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Unexpected: The Welcoming

They arrived at Headquarters shortly after Usagi had arrived at the scenes. The inners were shocked that Haruka would let Usagi stay and try to fight it off alone, but Haruka just laughed and told them Usagi would be alright.

One would not have been able to tell that there was a large town of humans if one were to look on the surface. Up there was only death. Broken buildings, dead trees and bones of people and of the creatures littered the streets.

Haruka drove into an old parking garage that was still partially standing, and to the surprise of everyone present opened a secret door way on the lowest floor.

The complex was amazing. Haruka had parked the car next to other vehicles ranging from motorcycles to tanks. All of the cars in the garage looked as though they had been modified with new sorts of weapons and armor that the girls and guys had never seen before.

Haruka had laughed at the questioning boys, but simply told them that all of their questions would be answered later, "First we need to see Setsuna."

The group left, following Haruka, while Hotaru stayed saying she wanted to work on her bike for a while. They walked through a dimly lit hall way that looked like part of a mining shaft, no one speaking. They passed many types of doors, each made of a different size and material. Each had a sign on them telling what they were and each intersection of tunnel had small signs telling where important areas were.

Finally, they entered a room that was full of technology. On one wall were televisions and computer screens. Some were security cameras monitoring the outside area and others were watching the important internal areas. Other screens had stats, graphs and so on, but the numbers meant nothing to the group.

In the middle of the room was Michiru. Her teal hair was pulled back into a low ponytail. She wore a tattered black tank top and ripped pants and her shoes looked as though they were being held together tape alone. She was huddled over a hole handing tools to an unknown figure.

"I need the screwdriver again Michi." The figure said. Michiru looked around for it, but couldn't seem to find it.

"I can't find..." She turned and there it was, filling her vision. She looked up into the face of a smiling Haruka, "Never mind, here you go Setsuna."

"Thank you Michi." Setsuna said, sticking her hand out of the hole.

Haruka knelt down by Michiru, "Hey Sets, are you almost done in there?"

A loud bang was heard followed by cursing. Two hands popped up out of the hole and Haruka and Michiru hauled Setsuna out of the pit of circuitry.

Setsuna didn't look as though she had changed much. She wore a beaten wool hat and pants and a shirt that were in similar condition to Michiru's. Her complexion was not as dark as it had been years past though. It was as if she hadn't been out in the sun for years. Her eyes though, were alight with happiness at the sight of the group standing in the small door way.

Without taking her eyes off the group Setsuna motioned for the wheelchair behind her. The girls looked on quietly as Michiru wheeled over the chair and Haruka helped the garnet eyed woman into it. So much had changed why they were gone.

Setsuna wheeled her way over to the group and looked each of them over. She had a large smile on her face, something that was not characteristic of her.

"I trust that you all made it here in one piece." She said, checking for injuries.

"I'm hurt Setsuna!" The group turned and saw Hotaru walk in from a door on the other side of the room, "How could you think I'd let anything happen to these people. They are our guests after all."

Haruka rolled her eyes and Michiru giggled at Hotaru's pouting face. Behind Hotaru emerged a young man in his early twenties. He had shaggy light brown hair and soft brown eyes. He tossed the bag he was carrying to Haruka and kissed Hotaru on the cheek.

Hotaru smiled softly at him, but blushed under the questioning gaze of the inners. Mina wiggled her eyebrows at Hotaru who proceeded to blush and hide her face in the man's chest.

Mina laughed, "Looks like our little firefly has gotten herself a boyfriend."

"Husband actually." He said.

The girls blinked. "A Husband? My, weren't you the busy one while we were gone!" Mina said laughing.

"How long were we gone? Hotaru looks almost as old as us." Amy said quietly. All laughter stopped at the question.

Setsuna looked at them, "For you, it's only been five years, but for us ten years have passed."

The girls were shocked. Ten years. What had happened in those ten years that had turned the world into a war zone?

Once again Ami was the logical one, "Setsuna, I think that you need to tell us what's going on."

Setsuna was about to answer but another voice beat her to it. "Yes Setsuna. Please explain what's going on."

Everyone whipped around to see Usagi standing in the door way. She had wiped most of the blue blood off, but some still clung to her and her skin was lightly tinted blue.

She glared at the old her woman. Her blue eyes were like daggers. They did not only stab Setsuna, but everyone else in the room as well. They held anger and betrayal. When they landed on Hotaru, she couldn't help but wince.

"Usagi please, don't look at us like that." Hotaru whimpered.

"How should I look at traitors?" She spat.

The man spoke up, "Usagi they only wanted to help..."

"Sammy!" Usagi yelled, "Stay out of this!"

He pushed Hotaru behind him and stood eye to eye with his sister. "You need the help Usagi, all of you do."

A veil of ice covered her eyes, "We don't need help from them."

"You need all the help you can get!"

"How would you know?"

Sammy's jaw clenched tightly as he hissed words out, "I'm Michiru's apprentice, Hotaru's husband and your brother. Everyday I work in the hospital tending to injuries and half of the time their yours and Hotaru's!"

Usagi tossed him the pouch she had cut from the T.L.B, "Why don't you go back to your job and stop telling my how to do mine."

He glared at her, ready to retort but Hotaru touched his arm and smiled at him softly. He knew she wanted him to leave, but he was reluctant to do so. Finally, after a moment of silence, he left without a glance at Usagi.

Setsuna was the first to speak after Sammy had left, "Usagi, please, try to understand..."

Usagi cut in, "Send them back."

Setsuna looked startled, "What?"

"Send them back to wherever they came from." Usagi looked serious.

Setsuna swallowed hard. The look in Usagi's eyes told her to agree with the small woman if she wanted to live to see another day, but she couldn't. "I can't do that."

"Why not?" Usagi's voice was ice.

"I don't have enough power."

Usagi was shaking with anger now, "How long do you need?"

"A couple months at least."

Usagi inhaled, trying to calm herself down, "Very well. They will be confined to assigned living quarters until I decide what to do with them."

She tried to walk out past the group, but Rei grabbed her arm, "We can help Usagi."

Rei watched as Usagi's body tensed at her words. "We don't need help from you."

Usagi tore her arm away from Rei's grip and walked down the hall away from the shaken group. What had happened to this world, to Usagi?

'Why?' it was the only word going through Usagi's head. She stumbled into the small, dark bathroom switching the light on as she practically collapsed on the small sink. The lights flickered, casting Usagi back and forth between light and dark, the fine line that she herself could see time and time again.

She looked into the mirror and was disgusted at what she saw. A girl, not even a woman, stared back at her with confused, sad eyes. She could still see the bit of innocence flickering at the back of her mind, demanding to be let out, the small bit of forgiveness and hope aching to be realized and trying to ease the large calloused soul that was now Usagi.

Usagi looked away; she couldn't stand the vision in front of her. She hated seeing anything that remained of her old self before the war started. It just brought back memories that she did not have time for. Stupid pointless hopes and dreams that she shouldn't indulge anymore, but she still did.

No matter how many times she did, she still went back to her memories with the other Senshi, before they left. The happy and sad times when her parents were still here and her Mamoru, when he would hold her and the world seemed perfect. Memories of her old self, naïve, weak and stupid.

Stupid, the word rang through her head like a curse. She still was stupid. She had felt the surge of magic but thought that it was Hotaru because it had come from the hospital wing. Her Senshi went behind her back even when she had deliberately told them not too, and she was stupid not to see their intentions.

Her hands clutched the side of the sink in anger. How dare they. How dare they do this to her, to them! She gave the inners their freedom, freedom that they had deserved, and the outers selfishly taken it away. She's handled the enemy up until now and she could keep on protecting the people of this colony. She would destroy the enemy. She would annihilate every single one of them, just as they did to the human race. She could handle it, she would handle it, didn't the outers believe in her? She could do it. She could do it without the inners.

"I CAN DO IT ALONE!" She screamed as she punched the mirror, shattering the reflection of her old self. Usagi stared down at her hands, pieces of glass stuck out of the bluish stained skin, and red blood oozed out, mixing with the blue to make a purple that glared at her mockingly. The violet concoction sung with failure creating another scream in her tiny throat.

She hit the wall again, breaking the precious tiles, screaming curses against the outers, the inners, the enemy, and herself and her weakness. She punched until there was no feeling left in her functioning hand and flung herself into the shower stall in the corner.

The motion sensor picked up her movement and the water began to fall down on her huddled form. Usagi clutched her left arm with her bloodied hand and brought her knees up to protect her from her invisible demons. Tears ran down her face, mixing in with the water, the enemy's blood and her own.

She sat there for an eternity sobs escaping her hard exterior from time to time. She stared at the drain, watching the water carry away the layers of blood, sweat and dirt. She did not move until the water ran clear again and washed away all of her hate and sorrow.

Outside the bathroom, Hotaru leaned against the wall, listening to first the destruction of the bathroom, then the destruction of Usagi's spirit, and now the reconstruction of the fragile heart that had been worn down by war.

"I'm sorry 'Sagi, but we all needed them, especially you."

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