It burned. Fire was all around him. He couldn't move. It hurt so bad.

Danny looked around. He had to help anyone who was in this fire.

He transformed with a mental 'Going Ghost.' His ghost form felt worse.

"Operative K?"


"We've found him. Phantom is ours."

Danny tried to turn invisible when he saw the Guys in White, but it hurt to do anything. He braced himself for a blast from a gun, closing his eyes.

But nothing came.

Danny opened his eyes to see none other than Vlad. "Vlad? Is that you?" Danny barely got out, smoke in his lungs.

But there was no answer. He heard a few yscreams of pain, preumably from the GiW.

"Daniel? Are you OK?" Vlad crouched down next to Danny, making sure he was ok.

Danny nodded, before losing consciousness.

Two months had gone by. Danny had stayed with Vlad.

His parents, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, they were all gone. Gone in the Nasty Burger explosion. Gone because of Danny's recklessness.

He decided that he would have do something..

It was all Phantom's fault. Getting rid of Phantom would be the end to this pain. Then, Danny couldn't blame himself.

It was the perfect idea.

He walked into Vlad's study. "Vlad?"

"Yes, Daniel?"

"I have a favor to ask of you."

Alright. So if any of you are wondering why I have started another Fic.

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