Rose and Robert walked into his office and Robert went to sit behind his desk where he pulled up the computer.

"So, you're going to check on some emails?" Rose asked, her eyebrow crooked.

Robert looked up and grinned at her, "I am running the CIA, Darling."

"Running the CIA or being a giant tease?" she scoffed in return, "You should have seen what I had originally planned to wear to your place tonight. Now, it could be a very long time before you see it since we're set to travel to Las Vegas in two days and Bourne is eating into our time."

Robert looked down at his keyboard as he began typing, "How much do you know about Bourne? You two used to be close. What can we do to convince him to come in?" he asked, his tone serious.

Rose shook her head as she sat up and crossed her legs, "There is nothing you can do to get him to come here short of promising to answer all of his questions. He is a lone wolf now and since we took out Nicky Parsons, his only ally, he is going to be staying as far away as possible."

"What if we sent you out?" Robert inquired, "Would he come out if it was for you?"

Rose looked down, "The last time I tried to go into the field and assist the Agency in retrieving Bourne, I was forced to betray him. He will never trust me again. If you send me out there, I will most likely end up dead. What's on those files he has?" she asked, changing the subject as her past made her slightly jumpy.

Robert frowned, "The things he holds in his possession would destroy the Agency if it were to get out. However, I doubt highly that his intention is to leak Government secrets, I think he is after his history and his Fathers which will point him straight to me."

"What did you do to him?" Rose asked, knowing that she only knew so much about his earlier days.

Robert looked at her, his face instantly taking on a look of aggravation, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Rose shook her head as she quickly backed off, "Nothing. Listen, if you're just going to work then I am going to grab some shut eye. Call if anything changes," she said as she stood from her seat and began walking to the door.

Robert stood from his desk, "Rose, wait," he said to get her to stop and turn to look at him, "Don't be that way. You know I like to keep you as in the dark as possible about anything that might not have been above board. Come sit down and have a cup of coffee with me. It's not as much fun as what you had in mind but it'll do for the time being."

Rose shook her head once more, "No thanks. I only have so long before my watch starts and I don't intend to waste it."

Rose walked out leaving him frustrated. As she was about to turn the key in her office door, her cell rang. "Agent Miles," she answered.

"Rose, this is Heather. Bourne plugged the drive in and we have a location. I'm sending a team in now to extract it and I'm implanting a virus to destroy the files remotely. Can you get Director Dewey and meet me in here?"

Rose rolled her eyes as she replied, "Yes, we'll be right there."

Rose hung up the call and walked back into the hall to Dewey's office. When she reached it, she didn't knock. Robert looked up and grinned when he saw her, "I knew you couldn't stay away."

"I am here for you on a professional manner," Rose corrected him quickly, "We have a location on Bourne. Come on."

Robert stood from his desk quickly as he followed her to the war room where Lee was working relentlessly on catching him. Robert began barking orders for the third time that night while Rose watched the files Bourne was looking at cross Lee's computer. She watched as Lee pulled out her cell phone and sent a text. Moments after the text went out, Bourne raced out of the building before the team could catch him.

"Dammit," Robert said, "How did he know to leave? We can't trace him now. What's our next plan, team?"

Lee stood, "I can go out in the field and lure him out. I believe I can gain his trust and flip him."

Robert shook his head, "No, this has already gotten way out of hand. I'm sending the asset out to take care of him."

Lee challenged him, "Let me try. We can do a field mission with multiple teams to trap him so that I can talk with him, face to face."

Robert placed his hand on his forehead, "What do you think, Miles?"

Rose was caught off guard after what she'd witnessed but she needed to know how far Heather would take this betrayal, "I think you should give her a try and if she fails, have the asset there and ready."