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Chapter 2

they started to make their way eastward to the city of bree. Androch's heavy footfall bringing a sense of nice security. Gandalf smiled as he began to small talk and Androch told him about the history of his universe and why he was as big as he was. Even without his power armor he was a giant among men. They reached a small clearing a few miles from bree and they were cornered by bandits. "hand over all of your..." the bandit started to but androch charged forward raising his sword in a cross slash over head strike. The blade flashed and the man was cleaved in half.

The rest of the bandit charged in and androch blocked the man to the left of him and slashed the man to the right as the poor fool charged the giant. Androch blocked the man's blade with his shield and slammed his weight into the shield into the man. The man was squashed beneath the weight of his opponent. Androch spun around and punched the third man in the chest. The man had his entire back explode with spinal cord and all. The four other men trembled with fear as they stared into the eye of a cold merciless killing machine.

Androch glared at the bandits and plunged once again and killed the men in a brutal display of strength. Blood amd gore splashed onto the ground. Androch cleaned his blade on the corpses of the men and started to search their corpses. Gandalf looked grim but he helped as well. They found some copper coins as well as some cheat leather that they could sell for coins. "well that could have gone better I suppose." gandalf said. Androch just shook his head. They made their way towards bree. The guard at the gate opened the slit on the gate and sneered "what ya want strangers." gandalf smiled and said "we want to enter bree." the gate sneered "i don't like ya so ya don't get to come in, now scram." Androch simply put his hand on the gate and pushed. The gate collapsed onto the poor man and he screamed in agony. "oppinion is noticed." androch said.

Gandalf smiled at the giant of the man "please pull it back up." androch just sighed and put the gate back into its place. The poor man rushed into town screaming at the top of his voice. Androch snorted and followed a grim looking gandalf. They made their way towards the prancing pony. Androch looked around the tavern and noticed a regal looking dwarf. Androch sniffed the air due to his Space wolf heritage and he let a snarl erupt from his throat. The dwarf smelled of greed and grief. The most dangerous combination that could happen together. They made their way towards the table that the dwarf was sitting at. Androch noticed the two rough men sitting at the opposite table and the other two leaning against a wall at the end. He felt something bump into his left foot. "hey watch what you are doing." he heard a man snapped and he turned around just in time as he saw the man drop his glass on purpuse.

The man grinned "whoopsie. Now you owe me two drinks. " he said as he dropped the glass. Androch just ignored him and this didn't sit well with the man who snapped at him "hey." and androch felt something hit him in the back of his head and he spun around and grabbed the man, tossed him over his shoulders and send him flying into a table. The tavern stared at him in shock and fear. They soon returned to what they were doing before the little scene.

Gandalf smiled and the stunned dwarf "don't let his though act fool you, he's a real softy once you get to know him." Androch snorted and ordered five whole meals fit for a full grown muscular man. Gandalf smiled and said "i will have the same thing as the dwarf." Androch stared at the dwarf intently. "it is time to reclaim erebor. Summon the seven dwarf families and have them stand by their oath." gandalf said intently. Thorin snapped back in a hushed tone "the seven families swore that oath to the one that holds the kings-jewel, the arcenstone and if you haven't forgotten it was stolen by smaug." gandalf nodded solemnly "i haven't forgotten but the dragon weighs heavily on my mind thorin. I fear that the enemy has returned and if so then he will definitely try to ensure smaug's cooperation and that will lead to devastating effects. We need to kill that dragon to make sure that Sauron doesn't get another weapon. For the arcenstone we will need a burglar and I have one in mind."

Thorin looked towards Androch and asked "and what is he for." Gandalf smiled "he is going to kill the dragon for us." androch snorted as he accidently chocked on the water and he coughed. "then you have lost your mind wizard because I ain't going to fight a dragon if I can avoid it. Sure my armor would keep me intact but it would be like being in a metal oven covered in steal." Thorin stared at him angrily. "that said I am going to help you reclaim your homeland as it was wrongfully stolen from you even if it kind of was your grandfather's fault as he amassed enough gold to gain the interest of a fire breathing dragon. Not the smartest of moves I would say." thorin looked down tiredly. "it's in the past and that is something I can't change. But I will not let my family's treasure and my ancestral home go to waste because of a single dragon."

Androch stared in the fiery eyes of the dwarf and nodded "you have the spirit of a space marine from the salamander chapter, thorin oakenshield." Gandalf blinked "chapters?" he asked. Androch nodded "indeed. We space marine are divided by chapters. Ultramarines, salamanders, blood ravens, deathguards to name a few. I.." here androch hesitated but he continued "was tankborn from the gene-seeds of Marneus the primarch for the space marine ultramarine chapter and Erik Morkai of the space wolves so I would say that I would belong to the ultramarines if any chapter but that is something that is up for debate between us marines. But that is pretty much it i'm afraid."

Thorin nodded. " so what weapon is it that you are using?" thorin asked interested. "that would be the two-handed broadsword." Thorin snorted. "just a piece of metal slammed together." Androch just shook his head and continued to eat his food. Gandalf decided to show them something "i found this on some strangers on the road. Thorin said " what is that." gandalf said grimly "its a bounty." thorin asked "for what." Gandalf answered "your head." he said grimly. Androch noticed the strangers in the corner and reached for his sword. The strangers walked of and androch turned around and said to the other two "we need to get out of here and fast." they walked towards the door after paying their meals did they exit the door and they walked towards the gates of the town. Gandalf turned towards them and said "meet me in the shire. You will easily find the right place as there will be a sign there." the other two nodded.

Androch looked towards the dwarf "well let's get going towards the shire. Thorin and Androch walked under silence towards the village of bree. Thorin walked into the crossroads as it came up after some minutes of walking. Androch walked up to thorin and said "this is up to you. I'm still new to this place." thorin nodded and they continued to make their way towards the village of bree. Time passed and they continued. The first day passed and they made their camp and thorin started to coock a simple meal for the two of them. Androch accepted the meal and started to eat slowly.

They eat under silence. Thorin turned to his company and said "so, are you a trained fighter or just a merc?" Androch looked at his bowl in silence as he held it. "i... was made for battle and fighting. I know tactics and strategies. But I dont really have the real experience to call it my own or the right either." Androch finished. Thorin nodded accepting the answer. They then decided to take turns on the watch for safety measures. The next day the continued and they repeated this rutine and it worked well. They soon reached the village of the shire where the hobbits frowned at the strangers. If it was one thing the hobbits of the shire didn't enjoy was strangers since it smelled of change and change was extremely bad in their oppinion.

Androch followed thorin and it started to turn to night and Androch was starting to get irritated at the disturbingily identical looking hobbit holes. Finally after several hours of searching did they find the right hole. Thorin knocked on the door. A few second later did they then find themselves staring into the eyes of a certain old wizard. "Gandalf. You said this place would be easy to find. If it weren't for the sign on the door I would have missed it all together." a angry voice said "sign. There is no sign on my door, I painted it last week." Gandalf turned to the owner of the voice and said "there is a sign on the door because I put it there myself." androch ignored the rest of their little dialogue as he made his way into the homy feeling house. Thorin did the same as he hanged the coat he had on the coat-rack that stoad at the nearby wall. The other dwarfs noticed him and they scutteled closer to their table-neighbour.

The two of them started to eat. Balin turned to thorin "did the envoy's come." thorin nodded and said "aye. Envoy's of all the seven kingdoms." dwalin said "what about dain. Is dain with us?" Thorin shook his head "no. he said that it's our quest and our quest alone." the group grumbled. The hobbit turned to them and asked "a quest. Your going to do a quest?" gandalf nodded. Gloin said "the potence is clear and the potence say that it is time. The ravens of dale will be returning to the mountain." balin looked grim "you forget that the doors are closed and dwarf doors are impenetrable when closed. There is no way in." gandalf fished out a key and said "that is not exactly true." Thorin stared at the old wizard "how did you get this key." gandalf stared at the dwarf "this was given to me by your father. "

Kili stared at the key and said "if there is a key, there is a door." the rest of the dwarfs muttered excitedly. Gandalf smiled at the dwarfs "and you will have the support of a ultramarine super soldier." Thorin stared grimly at the dwarfs "don't you think that others would have looked towards the mountain as well. Do we let the take our heritage or do we march to the mountain and reclaim erebor!" and he shouted encouraginly to the dwarfs. Balin said grimly "we will need to be at the exactly right spot at the exactly right moment. Beside taking down a dragon is no easy feat. Even with a army." nori stood up and said "i'm not afraid of him. I will give him a taste of dwarvish iron right up his jacksies." the dwarf shouted encouraginly but oin pulled him down and said "sit down." instantly. Fili said "were fighters, down to the last dwarf." kili added excitedly "besides he have a wizard and a ultramarine in our company. They are bound to have killed houndreds of dragons in their life time." Androch just shook his head and said "i haven't killed a single dragon." the dwarf looked down sad but they hoppily turned towards the old wizard.

Gandalf chocked on his pipe as he accidently breathed in to much smoke. "i haven't." he started. Oin said "go on. Give ous a number." androch just shook his head amused. Gandalf tried to come up with a viable save. "enough!" Thorin shouted. "so this is our burglar." he added. "tell me mr hobbit. What is your weapon of choice." the hobbit blinked "what." androch said "he asked you what weapon you would choose to use." bilbo looked at the map "you would need a expert burglar for this." oin turned towards the hobbit "and are you." bilbo blinked confused "am I what." oin laughed happily "he said hi was a expert." androch shook his head. " he just stated what was needed he didn't actualy say he was one."