Elizabeth O'Brian could never forget Jamie Fraser, no matter how much she wanted to.

She could never forget what he did.

What he claimed he had to do.

She had grown up with the Fraser boy and played with him around the farm he lived on.

She was there when he got punished by his father (which happened multiple times) and comforted him afterwards.

She was there when he fell off his horse at age eleven and broke his leg.

She was there when he got so terribly sick, and slept next to his bed, praying every night and morning that he would get better.

She was there when Captain Randall attacked the Fraser farm and led Jenny away, kicking and screaming.

She was there when he was taken away.

She was there.

Jamie Fraser could never forget Elizabeth O'Brian.

He was there when she accidentally fell into the stream while she tried to catch some fish.

He was there when her sister, Fiona, was born and when her mother died.

He was there when she helped him back to the house after he broke his leg.

He was there when she dropped a scalding pot of boiling water on herself after she tripped on her dress skirt.

He was there when she later caught his sickness and prayed every night and morning that she would get better.

He was there when Captain Randall attacked his farm and led his sister away.

He watched as soldiers grasped at Elizabeth and felt his blood boil as one of them groped her breast.

He remembered trying to fight them off but losing the battle and being taken away.

He remembered watching blood running down Elizabeth's chin after a soldier had slapped her with enough force to throw her to the ground before walking towards him.

He watched, as he was taken away, as tears streamed down Elizabeth's cheek as she tried to reach out to him.

He closed his eyes at her cries for him to come back to her and the curses she let out at the soldiers.

He was there.

And as Elizabeth watched Jamie fade into the distance, she couldn't help but close her eyes and slam her fist into the dusty, dirt road. Her sobs quieted and she slowly stood up, staring down the road Jamie was taken.

Yes, Elizabeth would never forget Jamie Fraser, and that day she made a promise to herself.

She promised that she would be strong and fight back.

She promised herself that she wouldn't allow Captain Randall or any of his soldiers to hurt her again.

She promised herself and Jamie that she would find him again.