Chapter .9.

They were now in a field full of people like it was the largest concert crowd. Harry leads they through the crowd.

The grass was black and looked liked it had been trampled by aeons of dead feet. A warm, moist wind like the breath of swamp. Black trees grew in clumps. The cavern ceiling was really high above them it might've been a bank of storm cloud, except for the stalacities, which glowed faintly grey.

"Where are we?" Percy asks

"The Fields of Asphodel", Harry says, "Keep moving or the security ghouls will get us"

They look at all the people and they all seem so sad. Harry crept them up through the line of new arrivals that snaked from the main gates towards a black-tented pavilion with a banner that read…


Welcome, Newly Deceased!

Out of the big black tent were two smaller lines.

"One line goes to the Fields of Punishment and the other to Elysium", Harry explains to a confused Percy

"How do you know so much about this?" Annabeth asks

"I just do now keep moving", Harry growls

They could see the Fields of Punishment, which glowed and smoked in the distance, a vast, cracked wasteland with rivers of lava and minefields and miles of barbed wire separating the different torture areas. Even from here they could see people being chased by Hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked though cactus patches or listen to opera music. You could also see just a in the distance a tiny hill, with the ant-size figure of Sisyphus struggling to move his boulder to the top. And there were worse tortures. And a whole lot of other creative punishments.

"You got to admit Lord Hades is creative", Harry says

"And your point?" Percy asks

"You have to respect the creativity of Lord Hades and not get on his bad side. Or you could end up down there. You could be like Hitler or any of the Dark Witches and Wizards in History", Harry replies looking pointy at Percy and Annabeth

"But wasn't Hitler a child of Hades?" Percy asks

"Yes. But being a child of Hades and doing horrible things don't get you exempt from the Fields of Punishment. If anything they get punished more", Harry replies

Grover whimpers in nervousness.

The other line coming from the right of the judgement pavilion was much better. This lead towards a small valley surrounded by walls – a gated community, which seemed to be the only happy part of the Underworld. Beyond the security gates were neighbourhoods of beautiful white houses from every time period in history, Roman villas, mediaeval castles and Victorian mansions. There were silver and gold flowers bloomed on the lawns. The grass rippled in rainbow colours. You could here the laughter, feel the joy and smell the barbecue cooking.

"That is Elysium", Harry says softly

In the middle of the valley was a glittering blue lake, with three small islands like a vacation resort in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or the Bahamas.

"What is that?" Percy asks looking at the islands

"The Isle of the Blest, for people who have chosen to reborn three times, and three times achieved Elysium", Harry explains, "It is the place for heros"

"I hope I can end up there", Percy says

"Me too", Annabeth says, "What about you Harry?"

"I haven't decided", Harry says not telling them he was immortal

They left the judgement pavilion and moved deeper into the Fields of Asphodel. It was getting darker the further they were going in. The colours faded from their clothing but Harry's. Which got him looks from Percy, Annabeth and Grover.

The few miles they were walking, they began to hear a familiar screech in the distance. Looming on the horizon was a palace of glittering black obsidian. Above the parapets swirled three dark batlike creatures. That were the furies.

"They are waiting for us", Harry says darkly

"How would they know?" Percy asks

"Lord Hades knows who's in his realm", Harry replies

"I suppose it's too late to turn back?" Grover asks wistfully

"Yes", Harry says, "Way too late"

"We'll be okay", Percy says trying to sound confident

"Maybe we should search some of the other places first", Grover suggests, "Like Elysium, for instance…"

Harry felt a powerful wave of dark magic and Grover yelps as his trainers sprouted wings and his legs shot forward, pulling him away from the group. He landed flat on his back in the grass.

"Grover! Stop messing around!", Annabeth chides

"He is not", Harry says as Grover calls

"But I didn't –", Grover says

Grover yelps again and his shoes were flapping like crazy now. They levitated off the ground and started dragging him away from them. Harry draws his bow as he runs with the rest of them after Grover.

"Maia!" Grover yells, but the magic word seemed to have no effect on the shoes, "Maia!, already! 911! Help!"

Percy was stunned so didn't grab Grover's hand in time. Grover's shoes were picking up speed, skidding downhill.

They ran after him. Harry's mind was flying with explanations and conclusions on what was happening and who stole the lightning bolt. Those shoes were given to Percy, Grover and Annabeth by Luke! Luke had stolen the lightning bolt. Harry's mind was putting all the pieces together as he ran. Lucky he could do many things at once and not need to pause in his activity in this case running. That was why he was classified as a genius and a son of Athena as one of his mothers.

Harry had a feeling he was going to have to use a protective barrier arrow that drew on his strength. He would have to shoot fast and at the right moment.

"Untie the shoes!" Annabeth yells

Harry had to stop himself from rolling his eyes because it would be impossible for Grover to untie the shoes as they were flying fast.

The shoes looked like they were taking Grover to Hades's palace, but the shoes veered sharply to the right and dragged him in the opposite direction. The slope got steeper, and Grover picked up speed. They were all sprinting to keep up. The cavern walls narrowed on either side, and they had entered some kind of side tunnel. Suddenly Harry knew were they were heading. To Tartarus! That could only mean a powerful being was involved and it would have to be one. Kronos.

"Grover! Hold on to something!" Percy yells

Harry was getting his arrow ready. As his eye had picked up what they were coming up on the pit to Tartarus.

"What?" Grover yells back

The tunnel got darker and colder. It smelt like evil. Harry sees Percy and Annabeth stop at the sight of the huge dark cavern, and in the middle was a chasm the size of a city block. Percy and Annabeth were frozen in terror or shock but Harry wasn't he let go of the arrow and it flow to Grover and erected a barrier of protection. Harry could feel the evil magic pulling on the barrier. Harry flings his bow back on his back and disillusioned. Harry runs over and pulls off the shoes on Grover and opens a small hole in the barrier and throughs them through. Harry helps Grover up and pulls him back to safety.

"Lets go back up the slope before I realise the barrier", Harry calls to Percy and Annabeth

They still didn't move like frozen in terror. Harry puts more power into the barrier so you won't feel the total evil.

"Now!" Harry yells

That is when Percy and Annabeth move to run with Harry who was supporting Grover. Harry gritted his teeth as he feels his strength fading.

Soon they were at the top of the slope and all of the collapse and Harry realises the barrier of protection. Harry feels the rage and anger but he ignores it.

"Everyone alright?" Harry asks

"Yes. I don't know how . . .", Grover panted, "I didn't . . ."

"Wait. Listen", Percy says

"We haven't got time just forget about what just happened", Harry orders

"Percy this place –", Annabeth starts

"Shhhh", Percy says standing up

The sound was getting louder, a muttering, evil voice from far, far below them. It was coming from the direction of the pit.

"Wh – what's that noise?" Grover asks

"Tartarus. That was the entrance to Tartarus. The home to unspeakable evil", Harry says, "Lets get moving away from here"

They stumble back into the Fields.

"Thanks for saving me", Grover says to Harry

"It is what I do sometimes", Harry says shrugging it off

The wind dead. A wail of outrage echoed from the deep tunnel. Harry knew Kronos was not happy they got away. His question was what was Luke doing with Kronos? Because Harry was sure it was Kronos. With the amount of power he had to use on the protection barrier he was tired. But this quest was not over yet.

They still needed to face Lord Hades, (That meant facing one of his mothers and stepfather/grandfather), get Sally Jackson, find the Lightning Bolt, return the bolt to Zeus and confront Luke. Which Harry would do personally with some truth serum he carried on him. He would shove the whole bottle down Luke's throat for all this or run him through with his sword…

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