The first thing Hermione Granger noticed was a beeping noise on her left. Then she felt the pain. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't. It hurt as if her whole body had been pressed through a pipe, a feeling similarly to what she experienced after apparating, but incredibly worse. Her body ached, and every cell of it hurt as had it been moved and relocated and finally been put in the original place again.

„She's human, but there's something strange about her brain and body impulses," a voice said. She would have jumped had she been able to move. Where was she?

"Anyway, it shouldn't have any impact on her physical strength, and since she was heavily injured, she shouldn't be immortal as well, but after the incident with Khan I'd be careful with that. There's a weird flow of energy through her body, but the instruments can't detect where it comes from or what it does."

"Do you think she poses a threat for the ship, Doctor?"

"I'm no judge of that, Spock."

There was a sigh.

"Well, it seems we have to wait until she wakes up."

She heard footsteps and wanted to give a sign, something to show that she had heard the voices and was awake. Or was she? Maybe it was all a dream.

"And, Jim?"


"There was a piece of wood in her pocket. I don't know the purpose of it, but it's beautifully carved, and filled with yet another strange material. It's been handled with care, although it seems to be several years old. I gave it to the science department, but told them not to destroy it, as maybe it has a religious value to her."

"Fascinating. I will immediately go to the laboratory and investigate it myself."

Her wand! Hermione wanted to yell. What were they doing with her wand? If they broke it, she wouldn't care about the consequences. She would hunt the responsible person down. Also, now she felt even more lost. Unable to move and without her wand, Hermione Granger was helpless. And she hated being helpless.

"Thanks, Bones. Comm me if something happens."

The whooshing sound of an automatic door followed.

"What have you gotten yourself into, girl?" The first voice asked again. It was weary. Hermione didn't know who he was, but he didn't sound hostile, and she tried to calm herself down. They wouldn't hurt an innocent patient, would they?


Two days passed until the girl opened her eyes. Leonard McCoy spent them in the sickbay. The Enterprise attracted disasters like nothing else, but even in the rare moments when they didn't fight some intergalactical creatures or Klingons, people found a way to hurt themselves.

There were security officers who accidentally stunned themselves with their phasers, engineers who didn't secure themselves properly and fell down a machine, science officers who touched their own toxic plants, and, of course, the captain himself, who came to sickbay at least once a day because of a cut, a broken nose, stunners, an allergic reaction or something else. Sometimes Leonard McCoy wondered how the ship was even able to function. However, on days when he had slept enough and only one or two emergency operations, he realized that not the whole crew was incompetent, but he always saw them at their worst. Hundreds of redshirts worked on the engines, but only a few came to sickbay each day. So that was a good ratio. Nevertheless, being the Chief Medical Officer on the Enterprise wasn't a fun job. And that his office also contained a bed wasn't a luxury, but a simple necessity. If it would go his way, none of his patients would ever die, and he did everything to make sure they were alright. And he wouldn't let this girl die, he would stay in sickbay until she finally awoke.

So when he crouched out of his office in the morning, desperately clutching his cup of coffee, it was an understatement to say that she freaked him out for a few seconds.

"Good morning, Doctor McCoy," she said.

Leonard controlled his facial expression. After all, Jim had told him that even when he panicked, his face would just become even grumpier. He trusted Jim on that. Hopefully she hadn't seen his surprise.

She looked tired, but healthy. Her eyes were of a soft brown and her hair was a frizzy mess of curls. She was young, that much was true, but he couldn't decide how old. Seventeen? A lot of sleep and the absence of make-up often let women look way younger than they were. Twenty-five? Her skin was fair and there were no lines on her face. But there was something in her eyes that unsettled him. Although they were warm, there was darkness behind them. Maybe she was dangerous? Definitely over twenty, then.

"Where am I?" She asked, and although she tried to fight it, she looked lost. Leonard knew he should call Jim. But she was first and foremost his patient, and Jim could be overbearing and simply too much at times… and Spock would accompany him, as always. Ten minutes of talking wouldn't hurt. He was more than curious.

"Good morning, miss…?" He asked and sat down next to her, taking a sip from his cup. Her eyes greedily went to it. Obviously a coffee consumer, then. He grinned internally.

"Hermione Granger," she coughed. Her throat wasn't used to speaking yet. "Where am I? I will tell you as much as I can if you do the same. I promise to be no threat to anyone."

She tried to sit up, but her arms gave in. Leonard raised his eyebrows.

"Slow down a bit, missy. I'm your doctor, and I order you to lie down and rest."

"I guessed that much," she murmured. Not intimidated a bit, was she? Was that a proof for stupidity, or maturity?

"I woke up two days ago. I could hear your conversations, but was unable to move. I gathered that you work as a doctor, and your name is Leonard McCoy, there's someone you call Jim…"

For a moment it looked like she had lost the thread.

"...but a third man calls him "Captain", although I don't know why. The third man's name is Mr Spock, and at times he does seem to be a little bit… cold. And you tend to call him various insults. There are a few women and men in here, doctors and nurses, I guess. Am I in the infirmary? This certainly does not look like St. Mungos."

She sharply closed her mouth. Leonard didn't let it show that he found it a little bit creepy that she had been overhearing him all the time, especially when he called Spock names. And she remembered it, dammit! But what was St. Mungos?

He would find out in time, he guessed. First, he would give her an overview of the situation.

"You had most of it right, Miss Granger." Or had it been Ginger? He never remembered names, but since she didn't show any bad reactions to how he had called her, he guessed he must have been right.

"I'm Doctor Leonard McCoy, the Chief Medical Officer on this ship. You are aboard the USS Enterprise, which is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. Commander Spock is his first officer. We are on a five year mission through space, although surely you heard about us, the program is fairly famous within the Federation. We just departed from Yorktown, and an engineer found you behind our impulse generators three days ago, so I'm at kind of a loss what exactly you do on our ship, lady."

He noted how her eyes went bigger and bigger.

"Starship?" she croaked. And then she laughed, loudly.

"George, is that you? Are you playing a prank on me? Come on, Ron, or Harry, leave it be. I'm sorry if I scared you. Something went wrong with my experiment, but you shocked me, and I'm awake now, so please come out."

She continued laughing, and Leonard seriously considered using a hypospray on her.

"I'm a doctor, dammit," he said.

"I don't believe you," she gasped between laughter. Was she crazy? Suddenly Leonard regretted giving the order of taking care of her piece of wood, maybe she was just mentally ill. However, the best way to cope with crazy people was to make them believe that he took them seriously.

"How can I proof that I'm indeed the CMO and not… the person you named earlier?" He asked. Dammit. Torch? Gorgeous? Korbes? Forbes?

"Just wait and sit there, George," she said. Ah, good she repeated that. "The potion can't hold for much longer. Half an hour, at the longest. How did you get it, by the way? I thought I was the only one in the family who can brew it."

McCoy internally sighed. Hermione Granger was obviously confused. But he agreed to sit and wait. After a few minutes she calmed down, and they sat in silence.

"May I have a cup of tea? I guess it's too soon for coffee for me." Leonard liked his patients when they knew what was good for their body. Sadly, this phenomenon could very rarely be observed on the Enterprise. He went to the replicator, ordered herbal tea and brought it to her. She watched him closely as she sipped her drink. He didn't feel well under her scrutiny. He didn't know what she wanted to find, but her earlier glee left her.

"You are not George," she finally said in a flat voice. Leonard started to hope he could call Jim now. "George wouldn't be able to sit that long in silence without making a joke. So where am I really?" And then, she began to murmur. "May I have a paper?"

Perplexed, Leonard gave her a PADD. She looked at it, puzzled, and he realized that she acted like she had never had seen something like that. However, a PADD wasn't difficult to handle. She found out how to use it and took the pencil to draw calculations. Leonard watched her.

Ten minutes later she looked up.

"WHEN am I?"


AN: Since I love both Star Trek and Harry Potter immensely, and have just discovered the wonderful world of crossovers, it was only logical for me to try this one out. I'm just doing this for my own fun, and it was a lot of fun imagining Hermione on a starship. If you like it, please leave a comment- you know where the button is. Love, leo :)