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Chapter 23: Suspicions


Vegeta's eyes were wandering from one woman to the next on the dance floor, it was fairly full by now. All of the women being spun and twirled by the suitors were almost all beautiful, but none was truly exquisite. But, how could one tell, since their masks were covering their most important part of their appearance? The question begged to differ in the young prince's mind, and then he saw a woman in a pale, light blue satin dress came over to him, and said a simple statement... "Would you please be my escort for the next dance?"


....Vegeta had a thousand thoughts going through his head, then sighed and smirked, nodding his head,

"It would be a pleasure, fair maiden." He then got around from the table, and as custom was followed, bowed to her and she curtsied in return. Then his eyes rose to hers, taking her hand in his and then took her into his arms, slowly waltzing, neither of them speaking a word, and then Bulma whispered,

"I have not seen you before at the castle, are you a guest in my father's house?" Bulma said, her eyes looking into his deep onyx ones behind his mask.

"Yes, I am...I am here to court a specific female of the Castilean, now Royal, Family. I though, assure you, M'Lady, I am not simply here for a good lay, much unlike the Duke of Bruce." The young Prince's eyes wavered over to Yamcha, who was shamelessly flirting with a red headed maid. Bulma's eyes narrowed, glaring up first at the masked man, and then to Yamcha, after viewing what he was doing, she gasped. Then, it was time for the Princess to smirk, and then moved more up against the masked man, placing her head on his shoulder...

"Oh, but of course, good Sir, I know that...but, you could always go for a little test drive with me, the women of this house have been famous for being great lovers..." She moved her lips up, suggestively blowing in the mysterious man's ear. The young prince involuntarily shivered at this, started to feel the air around them grow hotter.


Chi-Chi smiled as she saw her Earl's eyes waver to hers across the room, smiling as he arose and began to walk toward her. He bumped into a guest and the raven haired duchess laughed lightly at this, then she smiled as he approached the table, bowing to her.

"Could I please have this dance with the fairest maiden in this hall?" The man with tall, messy hair smiled at her, and Chi-Chi laughed, smiling up at him, moving around the end of the table, curtsying to him, and then said simply,

"Of course you may."

Then the couple embraced, waltzing about on the dance floor. Chi-Chi felt like she was on cloud nine, floating across the dance floor. She was hypnotized by the man that was in front of her, her eyes glued to his. As the dance ended, the masked man in orange lead our lady to the patio (A/N: like an outdoor pavilion or something). There were lanterns and torches every where in the gardens that were carefully tended to. She smiled as her masked warrior lead her to a small bench, and then he wrapped his arms around her, holding her loosely, but tenderly.

"I've missed you, my duchess..." He leaned down and kissed her cheek softly, pressing his cheek to hers.

"I've missed you too, my earl..." Her face turned and pressed her lips to his tenderly, but letting the kiss be short, gasping at what she saw as she pulled away from the kiss.

"...Look behind you." She whispered hurriedly to the earl sitting beside her, and he turned his head. His eyes widened, and then kind of shrugged it off.

"It has nothing to do with us, that stupid Duke can mess up his OWN life." He tightened his hold around the maiden in his arms.

"Bulma will be mortified! She's been attracted to that...that....BASTARD since she first saw him! I HAFT to tell her that her little...CRUSH is touching Eiteena's BOUSSUM up against a wall!!" Chi-Chi said, rushing into the grand hall, with Goku in tow.


Vegeta was enjoying his flirting-feast with this beautiful maiden in his arms, suggestive actions being exchanged and flashes of fire being sparked in each other's eyes. The young prince was getting very turned on, he hadn't ever been THIS aroused since he was with Ruubia. Ruubia...Vegeta shook his head and rid himself of her in his thoughts.

"Are you okay, good sir?" The maiden asked in a concerned voice, and before he could respond, a woman in a dark olive colored gown was whispering into her ear in an eager expression on her face, and the woman whined in protest, but she still reluctantly went with him. A man with messy hair was followed by him, and then the Prince of England smirked, noticing the man's hair. He new exactly who it was; it was that ridiculously stupid Earl of Ephany that he had became somewhat found of. They walked off the dance floor and the Prince engaged in a conversation with the man.

"Do you have any idea what is going on here?" He questioned the man in front of him.

"Yeah, apparently the woman you were dancing with has a infatuation with Yamcha of Bruce. He was basically in foreplay up against the castle wall outside with Eiteena of Boreadaux, so...I guess that the woman I was dancing with has a duty or something to tell her this information." The man answered, then added in a lower tone,

"It looked like, though, she was getting over that infatuation by the looks of it with you," Goku smirked, then the prince nodded in approval, a sly look on his face.

"She definitely is a woman." Vegeta said, nodding in approval.


Bulma had small tears in the corners of her eyes, saying,

"What? How could he do this to me? I thought we had something going!" She said, then placed her head in her hands and just cried silently. Chi-Chi offered comfort to the woman.

"It's okay,'s okay, Bulma. Everything will be okay. How about we go get those triple chocolate chip cookies?" Chi-Chi said, teasing and enticing Bulma with food. She laughed lightly, nodded and began the long stroll through the maze of corridors through the fortress that she called 'home'.


"I miss Goku, Bulma. Why is that?" Chi-Chi said as she and her younger cousin strolled through the garden.

"I don't know, maybe because" Bulma looked over suspiciously at her older cousin, and Chi-Chi's eyes widened.

"Oh, don't be hitting me with the 'l' word. I don't think I could love the man after 3 dances and 2 kisses. Come on, Bulma, there's GOT to be more than that!" Chi-Chi said, sitting down on another stone bench, continuing on with her reassuring-ramblings,

"I mean, it can't be. I've never been in love before and I mean, it can't be just THIS easy. How could someone fall in love so quickly?" Chi-Chi said, sighing and becoming frustrated with herself. It couldn't be this easy to love someone, right?


"Argh!" Krillin screamed, slashing and beating a fake dummy of a human, taking out all of his anger and his sadness. He had heard about the night of the charade, and how Eiteena and Yamcha got a little close...he had felt a connection with her; he was deeply attracted to her as well. He ran through the field in his full armor, training until his arms wouldn't raise any longer.

He screamed and slashed, working harder and faster. Then, all of a sudden...he saw her. Eiteena was standing there, in a beautiful gown, crying. Krillin stopped immeaditely what he was doing and rushed over to her, as was it customary, and helped her down on the ground.

"What's wrong?" Krillin sighed. Then, all of a sudden, the blonde haired goddess moved her head down onto his shoulder, sobbing in disbelief of...something.

"What's wrong, M'Lady?" She cried more, moving more up against him, into his embrace. She sniffed, and then looked up into his eyes, saying softly,...

"Yamcha...tried to"


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