Author Notes: This story takes place eight months after My Struggles II. And the sequel to New Doubts

In The Thrones Of Despair

Fox Mulder needed to clear his head. After running almost a half a mile. In order to run from those trying to shoot him from a highly classified installation.

Receiving his orders from A.D. Skinner to head for Knoxville, Kentucky. Leaving his partner Dana Scully behind. In order to check on a body found. Some ten miles from the installation in some sort of a corn field.

It wasn't some alien life form. But rather a military member of a very elite specialize group for the government.

She'd stayed to work on doing the autopsy. In order to find the single cause of his death. Sergeant Troy Aktins age 32 with the group almost five years.

Information on this group was highly classified. Only those with the access code would be able to tap into the system.

In order to directly read the file. Scully 'd to send a text message to the Lone Gunmen.

And no doubt. She will find the answers. She doesn't need to see yet another conspiracy factor with this one.

Moments later after checking her findings_

Scully stormed through the door of the autopsy bay. With one of the techs following behind. And without a word. She entered the elevator and went to call A.D. Skinner instead of the text for the moment.

A few moments later. Scully taking in a deep sigh. She dialed Skinner number for his cell phone.

Skinner was sitting on the edge of his seat inside of his office. With his elbows placed on the table going over further reports. Though he sat quiet and unmoving with the frustration coming from him with the long day.

When the cell phone on his desk had gone to break him of his reverie.

He goes to answer it. "Skinner."

"Sir. It's Scully." She stated before going into her report on the body.

"Yeah. Scully. Go ahead. Was it what we expected as much?" He suggested with his comments.

Taking a deep breath once more. "I'm afraid so. Sir. However. This time every cell in his body exploded to kill him. But what exactly caused this. I just don't know for the moment. And no doubt the military. He worked for. And had a hand into it."

"No doubt. Mulder is probably walking into some sort of a trap. Since I'D not heard from him in a few hours of his arrival at the installation."

Scully could hear it in his voice. He was scared. And so was she for the moment. She needed to try making contact with him. If possible!

She continued to listen to him. Until there wasn't more to be said over the phone. That hasn't already been discussed.