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8:00 – Monday, September 5, 2016

To: All Students

From: administrators collègefranç . edu

Message: An Important Announcement from the School Board


It has come to our attention that many of the students have become rather secluded within a specific group of friends and have not been interacting beyond their normal social circles as much as we, that is the administrators of this establishment, would have expected from such an academy.

To say that we are disappointed in this behavior would be quite the understatement which is why we have established a program that allows you students to get to know one another without the pressure from both us and your peers.

It is an anonymous email program hosted by the school that allows you and one other student to communicate without restraint. In a sort of electronic pen pal, you two will be able to talk freely with this other person concerning your life, school, problems, anything that you would wish! It is entirely up to you. Your emails will also be completely anonymous so unless you choose to reveal yourself, you need not worry about having your identity known.

Your emails and the information contained in them will not be recorded within the school's files and no educative authorities will be allowed to access them without your consent. In short, these emails are entirely yours in order to freely communicate with your peers.

Come this Tuesday, teachers will have their classes brought into the labs in order for you to create this email. On Friday, each student will be given a different email. This email will be that of your partner's for this program.

We ask that you talk and befriend this person and help bring our student body closer as a whole.

Thank you for your time.


The Collège Françoise Dupont School Board

The awaited day had arrived. Each student sat in some sort of anticipation for the sudden notification to appear on their chosen devices. The school board had promised that their partner's emails would be revealed before the end of the school day.

The clock showed five minutes until the bell.

A sort of anxious stillness filled the room despite the teacher's mellow talking as she tried to finish up the lesson despite knowing that none of her students were listening.

A minute ticked down.

The sound of an impatient drumming sounded upon one of the desktops as fingers fell in a rhythmic motion.

Two minutes down. Three left.

A small yawn. Someone hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before and was deeply regretting it.


There was a small sound of someone shifting around in their seat.


A collective buzz sounded and several students practically pounced on their electronic to check the email from the school board. Their partners were finally revealed.


A timid Marinette slowly pulled out her tablet and opened up the email. She hadn't been so sure about this entire idea. She was normally rather shy and talking to a complete stranger didn't quite appeal to her. Maybe the fact that it was over email and not face to face would help her calm down. She peeked at the address.

punmaster76 students . edu


Adrien casually checked his phone for his new email partner. This program seemed rather interesting but he was sure it wouldn't really solve the problems the school was trying to address. If the email was anonymous how were they supposed to grow closer as a student body? Also, if the school board wasn't going to monitor the emails themselves, he doubted that many pairs would actually end up speaking with each other on a regular basis. But still, there didn't seem to be any harm in trying. Besides, there might be a new friend waiting in this entire mix. He opened the email to reveal his partner.

stylish_cookie students . edu