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April Lane hummed along to the radio sitting next to her easel on her dresser. The R&B station was playing a Cab Calloway song while she painted in mostly blue acrylics on her canvas. Her strawberry blonde hair was piled into a loose and messy bun on the back of her head and a pair of glasses hung precariously on the edge of her nose. her jeans, shirt, and hands were covered in paint, an almost permanent state for the 21 year old artist who was currently skipping the last class of the day to finish her painting. She was just getting into the song when the door to her dorm opened and her roommate Amanda walked in only to sigh. "Ditching class are we?" she asked as she walked into the dorm room and tossed her bag onto her bed. She crossed the room to the radio, Cab Calloway had turned into Ray Charles which was turned off by Amanda.

"Just the last class, my professor is out having a baby and the substitute was just having us reread the book." April explained. "What are you up to?"

"I've got a lecture this evening." Amanda said as she took her jacket off and pulled on a sweater. "You should come, it's going to be an interesting lecture."

"What's it on?"

"It's on architecture and the paranormal."

"You're in pre law, what does that have to do with your major?"

"Nothing really." she shrugged. "It just sounded interesting." April chuckled softly at that before shrugging, it definitely did sound interesting.

"Who's lecturing?" April asked as she pulled off the paint covered tank top and swapped it for a long sleeved shirt, and a pull over sweater.

"Dr. Stantz of the parapsychology department."

"I don't know him." April muttered making Amanda look at her quickly.

"Oh my god, you are so coming!" she said and April chuckled with a small frowned.

"Why, is he super cute or something?" she asked as she picked up her brown leather jacket and slipped it on.

"He's okay." she shrugged. "Kind of average. He's just a total trip…"

"Well, I've been painting for a couple hours, want to grab a hot chocolate before the lecture?" April asked as Amanda grabbed her jacket and scarf.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Amanda nodded.

As the two girls walked out of the dorm room together April looked at Amanda. "So, what's the real reason you're going to this lecture- and don't give me any of the 'it just sounded interesting' crap."

"Leave it to you to see right through me." she said and April smiled as they approached the coffee shop on campus. "I'm doing a paper on the human belief system, I went to a religious science lecture yesterday, basically I'm talking about what it is in our mind that makes us believe some things but reject others." she said and April nodded.

"I believe in ghosts." She said and Amanda looked over at her as they approached the counter.

"You would." she said before looking at the barista. "Two hot chocolates. You want a muffin or anything?" she asked April who shook her head and then held out the dollar fifty for her hot chocolate, which Amanda took and then paid with a five.

"Seriously though, the house I grew up in was haunted." April said while she and Amanda stepped back to wait for their drinks to be ready.

"What like things go missing haunted or bleeding wall haunted?"

"More like every now and then I'd see things, or hear things, that kind of thing." she replied making Amanda look at her with interest.

"But you don't believe in god?" she questioned.

"Mmm, I believe in the idea of god. Like there's aliens and higher intelligence and stuff, sure, but the idea of some little bearded man sitting on a cloud looking over us and watching our very move, or even the idea that we're marionettes and he's pulling the strings, no I don't believe in that." April explained carefully as Amanda listened.

"Can I interview you for my paper?" she asked and April laughed.

"Sure." she grinned before their drinks were called. They got their drinks and headed out of the coffee shop, the warm cups warming their hands as they trekked across Columbia university, heading to the psychology department. When they got to a smaller classroom, one that had a sign taped on the door reading "architecture and the way it affects the metaphysical realm', April gestured to it. "I'm going to go ahead and guess this is the place."

"I'd say that's an educated guess." Amanda nodded as April opened the door. After finding a spot they sat down near the back of the room with about five minutes to spare, soon the door opened, and a tall, almost average looking man holding a bunch of papers walked in with a taller man with dark curly hair a thick glassed in tow.

"Is that him?" April asked making Amanda shake her head.

"Not the one with the glasses, the other one." she explained softly.

"Ah, hello everyone, I'm Dr. Stantz to those of you who don't know." he said after a moment of looking through his papers and then setting them down while the other man took a seat at the desk in the room. Everyone quieted down and soon he was talking about structure, and how certain shapes attract positive or negative energy.

"Like how the Chinese believe building your house facing north allows bad luck, or energy in?" April raised her hand as she spoke and he looked up at her before thinking for a moment.

"Yeah, I mean, that's leaning towards more of the feng shui, but I'll accept it." he nodded. "Very good Ms..."

"Lane," she said. "April Lane." he nodded and then started to talk again.

"How'd you know that?" Amanda whispered to April who shrugged.

"I dated a guy who was really into Feng Shui in High School. He tried to completely redo my bedroom, and then started talking about how my art didn't allow the right kind of energy flow though so I dumped him." April whispered back. After the class was over the two girls walked up to Dr. Stantz who was talking to the tall thin man with glasses and curly brown hair.

"Dr. Stantz?" Amanda asked and he turned around. "Hi, I'm Amanda Blake, I've been to a few of your lectures."

"Nice to meet you." he shook her hand and looked at April who smiled. "April right?" he asked and she nodded as she extended her hand.

"That's right." April said as she shook his hand.

"I'm doing a paper on the mentality of the belief system, and I was wondering if maybe I could talk to you?" Amanda asked and Dr. Stantz shrugged.

"Sure, I don't see why not." he said and she grinned brightly.

"Great!" she said happily. "Um, when works for you?"

"Why don't we meet at the coffee shop Thursday night?" he asked. "Around, six, six thirty?"


"You aren't a psychology major are you?" he asked and Amanda shook her head quickly.

"No, not at all sir." she replied making him smile.

"Right, well then that should be fine." he nodded before turning to his friend who had stepped up and was listening to the conversation. "Oh, this is Dr. Spengler." he gestured to the man who nodded to the two girls.

"Hi." April smiled at him and he nodded to be before turning to Amanda.

"If you're writing a paper on the mentality of the belief system will you also be writing on the immaturity of the religious reaction to the paranormal?" he asked and she nodded eagerly. The two started to talk making April chuckle softly before looking back at Dr. Stantz.

"Oh boy." she smiled at Dr. Stantz, "She can talk all night."

"Then she's in good company, so can he." he said and looked back at April who tucked a strand of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear.

"I really enjoyed your lecture." she said and he smiled lightly.

"Thank you." he said.

"I have often wondered about structures themselves being a sort of a draw for paranormal activity, the house I grew up in was haunted, but it's over one hundred years old, so really it's not that big of a surprise to me that it is haunted."

"It's refreshing to meet a student who doesn't immediately assume we're insane for lecturing about this subject, I know most of the kids who come like to use us as examples of a mental instability in their papers-" at that moment the door burst open and a man wearing a brown suit with a pale blue shirt, and a large alien headed mask came into the room, he had on silver space man gloves and was reaching for Dr. Stantz.

"I wonder why." April said and he grinned lightly.

"I didn't say I didn't get why they chose us as an example of mental instability, just that they like to chose us as an example of mental instability."

"Raaaayyyy." the man in the alien mask reached out for Dr. Stantz who looked over at him.

"Pete, come on, that's a good mask, don't ruin it." he sighed.

"April!" Amanda called and she turned to her.

"Coming." April turned back to Dr. Stantz. "It was nice meeting you sir." she said and he nodded as he looked away from where he was now trying to wrestle the mask off of the third man who was complaining about the lecture taking too long and how they were supposed to be out having a drink by now.

"Nice to meet you too April." he said and she turned away with a small laugh and walked away with Amanda.

"Do you want to come with me when I go to interview Dr. Stantz and Dr. Spengler?" Amanda asked as the two of them walked back towards their dorms.

"Sure," April nodded. "That sounds fun, Dr. Stantz is really interesting."

"Isn't he weird?" Amanda laughed.

"I wouldn't say that," April said slowly, thinking about the lecture she'd just sat through. "Just… Interesting."

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