"Did you pack the sunblock?" Rose Tyler's friend Amy Pond questioned as she searched through her cloth bag. Rose smirked at her as she poked her head inside while her car bumped and bounced along the pebble and rock covered road. "Don't get lost in there." She joked.

Amy playfully scoffed. "Funny." She smiled. "Listen I appreciate you coming with me to this camp." "No problem," Amy shrugged. She glanced down at her dark green camp counselor's shirt and made a face. "Blimey, this is an ugly color, isn't?"

Rose nodded in agreement at the depressing green colored shirt, the name camp counselor in broad white letters sprawled across. It was summer time and Rose and Amy were heading to Camp Torchwood to work as camp counselors.

Not the ideal vacation but right now anywhere was better than home where her boyfriend Jimmy was.

She sighed remembering her last spat with Jimmy. He was supposed to stop by last night so they could spend some time together before she had to leave but instead they ended up arguing because he wanted to go to a soccer match and now they were having another 'cooling off period'. It seemed like he'd never be ready to commit.

As they drove Amy looked through the brochure. "This thing says we'll be helping the kids with arts and crafts. That should be fun, yeah?"

Rose nodded quietly. "Yeah, I guess." She replied softly. Amy sighed looking at her. "Still upset about Jimmy?" "Can you blame me?" Rose muttered. She shook her head. "Just when I thought finally he was ready to commit he goes and does this."

"Are you surprised?" Amy remarked. Rose bit her thumb nail and shrugged. "Suppose not," She replied. "But he's still a twit." She grumbled.

She snickered and pat her arm. "Well, forget Jimmy. Our friends we'll be there, maybe even meet some cute guys, we'll have fun at this place, you'll see." Amy declared. Rose gave a weak smile and nodded trying to cheer up.

Later Rose pulled up to a crowded field where all the counselors' cars were parked. They stepped out of the car. Rose briefly closed her eyes feeling the warm breeze. It was a beautiful here, the sky was blue, the field was covered with little white and yellow flowers and the trees shaded the area perfectly. Maybe her mum was right maybe she did need this.

They grabbed their bags then quickly joined the other counselors.

There was a small crowd waiting and talking. Rose glanced at her watch, there was still a few minutes before they had to leave.

Just then Rose heard her other friend Clara's voice. "Hey, Rose, you made it!" She smiled giving her a hug. "Yeah, wasn't easy but I did." Rose smiled. Clara sighed. "So how are you?" She forced a smile. "Fine."

Clara frowned studying her face. "No, you're not." She looked at Amy questionably. Amy sighed tilting her head. "Jimmy and Rose aren't speaking to each other."

Clara looked at Rose shocked. "Really, what happened?"

Rose shrugged. "He thinks we should have a cooling off period, you know see other people for a while." Clara shook her head. "I'm sorry."

She sighed. "Yeah, well, I should've seen it coming, I guess." She squeezed her hand. "Well, don't worry this place is going to be fun." Rose mentally rolled her eyes. "That's what everyone keeps telling me." She muttered.

Just then a young dark skinned man started speaking. "Okay, everyone, I'm Mickey Smith, head counselor. We are getting ready to go so everyone load up the bus!

Everyone started grabbing their things and putting them on the old yellow school bus. Rose bent to grab her bags when she heard a friendly male Scottish voice. "You need any help, Miss?" She noticed a pair of grey, beat up old Converse sneakers. "No, I've got it, thanks." She raised back up to smile politely at him and was suddenly tongue-tied.

He was gorgeous! Every intelligent word she knew was gone from her mind. He had pale slightly freckled skin and messy brown hair, his piercing dark brown doe eyes were staring into hers from behind silver framed glasses. He was tall and just perfect!

He looked at her strangely. "You alright?" Rose blushed realizing she was staring. "Uh, yeah."

She smiled awkwardly. He nodded. "Good," He smiled. "Well, better get your things on the bus, Miss-"

"Oh," She blurted embarrassed. "I'm Rose Tyler." "Well, nice to meet you Rose Tyler," He smiled shaking her hand making her knees weak. "See you at the camp." He smiled again and left. Rose smiled shyly and watched as he started helping the others with their things. Suddenly Clara crept up behind her. "His name's David Smith." "Is it?" Rose replied trying to act nonchalant.

"Cute, isn't he?" Clara lightly teased.

Rose smirked embarrassed. "Shut up." She blushed. "And he's single." She added.

"And he's mine," An annoyed voice interjected. Rose turned and a tall blond girl dressed in a camp shirt and khaki shorts stood there scowling. She folded her arms and walked closer glaring at Rose. "So don't even try it." She warned walking away.

Rose lowered her eyes slightly intimidated then glanced up back at David as he piled bags into the bus. He flashed her his gorgeous smile easing her nerves.

She chewed her lower lip and smiled. "Maybe this place will be fun."