Ectoplasmic Angel

Chapter 1

(Friendship, hurt/comfort, adventure, supernatural)

Angels don't fall often.

Actually, Angels don't fall ever. As far as Danny knew, he was the first. Even as he fell thousand of feet the only thing the young teen could think about was landing amongst the mortals of Earth.

He was going to be alone and he had no idea what he had done to deserve it.


It was Thanksgiving Break, the second greatest break from school besides Christmas, and a teenager known as Tucker Foley was waiting anxiously for the family turkey to finish cooking.

"Sweetie," his mother sighed, taking the rolls out of the toaster, "you know it's going to be another hour before your grandparents get here so even if the turkey finishes, you can't eat it yet."

Tucker starts to visibly deflate, but quick thinking freezes him in place. Turning around he gives his mother the most powerful puppy dog eyes he's capable of producing. "Please, mom, just one taste?"

Mrs. Foley taps his forehead lightly with an oven mitt. "Sorry, kiddo, those only work on your father." A noise of indignation comes from the living room where Mr. Foley is setting the table and Mrs. Foley laughs. "Honey, you know you can't resist your son when he asks you for anything. You're such a softy," she hums, smiling.

Tucker ignores the lovey look in both his parents eyes- he can't see his father at the moment, but if his face is anything like his mothers is right now then he knows they're thinking gross lovey dovey things about each other- and moves to help his mom with the mashed potatoes. Mrs. Foley stops him.

"Tucker, you've been such a big help and I know it's just absolutely killing you to be surrounded by all this food and unable to eat it so why don't you go play outside for a little bit," she teases.

Mr. Foley pops his head in. "We'll call you when your Aunt and Uncle arrive," he reassured.

"Wait, is it your sister or moms?" Tucker asks, freezing at the doorway.

His father grins. "Don't worry, it's usually my sister that shows up first." Tucker makes a dramatic whisper of "Thank God!" before racing out the door while his mother screams at the two of them to play nice with her family.

He was still laughing as he took a running leap into the pile of leaves that collected in their backyard. When he landed, Tucker paused for a moment to just breathe in the fresh air and thank whatever deity that was listening for these long holiday breaks from school. He only had one friend named Sam, and despite being a girl she was picked on just as much as he was. The two of them were outcasts at Casper High, Amity Park's only high school, and it had been that way since their freshmen year. The bullying had lessoned as their antagonists grew up, but Tucker was still occasionally shoved in a locker or two and was forced to wait before Sam found him.

Tucker closed his eyes. Junior year was supposed to be a time for change. He was turning seventeen in a month, for God's sake! He shouldn't have to put up with dreading going to school everyday if it meant running into people like Dash and Paulina. Mr. Lancer always tried to help, but Casper High's football coach was adamant about the jocks receiving little to no punishment so there was little he could do besides give them a slap on the wrist.

The teen sighed, opening his eyes to squint at the sky above him. The air was dropping since it was November, and the sun decided it didn't want to be seen today. The chill in the air was getting to him so Tucker let out one more sigh before standing up and brushing the leaves off of his clothes.

He was about to walk around the back to look at the small retention pond when the tree next to him shook.

Shook actually wasn't the wording Tucker would use to describe the tree's movement. It was more like it heaved. The giant trunk suddenly swayed right, lifting the roots on the opposite side out of the ground slightly, before being pulled back the other way. Tucker stared open mouthed as the tree slowly stopped rocking back and fourth.

What could possibly provide enough force to uproot a tree? Though the sun was hiding behind a cloud, Tucker could still barely make out the top of the tree when he looked upward; it was a pretty large hunk of nature. Seeing nothing, Tucker decided to throw all caution to wind and started climbing. The tree was still rooted in the ground- technically- and he doubted anything short of a hurricane or whatever had hit it a second ago could bring it crashing down. Cautious of his own safety, and knowing that death awaited him if he fell, the teen carefully edged about a fourth of the way up the tree. Looking down was a bad idea, but Tucker did it anyways.

"Wow," he breathed, amazed at his own capabilities. "I can't believe I just did that."

The peace was broken when suddenly his vision was blocked by a thing that swung down in front of him. Screaming, Tucker lost his grip on the branch he was resting on and fell backwards. As he fell, the teen pictured how awful this Thanksgiving would be for his family when they came out to check on him and found a body instead of a boy. He squeezed his eyes shot, and was mildly surprised when he felt a tug on his pant leg that stopped his descent.

Tucker's breaths came out choppy and panicked as he hung upside down. His only view was the ground a couple yards away so he put his head to his chest to try and see what had grabbed him, and almost screamed at the sight of another boy. Though his vision was obscured, Tucker was positive he was being held by a kid with the brightest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen in his life.

Licking his lips, Tucker asked, "C-can you let me down, please?"

The other boy's eyes widened and he made a sharp gasping sound. His lips moved slowly, but no words escaped them. "Please, thank you for saving me but I really can't feel my arms right now," Tucker tried again, a little frustrated when the blue eyed boy just tilted his head. Thinking that maybe he was deaf, Tucker signed the question. When that received no response as well, he gave up and pointed at a branch. "Down. Please."

The bright blue eyes followed his hands and it seemed he finally understood what Tucker was asking. The boy lifted Tucker's pant leg up more and set the flailing teenager on the branch next to him. Once he was carefully positioned, Tucker fixed his beanie and gave the newcomer a once over. He was pale and thin, but Tucker noticed the muscles underneath the weird cloth he was wearing only because he knew the kid had to have them because he had lifted Tucker up with only one hand. He looked to be about Tucker's age, maybe younger, because his face was soft and inviting with wide eyes that seemed to convince you he was safe to approach.

Tucker cleared his throat. "So, um, I'm Tucker Foley. What's your na-?" Blue Eyes looked delighted and suddenly surged forward to touch Tucker's mouth as he spoke. "Woah! Hey- wait, stop that!" he complained, swatting the teen's hands away. The other wasn't swayed and continued to prod his lips.

Tucker sat still and gave him an unimpressed look when he finally stopped. "You done?"

Blue Eyes made a soft sound and suddenly Tucker thought he understood why the other kid was fascinated with his face. When Blue Eyes talked, his lips barely moved at all. If Tucker wasn't two feet from him, he never would have thought the kid was opening his mouth at all.

"Earlier, you were trying to mimic me, weren't you?" Tucker observed. Blue Eye's lips moved in a wide, exaggerated manner but no sound came out, just like before. "Can you even talk? Don't mimic me, just talk."

The teenager heard the change of tone, but obviously didn't get what Tucker wanted. Once the black teen pointed to Blue Eye's own lips, his eyes widened and a sudden succession of what Tucker could only describe as noise escaped him. Too shocked, Tucker took a couple seconds before responding. "Woah! Slow down, I can't understand what you're saying."

The noise slowed significantly and a slight shift happened. Tucker realized that the tone sounded questioning now. "Wow, that's- wow," Tucker breathed, staring wide eyed at the boy speaking a language he had never heard of. "This is amazing."

Blue Eyes seemed to understand that Tucker was happy because the teen grinned and wiggled around in an excited manor. Tucker squeaked when the entire branch shook, but didn't have the heart to tell the kid to stop. "Who are you?" Tucker tried again, making sure he had a firm grip on the branch. "How did you get here? Where are you from?" When the other teenager only looked puzzled, Tucker pointed to himself and then his house, hoping he would understand.

Blue Eyes pointed to the sky.

Tucker blinked, unsure how to both understand and respond to that. "...Okay."

"Tucker? Where are you?" his mothers voice asked, sounding slightly worried.

The teen gasped at her voice. He'd forgotten about Thanksgiving dinner with his family! Ignoring Blue Eyes noise of confusion, Tucker jumped down a branch so his mom could see him. "Up here!" he yelled, waving when her eyes finally spotted him.

Mrs. Foley raised her eyebrows at her son as he had never been one for climbing trees. "You be careful coming down from there, you hear me? And wash up quickly, your Aunt just pulled into the driveway."

"Got it, mom!"

When Mrs. Foley finally walked back inside, Tucker glanced at the teenager above him. Blue Eyes noticed the eyes on him and trilled happily, eyes shining bright and grin stretched across his entire face.

"Oh Lord, what am I going to do with you?" Tucker whispered, receiving an unintelligible gurgle in response.


A/N: Hey everyone! So I got a lot of positive reviews and PMs regarding my Guardians chapter of Secrets Revealed, and several asked if it could be made into a separate story. I already had something planned out for Guardians, however, so someone suggested I write something similar but make it an "Angel AU." I was thrilled with the prompt and decided to roll with it. This will be a chapter fic. (with longer chapters after this intro) and it's written in more of a book style than my quick oneshots. The plot with thicken with each chapter rather than give you instant gratification *insert evil laugh.*

Basically: Danny's been kicked out of heaven.

(I'm still working on SWMC, I swear! But I have a lot of this story written already so I want to start posting it).