She woke up with nothing but blackness around her not remembering what happened before she got here. Or how she got there. Whatever happened she knew she was in trouble

Hello she called

Is anyone there? HELLO?! Is anyone there?!

Not understanding what happened, she started to walk around and then blacked out again.

Why is this happening to me! She thought.

and what or who brought me here! Then she sat down and thought to herself

how did this happen? The last thing I remember was…was…. Oh My God! I remember! I was in my room and then this weird bluish tentacle thing wrapped around me and pulled me into a portal. That's the last thing I remember before I got knocked out.

She looked around not sure where she was. Squinting in the darkness, she saw a light and as she started to walk towards it. She stopped. Then looked around her and saw nothing but darkness, this was her only chance at getting into a light. She had to take that chance and pull herself from the darkness. As she started to walk toward it she noticed that it wasn't getting any bigger. So she started to run toward it and the faster she ran, the further it got. It was only five minutes later when the light seemed like it was ten times smaller than before. She collapsed down on the floor and started to cry. Suddenly she heard a voice….

Hello? Why are you crying?

Who are you? I can't seem to get out of the darkness and the white light over there keeps getting smaller and who are you?

Here hold on, just let me remember… OH! Of course, you just stand still and say the words 'Free the light'. Oh and um…. My names Peter.

Thanks for the help and um…. My names Alice. What are you? Are you human?

Oh no, I'm human. I'm just flying above you. We don't get many people or…... girls here.

WAIT you can fly!

Ya ill tell you later but first take my hand.

Suddenly she saw a hand appear and hesitantly she took it. She was instantly lifted up into the air and said the words Free the light. The light instantly got bigger and they were immersed in it. As she looked up and could see the person that helped her, she noticed that he had red wild hair, a smile with bright teeth, eyes that sparked with thrill and was about as tall as her, maybe even taller. When she looked up at him, she realized that he had been looking and Peter was now smirking. She immediately blushed and turned her head away, embarrassed that he knew that she was looking at him. Blinded by the light she heard Peter say.


Neverland? What's Neverland

It's my home. A place I think you'll like