Newt walked towards the large mass of black sand like substance swirling through the air.

"Credence, I'm not here to hurt you," he urged gently, "I want only to help you."

The mass started to calm and shrink. Soon the outline of a young boy took form and he was staring back into Newt's eyes. Credence had tears in his eyes as he was obviously upset and wasn't sure who to trust. Newt slowly stood up, keeping his eye contact with the child.

"May I come to you? I'm not going to hurt you." Newt asked. The boy didn't make any action suggesting a no, so Newt started to approach the child. Suddenly with a flash of light there was white-hot pain hitting Newt's back as he fell face down into the railroad tracks. A scream echoed through the tunnel as Newt tried to shake the wave of dizziness that followed. Another blast of light and Newt had the instinct to throw his arms out casting a shielding spell with his wand currently in his right hand. A dark blob seemed to be approaching him and as his sight became steadier he realized it was Graves.

Newt unsteadily got up and ran towards the nearest post, nearly dodging many spells. Graves was being relentless and wanted the child. Realizing this, Newt once again started running until he had placed himself in front of the child's body. Graves finally spoke up.

"Credence, I only want to help you, this man doesn't care for you…"

"Don't listen to him Credence! I want to help you with your powers!"

As Newt looked back at the child he dropped his guard for a split second, giving Graves just the right amount of time to make his move. The train tracks started to come up from the ground on either side of Newt. Lighting sprung from his wand and struck the sides of the track before electrocuting Newt.

Newt felt the pain instantly. It was much worse than anything he'd ever experienced. Pain exploded through his entire body. There was nothing to be done either. Each time he got a bit of his magic going the current running through him would increase ever so slightly. His body wreathed uncontrollably on the tracks. Newt was suddenly having trouble breathing and focusing on anything. Darkness started to creep into his peripherals and his body started to become more limp. Right as he was about to become unconscious the electrocution stopped, but his body was still in an extreme amount of pain. Newt didn't realize he'd closed his eyes until he noticed he needed to reopen them. There was the shape of Graves walking towards the boy. He knew they were talking but his ears didn't seem to be functioning up to their full potential, as everything sounded fuzzy. He didn't need his ears though to realize that he needed to move out of the way of the darkness that was starting to creep out of Credence again though.

Newt dissaperated into another part of the tunnel, slightly further down to where it would not hit him. It now hit him the extent to which his body had taken damage. Newt 's breaths were short and shallow, he could feel his heart racing, and he couldn't seem to really move his body entirely well. A voice echoed through the tunnel.


It was Goldstein. She appeared at his side and started helping him up. A few groans were let out of his mouth without his approval and his body screamed as he shifted. His weight was entirely on Goldstein but she didn't struggle to prop him up as he weighed very little (he often forgot to eat as he had many creatures to take care of instead).

Now propped against the wall, Goldstein saw the layer of sweat upon the young man's forhead and she had felt warmth radiating off of his body. His half-lidded green eyes were not sparkling brightly with wonder as they usually were, but rather they were dull and tinted with pain. She immediately realized she needed to help him in some way and quickly performed a sort of numbing spell that she knew on him. Newt felt a rush of warmth around his body and sighed from relief.

"Thank you" he whispered gratefully. She nodded at him indicating they would deal with his injuries later but they had more pressing matters now. Newt grabbed Goldstein's offered hand and stood a bit unsteadily. They started walking towards the tunnels opening and found an odd scene in front of them. Graves was dodging blows from a large clump of black matter in the air. Credence was going insane. Newt started to take a step forward but Goldstein put a hand on his shoulder and stepped towards the boy instead.

"Credence?" she asked softly. The mass started to slow a bit. "It's Goldstein, you know me, I know you need help and we can help you." She took another step towards the now shrinking mass as a boy started to appear out of it.

Newt watched the confident women step towards the child. Just as it seemed that he was controlling the darkness inside him there was a loud noise.
"STOP!" yelled a women's voice. It was Picquery and she looked angry.

"shit" Newt cursed under his breath as the wizard police forces started to surround all of them, including the boy.

"No don't hurt him, please!" Goldstein yelled at the men, but it was too late, they were already firing spells towards the poor boy. The cloud of darkness engulfed him again and started to become angry, but it couldn't do anything and suddenly exploded into nothing but wisps of black smoke in the air.

Newt's heart seemed to stop. He had failed to save another child from this dark force. He didn't realize he was holding a breath until his lungs seemed to start burning and he took a big gulp of air, staring into the space where the boy had been standing a few seconds ago. Lost in thought he didn't seem to be quite paying attention to what was currently happening. He looked over and locked eyes with Goldstein who had been looking at him worriedly. Though after a moment their heads snapped towards a booming voice.

"What were you thinking? That child possessed such great power, do you know what I could have done with that?!" It was Graves yelling at all the wizard's police force. He continued on with his rant as Picquery took a step forward. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him with confusion. Suddenly her mood seemed to change as a revelation came to her. She quickly flicked her wand and handcuffs surrounded his wrists. The a few of the officers raced over and pushed him down on his knees. Picquery walked towards the man and performed a spell on him. Newt's eyes widened as a new face had been revealed. White hair formed atop the man's head and his face and eyes changed completely. It was a man who looked like he had seen hell.

"Gellert Grindelwald" Picquery said with conviction, "we've been looking for you." The man grinned with malice and laughed.

"You'll never be able to contain me for long, I am far too strong against you and your…" he hesitated for a moment linking eyes with Newt, "group of weirdos." Newt flinched slightly at the name, being recalled back to his time at Hogwarts. Grindelwald seemed to notice this and smiled, "you wont last much longer with that numbing spell on you, you may want to seek medical attention" he said chuckling at the man. Newt's eyes widened, he'd completely forgot about that, if he didn't get somewhere soon he'd be in a world of pain. The men lifted Grindelwald off the ground and escorted him out of the tunnel, some of the force following him. Picquery stepped towards Newt, "we'll help you, but first we need to figure out what to do about the NoMages."

"We can't obliviate a whole city!" "It's impossible" "There were too many witnesses!"

As slight chaos ensued, Newt had an idea. "Maybe we can…"

Many eyes looked upon the man as he squatted down and opened his case. "I'll be right back" he said as he walked down the stairs. Quickly, Newt grabbed the vial he had filled earlier and ran to another part of the case. Thunderbird was landed upon its rock as he approached. She immediately got up and flew down to Newt. "Hello girl, ready to go home?" She made a series of squawks and he led her carefully up and out of the case. There were many gasps as she appeared in front of all of them. Newt grabbed the vial out of his jacket pocket and opened it. He turned to face the others quickly exclaiming "this has many qualities of the spell in it, if spread throughout the city I believe it will obliviate the muggles." Picquery nodded and Newt turned to thunderbird.

"Guess I wont be the one taking you to Arizona after all, huh? Time for you to go home" he said while holding her beak and petting her feathers. She nuzzled him and made a series of purring noises. "I'll miss you too" he exclaimed gently. He handed the vial to thunderbird and took a step back. "Watch out" warned the others as thunderbird started to take off. Newt held back tears as she took to the sky and within a minute it started to rain.

"Clean up the city" Picquery exclaimed and the forces started dissaperating to go repair everything that had been destroyed.
"We thank you for your help Mr. Scamander" she exclaimed. He nodded at her, not making eye contact as he was starting to feel the numbness wash away. In an instant the pain hit him again like a brick wall and Newt fell to the ground.

"Newt!" Goldstein yelled rushing towards him. "Please help him Picquery he needs a doctor immediately!" Newt was flat on his stomach on the ground, his hands balled into fists and eyes screwed shut. His heart began to race again and his breathing became shallower. It felt as though he was paralyzed. Newt tried to open his eyes again but he could only seem to get them half open. There was noise above him but the words were not clear enough to make out, nor were the fuzzy blobs he could see through half-lidded eyes. Before he knew what was happening, he was being rolled onto his back and a cry of pain escaped from his mouth. Newts eyes seemed to slip shut again as the edges of his vision was going black. Not one part of his body felt anything less than it had been stomped on by a hundred Erumpents.

"shh Newt it's alright, shh" a calming voice came through to his brain and Newt's head immediately fell in the direction of the noise. He felt a gentle hand go through his hair and the pain seemed to be forgotten for the moment. Another wave of pain hit as quickly as it had gone though and this time nausea came along with it. The voice seemed to notice Newt's face pale as he was suddenly helped to sit up slightly and turned to the side as he became sick. Pain wracked through his body and he slumped upon whoever was holding him—he didn't remember someone holding him—and Newt could feel his hair sticking to his forehead.

"we've got…..out of here….worse than we thought….electrocuted…."

Newt's hearing disconnected and the pain slipped away as he faded into unconsciousness.

Goldstein suddenly gasped as Newt became completely limp as he fell into unconsciousness. She was now holding his body on the ground.

"Shit this is bad" she exclaimed. Picquery helped him off her and they lowered him back to the floor. "He needs to be taken to the hospital or he's not going to make it" she stated. "men, come help." Four of her men walked over and simultaneously casted the leviosa charm. The young man's small body was lifted off the ground and onto a levitating stretcher that had been summoned by another one of the men. They then started leading it out of the subway underground. Goldstein hesitated slightly, grabbing the briefcase that belonged to Newt, and jogged after the group of wizards taking her newest friend to get help.