AN: Just a short little Drabble earlier in the timeline. Credence's first wand!

Newt smiled as he stepped off in London, and looked back at his newest charge. The first thing he'd have to get Credence was a wand. Ollivander's had been the primary wand shop ever since the family had come over from Greece before the common era. He Apparated Credence into Diagon Alley, and they walked to the small shop in which dusty wands lay about.

"We're going to get you a proper wand," Newt told him. "So you can have an easier time channeling your magic. Mr. Ollivander should have it ready in a week. Needs time to prepare the wood and core."

"This will help me?" Credence asked. "Having a wand?"

"It should help," Newt promised. "Gives you something to channel your Obscurus into. Let's see, where did I put your wand core?"

He patted his pockets in his coat, vest, and pants until he recovered the Thunderbird feather from Frank.

"Do you want to touch it?" he asked. "I know that it often helps the wand bond to its owner if they've touched the core."

Credence nodded, and Newt placed it in the young man's hands. He smiled as he turned the feather over and over in his hands again. Newt smiled and led Credence into Ollivander's.

The old man was delighted to work with a Thunderbird feather, and his son watched with fascination. The wand would be ready in a week, Mr. Ollivander had told them. Credence had reluctantly handed over the feather.

Newt would never forget when Credence first held his wand and swished it, and smiled as the sparks flew and a strange wind blew. Credence looked happy.