Final Chapter: Halibel's Reward

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Warning: Lemon!

Several Weeks Later….
Ichigo's Room

Ichigo sat down on his bed, tired from having Ikumi work him into the ground. As he lay down on the bed he groaned when his cellphone started to go off. "Ikumi, I swear that if this is another job, I quit," he grumbled. He flipped the phone open and hit the answer button. "Hello?"

A voice he hadn't heard in a long time was on the other end of the line. "Hello? Is that you, Ichigo?"

The Substitute blinked. "Halibel?" He was shocked; he'd thought that she'd returned to Hueco Mundo by now. "Why do you have my phone number?"

"Yoruichi gave it to me. Could you please come over to your friend's shop? There's something I'd like to discuss with you." And with that, she hung up the phone.

Ichigo stared at his cellphone with a scowl. "Yoruichi, next time you teach her how to communicate, also teach her some manners too…."

Putting on his shoes, Ichigo was out the door. He didn't know why Halibel had called him…but he had a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with the "rewards" her friends gave him.

Minutes Later….
Urahara Shop; Underground Chamber

Ichigo climbed down the ladder and entered the underground chamber Kisuke had set up. When he finally reached the ground and turned to look for Halibel, the first thing he'd noticed was that Kisuke had made a big renovation to the chamber. "When'd Urahara put in a pool?"

When he walked over to the large swimming pool, he saw a shadow beneath its waters. A head of blonde hair rose and looked up at Ichigo. "Oh, hello there, Ichigo. Thanks for coming." Halibel swam over to the ladder and started to climb up.

It took every fiber of control Ichigo possessed to keep himself from staring. Halibel's Fracción were beautiful but Halibel was by far the most gorgeous. Wearing one of Yoruichi's bikini's that covered very little, Halibel's soaking wet body looked like it had been created by a master sculptor. Ichigo's eyes struggled to not look lower at her jiggling chest straining against her wet bikini or her smooth, toned stomach and shapely thighs. He also figured from her lack of a hollow hole or mask fragment that she was in a Gigai. "Um…what's with the pool?"

Sitting down on a towel, Halibel stretched out her arms. "Your friend with the bucket hat made it for me as part of my physical therapy. I was bedridden for so long my muscles were beginning to atrophy. A nice swim is just what I need to get my body back together." She patted the spot next to her and smiled at the boy. "Here, sit, Ichigo. There's something I want to talk to you about."

Ichigo did as she asked, sitting down next to her while trying to maintain a little distance. "So what do you want to talk about?"

"I never managed to talk to you after I awoke. I asked your friends but they told me you were busy with other responsibilities." She put a hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "I never got the chance to say thank you for rescuing me. Being trapped in the Quincies dungeon was a nightmare."

"You don't need to thank me," Ichigo insisted, taking hold of her hand and squeezing it. "You were in trouble and I was doing what was right."

Chuckling, Halibel shook her head. "A Soul Reaper saving an Arrancar? That doesn't exactly seem right…."

Ichigo stared at her. "Listen, Halibel. I think you've got one thing wrong. I'm not a Soul Reaper. I'm a Human. And I've friends who are both Soul Reapers and Arrancars."

"I see…." Halibel turned back to face Ichigo and touched his cheek. "You're quite the intriguing boy, Ichigo Kurosaki. Thank you." Before Ichigo had time to react, Halibel leaned forward and planted her lips on his with a sweet kiss. When she pulled away she smiled at Ichigo's blushed reaction. "Come now, Ichigo. Surely you're used to kissing a girl by now, what with my Fracción giving you your reward and all."

Ichigo gulped. He figured that the Tres Bestia would tell her but he had no idea what her reaction would be. "You're…not mad?"

"Mad?" Halibel cocked her head amusingly. "Now why would I be mad? My Fracción are grown women and I don't tell them who they can bed with. But that does bring me to my next point…."She took Ichigo's hand and pressed it against her cheek. "It's only fair that I give you your much deserved reward." She kissed him again and caressed his cheek. "Mmmmh…."

As he pulled away, Ichigo looked at her with a worried look; he didn't want her to think she was obligated to throw herself at him. "Halibel, are you sure?"

"Ichigo," Halibel replied, running a finger up Ichigo's side, "Do you have any idea what it's like listening to my Fracción talk about how good you are and not being able to do anything about it? I want this. And from what I can feel…" she said slyly as her hand dipped down and palmed the growing bulge in his pans, "You want this too."

Deciding that he may as well go for four out of four, Ichigo leaned forward and kissed her back. Soul Reaper and Arrancar made out and began to feel each other up. Halibel's hand slipped underneath Ichigo's shirt to run her fingers across his toned abs while Ichigo's hand trailed up her front and squeezed her boob, earning a sigh from the alluring woman as his thumb circled her hardening nipple. As she kissed him once more, her tongue demanded entry form his lips, which Ichigo eagerly complied. Their tongues lewdly came together for a few moments before Halibel pulled away, smiling seductively at the boy. She grabbed the boy's shirt and tugged it off of him. Once Ichigo was relinquished of his shirt, she put a hand on his chest and pushed him gently backward until he was lying on the towel. Getting on top of him, Halibel kissed his lips tenderly before making her way down. Ichigo closed his eyes and let out a low moan as Halibel kissed her way down his front, arching his back as she licked his nipples before continuing down. Reaching his pants, Halibel quickly did away with the obstructive clothing as well as his underwear, leaving him naked before the Arrancar.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Halibel lied down next to Ichigo and gripped his cock. Despite being a hardened warrior and a master swordswoman, Halibel's hand was as soft as velvet as she stroked him. Ichigo turned his head and saw her smirking face, getting turned on as his eyes gazed at her beautiful body. Eyeing her large bosom, he reached out and palmed one of her firm tits, feeling how soft her breast was. As Halibel's stroking continued his hand left her breast to slide down her smooth stomach. Halibel grinned when his fingers reached the spot between her legs, gently rubbing her wet pussy.

Ichigo and Halibel kissed as each got the other off. Halibel eagerly sucked on Ichigo's tongue while her handjob quickened, feleing the throbbing shaft beneath her fingertips start to pulse. Ichigo couldn't help but roll his eyes into the back of his head while he slipped two fingers inside her wet snatch, Halibel's tight muscles tightening around his digits as they made their way into their womanhood. The Espada moaned into the kiss between them as Ichigo pumped his fingers in and out. A dirty sound filled the large chamber as Ichigo's fingers started to slide in and out of her faster, his fingers covered in her juices. Ichigo's tongue collided with Halibel's as her handjob quickened. Halibel's thumb rubbed the leaking head of his cock, smearing pre-cum.

When Halibel raised her hand to caress his cheek Ichigo took hold of it. "Halibel," he breathed as the kiss was broken, a strand of saliva connecting them. "I'm…."

"Me too," Halibel said. She squeezed Ichigo's hand as she smiled. "Let's cum together."

When Ichigo's thumb started to rub her clit, Halibel could handle the pleasure no longer. She smashed her lips against Ichigo's as she came. "Mmmmmmhhhh!" Ichigo felt her tight muscles squeeze his fingers while squirting all over his hand. He took his free hand and ran it through Halibel's wet hair as he came all over her hand. Halibel felt the heat of Ichigo's cum as it sprayed all over her hand, her body shivering in anticipation.

Halibel broke the kiss and sat up, looking down at her cum-covered hand. Ichigo's softened cock started to rise back up again when he saw her lick her hand clean. Getting a look at her backside, Ichigo's mind became filled with all kinds of dirty thoughts when he saw her smooth, elegant back and plump ass. Without even realizing it he reached forward and put his hand on her back, feeling the curves of her spine with his fingers. Halibel could feel her pussy heat up again from his sensual touch. The boy may not have known it but he was a natural when it came getting a woman hot and bothered.

It was then that Halibel decided to do something special for Ichigo. Turning around she crawled on top of Ichigo and sat down between his legs. Ichigo gasped when she started to stroke his cock again, the Espada chuckling when she ran her thumb over the sensitive head. "Ichigo, I've shown you what I can do with my hands, let me show you what I can do with my feet."

Brown eyes widened as Halibel took her feet and wedged Ichigo's cock between them. The young man never imagined that a woman's feet could be used for anything sexual but now he was experiencing the feeling of how soft and smooth Halibel's feet were. The Espada gave a rare giggle when she saw Ichigo's expression, her feet smoothly moving up and down Ichigo's shaft. Her feet cradled Ichigo's cock, her heels gently rubbing his balls each time they went down.

"So good…" Ichigo moaned. He could feel his balls tighten up again as her sensual footjob continued. "Halibel…cumming!" he groaned as that familiar hot rush flowed through his cock, cumming all over her feet. Halibel smirked as she watched Ichigo orgasm.

Getting up, Halibel walked over to the pool and sat down at the edge, washing off her dirty feet. Once she was clean she walked back over to Ichigo and crawled on top of him. Ichigo wrapped his arms around her and embraced her as she kissed him again, his body feeling hot from feeling her breasts rub against his chest. Halibel smirked into the kiss when she felt his cock rub against her leg. Ichigo moaned into her luscious lips, his hands cupping the woman's ass. "Ichigo, do you want your reward?" Halibel asked as she caressed his cheek.

"Yes…" Ichigo whispered.

Rolling off of him, Halibel turned around and sidled up to Ichigo who rolled onto his side and spooned her. Lifting her leg, she gasped as Ichigo pressed the head of his cock against her wet lips. As the head slipped inside her she turned her head and kissed Ichigo, dipping her tongue into his mouth while he pushed into her honeypot.

While one hand gripped Halibel's smooth thigh, keeping it lifted up for Ichigo slide into the Espada's cunt, while the other hand snaked around Halibel's elegant body to grab her breast. Halibel moaned into the kiss as the boy pleasured her all over. She groaned and rolled her head back as Ichigo started to move, pumping in and out of her pussy. "So big…" she moaned. Her vaginal walls stretched around Ichigo's thick girth and she could feel him rub against her G-spot. "No wonder Apacci and the others like you."

Smirking, Ichigo quickened his pace, pressing his chest into her back. Their sweaty bodies became glued to each toher as Ichigo fucked the mocha-skinned woman, his cock right at home in her pussy. Ichigo's grip on her breast tightened as he sped up his pace. Feeling kinky, Ichigo wrapped both arms around her waist and lifted her up onto him. Halibel could feel breath hit the back of her head as Ichigo started to thrust into her, her body helpless in his arms. "Halibel," Ichigo whispered, burying his face in her blonde hair. His hands went to her tits and squeezed them, enjoying her body to the fullest. "You're amazing," he said. His hand went to her clit and started to rub it, wanting her to cum with him. "I'm about to blow!" he grunted, fucking her with all his might.

"Yes…YES!" Halibel shouted, the knot in her stomach uncoiling as she gushed all over Ichigo's cock. Her back arched as she orgasmed hard, the light of the underground chamber whiting out. Ichigo held onto Halibel tight as he exploded inside her, filling her womb to the brim.

Halibel rolled off Ichigo's front and cuddled with him, laying her head on his shoulder as she soaked up his warmth. "That was amazing," she breathed. Tracing a finger around Ichigo's chest, she looked up at him. "I'm returning to Hueco Mundo in a few days with my Fracción. Would you like to come with me?" she offered. "You defeated Aizen. By rights, you could rule over Hueco Mundo..." she smiled seductively at her new friend. "You could rule with me as your queen."

Ichigo shook his head. "That's a nice offer, Halibel but I don't know anything about ruling hollows. Will you be back though?" he asked.

The Espada nodded and kissed his cheek. "Me and the girls might drop by every once in a while to say hello. Maybe for something more…" she hinted. Sitting up, she looked over to the pool and then turned back to Ichigo. "Tell me, Ichigo, fancy a swim?"

Ichigo grinned as he followed her over to the pool, jumping into the cold water after her. As he sank to the bottom the naked Halibel swam over to him and wrapped her arms around him, taking him in a hot underwater kiss, the fun not stopping for several hours….

Nine months later….
Urahara Shop

Ichigo sat down on the cushion to Kisuke's living room. Across the table were Kisuke and Yoruichi, the latter who was smirking at the young man. "Hey, Kisuke, what'd you call me over for?"

Kisuke stared at him with a very devious eye from behind his fan. "I just thought I should let you know, Halibel and the others stopped by today…."

Ichigo's ears perked up. After the four left he hadn't heard from them in months and part of him was getting worried for Halibel. "What is it? Are they okay?"

"That depends on what your definition of "okay" is," Yoruichi said, trying really hard not to crack up. "I'll give you credit where credit is due, Ichigo, you're a man among men."

The Substitute looked at the werecat confused. "What are you talking about?"

Then he heard the sound of a baby crying.

'…Oh dear….'

The door opened up and in walked Sung-Sun, carrying a bundle in her arms. "Hey there, Ichigo," she smiled warmly. Turning to the bundle she was carrying she giggled. "Here's your daddy, Hiro."


Sung-Sun crouched down and handed Ichigo the baby in her arms. Looking down, Ichigo was in complete disbelief at the orange-haired baby. The door opened up and there stood Apacci and Mila Rose, each holding babies.

"Hello, Ichigo," Mila Rose smiled. "This is your daughter, Layla."

Tickling her baby, Apacci grinned at Ichigo. "And this is your son, Kai."

As the three sat next to Ichigo the blood ran down his face. He noticed how Apacci's child had horn-like fragments on his head and Mila Rose's child had a necklace-like fragment, signifying that they were Arrancars. "Wait, so…is…are they…." Words began to fail him as he tried to process what was happening.

Yoruichi grinned at the irony of it all. "We thought about giving them a paternity test just to be sure but…I don't think it's necessary…."

Ichigo looked from one baby to the next, not knowing how he should feel about this. "So…is Halibel…."


The door opened one last time and Halibel walked into the room. She wasn't in a gigai and back in her normal clothes, only with two major differences then the last time Ichigo saw her. The first was that her breasts, which were already Rangiku-sized, were even bigger than before and her belly was heavy from carrying Ichigo's child for nine months. "Hello, Ichigo."

Ichigo's eyes turned to her pregnant stomach and did the one thing a normal man would do in this situation….

Everyone laughed as Ichigo fainted, the five figuring this would be Ichigo's reaction. "Told you so," Yoruichi said, elbowing Kisuke lightly.

"Yeah, I bet Isshin will be ecstatic though.

The Tres Bestia and Halibel knew that they just gave Ichigo a heavy shock so they put their babies in their strollers and helped pick Ichigo up. Halibel pointed to the guest room they were staying at. "Take him there. We'll talk to him when he wakes up."

Kisuke and Yoruichi watched as they carried Ichigo out before coming back for their babies, the two laughing from Ichigo's reaction once they shut the door….

The End