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"I'm not leaving," Director Weisz stated, raising his coffee mug to his mouth.

Since they found out Donovan was sent to kill Weisz, they had him moved to a safe house in rural Virginia. Now they wanted to move him out of the country.

"Sir, it's only for a few weeks," Jake argued. Jake couldn't believe he found someone almost as stubborn as Donovan.

"I have a job here in Washington to do," Weisz calmly replied. He didn't leave Washington after the terrorist attacks; he wasn't going to leave now because an assassin coming for him. "I know you're only doing your job, just keep my family safe."

"Director Weisz," Alex started to say.

"Mike, we know you have a job to do," Tom replied. He forgot how pig headed the man can be. "You of all people know how good Donovan is. You trained him."

"That's why I'm not leaving," Weisz retorted. "Maybe I can help him. I don't know. Frank Donovan has done a lot for this agency. If there's anyway I can help him."

"Help him by not letting him kill you!" Cody shouted. Everyone in the room looked at Cody in shock. Usually he was the smart ass cracking jokes. Ever since Donovan's kidnapping, he had become a serious agent. "Help Donovan by leaving the country and let us find him. It's bad enough I'm the bait, but I'm willing to risk that."

"Cody, relax," Alex replied, rubbing one of his shoulders. She knew it wasn't easy for any of them, especially Cody. None of them wanted to see Donovan hurt, much less killed.

Tom briefed them earlier that they were given till the end of the week to bring Donovan in. If not, Weisz had no other choice but to send another team out to bring Donovan in. Dead or alive. Most likely dead. Something they wouldn't let happen.

"Director Weisz, if you would only listen to this plan," Monica started to explain.


"You want me to help you not kill Weisz?" Gina carefully repeated. She wanted to make sure she heard Donovan correctly.

"Yes," Donovan replied, placing a hand on her knee. "I know John messed with my head."

"He did more than that," Gina replied, shuddering at the thought of that hellhole of a room they found.

"I have doubts about what John wants me to do. Doesn't that prove his technique didn't work?" Donovan pleaded. He needed to convince Gina. "I helped you in the past. Can't you help me now?"

"That's a low blow," Gina hissed. She knew she could never repay him for helping her. It was tearing her apart, hearing the mighty Donovan beg for help. "What can I do?"

"Bring me in," he quickly answered. He smiled hearing Gina's reply. "Bring me in to get medical help."

Gina quickly thought of all the options. There was really only two. She would bring him in for help or have another team get him. That would mean casualties - Donovan and other agents dead for no good reason.

"I'll help you," Gina replied. "But on my terms. Let me go."

"Okay," Donovan replied, reaching to his waist.

Gina watched as Donovan reached for his belt. For the first time she realized how he was dressed. He was dressed in black BDU's with a black shirt. He had a black balaclava covering his face. A 9 mm Glock rested in a holster against his hip. His duty belt had a small mag lite, six spare pouches for magazines for his gun, plus another knife. He was prepared for war.

She realized that he tied her hands down with zip ties. She held her breath as the knife cut away at the first tie, then the second. She slowly moved her neck and gently rubbed it where Donovan hit her with his gun.

Gina reached out and pulled the balaclava off his face. The shock of seeing Donovan's face still swollen from the beatings John gave him made her wish he was still alive. The right side of his face had a few cuts that were almost healed. The coldness in his eyes was what scared her the most. For as long as she knew Donovan, he had never shown any kind of emotion with his eyes.

Gina placed her hand on Donovan's left cheek and felt the day's worth of stubble. She briefly smiled as he closed his eyes and relaxed under her touch. It pained her to see Donovan tortured like this, not sure what to do. How she wanted to take the pain away.

She quickly dismissed those puppy dog like qualities. This was Frank Donovan, one of the CIA and FBI's best agents. This was the man that negotiated the freedom of an Ethiopian airliner. The man who helped end the Atlanta prison riot. The man who helped bring down Quito Real. The man who went into Egypt and saved her sorry ass from terrorists. A man she helped train. A man she knew she couldn't, wouldn't trust until he received the proper medical care.

Gina knew what she had to do. She quickly stood up from the chair, catching Donovan off guard, ramming her fist into his face. She stumbled back into the chair as he fell onto his back.

"What the hell was that for?" he growled, slowly getting up.

"Payback," she smiled, rubbing the back of her neck. "Now give me a cell so I can start making the arrangements."


Tom was starting to get a migraine. He hated getting those. He hadn't had one in years. He decided if they couldn't convince Weisz to leave the country in the next ten minutes, he was going to kill the man himself and save Donovan the trouble.

Monica once again tried to reason with the man. Tom gave a heavy sigh as his cell started to ring.

"Talk to me!" he barked. "Gina?" He looked at his phone's caller id. Everyone stopped arguing and looked at him.

"Is she okay?" Jake asked, hoping Donovan didn't hurt her. He didn't like the way she operated, but she did have his respect.

"Ok. Uh huh. You're serious?" Tom asked. "You okay? He didn't hurt you? Don't lie to me Gina; I'll know if he did. Okay, I'll get everything ready."

"What's going on?" Cody asked.

"We'll be there." Tom answered. "Stay safe."

They all watched as Tom hung up his cell. "That was Gina."

"We figured that out, genius," Jake spat out. "What's going on?"

"Is Agent Bartolini okay?" Weisz asked.

"She says she's fine," Tom replied, sitting down in the chair. He still wasn't sure of what Gina told him. "She's with Donovan right now."


"He wants her to bring him in for medical help," Tom stated. "He knows something's not right."

"Then everything's fine!" Weisz smiled. He didn't have to go into hiding after all. He knew things would've worked out in the end.

"Where does she want us to meet?" Alex asked.

"Her parents have a horse farm not too far from here," Tom replied, picking up a map. "It's about fifty miles."

"I want to be there," Weisz demanded.

"Hell no!" Alex stated. "We don't know if it's a trap or not. Donovan could've forced her to say that."

"I don't," Weisz started to say.

"Alex is right," Jake said, backing her up. "Until we know what's really going down, you need to stay out of sight."

"Tom, what do you think?" Weisz asked.

"Gina didn't sound like she was being forced to say those things," Tom replied. "She sounded relieved."

"Then it's settled," Weisz smiled, picking up his phone.

"Jake and Alex are right," Tom added. "Until we know the whole thing. You need to stay away. He could be setting us up."

"He wouldn't do that, would he?" Cody asked, hating how naïve he sounded. He knew what the answer would be.

"If I was in his place, I would," Jake replied.

"You'll still have round the clock protection," Tom announced.

"That's not," Weisz started to protest.

"It is necessary," Alex hissed. "Let us do our job. If anything happens to Donovan because you wouldn't let us, I'll kill you myself."

"As soon as Donovan is brought in, you'll be notified," Tom stated, heading out the door.