Longshanks and the Blue Maiden

Author's Note: This story is completely is based on a certain couple in the Middle Ages. I'm not going to tell you, yet, but I believe if you're anywhere near smart, you'll be able to figure it out in this chapter. The story is very accurate of this man's life (I've done quite a bit of research, thank you), and I believe you'll find it interesting. I don't own Dragon Ball Z either, but hey, it'd be nice if I did.

Chapter 1: Blyth

"Is father coming?" Vegeta asked his most trusted companion, Henry, with a gruff and annoyed sound in his voice. He was almost 17, and tired of this stupid nonsense of his father never seeing him do anything. He had trained with Hugh Giffard, one of his family's most trusted nobleman, for 10 years before even picking up a lance. He had trained and trained for years for this, and he wanted to show his father that he was worth of the crown.

"I am displeased to say, my Lord, that his majesty Henry the III is not coming this afternoon. I know how much this means to you, my Prince, but your father is in Havering trying to sort out some political problems." Henry replied, watching Vegeta as he frowned, thinking to himself.

"You are the most fitted person to win this tournament, and it was specially arranged for you, you know that. Her highness Eleanor has known that you've been waiting for this for months, and I'm sorry that your father is not here." Henry added, hoisting up Vegeta's lance up to his hand.

Vegeta sighed, pulling down his face mask of his armor. He'd been waiting for this for so long, too long if you asked anyone else. But Vegeta was different, he had been seeking his father's approval his whole life. The only real time he had ever spent with his father was the first time he stepped onto the battlefield of England. His father was a battle-hardened man who had never really spent any time with Vegeta's mother, Eleanor of Province.

Vegeta then suddenly relieved that the white flag barrier was in the middle of the field, watching him and waiting for his signal of approval. His right hand went up and made a fist, banging to the center of his armor, showing a respectful sign of dignity for the match to begin. His flag rose, a red snake in the middle of a black pool of darkness, ready for the match to begin.

The white flag barrier moved, his flag raising and Vegeta kicked his horse, and it charged. Vegeta's arm stayed steady as he hit the head of his opponent, Sir William Thacter, causing him to fall off his horse. He had one the tournament of Blythe, unharmed, and with nothing to show for it but a bag full of gold. What honor was there in that?