Ok were back again for another dive into the realm of drunk marriages and for throes of you asking yes there will be more parts to the others I'm just stuck a bit stuck as soon as I'm done they will be out.



It had been an hour since Jaune's classes had finished and he was sat relaxing on his bed reading the latest X-Ray & Vav when Ren comes in he grabs his every day clothes and headed into the bathroom.

Jaune can hear the shower turn on but pays it no mind as Pyrrha walks in he waves to her and she waves back with a smiles.
"What are your plans for tonight Jaune?"

"Well Pyrrha I have all my assignments done for once so I was just planning on vegging out and enjoying my night off. How about you?"

She smiles "I'm planning on watching some TV, the movie channel is doing a western film marathon."

"Well have fun." as Jaune finishes his sentence Ren comes out of the bathroom dried and dressed in his regular clothes his hair is still a little damp "Hay Ren what's your plans for tonight?"

Ren turns to Jaune "I'm going on a date."

Jaune smiles "o where you taking Nora."

Ren's smiles slips a bit "it's not with Nora."

Pyrrha looks confused "But I thought you two were always together I just assumed you two were together."

Ren turns to Pyrrha whilst shaking his head "Were just close childhood friends."

Jaune sits up and puts the comic down "So who's the lucky lady?"

Ren smiles as he drifts off a little "Her name is Arslan Altan and she's the leader of team ABRN we got chatting earlier found out we have a lot in common and she asked me out. But that's all I've got time for or I'm going to be late so I'm off now guys see you later." Ren waves as he heads out.

After the door shuts Nora walks in from the common room, as she does Pyrrha and Jaune realize that Nora has just heard all of the pervious conversation.

Pyrrha turns to Nora "Hay Nora you ok."

Nora gives them a smiles but it's obviously not a genuine smile "Why would I not be Ren's happy and that's all that matters besides it's not like we were together together."

Jaune sits up "its ok Nora you don't have to pretend with us."

Nora just smiles but it slowly begins to fall "EverythingsFineGuysIt'sNotLikeIHadACrushOnHimOrAnythingAndNowItJustLeavesMeToBeAloneForeverAndEverAndEverWhereNoOneWillEverLoveMeAndIWillEndUpDyingAllAlone!" By this point Nora is in a flood of tears at this Jaune launches off the bed and runs over pulling Nora into a huge hug holding her head to his shoulder he gently strokes her hair as she bawls her eyes out.

"it's ok Nora." Pyrrha walks over and joins in on the hug.


After about ten minutes Nora has finally got down to just lightly sobbing as Pyrrha moves away you can almost see the light bulb above her head "I know, do you want to stay in and watch westerns with me or should we go out?"

Nora unearths her face from Jaune's shoulder "Can we go out, wait Pyrrha you've been waiting all week to see that Weston marathon."

Pyrrha smiles "Its ok were friends you're more important."

Jaune coughs to get their attention "Pyrrha I did not know you had been waiting all week how about you stay here and I will take Nora out."

Pyrrha frowns at this "It's just some films I can miss them."

Jaune shakes his head "Nope I won't let you. You're always helping one of us out, as team leader I'm ordering you to take a me night and relax."

Pyrrha looks perturbed "But."

Jaune shakes his head "No buts, now go enjoy your films me and Nora will be fine hanging out together right Nora."

Nora nodes happily "Yea he's right go enjoy your films."

Pyrrha smiles uncertainly "Well if you're sure have fun."

"We will." As Jaune smiles he offers his arm to Nora "Shall we go."

"Yes." With a smile on her face she links her arm round Jaune's as they leave.

Pyrrha turns and is about to head to the common room when she has an idea turning back round she walks out of the dorm and crosses the haul, she knocks on team RWBY's door after a few seconds yang answers the door "Hay Pyrrha what's up?"

"Not much I was about to watch a western marathon any of you want to join me?"

Yang grabs Pyrrha's hand and drags her into their dorm then through to their common room "What channel is it on?"

Pyrrha looks a bit confused "Movies to see before you die channel 625. Why are we watching it here?"

Blake snorts "Probably because Yang was too lazy to walk across the hall." Yang turns her head and sticks her tong out at Blake.
Yang begins changing the channels as Ruby and Weiss take their seats once Yang has found the right channel she turns back to Pyrrha "Make yourself comfortable."
Pyrrha looks round and flops down on the sofa as the first film starts.
Yang heads over to the kitchen units and starts making up some popcorn.


Jaune and Nora had been riding on the Bullhead for about twenty minutes before Jaune ended up having to hurl into one of the trash cans Nora is stood next to him rubbing his back "You almost made it Jaune, twenty minutes that's not bad it's like a new record for you. If you had held out for another 5 minutes you would have made it."

Jaune gives her a half-hearted smile "Thanks Nora but I should be the one comforting you not the other way round tonight's about you after all."

Nora give him her very slightly terrifying overly happy smile "That's ok Jaune were friends besides you will make it up to me."


As Jaune walks down the exit ramp of the Bullhead he smiles as he watches as Nora skips her way down in front of him when she reaches the bottom she waves at him "Come on Jaune lets go."

Jaune chuckles "Alright Nora I'm coming."

As he reaches the bottom of the ramp Nora grabs his arm and starts to drag him "Hay where are we going Nora?"
stopping Nora puts her index finger to her chin "I have no idea, where are we going?"

Jaune sighs "How about Junior's?"

Nora smiles "Junior's ok sounds like a plan."


As they walk there Jaune is happily smiling as Nora skips along getting distracted by many things on the way often dragging Jaune over to look at what she had found.

When they get in view of the club Nora gets distracted by a food vender "JAUNE! LOOK THEY HAVE CANDY FLOSS."

Sighing Jaune pulls out his wallet and pays the vender. As Nora happily digs into her Candy Floss Jaune sees Ren with a girl he presumes must be his date the girl has a dark complexion with platinum blonde hair and olive green eyes. She is wearing a yellow robe with only one wide, loose fitting sleeve on his right side and the left side is left open but she has a black tube top to cover her chest. She also has black pants and shoes and a red sash around her waist embroidered with a white "endless knot" on it.
Jaune watches as they head for Junior's
Jaune whispers under his breath "Dam it Ren that was my idea."

Nora turns to Jaune still chomping on her candy floss "Did you say something Jaune?"

Jaune shakes his head "I was just thinking out loud. Maybe Junior's is not the best place."

Nora tilts her head to the side "Why not?"

Jaune sighs "Just call it my intuition."

Nora shrugs "Ok then where are we going?"

Jaune thinks for a second then put his index finger in the air when a great idea comes to him "Ok I know just the place"

Nora takes hold of Jaune's hand "Ok lead the way." Jaune takes them down some side streets to a diner that tucked out of the way.

Nora looks at it in awe "I did not know this place was down here.

Jaune smirks "Not many people do." Jaune opens the door for Nora.


As they head inside Nora can see the place is kind of a like a 50's style diner from the old style Juke box to the checker board flooring even the waitress have 50's style uniforms. The waitress behind the main counter waves at them she has lavender coloured hair and is tall and thin with piecing blue eyes.
As Jaune leads Nora over to the main counter he sits on a stool in front of the waitress and pats the stool next to him for Nora to sit on as she takes the seat the waitress in front of them speaks "Hi Jaune is this your girlfriend?"

Jaune blushes "No Violet this is Nora one of my team mates."

Violet smiles "Good I was starting to think I would not have a chance to claim you for myself, but I have to say this is a first I never seen you bring someone with you, I thought you said this was you secret haven from life so what up?"

Jaune give a pained smile "Well you see Nora here had a huge crush on her childhood friend Ren."

"That's the other guy on your team right?"

"Yea that's the one, any way we could all see it except him he came in today really happy about a date he was going on thing is none of us knew Nora was in the next room till after he left and she kind of broke down after hearing everything, so I said I would take her out to cheer her up."

Violet look at Nora with a sympathetic look "I'm sorry to hear that some guys can be clueless, but you're in luck Jaune did the right thing bring you here we serve the best comfort food in all of vale, so what's you favourite food."

Nora try's her best to smile after being reminded why they were out tonight "Pancakes with extra tons of syrup"

Violet chuckles "Got it." Turning to the kitchen hatch she yells in "Hay Daren heart break special 56."

A voice responds from the kitchen "Sure thing it will be a minute."

Violet turns back to Jaune "So hansom what will it be?"

Jaune smiles "Come on Violet knock it off, and I will have the usual."
Violet pouts then heads over to the ice-cream bar and begins to make a Sunday.


Nora turns to face Jaune "What is this place & why are you so chummy with the waitress?"

Jaune smiles "O this place well this kind of like my home away from home I come here when I need to relax and get away from the stresses of life at Beacon."

Nora shrugs "Ok but what about the waitress?"

"I have a name." Nora jumps as Violet has returned with Jaune's Sundae "My names Violet as for how I know Jaune well I'm friends with his oldest sister Joan and I also used to baby sit him when he was little."

Nora has an evil smile "Now I get why you did not want any of us to know about this place she must have so much dirt on you."

Violet smiles "O and how I somewhere have a picture of him in a pumpkin Pete onesie he looks like a little bunny o and a photo of the time his sisters dressed him up with make-up."

Nora's eyes go wide "SHOW ME!"

Jaune looks terrified "VIOLET NO!"

With a huge smile on her face Violet holds up her scroll with said pictures on it to show Nora "Violet yes!"
Nora burst into a fit of giggles she is laughing so much she falls off her stool.

Jaune buries his head in his hands "Why did you show her that and why the hell are they on your scroll?"

Violet leans over "O come on Jaune you said it yourself she needs cheering up besides embarrassment is a small price to pay to make a girl happy and wasn't that the point of taking her out."

Jaune smiles "Yea you right I'm happy that she is happy."
Violet nudges him "O your happy she happy she a cute girl do you like her."

Jaune is shocked "No it's not like that Violet she just a friend."

Violet smirks "Shure today she a friend but play your cards right and she could be much more, besides from what you said the fields wide open."

Jaune thinks for a second then shakes his head "Nar stop messing with me Violet."

Violet sighs "Jaune you need to learn to take what's on offer in life."

"Look violet I will admit she is cute but she can be really crazy at times." Even through Jaune is complaining Violet doesn't fail to notice that he is smiling whilst talking about Nora.
Violet conceals het smirk with a deadpan look as Jaune turns to her "What why are you looking at me like that?"

"Jaune I know all seven of your sisters so I know crazy is nothing to you."


As Nora is finally getting over her laughing fit and is getting back up off the floor there's a shout from the kitchen "Order up."

Violet turns round and grabs the plate off the side turning back round she see Nora is sat ready almost drooling at the sight of the stack of pancakes topped with ice cream as Violet places them in front of Nora she holds her hand up making Nora pause.
"Hold on there's one last touch needed." leaning under the counter she gets out a selection of syrup bottles she pores a bit of the chocolate one over Jaune's Ice-cream Sundae and on Nora's pancakes she pores some strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry Syrup.
Violet smiles "Ok its ready give that a try."

Nora cuts a piece off and takes a bite her expression changes to one of pure joy "These are so good more Syrup pleases."

Jaune looks concerned as he takes a bite of his Sunday "Not a good idea that's the alcoholic Syrup."

Violet sighs "Loosen up Jaune you came out to cheer her up here on the house I know it's your favourite brand." Violet places a bottle of Haven west beer on the side after popping the cap off.

Jaune smiles "O fine go one then." He takes a look at the bottle "But why do you have this? Not that I'm complaining." Picking up the bottle he takes a swig.

Violet grins "Well you're my favourite customer and an old friend so importing some beer for you is no problem. Now why don't you catch me up on life at beacon?"


It's been about an hour Jaune is on his 6th beer and Nora her 3rd stack of pancakes with alcoholic Syrup but by this point it's more Syrup than pancakes and she not doing well at staying on her stool Jaune sees this and stops her from falling off "I think it's time to go."

Nora moans "Noooo there's still some left."

Jaune shakes his head "fine finish them off and let's head back your wasted." As Jaune walks back to his stool he's a bit wallaby on his feet as he picks up his beer he chugs the last two thirds of the bottle as Nora finishes off the last of the pancakes and Syrup.

Violet looks at Jaune with a bit of concern "Are you two going to be ok you can sleep off the booze in the back room if you like."

Jaune grins "Were huntsmen in training we'll be fine but thanks." He leans over the counter and kisses Violet on the cheek.

Jaune turns round and helps Nora up and out of the Diner as they leave Violet wave's goodbye "See you soon Jaune."

Jaune waves goodbye as he and Nora leave. "See you Violet."

As the door shuts Violet touches her check "he's never kissed me before he must be really wasted, he hides it well."


The next morning Jaune groans as he woken up by the sunlight streaming through window his head feels like it's been split open so he starts to buries himself deeper into bed when he encounters something warm, soft and comforting that smells of berries he's about to see what it is when he is distracted by the sound of the door opening.

Ren fumbles with his scroll as he uses it to open his dorms door whilst he tries to think of an excuse for why he had not returned to the dorm last night. As the door swings open his jaw hits the deck at a sight he was not prepared for.

Jaune sits up rubbing his eyes and looks to see Ren stood there mouth wide open and speechless "Hay Ren what up? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Ren is speechless for a second then he finally regains his senses he just points "Well that was the last thing I was expecting to see when I came back."

Jaune is not sure what Ren is on about as he turns to look down at what Ren is Pointing at he sees Nora even thro she is covered she is obviously lying naked in bed with him in shock jumps back "ARRRRRRRR! Ooof."

As he falls out of bed Jaune hits the floor hard, something is also sent flying into the air as he falls out of bed.

At the sound of Jaune's scream Nora wakes up and manages to grab the bed sheet before it full slips off her as she looks up groggily at Ren then over to a naked barley covered Jaune then she looks down at herself then she yawns "Morning Jaune did we do what I think we did last night."

Something flutters down in front of Ren he reaches out and grabs it just as this happens team RWBY's dorm door open Pyrrha walks out rubbing the back of her neck "Sorry guys I fell asleep over at RWBY's dorm whilst watching that western marathon last night and…." She stops at the sight before her "W-w-w-w-what happened last night."

Ren turns to Pyrrha "More than it looks like" he passes her the piece of paper he caught and looks back to Jaune and Nora "Isn't that right Mr and Miss Arc."

Jaune and Nora look at each other "WERE MARRIED!"

"Their-their-their Married." Pyrrha falls back with a thud as she faints.

Yang is stood behind them laughing her ass off as Ruby comes round to the door whilst yawning "Yang what going on?"

Yang quickly grabs Ruby and walks her away before she can see "O hell no you're too young for this."

Ruby response with her whiny voice "No fair Yang I want to see what's funny."
"No you're too young Weiss you're her partner keep her away from the door."
Weiss turns away from the sight "No can't you get Blake to do it this is to interesting to miss."

Ren turns round picks Pyrrha up carries her to Weiss bed and drops her on it, he then turns back round and heads back into the corridor "Look after Pyrrha whilst we sort this out, ladies." He then shuts their door as he hears numinous complaints from the them turning back round he walks into his dorm and shuts the door behind him
"right so who wants to explain how this happened."



Yang, Weiss and Blake all have their ears to team JNPR's door trying to hear what's happening inside when ruby calls out from inside their dorm "Come on guys let me come listen."

Weiss turns away from the door and hiss at her "No you have to keep an eye on Pyrrha. And Shut up before you get us caught."

Blake waves her hand "shush guys I think I hear something."

Weiss puts her ear back to the door as it open and the three girls tumble in yang looks up at Ren from on the floor Yang looks up "Were so busted."



Sorry that's this is shorter than I would have liked it I tried to pad it out a bit more but this was the best I could do I hope it's as enjoyable as the others.