First and foremost, my sincerest apologies to anybody who received the notification that this story had been updated, and logged on to find nothing but a lousy contents and summary page. The good news is, after more than a year of nothing, I've had a sudden second wind for this story, which I have missed more than I can say. The entire next arc, spanning at least 15 chapters, has been planned, and is well and truly into the drafting stage. I'm knocking off a couple of thousand words every time I get to sit down and write, so hopefully it's not too far off.

Here's the thing. This story needs a little cleaning. For one, it's expanded well beyond what the original summary may have you believe, and if there's one thing I hate, it's misleading summaries. On top of that, two arcs down and one in the works, it can be easy to get lost. Plus, a lot of the old author's notes are a little redundant; I started publishing this story back in 2016, I don't think anybody stumbling upon it today gives a heck about what my upload schedule was doing then.

So I've made it a mission, before the new arc begins posting, to tidy up a little, and remove all the old WIP ANs, including eventually this one; and keep only what matters. This story is very precious to me. I'd like to treat it with the respect and care it deserves. I don't want to just slap fics up half-a'd and leave them like that for eternity, you know?

Without further ado, here's your proper summary & contents page, and I'll see you soon with the next arc. Care to hazard a guess as to what the plot may be~?

A few author's notes, if you care about that kind of thing:

-All OC names came from Google searches for popular Japanese names, in an effort to remain loyal to YGO's ethnic origins, and because I'm terrible at naming things. Hooray for compromises!

-At the beginning, the characters are kind of a messy mix of their season 0 and DM selves. The story borrows elements from various forms of canon, also. I like to make several nods (and the occasional well-meaning jab) at the source material, as well as other popular creators in the fandom (looking at you LK), however this isn't meant to be a reskinned version of the original. Some mechanics of the puzzle have changed. A few minor points directly contradict canon, not the least of which being the whole premise of this tale. Just know, if it seems like I've forgotten or misrepresented something, it's most likely intentional.

-Some writers are good at having several characters in the background, twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing without being boring as all getout. I am not one of those writers. If I've left out your bias and you're still curious about them, feel free to ask what they're up to!

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This time, the Millennium Puzzle has landed on the desk of Seto Kaiba, and it's not quite a match made in heaven. An Ancient Egyptian Spirit, sharing a body and a life with a man who dedicates himself to technological advancement, and refuses to ever look back. What was destiny thinking, putting Yami on the same path as somebody who can't bear the idea of fate?


The Millennium Puzzle has fallen into a totally different set of hands; and on an irritating but otherwise unremarkable day, Seto Kaiba manages to assemble it. Now somebody who doesn't even believe in magic holds a seemingly boundless dark power in his hands. A power that soon turns on the very person Seto cares about the most.


Betrayal is an ugly word. And it gets uglier when Mokuba's soul is taken in a bid to rob Seto of his Millennium Item. Winning the Duelist Kingdom tournament to get him back shouldn't be too hard. But no one has ever beaten Maximillion Pegasus before.