Everyone stood on the building, side-by-side, all of them facing the incoming horde. Robin cleared his throat, and looked at everyone.

"Starfire, and Cyborg." The two teens looked at him. "Take the long range, stay away from the main body, whittle what you can down when you can. Hold nothing back."

"Right, need a lift?" Cyborg asked as he held his hand to the girl, she nodded, and grabbed on as Cyborg blasted off with a jet pack.

"Raven, what can you do?" Robin questioned as he looked at her.

"I…can cast spells, I guess medium range." Robin nodded as he smiled.

"Good you're with me, and Naruto guess what that leaves you with." Robin commented as he watched Naruto smile. "Think you can handle it?"

"Oh, no Robin, it's not me that has to handle it, it's them Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted as the red mist formed a fox cloak around him.

"Beast Boy, you jump in when you need to." Robin said as he watched green hero nod.

The blonde leaped off the building, turning into a red streak as he ran along the street towards the horde of enemies heading their way. Robin looked at Raven, and outstretched his hand, she nodded and grabbed it. Closing her eyes, and she took a deep breath.

"Azarath-metrion-zenthos." She spoke in rapid succession, a black ring forming around them both, before encompassing them, and making them disappear.

Beast Boy transformed into a pterodactyl, and took flight.

The Golden Fox Boy!

Chapter Five: Alien Invasion?! Part three: GO!

The blonde was the first to meet up with the horde, they were already on the streets, terrorizing people as they walked about. Various species of bi-paddled aliens, each wearing a collar to make sure that they stayed loyal to the invasion.

"Gale Palm!" Naruto shouted as he reached the first one, blasting it point blank with his gale palm. The alien blasted backwards, and slammed into a car.

The forces all around the blonde immediately looked at him, while he quickly removed his sword, holding it in a reverse grip. One alien, a large slinky humanoid figure, thin arms and legs, pointed a strange rifle at him.

The blonde jumped backwards, blasting it with a gale palm. That's when the roar of a large alien made him turn around, and grab it by two of its many horns. "Qum slakb dula!" The alien screamed as it shook Naruto around, only to see the sword on the ground.

"Haaaa!" Naruto screamed as he lifted the large alien, and slammed it on the ground, before slinging it across his field of vision.

The alien slammed into others, knocking them out of the fight as well. A whirling noise was heard by the blonde as he saw what he could only describe as a fighter jet coming at him at high speeds. The blonde bent down and clutched his sword, before visible wind formed around it.

"Half Moon!" Naruto screamed as he slung the blade upwards, a trail of pale red wind heading for the jet-like machine.

The alien inside the aircraft screamed as the jet was sliced in half and blew to pieces, creating a red luminous effect around the area. The blonde took the opportunity to grab his senbon, and began to throw them with one hand at random nearby aliens.

One of the aliens, a Gordanian with a slave collar charged at a group of people hiding under a bus. Naruto eyes opened wide as he ran towards him full speed, and jumped into the air. "Dragon Kick!" He shouted as he slammed his right foot into the alien, and made it careen into the side of the building.

"Get out of here!" Naruto screamed as he began rapidly blocking energy blasts from various rifles, while using his left to fire off random Gale Palms at the enemy shooting at him.

The people scattered, running into a nearby department store, the blonde spun around and deflected a rather large energy heading for him. The beam of energy traveled into the sky, catching another of the enemies' fighters.

Just as the jet exploded, Cyborg, and Starfire flew threw it. The redhead alien was blasting left and right at anything that wasn't on the ground. The duo flew higher into the sky, where Cyborg managed to hold Starfire with one hand as he began to blast at anything coming at them with a rapid-fire variant of his cannon.

"Hold on!" He screamed as he suddenly flipped backwards, going into a nose dive to avoid a squadron of the aircraft heading for them.

They flew so fast that they couldn't tell when they needed to pull up, but on instinct alone Cyborg managed to get them on the ground safely, they stood side by side as they both began blasting the sky full of both blue and green energy blasts.

The display was almost watching flak cannons fire, energy blasts exploding as they reached a certain distance, taking some of the aircraft with them. They both took aim at several fighters heading for Naruto's position, blasting them right out of the sky.

However, they both fail to notice the patrol of aliens heading right for them. Starfire turned around just into to block a blade meant for Victor, and punch one of the aliens into a nearby building. Cyborg himself grabbed one of them, and threw them in the opposite building.

Just then they saw a red streak appear in front of them, before seeing a furious blonde as he roared out unleashing more of the red mist. "Oi bastards, I said we weren't finished!" Naruto screamed as he began to throw his hands in random directions.

The duo looked at each other, before turning around, and refocusing their power onto the airborne enemies. A rather large alien, twelve feet tall, and burly charged towards them. The loud rumble of earth made Naruto turn around, only to watch as a green T-rex smashed into it from out of nowhere, and began to swipe at enemies with its long tail.

Removing his blade the blonde held it above his head, before slamming it down, a large gash formed on the ground in from him as he sent the sharp wind into a tanker trunk. The truck exploded, sending aliens flying in whichever direction the force of the explosion would send them.

Naruto breathed heavily as his cloak faltered slightly, and he smiled. "This feeling…I'm actually getting a little tired."

"Don't go slacking off yet!" Cyborg yelled as he blasted an alien on the ground with his other cannon arm.

"Hmm, I don't think I'll be slacking off anytime soon, besides I've never had this much fun!" Naruto screamed as the cloak once again ignited in its full glory.

Two large blue spheres formed in Naruto's hands as he roared out, and he began to charge at the enemies. He slammed the two spheres into two separate large aliens, and watched as they got blasted back into two groups of unfortunate aliens.

Starfire began to focus on the ground as the air began to clear, while Cyborg kept firing at random fighters in the sky. The blonde fox boy was backing up as he kept blasting them with Gale Palms from one hand, and slicing at them with weaker versions of Half Moon with his sword in his right palm.

They were soon all three back to back as they kept blasting at enemies left and right. "Azarath Metrion Zenthos!" They heard as they watched a group of aliens with black energy surrounding them blast towards over their heads, and into a group of leaping aliens.

This was followed by multiple explosive being thrown over them, before a flash of light appeared, which both blinded the other teens, but also the aliens. Naruto was the first to recover, and noticed that most the aliens were still out of it, and took the opportunity to blast them all.

Robin appeared beside Naruto, and move up with him, his staff spinning in his left hand. "How's it going?"

"Not good." Robin said as he looked at the still blinded army as they began to recover. "There is way too many of them, and Raven is struggling to keep up."

"Don't worry…because I think it's time for my first trump card." Naruto spoke with a smile as he threw Robin back.

The boy wonder watched as the blonde roared out, a massive spike of red mist formed an unrecognizable shroud of energy around him. Suddenly smoke, lots of smoke, appeared around him, and everyone else. They all stopped, and watched as Raven walked over to them.

"What happened?" She inquired as she saw many figures in the smoke.

"No…" Cyborg spoke as he watched as the smoke cleared, and many red eyed blondes stood in the street.

"Oh yes." Naruto said with a proud smirk. "Behold my Shadow Clone Army!"

"Question, why didn't you use that beforehand?" Beast Boy asked as he appeared with the group.

"They all die in one hit, and using them against single targets is just a waste. However, since this is a technically a war, I think I need to even our field of play a little bit. Everyone listen up!" Naruto screamed as his clones turned towards him.

"Hai!" They all shouted in unison.

"Kick their asses!" Naruto ordered as his cloak dispersed, and he began to charge at a new alien battalion making their way up the street.

The team watched as the literal dozens of half human fox boys roared and charged along with their creator. They each all took out their swords, and with a mighty roar screamed as they clashed with dozens of different aliens all vying for freedom of their own.

"Starfire, Cyborg, keep supporting him. Raven, Beast Boy, and me will start trying to evacuate any civilians that are still caught in the area." They all nodded at Robin's orders, and Cyborg once again grabbed Starfire and blasted off into the sky.

Inside the control room of the large T-shaped ship. The Leader of the Gordanian Ship looked at the video feed coming into his room. Slamming a fist into the side of his chair, he got up, and watched as the blonde humanlike being dared to push back his slave army.

"Lord Togaar." The another Gordanian spoke in their language. "These humans are not willing to surrender, and the Slave Princess is with them. Your orders?"

Togaar smirked as he walked over to the controls of the ship. "HJaar, there is an old Gordanian saying, that if the enemy wishes for something, give it to him, until he begs you to stop."

His hand flipped a switch which brought the weapon systems of the ship. "If they will not surrender, and The Slave Princess wishes to watch more die for her, then we'll make it so…all control-men bring up particle lance's systems to standby, focus all mass driver cannons on location of our forces, order an imitate retreat prior to barrage." Togaar instructed as he took his seat, and smiled menacingly at the screen in front of him.

"If they want more war, give them more death."

Naruto punched a Gordanian in the face repeatedly, knocking it out before he kicked it away with a Dragon Kick, and held his hand out to girl that was being attacked by the large alien. "Hey c'mon get out of here, it's safe to go back."

The little girl nodded as she began to run, and watched with a smile as his clones made the forces retreat. He sheathed his sword, and looked up on the buildings where Starfire and Cyborg were blasting away at anything retreating.

The blonde sighed as his cloak deactivated, making his clone's deactivated as well. He flopped on the ground, putting his hands behind his head, before looking up at the ship. "Anymore tough guys?" He questioned loudly as he relaxed.

"I can go all day." He continued as Cyborg, and Starfire landed next to him.

"Dude…you're one awesome, and weird little guy." Victor praised as he hailed out his fist.

Naruto smirked before getting up, bumping fists with Cyborg as he stretched, before looking at a very nervous Starfire. "Something isn't the right."

"Hmm?" Cyborg, and Naruto looked at her.

"Gordanian never force their armies to retreat, unless…" Starfire's eyes widened as she looked up at the ship, before hearing loud booms.

Naruto turned to see the ship begin to randomly fire across the city block they were at. The explosions were big enough to break into the ground, revealing the sewer system under the street, also taking out any glass windows within the area.

Tops of buildings caved when more blasts hit them, and Naruto gritted his teeth as he saw a barrage coming their way. Clapping his hands together, and looked at his comrades and nodded.

"Rapid Fire Gale Palm!" Naruto screamed as he began thrusting his palms into the air, blasting as many as he could.

Cyborg, and Starfire did the same.

All however were fruitless as the mass projectiles began to slam around them. Naruto taking a last-ditch resort grabbed his sword from his back, and began to cut the projectiles randomly as he ran around the area.

One managed to hit him however, and knocked him clear across the street, and into little girl he had rescued earlier. He watched as she struggled to get up, decided to shield her with himself. Lying flat against the ground, he tucked her under him began to form more of the cloak towards his back.

"Star we got to kill those guns, if we don't we're gonna die!" Cyborg screamed as he pointed his cannon at the ship, and began to fire rapidly himself.

Starfire did the same, but out of the corner of her eye watched as Naruto hugged a civilian under himself, and took direct hits from one gun that seemed to be trained on him. His cloak almost breaking in the process.

"Graaaghh!" Starfire screamed as she fired a beam at the said cannon, blasting it to pieces.

Slowly, but surely the barrage of cannon fire began to die down.

Naruto slowly got up, looking at the little he had just protected, she had been knocked unconscious from one of the shockwaves, and gritted his teeth in anger as his eyes turned red once more. Robin, and Raven came running over.

Beast Boy came shortly after in the form a cheetah, and looked at the area. "Dude…that's like an entire city block."

Naruto gripped his fists tighter.

"Gordanian warships always barrage an unyielding opponent…" Starfire commented solemnly. "They do not give the care of what their target is."

Clenched his eyes shut, before turning around.

"Naruto, dude you okay?" Cyborg commented as Naruto shook with what he thought was fear.

"Get on that ship…" Naruto hissed as he slowly walked forward towards a now reproaching Slave Army.

"Huh?" Beast Boy questioned as he watched as thin red cloak appeared once again over Naruto, but flickered slightly.

His eyes snapped open, revealing deep red irises, much darker than normal as the cloak began flicker much around him. He turned around as he looked at his ragtag team, and screamed. "I said find a way to get on the damn ship!"

He ran towards the army, unsheathing his sword.

"Wait!" Starfire yelled, only to feel a hand on her shoulder.

"He's right, he's the only one that can create a counterbalance to the army we just faced. He needs us on that ship to destroy it." Robin spoke as he looked at everyone.

"Any ideas?" Beast Boy commented

"I…uh may have one." Raven spoke up as she looked at everyone.

Naruto shook more, and more, his steps digging into the gravel from buildings slightly as he walked. A flying piece of glass from a gas explosion came, and cut his face slightly below his right. He didn't flinch as a small trickle of blood slowly flowed from wind, and he watched as the army just stood there.

"You think I'm scared, I'm shaking all over, because you think I'm afraid?" Naruto spoke with a hiss as he brought his hands to his side, and a loud boom of energy exploded around him as his shaking became more intense.

"I'm not afraid of you, I'm afraid of no one, not even a demon. You, and no one else will ever make me beg for my life, you'll never make me back down from a fight, and you will never ever make me surrender!" Naruto screamed as he clenched both his hands tight enough to have his fingers dig into his skin.

"Your first mistake was blowing up a city block, and harming innocent people. Your second mistake was furthering the harm by sending down an army, and your third one? Strike three is that you made me mad Dattebayo!" Naruto yelled as he stumped both feet into the ground, and a red mist-like energy exploded all around him.

The blonde roared as the energy exploded off him in waves of dark red wind flowed from him his features changed so slightly. His ears, rounded, became more pointed, and his once blonde hair slowly changed into a tinge blood orange from the energy around him.

"Come…come on!" Naruto screamed as he flayed his open in a welcoming gesture as his lips turned slightly darker than normal, and dark black rings formed around his eyes.

Raven, and the team teleported onto the ship, and luckily not out in the open either. She stopped, collapsing onto the floor as she held her head. She shook, she looked at everyone around her. "Something is happening groundside."

The Gordanian Slave Army descended, all of them charging with great ferocity as they began to fire with their weapons. The blonde dodged the blasts as he cried out as he began form flame inside of his hands.

"You all want to die so badly, here, burn in hell!" Naruto screamed as he spun around on one foot as a giant twisting flame formed around him.

The aliens caught in the red flames screamed out as they began to disappear inside the flames, before Naruto stopped as he watched some of the alien army retreat.

"Raaagghh!" Naruto charged as he jumped out of the dissipating flame twister.

Impacting into a group of aliens, which he then began to either punch or kick hard enough to send careening into the ground. The raging youth grabbed a Gordanian's fist as it attempted to punch him from behind, the blonde slowly turned his head.

His eyes locking with the alien, making it shake.

"Are you too, mad like I am?" Naruto soullessly inquired as he crushed the being's hand with a blast of energy from his cloak, breaking every bit of its bones up along it's arm.

The being back away, only to have a sword sticking out of his it's back no sooner than it started to retreat. "You all don't get that luxury, for I am Uzumaki Naruto, and I am death." Naruto growled as he slowly pulled the blade from the being's chest.

"You all want to know what's scarier about all this?" Naruto commented as he slung blade, making all the greenish blue blood from the Gordanian sling off it. "It's' been a while since I could just let go."

The blonde smirked as he held a palm out, which made his cloak disperse into tiny blue and red orbs around him. "I'm not human, nor am I whatever the hell the other half of me maybe." Naruto continued to talk as the dozens of red and blue orbs slowly came together.

"I'm a raging demon from hell, Dattebayo!" Naruto yelled as a basketball sized purple sphere formed in his hand, he began to revert to his normal state as he held the sphere. "Allow me to show you around…"

The dozens of aliens scrambled as they all tried to get away, Naruto waited as he watched them retreat into their transports, before watching them fly off. He smirked, and soon the orb in his hand faded away as he simply took a long and soothing deep breath.

"Finish the mission guys." Naruto spoke into the air as he fell backwards, totally exhausted of all energy, and soon fell unconscious on the ground.

A rip in his shirt revealed a malformed, but reforming black tattoo near his abdomen.