh…."

"Karma hates me!" Nick muttered under his breath, before adding, "At least I now understand why the chief seems to always have his panties in a twist."

There was a soft laugh from Judy she let go of him and hopped up to grab the counter so she could look over it, and after shooting Nick a look of purely evil glee, winked and called over to the sloth in a far too cheerful tone asking, "Hey, would you like to hear a joke?"

Nick squawked, his eyes going wide as the sloth's claws, which had just been about to pour the coffee from the pot into his cup, ground to a stop and his head started turning toward them.

"Ssssssuuuuuurrrrrrrreeeeee,….. IIIIIiiiiii …"

"Judy!" Nick hissed as she smirked devilishly at him, "What are you doing?!"

" Loooooovvvvvveeee …. …. … … … … … jjjjjjjooooo-"

She leaned over from her perch, elbows on the counter top holding her up, and higher than Nick for once, kissed the top of his nose.

"Getting some overdue payback for the MVA," Judy said with another giggle as Nick's ears tried simultaneously to snap up at the kiss and flatten against his skull in alarm.

Judy broke out into laughter and tried to stifle it with her paws, falling off the counter as she did so in a muffled giggle fit, though Nick, more out of instinct than anything else grabbed his mate. He then held her up so he could give his nearly convulsing bunny a hard glare.

"Oh Carrot Sticks! *Laugh* that was… *laugh*," Judy stopped and managed to point a shaking finger at the top of his head before chortling again. Nick frowned and then blushed, as his one ear that had gotten stuck in a sort of up and sideways position joined the other that had pinned back against his skull.

"ooookkkkkeeeesssss." The sloth finished and Nick banged his head against the side of the counter as Judy broke down again into another laughing fit.

"You," Nick muttered, "are pure evil, that's why your so C, U, T, E," he spelled out, though Judy was still giggling too much to do more than make a token effort to thump his arm, "Spelling isn't saying, and anyway," Nick said huffily, "you are, and it's to hide the evil, diabolic, prankster beneath all that pretty fluffy fur." He said and then, justifying that he deserved it because he'd caught her when she fell, gave her tail a bit of a squeeze.

Judy, still giggling, all but hiccupped a startled 'Meep' and Nick could feel his own grin returning at her reaction and the sinfully soft feeling of her tail fur in his pawpads… before Judy yanked his paw away.

"NOT IN PUBLIC!" Judy hissed in a squeaky voice as her ears, standing on end, turned a bright pink. She used her paws to cover her tail, and shot Nick an accusing glare, "And you think I'm evil, Mr. Slick Paws?!"

Nick, more than mollified by his stolen feel said, "That evil bunny must be rubbing off on me," and shrugged in a 'what can you do?' manner, before giving her his best toothy hustler grin, saying, "Not that I really mind that… not at all…" as he leaned down to his blushing bunny who'd suddenly backed up against the counter at his predatory look, still holding her tail as he boxed her in. Nick moved like he was going to kiss her twitching nose again, but then flicked his tail around to tickle her paw cover rear, and as she meeped in surprise again, kissed her opening mouth before she could even get a sound out.

Judy tensed in surprise and shock as he took full advantage of her open mouth, but after only a moment, brought her paws around, grabbing him like she was about to unload a can of whoop-ass on one slightly too avaricious fox… but his paw snuck back around to her tail and Judy gasped into his mouth before nearly yanking him off his feet as she dragged him closer and ruthlessly took control of the kiss.

"Not!" Judy hissed quietly as she pulled back suddenly… then kissed Nick hard again before he could even say a word or take in a breath.

"IN!" She almost snarled quietly as Nick just tried to gasp in some air, but Judy was kissing him before he could.

"PUBLIC!" Judy finished with one last kiss nipping his lip almost painfully in a distinctly predatory fashion, before finally pulling away and then looking around the empty foyer of the administration room in alarm and adding in a hushed whisper, "And especially not at the precinct, Nick!"

It took him a few seconds to focus again after that, though he noticed that despite putting some space between them, Judy still had a firm hold of his shirt and her scent had grown stronger, sweeter and almost dangerously primal.

Judy, seeing no one else in the office lobby, let out a breath and slumped against his front.

"dumb fox." She muttered in voice that tried to be angry though it came out more defeated and needy as she nuzzled a bit against him.

Nick wrapped his arms around her and since her impressively acute ears where down against her back, whispered quietly enough that he hoped she might mis-hear him,

"cute bunny."

Apparently not quietly enough though, because she thumped his chest and shoot him a frustrated glare, though the effect was rather wanting as she was still pressed close up against him.

Nick could feel his tail curl tighter around her and couldn't help but say, "Ah Carrots, you know you love me." as he smiled down at his bunny while she bit her lip and clutched at him.

"Hhhhhaaaaaavvvvveeeennnnn'ttttt…. … hhhhheeeeaaaaarrrrrdddd… tttthhhhaaaattttt…" the sloths voice, out of sight from the across the room drawled, and Nick froze as he stared down at Judy's suddenly aghast face, realized that he hadn't been quiet while saying that last bit, "…jjjjoooooookkkkkeeeeee… … bbbbbeeeeeffffffooooorrrrrreeeee, … wwwwhhhhyyyy …. wwwwwwooooouuuullllddddd… cccaaarrrrrrrrrrroooottttssss… … lllloooooovvvveeeeeee…. … yyyyyooooouuuuuu?"

Nick stared blankly at Judy for a second as she stared back at him while he processed what the sloth had said. Judy apparently realized the sloth's misunderstanding first, because her aghast expression cracked and she buried her face in Nick's shirt as she started giggling uncontrollably.

Nick huffed and straightening up so he could look across the top of the counter at the sloth while Judy's shoulders shook with her only partially muffled laughter, said with a straight face, "Carrots love me because I'm a sly fox and their just dumb," he tapped Judy's head below the level of the counter top, "vegetables, that's why."

Judy only shook harder with a renewed round of laughter while a look of confusion slowly began forming on the sloth's face.

"IIIIiiiiiiii… dddddoooooonnnnn'ttttt… … gggeeeeetttt… … iiiitttttt…" he drawled and Judy with another chortle of laughter piped up.

"No, Nick!" she said grinning at him and speaking loud enough for the sloth to hear, "Carrots love you because with your almost orange fur and hideous green shirt they think your one of them!"

"Hey! My shirt isn't-" Nick started to protest right as the first 'Hhhhhhhaaaa!' of sloths laugh echoed across the room and Nick looked up with dismay to see the sloths face still shifting to one of riotous amusement.

There was a giggle from Judy and a teasing 'Dumb fox' before she hugged him hard and smiling up at him, said quietly, "This Carrot loves the dumb fox, because he's her dumb fox."

Nick looked at Judy and opened his mouth but nothing came out. He thought for a second trying to come up with a snappy retort and came up blank as he stared down at his bunny's smiling face, and with nothing good to say leaned down to kiss her. Words wouldn't have been enough to tell her how he felt right then, how much he loved her, anyway; plus they would have more than enough time as the 'HHHhhhaaa! HHHhhhaaa! HHHhhhaaa!'s of the sloth slow laughter continued.

Cupping her cheek with a paw, Nick laid a slow soft kiss on her lips, then yanked away as a shout from deeper in the office startled him.

"Garth! What the heck are you laughing about?! We're behind on what we need to do, though there's nothing new about that; Aren't you done getting your coffee yet? I thought you said you were putting on a new pot a half an hour ago?"

Nick looked over the edge of the counter as female pig in a casual office dress came in to the office foyer and dumped a stack of paperwork behind the counter they were waiting at.

"Who are you?" she asked looking quizzically down at him, then stopped holding up a hoof with a few jangling bracelets in a stop motion before Nick could respond.

"Wait! As Bogo says, Don't Care."

She went over to the sloth whose amused expression was still slowly melting off his face and snatched the coffee pot out of his claws, then filled the empty cup still in his other long clawed paw before dumping in some sugar cubes and creamer and taking the filled cup like he'd just been holding it there for her like a coffee stand

After a long sip and sigh, she turned back and walked over to them.

"Okay, now what do you want?"

Nick opened his mouth to speak again but Judy beat him to it, "We just had some paper work we need you to finalize." She said cheerily and Nick saw the pig stop and blink before looking at her mug and then back at him and ask in a confused voice, "we?"

Judy's ears snapped up in apparent indignation, as she huffed and Nick had to quickly stifle a chuckle as the office worker stared at the two black tipped ears that were now just barely visible above the counter. Said ears, swiveled toward Nick, having probably heard him, and to forestall any witty comment from her (since he was already losing badly), he reached out with both paws and picked Judy up (much to her annoyance and his delight).

"Yes, we." Nick said to the pig, now that Judy's head was above the counter level as he held her in front of him, "as in me and her, or," he grinned wickedly, "if its easier to understand, as in emay, ethay yslay oxfay, andyay erhay, ethay upersay umperday idiculouslyray utecay unnybay."

Judy turned back and gave Nick a confused look while the pig just rolled her eyes.

"Right, you two must be the smart-alecky and the fluff ball of doom that has had the chief going nuts for the last couple of months," the pig said before shaking her head, "Okay what paperwork debacle have you two created now? Do we need to start another legal file on something or criminal case book, well more like book's', "she stressed the s sound making it plural, "with the whole Nighthowler mess…" the pig stopped and then looked at them, a grin forming, "or wait… is this another totally not intentional 'coffee accident situation' like we had in the records room because I have to admit, that was fun." She turned her head back toward the sloth whose expression was still turning to one of horror at his stolen coffee mug.

"Garth! Put on a Big pot of coffee and make it blacker than black!"

"Um… no… that's not why where here," Judy said holding out the slightly crinkled forms in her paw to the now disappointed looking pig, "We just need to get these taken care of."

The office worker sighed, muttering something about 'never getting to have any fun', and took the papers before quickly glancing through them.

"Right," she said turning and walking away while still reading through the forms, "Have this take care of in just a minute."

She headed past the sloth toward another work station, then back tracked to the sloth at the coffee maker, grabbed a mug and slipped it into his hand and filled it up, before stuffing two of the forms into his other clawed paw.

"Drink up, then go and add this to Hyde McTire's file and don't forget we still need to take care of the medical paperwork for officers Fangmeyer and McHorn that the hospital sent over. Chop chop, get to it!" she said before topping off her own coffee mug and walking past the sloth as he started, slowly, raising his mug to drink.

Judy looked over to Nick as he set her down and asked, "does coffee even do anything for sloths? And, wait… since when did you speak another language?"

Nick grinned but was interrupted by a snort of laughter from the pig and she answered before he could. "Coffee works great for sloths, just about triples their productivity though most can't tell the difference between fast slow and slow slow. As for your linguistic friend there-"

"My linguistic mate," Judy corrected with a minor bit of irritation and Nick could tell just by the pigs body language that she was rolling her eyes.

"right… well you're artsmay-aleckyay atemay, doesn't speak another language, he's just having a cheap laugh at me because mammals call that kids word game pig latin."

"I was not!" Nick said puffing up with over dramatic indignation and gesturing at Judy, "Iyay asway eakingtway ymay atesmay ohyay osay utecay uttonbay osenay; that you're a pig just makes it all that much funnier." Nick finished and smirked.

Judy on the other hand, frowned, her eyebrows furrowing as she started mumbling what he had said in pig latin to herself and Nick wondered if she'd be able to figure it out. He was half surprised she hadn't ever heard of pig latin before as a kit, but it was certainly working to his advantage at the moment.

"Sure it does," the pig replied sarcastically from the workstation as she typed away on a computer, her voice clearly conveying that, first she didn't believe him and that second and far more importantly she really didn't care, "Now, does 'Wildehopps P.I.' have a bank account because your file doesn't have one in it, though… if you'd like to leave it that way you could always just donate your reward for bringing in McTire to the ZPD's overworked administrative department. I've had my eye on one of those fancy espresso machines and I'd love to see what Garth could do with espresso." The pig stopped typing and turned around pointing her hoof at Nick and saying sternly, "And no unnyfay usinessbay, or I'll tack on a ten percent translation fee."

"unnyfay usinessbay?" Judy muttered out loud, still in her own world, working away on the puzzle like a squirrel on a nut.

"means 'funny business' bunny," The pig said visibly rolled her eyes before looking at Nick and snapping her hoof impatiently, "Come on, come on, I don't have all day. I have paperwork to do and sloths to caffeinate."

Nick grinned and gave the her their new bank account information. Judy on the other hand, was frowning even more, mumbling to herself.

"unnyfay usinessbay, funny business, unnyfay… wait that's just moving the first consonant to end and adding ay… then what Nick said… emay ethay yslay oxfay, me the sly fox… andyay erhay, and her… ethay upersay umperday idiculouslyray utecay unnybay… the super dumper ridiculously cu-" Judy stopped mumbling as her ears snapped up and vibrated. Nick quickly looked away and decided that it was a good time to start practicing his whistling… though in retrospect, he decided right after he begun, maybe started his whistling practice with the refrain from 'Bad boys' wasn't the best choice…

"Nicholas…. Piberius… Wilde…" Judy started out in a voice so calm that it screamed 'Take Cover!', "did you just call me what I think you called me?"

Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump

Nick looked back and saw that in addition to Judy's ears nearly vibrating, her foot had started a rapid staccato thump on the floor.

He put on his hustler grin and cranked it all the way up as he replied, "Well… if you think that means I think you're the most beautiful, lovely mate in existence and that I'd do anything to be with you, then absolutely."


Judy opened her mouth, shut it, pointed a finger at him and opened her mouth only for nothing to come out again while her rapidly thumping foot seemed to lose control, beginning to thump erratically as it picked up to an even higher speed before apparently breaking as it stopped mid thump.

"Y-You…" she barely managed to say, between heavy ragged breaths, "d-dumb FOX!" Judy bit her lip so hard Nick was afraid she might make it bleed, and her eyes were dilated further than normal. Nick took in a breath, trying to figure out what to say next and stopped as he nearly tasted the heavy, sharp spike in her scent. A strong aromatic spike of a sinfully sweet scent that fried a good part of his brain and had the drummer boy taking notice and beating a frantic 'To Arms!' call with giddy abandon. Nick swallowed hard as he tried to think and looked at Judy again, noticing that she was almost trembling and her paw had fisted in the fur of his ruff with a death grip.

Anddddd… I think I just found my bunnies breaking point. Part of Nick thought with a sort of aroused terror at the intently hungry way she was looking at him, like… well like, a fox might eye a bunny back in the prehistoric days…

"Okay, here you go," the pig said dropping a few sheets of paper on the counter, not even bothering to look at them as she headed back to the workstation, "The reward money's transferred and the paperworks done, now get out of my hair so I can get some real work finished."

"Um… okay, Thanks!" Nick said, snatching the papers with a jaunty wave and smile at the female pig, before stopping as he noticed a rumbling growl from Judy that sounded very much like an extended, 'MINE' as her grip tightened, pulling him closer.

Nick blinked, looking back at Judy as his tail, now following orders from the drummer boy, started making short fast excited wagging motions. Nick though, amid rising assault on his mind from her scent and touch and look, didn't notice and instead, couldn't help but muse about what would happen if he told her exactly how "cute" her possessive growl was.

It was only when Judy went absolutely still, like a predator about to make a killing pounce, that Nick realized he'd said that out loud.


Wait? You want another fluffy cannon ball for next friday? *Sigh* Fine, I'm working on it... Let's see... Chapter 43: 10-91 Bunny Gone Savage