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Living shadows crept along every wall, existing in the absence of the light that created them. The candlelight changed their shapes, causing them to be larger in one moment, or more hideously disfigured the next. Flickering in and out of existence, they oozed a presence of sheer terror to anyone in their midst. Unfortunately for one small mammal, he was in their gaze.

The room the jackrabbit was being held in was large in size especially for such a small captive. The feeling of claustrophobia the rabbit was currently experiencing came not from the walls, but from the straps around his wrists and ankles. The blood around his wrists was dried from days of continuous struggle against his bonds. Even now, when he had so little energy left to fight, he vainly pulled at the ties that kept him from his freedom. Hearing keys being slid into the lock of the door above his head, he began to sob quietly. He knew why they were coming. He knew what was going to happen. And he knew he was probably going to die. For the coppery smell of blood that surrounded him had long ago told him he was most likely next.

The heavy wooden door creaked open, the iron hinges rusted and without care. The scrape as the wood rubbed along the stone floor caused the rabbit to flinch, the sound grating in his overly large ears. A cloaked silhouette slowly stepped into the room, as black as the shadows behind it. A single paw, draped in black, ran over the cobblestone walls of the room, feeling the roughness of stone against flesh. A ritual of the unseen figure's, the stone along that paw trail was clean of dirt and dust. Circling around the center of the room, it gave no indication it even noticed the captive.

"Please," a small voice begged. "Please let me go. I don't know what you want but I'll give you anything. I'll get it for you no matter the cost. Just please, let me go."

"Let you go…" The quiet rumble of the figure's voice resonated against the stone surrounding them. "Yes, yes I suppose I could do that."

The rabbit sighed in relief. "So…I can go home?"

"That depends."

The rabbit gulped. "O-… On w-what?"

"How the audience decides." With a flick of his paw, the unseen camera was activated, the bright light of a computer monitor shining behind it. The unknown specter pulled off his hood to reveal a mask covering his face, nondescript enough to shield the type of mammal he was beneath it but overwhelmingly terrifying nevertheless. Disappearing for a moment, he soon returned dragging a heavy table behind him, unveiling the cloth-covered surface.

Stretching his neck as far as his body would allow, the jackrabbit immediately turned his head and retched. His nose did not have to detect the blood left behind as he could still see it. The blades of the knives stained with it, the clubs smeared with it, the curved hooks painted with it. He began slowly sobbing again as he realized what his captor had in store for him. Maiming. Mutilation. Torture.

Moving directly in front of the camera, he began broadcasting. "For too long have animals willingly kept themselves in the dark. Their idea of perfect harmony among all species is a lie. No species is immune to their hubris. No species willing to admit that their 'superiority' is a manipulation of the truth. Every single species fails to truly understand the true nature behind themselves. About what they are really made of. This mammal behind me will have to test his worth, to see if he truly deserves his species' ego. And then you, the citizens of Zootopia, will decide his fate."

With that, the masked creature turned to the table before selecting a long, thin blade from the end of the row. Caressing it as they would a lover, he slowly moved to the side of the now struggling rabbit. Laying the tip of the knife above the other animal's wrist, he pressed in slowly. The skin stretched inward as he heard the rabbit cry out. Shortly after, the knife tore through the flesh on the arm. A gasp met the torturer's ears but went unacknowledged as he pressed in deeper. More and more of the blade sunk gradually into the muscle beneath the skin, eliciting shrieks from the captive on the table. The few minutes felt like days as the struggling mammal tried to flee the knife digging through it's flesh. Finally reaching through to the end, the captor slid the knife through the second layer of skin on the opposite side of the arm. Pausing once it was completely embedded, the black robed figure took in the sight of the rabbit's arm trickling blood onto the table before pooling on the floor.

Shadows danced over the crying jackrabbit's face as he whimpered in agony. "Please. No more. No more."

Turning his head to look at the cowering prey on the table, the larger mammal rasped without any real emotion behind it, "No more? But we haven't even begun." Grabbing the knife handle, he twisted hard, causing the victim to scream. "Now. Let's get started"

For hours the poor rabbit was tortured. Many times he lost consciousness only to be brought back by a bucket of ice water dumped over him. Freezing, wet, and losing blood, he cried over and over for his captor to let him go. His pitiful cries were met with indifference as his torturer would simply select a new tool to remove bits of flesh from the rabbit, slice through tendons and muscle, even burning the bottoms of his hind paws until the fur smoked. With multiple stab wounds, excess loss of blood, several broken ribs, and a fractured eye socket, he didn't expect to even be alive.

Eventually the mammal stood and moved toward the camera. "After the spectacle of what you just saw, do you feel this rabbit is worthy to call himself that? Is his strength enough to insure his species would survive because of him? What say you?" They moved to slide a guillotine to the head of the victim. "Do you pick 'Merciful?'" He then moved to the table and picked up a hacksaw and tapped it on the bunny's leg. "Or, do you choose 'Merciless'?"

The rabbit couldn't see what the computer said but he was praying for a merciful end.

"Merciless it is."

"NOOOO!" screamed the rabbit.

As the figure picked up the hacksaw, he moved over to the jackrabbit, placed the blade below his knee, and slowly begin pushing it back and forth.

The shrieks echoed through the halls as the rabbit felt himself stop being one.

Chief Bogo stared at his computer screen. His normally stoic face now slightly white, looking almost sick. He closed the laptop and reached for his intercom. Regaining his composure, he paged reception. "Clawhauser. Everyone in the bullpen. Now."

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