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Epilogue: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Three Years Later

She looks from afar as he smiles to himself, his hand holding a hammer. With his toolbelt hanging low on his hips over the ripped jeans, her shirtless husband looks nothing like the famous actor and now movie director. Instead, he looks like a father eagerly awaiting his child's birth.

Her hand drops to her bulging stomach. "See that, baby girl?" she whispers to her unborn child. "Your daddy cannot wait for you to be here. He loves you very much."

"Just as he loves your mommy … just in a very different way," a voice whispers in her ear, making her gasp. Looking up, she finds that her husband had somehow managed to come up behind her unnoticed. She feels her lips pull up into a smile so big her cheeks hurt.

"The nursery looks good," she praises, nodding her head toward the crib he spent all day in assembling.

Edward puffs out his chest at her words. "Only the best for my baby girl."

She lifts her face up in a silent plea for a kiss. When he grants her wish, she presents him with a smile in return. "Our daughter is going to have the best father in the world."

He shakes his head, his arms coming up to hug her from behind, encompassing both her and their unborn child in one massive hug. "She's going to have the best parents in the world."

As if in response to his words, she feels the child move inside her. They both let out chuckles of delight. "She's always dancing around in there," Isabella says. "She's going to be such a happy child!"

She feels his lips skim her cheek. "That is our present to her," he says softly, his hands rubbing soothing circles on her arms. "A home filled with love and laughter."

At his words, she's reminded of how this man has changed her life in the last three years. After finding out about her past, he didn't push her away like she feared he would. No, instead, he had made it his life's mission to find and punish the animal that caused her so much grief. When they had found out that Jacob Black had died from cancer years before, he had hugged her close and let her cry tears of relief that the dark shadow that used to dwell on her life was finally gone.

In the following three years, he has managed to shower her with so much love that all the hurt from her life has been left far behind. Turning in his arms, she wraps her arms around his neck and murmurs against his skin, "I love you."

The smile is evident in his voice as he answers, "I know. You tell me everyday."

She pulls back to see the slightly crooked smile she first fell in love with gracing his full lips. Unable to hold herself back, she kisses his smile. "That's because I fall more in love with you everyday," she tells him after a heartbeat.

His cocky smile is replaced by one that makes the sides of his eyes crinkle as he responds, "And I you, Bella. And I don't plan on stopping … ever."

Her eyes flutter closed at that because she believes him.

Life had dealt her a lot of pain, but it also had brought her to a man who loved her more than himself … life had brought her home.

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