Warning: This story will contain mentions of past rape, murder (A lot of murder), Serial Killings, mentions of child abuse, Abuse, Gore, Extreme Violence, Angst, Law has a serious god complex, Luffy is traumatized, Euphoria from killing, future smut, and disposing of dead bodies.

Not a story for the faint of heart. If any of the tags upset/trigger you, do not read ahead.

Will contain Law x Luffy but will be a slow build. Law and Luffy will be OOC.

Chapter one


He was thirteen when he first noticed the difference in himself and the other boys his age. It was a subtle difference at the time, while his school mates drawled on and on about crushes, sports, video games, his mind drifted to thoughts of beating hearts. Pumping blood throughout a person's body, one organ, holding the key to life. He remembered watching his classmate's chest, rise and fall. At times wishing, hoping, that the chest would stop.

Of course he never voiced his thoughts, even at the age of thirteen. He wasn't mindless; he knew his thoughts would never be considered normal. By the age of fourteen he had spent most of his time studying, researching the different parts of the human body. He to this day, could still remember the strange glances his parents had given him.

He was fifteen when he dissected his first animal in biology, it was the first time he was able to slice, pull, remove organs. He could clearly remember the small thrill that ran through him as he pulled the small, still heart out of the dead animal. It was the moment he decided; no, that he knew that he was going to become a surgeon.

He was not surprised when he graduated high school early, with honors. Of course he would, he was extraordinary. Lessons that took students weeks to complete took him only a few days, he only needed to read through a paragraph once to have it memorized. He was destined for greatness, but something was missing.

Full ride scholarships, doubling his college classes, he was perfect. Some called him crazy; teachers chased him out of the classroom when it became too late. He was told he needed to rest, to have fun, to live. But he was living, couldn't they see that?

Each new discovery of the human body had him shiver in joy, each cut he made to whichever animal they were dissecting that day took the breath from him. The video shown to the class of a heart transplant had him hunched over in his seat. This was living. He was a surgeon by the age of twenty-four.

He was handed a job before he even took a step out of college, as it should be. His first real surgery, he says real because he'd finally been left alone, allowed to control what happened to the patient without the supervision of an older surgeon who thought she was somehow better than him, was an middle aged man who'd suffered from an stroke.

The joy it brought to him to hold the key to life or death thrilled him, he was the heart now. He got to choose to save or let this man die. He was barely able to handle his composer by the end of the surgery. This was what had been missing, this connection. Of course he should be the one to control life or death, this was his calling.

All too soon the thrill died away, not even a year had passed when the surgeries got boring. What was missing? Why couldn't the void in his life be filled? He was the only doctor on call the cold November night when a young female not more than twenty had been wheeled in on a stretcher.

A car collision, black ice the paramedics had said. She was in critical condition but of course he would be able to save her, but did he want to? Another boring surgery, another life saved another thankful family. Boring.

A piece of metal had lodged itself through her chest and as he opened her up, removing the obstruction a thought occurred to him. Let her die. It was a quiet thought, a small nudge in the back of his mind and the small thrill he'd been missing slid through his system.

As blood bubbled around his fingers, he took a deep breath. One tiny Knick to the artery, push that stray piece of metal deeper into her heart. His mind raced, and when the helping nurse turned to grab an instrument he'd called to her, it was done.

His hand moved blindingly, pushing the sharp smaller piece of metal deep into her heart. His scalpel slid over the artery. His heart soared, ecstasy rocked his body as she convulsed. The nurse who had turned back around was distressed by the sudden turn for the worse.

"She isn't gone yet!" He cried in mock distress, his eyes scrunched in what would look like focus. He grabbed for the thread, ready to close the artery, taking a little more time than necessary. As he called for more instruments, putting minimal effort into saving the girl, causing more harm when the nurse was turned.

After another ten minutes, the heart monitor went into the long steady beep. The girl was dead, he smiled widely under the mask he had on. "We tried our hardest, god is with her now." He murmured softly, to overcome with joy to talk above a whisper. This was it, the void was being filled.

As he walked out to tell the family waiting in the lobby the news he worked on controlling his smile. He was calm and in control as he reported the death of the young girl. As the father yelled in grief and the mother fell to her knees another wave of pleasure took him over. Little did they know he was the one, he chose death for her. He was the ultimate decider.

The buzz from the kill was in his system for months, it was the first time he felt truly content. He felt truly alive; it even showed in his work. Un-savable patients, saved. Crying families, weeping in joy. He almost felt, ordinary.

But the buzz slowly drifted away, like a drug that was finally wearing off. The surgeries soon started to become boring, again the black void made itself known. It was hungry, and he knew he'd feed it. He wanted to.

He waited patiently, even with his eagerness for the next kill. It had to be perfect, he would not be caught. He was in the middle of a four hour surgery when his next chance appeared. It was like he was being gifted by god himself. No, he was better than some fake god. He willed this opportunity to happen.

An emergency had been called and all staff was needed, he dismissed the nurse. He could finish the surgery alone, he would encourage. Of course she believed him, he was the best surgeon in the hospital. With the room empty, adrenaline rushed through his system.

"Alone." He whispered and then it started. He brought the patient to the brink of death and back, almost four times. The delight he was attaining with this act was amazing. It was once again filling the void. Even alone, he knew he couldn't simply kill the older man on the operating table; the surgery had been almost complete when the nurse left.

His reputation was on the line, even if he covered up the death his credibility would fall and he would not have that. Regretfully, he finished the surgery.

This time the void returned rather quickly, not even a month had passed. As he was playing with another patient, slowly killing him throughout a surgery, a deep sense of disappointment filled him. This was not what he wanted, what was the fun in killing somebody who was already dying? No, he wanted somebody healthy, alive, and strong.

As the patient died, he was still filled with pleasure but he knew it wasn't enough. It was like he'd only filled a cup half full. It sated him, but only for a short while. When he got home that night, he started to plan. He'd use the spare room he had; bury the body on the edge of town. The thick forest there would certainly suffice.

He spent the week preparing, buying the cleaning supplies he'd need. Stealing a couple scalpels from one of the operating rooms at work, one that he hardly frequented. He would have liked to have more equipment but he knew he had to work with what he had.

By the time everything was prepared he was becoming antsy, he could hardly wait for his day off to arrive. It was the morning of the big day, and he decided to head to the store. Make sure he had everything he would need. A glass jar stood out, of course. How could he not keep a prize?

He quickly acquired the household products he knew would be able to make a substance, one that would sufficiently keep his prize in top condition. (A/N: Formaldehyde solution.) With his brain, he knew ways of making this solution without the need to attain it from his work. He didn't need the extra attention anyhow.

Once home he quickly made the solution, putting the jar aside for when it would be needed. Taking a small breath, he headed to his car. Glad that he'd tinted the windows, it was impossible to see who was in the car. He headed downtown first, slowly driving through the streets.

His gaze swept over the multiple girls walking down the streets, prostitutes. He parked further down the street, watching intently. He picked which girls worked alone and which had pimps. He would not risk getting involved with any girl who worked for another. He needed them to be by themselves.

After almost three hours, he finally drove around the block, coming back around the corner he pulled up to a woman. She looked around thirty, and as he rolled down the window he smiled widely. She looked stunned, and he knew why, he was no average guy. If his car didn't speak it, his white pearly teeth did. His smooth unblemished skin, his clear grey eyes.

"Are you lost?" The woman asked and he shook his head. "No, I'm just lonely." He let his face fall into a devastated expression and the woman took an automatic step closer. "I-I can help with that." Her face turned into one of seduction and he nodded toward his passenger seat.

Never had he picked up a prostitute, and as she slid into his seat he took off quickly. "Are you not worried about the price?" She asked as he sped through the streets. "No, I can pay whatever you ask." He ensured, holding back a smile. This slut would not get a penny from him, but it was okay if she thought she would.

His gaze quickly flickered toward her when a small light lit up the seat beside him. He shot out his hand, snatching the phone from her fingers. "You don't mind if I hold on to this?" He questioned, but even if she argued he wouldn't return the device. It was too risky.

She nodded slowly, fear clouded her gaze and he felt the small thrill he loved so much. As they pulled into his garage, he became calmer. Safely hidden behind walls he felt his confidence rise. "Follow me." He smiled at the woman, leading her to the last place her eyes would see.

His fingers twitched impatiently as she awed at his house, "Let's not waste time." He finally snapped and her hand fell from the marble cabinet top she'd been touching. "Sorry, sir." She breathed and followed him quickly this time. "You aren't my usual customer." She blushed shyly and he rolled his eyes.

As they turned the corner to the room he let her walk in before him, her eyes widened as she assessed his make shift operating table. As she was turning to him, the question "What is thi-?" was cut off. He had pulled the rag from the small table beside the door, quickly shoving it into the woman's mouth before she could muster a scream.

As he struggled to keep the rag in her mouth, his other hand was tearing at the tape he had also placed on the table. She kicked him hard in the knee as they fought and he growled, snapping her head back. He pushed the tape over her mouth as well. Now that he was sure she wasn't going to be able to scream he used both hands to restrain the frightened woman.

"Sh.. I'm a doctor." He cooed, shivering in pleasure at her frightened gaze. As she wrestled him, she also cried in pain and fright. It took only a few minutes to shove the woman onto the fake operating table. He secured her hands and feet neatly with cable, smiling at his work. It was a bit messy, trying to get her here but he'd work on his approach later on.

Grabbing the scissors from the bed stand, he started to work on removing the skimpy clothes she had on. Tears were trailing down her face when he was done; he looked over her naked body. It did nothing for him, he had never been interested in sex, and he wasn't now.

He wanted something else, grinning widely, his breath accelerating he picked up the scalpel. The woman's eyes widened even further and she pulled against the cables, her cries seeping through the cloth and tape.

He soaked in the cries, getting a knot in his throat. He felt so alive. He brought the scalpel down slowly, enjoying the cries slipping from the woman's mouth. She thrashed violently as he made his first cut, yes this was what he needed. All his patients all stayed still, were knocked out during his surgeries.

This was what he had wanted, to see them cry in pain. A bubble of laughter escaped his throat and he dug the scalpel deeper into the woman's stomach, making a much larger incision. Slowly he pressed his fingers against the incision, fascinated as they slipped underneath the sliced skin.

"Beautiful." He sighed, letting his bare fingers feel around. The woman's cries grew louder and he beamed at her, tugging his fingers out. He lifted the bloodied fingers, holding them above her face. "Look how beautiful." He smiled affectionately before turning back to her naked body.

His next incision was just above her heart, and he shivered in delight when her body convulsed.

Time seemed to pass quickly as he had his fun, all too soon he was holding her bloody heart in his hand. He had expertly removed the organ while she thrashed and finally went unconscious. Now her dead body, rested in the back of his trunk, wrapped in plastic to prevent any DNA to be left in his car. He'd clean up the mess at the house later.

He already had his dirtied clothes burning in his fireplace, and had thoroughly cleaned himself before making the drive to the spot he'd chosen to dispose of the girl. It was two am, and the rode was practically empty as he drove.

He pulled onto the side of the small dirt road, pulling the dead woman into the small patch of woods. He had debated on burying the body or not. He decided it would be safer to bury her and pulled the shovel from his back seat. It took a couple hours to dig a big enough hole and as he tossed her in, the plastic shifted. Exposing the large hole in her chest.

His smile grew; her heart was resting comfortably in a jar on his bedrooms dresser.

As the months passed, two more bodies joined the first. He buried them next to each other, each had their heart missing a bloody hole in their chest. Another female and a male. He hid the hearts away in the closet, sad that he couldn't have them out in the open to admire them

The disappearances had become noticed by the police and they had started an investigation. He cursed under his breath as he watched the news, but he was smart. They had nothing that would lead them to him. He still let some of his patients at work die, but it didn't give him the satisfaction of his big kills.

It was a warm morning in June when he saw that his bodies had been discovered on the news. After three days, he was being called the Surgeon of Death on the news. His serial killer name, he groaned in pleasure. It was so fitting.

He was surprised at the joy he got from just working, all these people, scared of the newly discovered serial killer coming to him for medical assistance completely unaware that he was the man the cops were after.

A week after the bodies had been discovered his boss called him in, said they needed to discuss something. He was distressed at the news, had he somehow made a mistake? Would cops be waiting in the room? His mind racked at different scenarios and how he'd escape.

As he entered the room slowly he let out a small breath, it was just the boss. He could deal with just him. His hands tensed as his boss started to speak and then quickly relaxed. There was a job opportunity in another town for a newly opened hospital. His boss said he was the first in line and the job was his if he wanted it.

Of course he did.

As he drove out of town, a huge smile spread across his face, his jar of hearts safely wrapped in one of the moving boxes he laughed. Nobody would be able to catch him. Like always, he was perfect.

I am working on this story with one of my closest friends, it will be quite dark.. if you can't tell already but it has been so much fun discussing ideas and writing the plot. The story is already completed just needs to be written. Hope you will all enjoy what we have come up with!

Next chapter should be out sometime after thanksgiving.