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Note: This occurs during one of the adventures.

Ashes to Behold and Losses to Comprehend

Somewhere far away, there is a world…. a world where there exist countries such as the …. Ice ridden magic kingdom Altena…grasslands Forena… Beast Kingdom…the wind  kingdom Rolante…. The desert Navarre… where there are places like the Valley of Flames… the Glass Desert…the Labyrinth of Ice walls… the Forest of Wonder with its glowing flowers of the night…. Cleft of the Earth….and others.

            Carlie giggled as she ran about in the garden blowing bubbles and chasing butterflies. Heath stood by watching her with a small smile. It was a mild clear day, and Carlie was enjoying herself when she took a fall and scraped her knee.

            "Owwwies…that hurts!!!!" Carlie cried. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes.

            "Oh, Carlie, don't worry. It's only a scratch. Let me help you," Heath said.

            Carlie sobbed and tried to keep still as Heath healed her. It was all over in a blink.

            "There, there. It's fine now," Heath said with a soothing voice.

            "It's over? It is?" Carlie asked with tearful eyes.

            "Yes, Carlie." Heath smiled and picked Carlie up.

            Carlie giggled as Heath played with her.

            Suddenly, the skies grew dark and the wind sped up knocking over a near by tree. A dark portal appeared in front of Heath and Carlie. From it came out a scary creature that had never been seen before.

            "Carlie, run… I'll take care of this…" Heath said.

            "But…but..Heath!" Carlie cried.

            "Go now, Carlie," Heath insisted. He was being dragged into the portal.

            Carlie ran reluctantly and turned just in time to see Heath disappear into the portal with the strange person. "HEATH!!!"

            Kevin looked over at the sprite next to him. She was making little sobbing noises. Tears were pouring out of her eyes. Her blanket covers were falling off. On the other side of him was the knight Duran, who was snoring loudly and sleeping rather comfortably.  Kevin sighed. He pulled the blankets over Carlie and went back to sleep.

            Later that night, Kevin was awakened by wailing. The sprite was crying loudly. Kevin didn't have to even glance at the knight. His snores rivaled the cries of Carlie. Kevin sighed.

            "What's wrong?" he asked Carlie.

            Carlie looked at Kevin with brimming eyes. "I had bad dream…bad person took my Heath away…wahhhh!"

            "Calm down. Yer going to wake everyone up!" Kevin hissed.

            Carlie pouted. "WAAAHHHH! Meanie! You yelling at me!"

            Kevin's face grew red. "Shhh….I'm na trying to be mean…" He patted Carlie and comforted her. "Don't ya worry, little one. We'll save him."

            Carlie sobbed. "Yea, we get Heathie back. Beat up evil baddie that take Heath away…" She paused, recalling what Kevin has said before partially comforted and partially annoyed. She smacked Kevin on the head.

            "Hey! What was that for?" Kevin growled.

            Carlie pouted. "I'm not little! Wahhhhhh!"

            "Shhh…you'll wake him up!" Kevin pointed to the loudly snoring peacefully Duran. "I miss my Karl too. I can bring him back if we get Mana…
 Kevin felt tears well up in his eyes. "I'm going outside…" He went out and climbed on the roof. Looking at the moon, he cried and howled.

            Inside, Carlie started wailing in response to Kevin's melancholy. Strangely enough, Duran was not disturbed. He snored on disrupting the rest of the inn's customers.