The sensation of fingertips tracing over his chest woke him up, sunlight shone in from the window and he turned his head to the side to avoid the sun rays, and instead felt his nose brush against another. "Your tattoos are perfect." Luffy's voice murmured into his ear.

"You've only said that a hundred times since I got them." He chuckled, opening his eyes, enjoying the view of Luffy's naked body pressed against his. Luffy laughed quietly, before continuing to trace the tattoos. He'd have gotten them much sooner if he'd known Luffy would react this way, he'd started to grow accustom to waking up this way.

The pain of the tattoos, were certainly worth this, even if he'd only gotten them to help hide his identity. "I feel so lazy, lying around all day." Luffy sighed, but didn't attempt to move. "Give it some time, we will get used to the time change." He promised, though the more pressing matter was waiting for their faces to fade from the news. Even in this foreign country, they had been talked about, and their funeral aired.

He frowned at the thought of their funeral, he'd remembered seeing Doflamingo and his sister, but his parents had been absent. Luffy had paled as the funeral aired, and then shook his head in disbelief when two males were shown standing next to his grave. He never asked Luffy who they were, though he had an idea. It had to have been the two brothers Luffy had mentioned; they must had seen Luffy on the news and decided to attend. If it had been the brothers, he couldn't figure out why they would put the effort in to attend the funeral.

Why hadn't they looked for Luffy years prior to this? It was a question he didn't think would ever be answered.

Luckily they didn't have a picture of Luffy with his scar; it helped if only a little to hide them when they did head out for food. "Something is bothering me." Luffy looked up at him, biting his lip. "What is it, love?" He asked, reaching up to caress Luffy's cheek, it was something he'd found himself doing more frequently than before their faked deaths.

"How did your uncle know what was going on?" Luffy asked, leaning into his touch. "I called him." He stated simply. Luffy didn't seem pleased at his answer. "Sure, he got that scar guy to give us a ride, but what about the passports?" Luffy frowned, trying to understand.

"When I called him, he told me he'd been expecting this to happen, the bastard. He thinks of this as a game, to him we are just pawns." He grumbled, wishing Luffy would change the topic. Luffy remained silent for a long time before suddenly placing a kiss on his lower jaw.

"They won't find out that those bodies aren't ours, will they?" Luffy's voice was filled with worry, and he placed a kiss on Luffy's forehead to calm him down. He could still see Crocodiles frowning face as he killed two subordinates in front of them, though it was his early thinking that really sold the two men as them. "Not when all they can go by is our teeth." He smirked at his clever thinking weeks ahead, before this mess had gone down. He'd thought himself to be over cautious when he had coaxed Luffy to get their teeth molded.

"Oh, right. That was still disgusting by the way." Luffy complained, sticking out his tongue. "It was necessary; did you think I'd risk us being caught?" He chuckled, enjoying Luffy's array of actions. "Why are you always one stop ahead?" Luffy griped, without much bite.

"Because our lives depend on it." He answered, catching Luffy's lips with his own. Luffy instantly melted into the kiss, and he would have happily committed himself to kissing Luffy for the rest of the day if a loud grumble didn't fill the room. "I'm hungry." Luffy laughed, just after breaking their kiss.

He watched as Luffy hopped out of bed, and scavenged the room's floor for clothes. "Okay, but don't forget about our," He paused, "Names." He sighed, hating Doflamingo more and more. He sat up, enjoying the view of Luffy shimmying into a pair of pants.

"Yeah, yeah," Luffy turned to smirk at him, "Corazon." He winced at the name his uncle had put on his passport. He had a thing for hearts, but it was growing embarrassing being called a literal heart all the time. "Your uncle is a real asshole." Luffy snickered, and he snorted in agreement.

Standing, he started to pull on his own clothes, "Yes, he is a real asshole, Lucy." He chuckled as Luffy's nose scrunched at his chosen name.

As they walked out of the door Luffy halted, "You know that guy that works at the pizza parlor down the street?" Luffy asked, turning to look at him with a mischievous grin. "Hm?" He hummed, liking the excited twinkle in Luffy's eyes.

"He reminds me of my dad." Luffy's grin grew wider, and he felt his own lips turn up into a knowing smirk. "Is that so?" He noted, enjoying the familiar itch in his fingers.

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