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Pika the Vampire Hunter
Chapter Four: Finding Caruto
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Isumi dragged the unconscious Caruto to where the Master stood. "We were only able to bring one." He said. "The others got away."
Ubogin came up behind Isumi. "There was also this other girl. She fought well and knew about us. It's possible she could be a..."
The Master finished for him. "A Hunter."

"A Hunter." Leorio finished.
"And what does she do?" Gon asked, a tad confused.
"They hunt vampires. When one dies, a new one is called in."
"How do you kill them?"
"You don't." Kurapika said. "I do."
"But Caruto—"
"That was my fault. I let that happen."
"No you didn't." Killua put in. "If you hadn't shown up, we'd all have been vamp chow."
"Where did they take Caruto?" Senritsu wondered.
"Probably underground." suggested Leorio.
"They could be anywhere in the sewers." Kurapika muttered.
"Uh, guys?" Senritsu said tentatively. "I think I know a way in."
"A Hunter..." The Master repeated. "Yes, It's very likely." His face lit up with a sudden wickedness. "Congratulations," He turned to Caruto. "I thought of you merely as a meal, girl. You've just been upgraded to bait."
As Kurapika pushed her way through the halls with Senritsu in tow, someone shoved her towards the lockers. She went backwards, into someone who caught her around the waist.
Kurapika turned around. It was a guy. Black hair, black eyes, like pools of dark water. He gave her a slight grin. "Hi."
Kurapika stammered out a hello, just as the bell rang. She ran of in the direction she'd come, blushing furiously.
Just as she'd done at the Zoldick's mansion, Kurapika hopped over the school gate. She ran to the cemetery.
At the back of the house, she found the door. Prying it open, she was aware of a presence. Kurapika whirled around, stake in hand.
The person stepped back. The same guy from yesterday. "Don't go down there."
"And why?"
"They don't like visitors."
"How would you know?"
"I've been down there."
"And you got out alive." Kurapika raised an eyebrow.
"Well, they don't like me very much."
"Whatever. Okay, if you're gonna keep popping up like this and scaring the hell out of me, I'd like to get a name."
A hesitation. "Hisoka."
"That's... a nice name..." Kurapika said awkwardly. "Reminds me of some ruler guy..." [1]
"Don't go down there."
"Uh-huh, and are you going to try and stop me?"
Kurapika stared. Not the answer she'd expected.
"Unless you can prevent the Harvest, the Master will walk the Earth."
Kurapika kicked the door down.
"When you get to the tunnels, head east, towards the school. You'll probably find them there."
She turned again. "Aren't you going to wish me luck?"
Hisoka was silent. He watched her until she was surrounded in the darkness.
He stood there. A look of grim concern on his face. When he was sure she had gone, then did his face split in a silly grin.
"Good luck."
Kurapika shivered in the damp murk. A rat scurried over her foot. She took a deep breath and clutched her stake tighter, heart pounding wildly in her chest.
She sensed a presence behind her. Had Hisoka followed her? Was he trustworthy?
"See anything interesting?"
She jumped a mile in the air and whirled around with the stake for the second time. A beam shone in her face.
"Killua!" Kurapika hissed. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"Being stupid. I followed you."
"Go to school, Killua. You shouldn't be here."
"Kurapika," Killua put his hand on her arm, "Caruto's my baby sister. If I can help her at all, I'm coming with you."
Kurapika looked at him. She felt herself weakening. "Okay..." She agreed, "But don't do anything stupid, and for heaven's sake, turn that damned flashlight off!"
They continued eastward. "So, crosses, garlic, stake through heart?"
Wordlessly, Kurapika handed him a cross and a stake.
"The part of me that was telling me to bring those is still busy telling me not to come."
Kurapika sighed.
Leorio turned another page in his book. There was a picture of a vampire drinking the blood of a villager. He bore a four pointed star on his forehead. Below, another vampire with the same marking.
Leorio read the paragraph in the ancient tongue of Aerith.

Ie ine hesenlin aud quer halana ré,
Ie Mastüre.
A sélun ie Vesselür
He ie Harvastel enté,
Ie Mastüre soneda.

Leorio picked up another paper. "The first crescent moon past the solstice, once a century."
Realization dawned on him. "Tonight."

Reaching a small chamber, they saw Caruto, sprawled against the wall. Her wrists were chained to the stones.
"Caruto." Killua said. She stirred. "Caruto." Caruto sat up.
"Yeah, it's me." The two embraced. "Kurapika'll get us out of here."
Kurapika grabbed a pipe and smashed the locks. The sound of metal on metal reverberated around the corridors. The three winced. "Hope no one heard that."
"Let's get like eggs and scramble." Killua grabbed Caruto by the arm and they took off.
As soon as they'd passed two intersections, they knew they were lost.
"Damn, what can we do?" Killua muttered.
"I have an idea..." Caruto's voice came from behind him. It had a slicing edge to it.
Kurapika and Killua looked at her. Caruto's face had become repulsive. She smiled and they saw her fangs.
"You can die."
*** *** *** ***
[1] Do you ppl pay attention in History? Asoka, kind of like Hisoka. One time the teacher said, "One of the greatest rulers of India was Asoka." I was doodling on my paper, and I went, "WHAT?!" See, I thought she'd said "Hisoka"...

Princess Floréa: I'm betting you couldn't figure out what Leorio was talking about. It goes like this:

The one beholding the four pointed star,
The Master.
His servant the Vessel.
Be the Harvest done,
The Master walks.
Kurapika-sama: More Gon.
Princess Floréa: I'll put more Gon in later.
Doorbell: Ding dong.
Princess Floréa: A-hem...
Doorbell: DiNg dOnG.
Princess Floréa: Wrong emphasis.
Doorbell: # dInG DoNg!!!
Princess Floréa: Bring 'em on!
Floraleon: *opens door* Hi.
Fairygurl: ('vv')
Floraleon: Stakes!!!
Kurapika-sama: *holds up pencil*
Princess Floréa: *sweatdrop*
Fairygurl: *takes off mask* Yeah, that would be your dinner. Steaks.
Princess Floréa: *sigh*