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To Keep it Simple

Prologue- So It Begins

"Before we begin the feast—welcome.

Another year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry is soon to begin. For seventh years, I am sure that this is a blessing. For first years—I have no doubt that you will all enjoy yourselves learning the extremities of magic. Those in between—there is a much longer journey before you. Please note that the Dark Forest is off limits to all first years. I am looking forward to another year guiding young and growing witches and wizards. Since there are no further announcements—let the feast and the new school year begin."

A familiar auburn-haired witch quietly walked past the statue of Boris the Bewildered. She cautiously felt her way along the sturdy wall, hands searching relentlessly in the dark. Her slender digits found the brass handle of the door, locked, like she'd expected.

"Pine fresh," she whispered into the dark. After two years of use, the password was yet to change. As the door slowly peeked open, Hermione slipped in.

The red engine slowly departed from King's Cross Station, the pistons releasing steam as it pulled away. Hermione smirked as Ron and Harry exchanged Quidditch statistics. Boys will be boys..

 "Bugger—I got a petrol-flavored one!" Ron howled, interrupting the intense conversation. He quickly spat the remnants of the jelly bean into the aisle, then tossed a scornful glare at the box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean. The compartment door suddenly slid upon and three surprised faces glanced up towards the intruder.

            "Ron sounded a little peeved in the coach next door—don't tell me. He's finally past denial and now chooses to accept the fact that he's just a Weasel—or should I say, a Weasley."

She rubbed her temples as she turned on the lights, the glint of the light reflecting off the numerous amounts of marble. Her eyes quickly focused and as she unshielded them, she could make out the rectangular swimming pool impressed into the floor and the diving board that Harry had told her so much about. The Prefects' bathroom-- pure luxury wrapped up in shining glory with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling to top it off.

            "Why, it's the infamous ferret—or should I say, Draco Malfoy—that seems to show up whenever he's not wanted. And to what slipshod dit do we owe this punishment to?" Hermione sneered as soon as Draco finished talking.

            Two hulking figures shook the compartment as they lumbered in, heavy footfalls nearly knocking Hermione off her seat. A somewhat delighted Goyle and Crabbe stood behind their slave driver, licking out of his palm of commands as puppies would their masters.

            "Quite a mouth for a soon to be prefect," Draco sardonically said. Hermione rose a brow, crossing one leg over the other.

"Ironically stated, but true."

Ron had ceased his silent fuming in the corner of the compartment. He stood to his full five foot and eleven inches height, successfully defeating Harry by a full two inches. However, Draco had apparently grown over the summer as well and even as the Slytherin's piercing silver gaze dug into Ron, the Weasley refused to back down. Harry joined his brazen friend in the stand off and the numbers would have been even if not for Hermione's sudden outburst.

Hermione snatched a towel from the corner of the room, tossing a glance at the large golden frame against the wall. A sun bleached mermaid slept lazily atop a seemingly jagged rock, tresses of blonde hair draped across her face and body. Professor McGonagall had advised her to turn the emerald decagon—but with all the varieties of knobs, Hermione couldn't help but satisfy her curiousity. As she moved around the pool, letting different forms of foam and soap drip from each tap, she continued to reminisce.

"You all are acting like a bloody hoard of children!" she yelled.

Ron and Harry turned as did Draco and his thugs, surprised if not reluctant to hear her sudden spurt of feminine emotion. Hermione tucked several stray strands of hair behind her ear, the controlled tresses falling around her shoulders and neck in an expedient manner.

            "You," she started off, pointing her wand at Draco. "You—are the most boorish, impenitent and dubious knave I have ever been cursed to encounter. Not only do I have to work alongside you for the entirety of this school year, but I also have to deal with your taunts—were you just born this way?"

Hermione glared at Draco for what seemed like centuries before she quickly averted her attention elsewhere and left the compartment. The door slammed shut behind her, leaving a quite speechless group of young men.

When the pool filled up, the candles held atop the chandelier dimmed. She slipped out of her soft white bath robe, slipping into the colorful froth of bubbles and foam, the scents mixing as they splashed together simply intoxicating. Hermione sighed, resting her head against her towel, which she perched on the pool's edge. Pulling Old and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charms from beneath her robe, she began to read. The light proved too dark, however, and she was forced to use her wand.

 "Lumos," she gently whispered to it, as if she was explaining sweet nothings to an actual being. The wand responded and the tip began to glow lightly, enough to shed light upon the whole page. As she finally got comfortable, body simply oozing with pleasure and releasing all the "built up frustration" Professor McGonagall had claimed that she'd had, she felt the presence of another thing in the bathroom with her.

 "Nox," she heard it whisper, and her wand's light blew out.

Explanations: Try and imagine with me. Hermione had too much pent up rage and so she was ordered to go relax. It makes no sense why her wand would respond to someone else's voice, but it helps move the story along. I'm sure we all know that the best part of reading these romance fanfics is actually getting to read the romance. Future chapters will be much, much longer. Feel free to review.