Scandal was free.


To say that Jason was in a difficult situation was a major understatement. Honestly, when the day had started, he had not expected it to go like this.

Yet, here he was, holding onto the his cell door with all his might as somebody attempted to drag him from said cell.

You'd think that Jason would want to get out, but it was really the complete opposite. In the room, he was trapped and considered a dirty criminal, yes. But he was safe. Outside, wherever the hell they were taking him to, he wasn't. And, it was obvious they had ill intentions. Jason wasn't stupid.

He had gone against Joker, for fucks sake.

'You also died.' his brain reminded him ever so helpfully. Jason grunted, and then screamed and kicked at the person trying to drag him away. The person huffed angrily.

"Damn it, kid! Just let go already!" he screamed furiously, slamming the butt of his gun into Jason's calf. He still held on, though; hellbent on not moving from the spot he was in for the next...twenty years or so, maybe.

Give or take a few.

"Never!" he cried, and couldn't help but be reminded of some crappy movie where the hero yells "Never!" and charges at the bad guy after they tell them to give up. Jason was the hero. Saving the day and all that shit.

Huh. Yeah right.

He screamed as another dickbag came up and pried his fingers from the door. Sadly, Jason was not as strong as he'd like to think, and was practically carried off by three or so men with little to know struggle to some weird gurney thing. He kicked and wriggled around some more in a pitiful attempt to get free, but ultimately came up short and was stuck strapped down and stripped of all his dignity.

'Like you have any of that left.' his brain chimed in, and Jason innerly screamed at himself to shut the fuck up. He didn't have time for this. He had to find a way out.

Somebody secured something onto his face and he could no longer move his mouth. Meaning, he couldn't bite anyone. He roared out in anger, but almost choked on whatever the hell they had shoved in his mouth.


Jason couldn't really do anything else but scream and kick in vain as he tried to get out from where he was tied down. He tried to calm himself, thinking that maybe they were just moving him to another cell or some shit. But, deep down, he knew that wasn't the truth. There was more to this then met the eye. There was something up all these peoples sleeves.

Something evil.

He was pushed into this room where somebody fastened something onto his neck. Jason panicked, and let out a cry of protest. Of course, nobody was listening. Nobody would ever listen. They didn't care. To them, this was just a job. Others even took pleasure in watching him squirm.

He could cry and plead all he wanted, but it would do jackshit. Which was why he didn't. He laid completely still, glaring up at the eyes that peered down at him.

"Sons of bitches." he growled, but because of the thing in his mouth, it came out muffled and more like "Suhn a binches". He was pretty sure he had gotten his message across, though.

One of the men who was in scrubs and had a mask over their mouth squirted some liquid out of a needle. Jason's eyes narrowed even further as the needle lowered and was positioned right beside his neck. He knew what was coming next.

The liquid was injected into his neck.

Jason threw his head back and screamed as a burning pain spread throughout his entire neck. It felt like his head had been severed from his body and he shook in pain. He couldn't help that his eyes watered a little bit. The needle was removed from his neck and the entire room around him began to spin.


There were more voices and people talking but he didn't hear most of it. It was just a combination of different sounds and movements. It didn't really sound like anything at all.

He was kind of ashamed to admit that the pain was so bad, he passed out. But, thinking back on it, it wasn't because of the fact that he had been in so much pain that he had really passed out.

It was because it had reminded him of the damned Lazarus pit.

A door creaked open and a crack of light filled the room. Rose Wilson sat up, face scrunched up and eyes blinking at the light.

This was wrong. It wasn't time to be taken out yet for training. She still had another three hours. Who had gotten permission to disrupt her? And, why?

It was Deathstroke that peaked his head in. His eyes landed on her, cold and calculating per usual. She blinked up at him, hand raised to block out the light. After being in the dark so long, you got used to it. Rose hated light. She much rather preferred the dark.

In the darkness, you could hide. In the dark, nobody saw the true you.

"Come, Ravager. We have big plans for you." her father said monotonously, his voice never betraying his emotions. He was in check. Always in check. Just like she had to be. She nodded and stood up. A few men piled in from around him and unwound all her chains. She allowed them to.

She felt curiosity as to what was going on bubble up but forced it back down as fast as she recognized it. After all, a true assassin never showed emotion. She was a true assassin.

"Yes father." her voice called out hoarsely from the darkness. And, for the first time in a long time, Rose Wilson stepped out and into the light.

A constant buzzing in his head and a bright light. And then, an explosion.

Thaddeus Thawne the second fell limply to the floor. He lay there for a while, taking in shaky breaths and listening to his heartbeat for a while.

He could hear...voices. He could hear. And, when he opened his eyes, he found he could see too. See. It was completely unreal. It felt like...everything. All at once. Just coming back to him. It was overwhelming. Thaddeus leaned over and threw up, dry hacking his way through the return of his senses.

He felt himself being lifted up and was carried away through a doorway.

His head hurt like hell. Everything was everywhere.

He missed the calm, nothingness.

"Project Match."

Anger. Anger. Anger.

"Can you hear me?"

Hate. Hate. Hate. H-Hat-e. Hate you.

"I need you to calm down. We're going to get you out."

Out. No. Lies. And pain. Only ever pain.

"We need to remove you from the pod. And, to do that, you must be still."

No. No no. Need to get out. Need to move. Need to be free.

"This is your final warning."

No, no, no.

"Be still, or we will be forced to take action."

Can't be still. Won't be still. Need to move. Needtobreathe. Feels like dying. Please, help.

"You leave me no choice."

What? No choice? What does that mean-?


Scandal stood in the presence of the entirety of the Light.

It was...shocking. Being here. Being out here. Away from her cage. In the presence of legends, basically.

When her father had still visited, he had told her stories about how the Light would one day prevail and the world would be returned back to its previous state. He said that people today didn't deserve to live because they were weak. If you were weak in the world and depended on others to aid you when you really needed it, you didn't deserve to live. It was survival of the fittest. You worked hard, you got what you deserved.

She had grown up on that premise.

Her father had explained to her that the Light was a group dedicated to making the term "survival of the fittest" a reality. They were a group of hard-working people determined to change the world for the better. Only, the "heroes" thought they were trying to destroy it.

They were stupid. One day, they would all be gone. And the world would be a better place without them, too.

They were whispering, though. All on their screens with their identities hidden. Scandal searched tirelessly for a silhouette of her father or maybe even something in one of their voices that would hint to it being him, but came up with nothing.

He wasn't there.

Disappointment flooded through her but only for about a minute. She straightened up and looked on courageously, not wanting to disappoint the group of people her father talked so highly about.

It was only another few minutes before another boy was rolled in on a gurney like the one she had been rolled in on. He also had that weird thing on his neck that had been on her very own when they had injected her with that needle. She had felt a little lightheaded after that but was beginning to feel a bit better. She could stand up on her own two feet, anyways. Though, his hands, like hers, were also bounded by a large piece of metal.

They weren't locked up anymore, but they weren't necessarily free either.

He looked over at her with a shocked sort of expression on his face and she returned a curious one to him. He had matted black hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing the same prison outfit as hers.

Orange was not a good color on him…

A few seconds later, the door opened once more, and in walked a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes to match. He looked around seemingly in amazement, his eyes wide and teeth clenched together.

Scandal hadn't realized that there had been another girl in the room even before she had entered. She had bleach white hair and cold, calculating eyes. She seemed to glare at everyone and everything in the room, though behind her brooding gaze, Scandal could see that she was just as worried and curious as the rest of them were.

Finally, the door opened and shut for a final time, and in walked a boy that could resemble Superman if it wasn't for his eyes that generally freaked her out. The outside of them were completely black with little red veins running through them. His pupils were also black, making an odd mix in it all.

He seemed angry, but looked a little tired out. Scandal's only guess was drugs. He looked high off his ass.

What Scandal herself would do to be high off her mind right now…

She turned back to the monitors and bit her lip, fidgeting uncomfortably under the gaze of so many people that she was supposed to look up to or hold a high regard for. It was like literally every single important person in her life-other than her father-were all in one room.

She was staring right at them.

Talk about scary.

One of the silhouettes finally cleared their throat and leaned in more towards the screen. She couldn't see it, but got the feeling that they were smiling. She could just feel it.

"Welcome, Suicide Squad, J.R. Division. Shall we get started?"