The Doctor fell onto the sofa in the media room , grateful that they had escaped that purple monster that barked. Him and Donna had fled , narrowly escaping jail, when she had opened her mouth, offending the race when she told them that they looked ugly.

They are a highly sensitive species Donna, remember?' he had hissed, Donna flinging her hand to her mouth. She had whispered it to the Doctor, actually remembering what he had told her.

'You said nothing about them having terrific hearing!' she had hissed back as they grabbed hands and ran.

The Doctor just wanted to relax, and watch TV for awhile. He wondered where Donna had gotten off to, she had disappeared as soon as they got back to the TARDIS.

He was just flicking through the many channels on the TV with his sonic, stopping on a channel ,enthralled at a show, with an actor looking exactly like him, scoffing, when he felt Donna settle next to him.

'NO!' she breathed. 'Not this guy again!' enthralled herself.

'Yeah, this time he thinks he is Cassanova. Really? I met Cassanova, I owe him a chicken'

'Wait, you owe Cassanova a chicken?'

'Long story, lets just say, I can never go to that period' . Donna shrugged , immersed.

'Bit of a ladies man isn't he?' Donna enquired a short time later, giggling away at the scene. The Doctor only sniffed , well, snorted.

'Oh. My .God! He's exactly like you, he doesn't just LOOK like you, he sounds like you and YOU are a ladies man Doctor, like him , admit it!' She turned and gazed at his face. He was as red as a tomato.

'Your face is turning red! Ha! I didn't know Time Lords could blush!' she teased him, he was pouting.

'I'm not.. I'm not..', stammering. Donna smirked.

'You totally are, haven't you realised, Rose and Martha, they had a crush on you, and every woman we come across, they turn their heads!' It was true, everywhere they went, the woman flirted with him , and he flirted back, probably not realising he did it.

'You haven't' , he replied.

'Well, you're just a long streak of skinny nothingness', she fell silent, watching the TV, in fact, she was gazing intently , but felt a bit embarrassed enjoying the show, especially with the Doctor sitting there with her. She sneaked a glance at him.

He was trying very hard not to watch the TV, he was going beet red again. His eyes were actually positioned somewhere above the TV, staring at the wall. Donna stifled a chuckle at the determined look on his face.

'Got a problem with watching yourself on TV having …'she didn't get to finish the question. The Doctor interrupted her.

'I'm just going to make… um.. some tea' getting up , excusing himself, still blushing.

'You're embarrassed , it's SO cute! Tell me, how long has it been?' she yelled after him, not receiving a reply from that Time Lord.

As she leaned back on the sofa pillows, Donna smirked as the actor portraying Cassanova grinned. It was uncanny. He looked and acted exactly like the Doctor.

The Doctor just couldn't take any competition , that was his problem, even from his doppelganger .

I was always going to do a story where the Doctor watches Cassanova !