Thanks for checking out this little story. With the Holidays upon us, I wanted to do a cute fluffy story. No angst. The updates will probably be slow so I apologize in advance.

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December 5

The hustle of Christmas shoppers fill my ears as I make my way through the mall. A few bags hangs off my arms swinging around my hips. Charlie was fairly easy to shop for. Anything fishing related would work. Renee was tougher. Her tastes constantly were changing, there was no way for me to keep up. Nevertheless I found her a few things.

With my head low I hurry to get out of everyone's way. This place is like my personal hell; shopping, crowds... did I mention shopping? The only plus was Kenny G blaring through the speakers.

A sudden impact had me falling backwards. I land on my back with my bags scattered around me. "Ow." I groan.

"I'm sorry." Next thing I know I'm being lifted back on my feet. "Here let me help you." A deep smooth voice says. He leans down and grabs my bags.

"Uh thanks." I know I'm flushed red with embarrassment.

"No problem. I'm sorry I ran into you, I wasn't paying attention." He apologizes again. I look up from bags and catch my breath a little. His face is very close to mine but I couldn't bring myself to care. He's devastatingly handsome. He must realizes how close he is to me because he clears his throat and steps back a little.

I take a deep breath to steady myself. "I'm sure it was my fault. I have a tendency to fall down a lot." I try to laugh but I sound breathless.

He chuckles and shoves his hands into pockets. "Well this time I'll take the blame." He smiles crookedly.

I can't help grinning a little. "My hero." I tease.

He's quiet a second and when I look at him he's watching me rather intensely. "I'm Edward, by the way." He holds his hand out.

"Bella." I put my hand in his but instead of shaking it, he just stands there holding it.

I start to get nervous and giggle. "Well I guess I better get going?" It came out more of a question. God so embarrassing.

"Oh yeah, right. Maybe I'll run into you another time." Edward jokes dropping my hand.

I nod and wave then start to head black the way I just came from. I stop and feel my face blush again, then turn back around and start towards the doors. He's barely containing his laughter. "I was going this way." I point towards the door.

He nods biting his lip to keep quiet. "Bye."

"Bye." I say half way turning back towards him as I walk away.

When I'm out the doors, I let out a big breath. I want to hit myself. So stupid. Now I'll probably never see him again. I stop and contemplate going back and finding him but then that seemed too desperate so I just head to my truck. Once I'm inside with the heater blasting, I check my phone.

Two missed calls from Alice.

I glance at the time at the top of my phone and realize I'm late for dinner. I throw my truck in reverse and check behind me before pulling out. Alice is going to kill me. I'm suppose to meet her for dinner to meet her new boyfriend Jasper.

I arrive ten minutes late. The place is packed so I'm hoping they haven't been seated yet.

Luck seems to finally be on my side as I look around and spot them sitting on a bench a little ways from the podium. Instead of going straight to them I go to bathroom to get a look at myself. Alice would never forgive me if I was late and met Jasper looking like a hot mess.

Thankfully I only look a little wind blown. I pull my pony tail tight for good measure, adjust my scarf and smooth my red sweater over my pretty new reindeer leggings. A swipe of lip gloss to help my lips look less dry, and I go fine them again.

When I walked up to them, Alice has her head in the crux of his neck smiling, and he's saying something to her so low I can't hear it. Whatever it was she must have liked it because she kisses is neck.

"Hi Alice." I try to sound cheerful.

She looks at me smiling but I can see her eyes glowing with frustration. "Hey Bella. I'm glad you could finally make it." Real subtle.

I hug her and rapidly whisper in her ear. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But I had a little incident at the mall that slowed me down." I pull back and she's looking less tense. "At least you aren't seated yet."

"Yeah that's true. You're forgiven." She beaming again. I'm glad she doesn't hold a grudge. "Besides Jasper's friend are late as well."

"Both actually." Jasper pipes in. "Hello Bella, its nice to finally meet you."

I smile over at him. "Lovely to meet you as well."

"Come sit down." Alice pulls me beside her. I sit and cross one leg over the other trying to get comfortable.

"Jasper man!" A head is bobbing through the crowd making his way over to us and Jasper gets up shaking his hand and giving him a one armed hug. His back is turned from us but Alice seems to know him.

"Hey Riley." Alice says. Riley turns around and catches her in a hug pecking her on the cheek. His eyes dart to me.

"Who's this?"

"I'm Bella." I go to shake his hand.

"Riley." He flashes a dimpled grin.

The beeper in Jasper's hand goes off, and I jump up.

"What about your other friend?" Alice asks Jasper.

"He'll get here." Jasper ushers us to the podium and we are escorted to our table. Riley sits beside me, and Jasper and Alice sit beside each other in front me. There's one chair on the other side of me empty.

"Can I get you all started on drinks?" The waiter asks.

Jasper and Riley order a beer, and Alice and I a red wine. When the waiter leaves the conversation starts to flow effortlessly.

I like Jasper. He seems to balance Alice out well and he's easy on the eyes. She did good. And Riley is comfortable to be around. I can tell he's laying on the charm. It might would have worked too if I hadn't ran into my mystery guy at the mall. When I look into Riley's crystal blue eyes, I only want to see his emerald green ones. His messy blonde hair is adorable but I long for Edward's coppery mess of hair. Even when I close me eyes I still can see him inches from my face. I've never been so immediately attracted to someone before.

"Hey man, what took so long?" Jasper asks with a hint of southern drawl.

"I got held up at the mall." No way. It couldn't be.

Jasper smirks. "Did you at least get me a gift?" Before Edward can answer, I slowly turn to look behind me, barely containing my face splitting grin. He politely looks down at me and then does a double take.

"Bella?" Shock and then amusement dances across his face.

"Honestly Edward, are you stalking me now?" I giggle.

He rolls his eyes but he's laughing. "I could ask you the same thing."

I bite my lip to keep from smiling so wide my face would hurt. "Small world huh?"

His eyes grow a shade darker. "It would seem so."