A/N: hey guys! This is my first blue exorcist story, and I'm actually excited because I had this idea in the back of my mind for a long time. And I'm sorta piecing it together as I go but I really hope you guys will stick with me on this journey. And I will do the same! I'm really excited and I hope you enjoy it! Also if you guys don't know, this is a BONxRIN fic as well, I will try my best not to turn this into a romance fic because I know how agitating that can get for some of you. But as I go along I really want to hear your guys feedback so that I this can be fun for you guys too!

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Chapter One: Saints go to Heaven...

Rin Okumura rushed through the doors of the cram school. His feet high fives the tiled floor as he rocketed towards his class room. He was late once again and knew that this time his brother, Yukio, wouldn't go easy on him like last time. Rin stopped in front of the doors of his class before entering quietly. Lucky for him, the other esquires were face down in a book and he had not interrupted a lecture. But, it also gave his brother Yukio, a perfect opportunity to strike.

"Rin. Do you want to explain to me why your late, again!" Yukon kept his voice quiet, trying not to grab the attention of other students. But of course, the other requires were already looking up to the front, all with different expressions. Rin sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well um…I thought I put my alarm on this morning…" Rin tried to explain. Yukio just looked at him with an unamused look.

"I'm surprised he even has an alarm." A mutter was heard from the class. Rin, knowing who it was looked back at the partially blond haired boy.

"Wanna say that to my face!?" Rin yelled out. The boy let out a quiet growl as his pink haired friend chuckled at his side, before an argument could break out Yukio spoke up.

"Rin. Look, we had a deal. If I let you have your own room then you will start learning some responsibility and come to class on time." Rin sighed and nodded his head.

"Alright alright, I get it. I'll be on time tomorrow, okay?" Rin said. Yukio held his gaze a bit longer before releasing it and letting out a sigh.

"Fine. Go sit and read chapter twenty three and twenty four. We'll be discussing them afterwards." Yukio ordered. Rin nodded his head and made his way to his seat, next to shiemi.

"Hello Rin." Shiemi spoke quietly. Rin gave her a smile and waved hello to her too. Rin noticed that her book was closed and she was looking up at the board.

"Hey, aren't you going to read the chapters?" Rin asked. Shiemi smiled.

"I read them yesterday. Izumo and Paku helped me." Shiemi explained. "Was what I heard about you moving to a new room true?" Shiemi shifted in her seat so that she was now facing Rin.

"Uh, yeah. Since we live in the abandoned dorms there are a lot of other rooms, I convinced Yukio to let me have my own room, living with each other for such a long time is getting kinda cramped." Rin explained as he opened his book to look for the chapter. Shiemi nodded her head.

Rin made it to the chapter and scan the page. Demon Deals. Rin sighed before starting to read.

'Demons are the beings of Gehenna. They pray on human souls and take them to hell. Certain types of demons which we will discuss in the oncoming chapters do this by making deals with humans.'

Rin read the paragraph a scowl on his face. Not all demons are like that. Not him. Rin kept reading, trying to comprehend some of the information. He reaches to the end of the page his face paling slightly.

'Saints go to heaven. No matter what deal is made a Demon cannot take a purified soul to hell. Human souls can be easily purified through prayer while demon souls, are forever damned.'

Rin put down the book, 'forever damned….will I... go to hell?' Before he could think about it further Yukio spoke up.

"Alright class. I trust that you read the chapters, now can anyone tell me what kinds of demon live off of making deals?" Yukio called out to the class. Rin zoned out, thinking about what he just read. He thought he heard Bon answering the question but completely didn't listen.

'Am I going to hell? I'm a half demon…but I'm more demon than human, unlike Yukio. What if he goes to heaven and I…'

"Rin!" Yukio spoke up, grabbing the wondering teens attention. Rin looked at his brother as the smarter one sighed. "Dazing off again are we. The bell rung a few minutes ago." Rin's eyes widened as he looked around the empty classroom. "Are you alright?" Yukio tried to ask.

"Y-yeah, I'll see you later Yukio." Before another word was spoken Rin ran out the door. Yukio looking at where he once was a confused look on his face.

Rin ran his way to the gym finally walking in the arena to find his other classmates in their as well.

"Look who decided to join us. You've been slower today." Bon remarked as Rin walked in. Rin didn't bother to talk back because of his wondering mind. He sat down on the ledge next to Miwa and Shima.

'Jeez, why am I so caught up in this? I shouldn't be so worried.' Bon looked at Rin with an analytical gaze. He was expecting him to yell back at him like before, or make some snide remark but instead the half demon looked out into the arena his eyes off into the distance.

"Hey uh, okumura…you okay their buddy." Shima said sheepishly. Rin snapped out of his haze and looked at Shima a confused look on his face.

"Huh? Oh uh, I'm fine just a little tired I guess." Rin explained shaking it off with a grin and a nervous chuckle. Bon raised an eyebrow in question but stopped himself when the teacher walked in.

"Alright class. Today we are going back to the leapers. You all will have to approach the leaper in pairs of two. The purpose of this test is to see if you can calm a demon so violence won't be necessary." Rin was able to listen to the explanation before slipping back into his wondering state. Bon noticed this and growled in annoyance.

"You will be assigned partners, and remember a leaper can read your emotions any agitation detected the leaper will attack. You will work as a team to ensure the safety of each other." The teacher finished his explanation. "Alright the partners I have assigned are Miwa and Shiemi, Izumo and Bon and Shima and Rin Okumura."

"Alright! Rin your with me!" Shima raised his hand up for a high five only to get a hum of agreement from Rin. Bon narrowed his eyes at Rin.

'What is with Okumura today?'

"Looks like we're up first. Try to keep up." Izumo said as she walked past Bon. Bon glared at her but followed anyway. The leaper stood, chained in the center of the arena. Izumo and Bon stopped a few feet ahead.

"So should you start or should I?" Bon asked. Izumo huffed and walked ahead after taking a calming breath. Held in his anger and tried to breathe, remember the leapers abilities. Izumo walked to the leaper with determination(trying to keep down the disgust the bubbled inside her) and reached out her hand to touch the slimy reptile demon. After a short while Izumo walked away triumphantly and past Bon.

"Good luck, you might need it." Izumo stated. Bon glared at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He said.

"Oh please, we all know your anger is your weakest point. You mind as well give up." Izumo remarked.

"Why you…" Bon shook with anger but immediately stopped himself when he realized it only proved his classmates theory. Taking a breath Bon walked over to the leaper, being able to pet the demon as well, much to izumo's dismay. Bon walked back with a copy smirk on his face.

"You were saying?" He joked. The violet haired teen huffed and march back up to the stands, sitting next to Shiemi who tried to reassure her.

"Shima and Okumura, your up next!" Shima stood up and then Rin. Bon looked at Rin, noticing he was still out of it. Shima seemed to notice too and looked at Bon, shrugging his shoulders.

They both walked to the center of the arena where the leaper was chained up.

"I should go first, alright?" Shima spoke. Rin shook himself out of his reverie and took a long breath.

"Yeah. I'll go second. " Rin said. Shima smiled and nodded his head making his way to the leaper. Rin watched as his pink haired friend touched the demon and walked back. Rin made his way over as well.

'A leaper is a demon…does that mean they go to hell?...what else is down their? Almost all the demons right?…and Satan. What if he's down their, waiting. Maybe that's why we haven't heard from any of his demons, he's waiting. He knows.' Rin's heart raced at the thought as each step took more effort than the last. His eyes widening his breath quickening.

"RIN LOOKOUT!" Before he knew it he was tackled to the floor. The sound of the chain being yanked could be heard behind the sound of his classmates.

"Rin!? Are you okay!?"Bon.

"I'll go get Yukio. Moriyama you patch up his arm." Shima.

"Alright. Nii, I need uni" Shiemi.

Rin looked down and saw his arm, red covered his pale skin. Fear struck him once again. He can't die not now. He looked up at the open roof of the arena the clear blue sky danced across his vision.

'Saints go to heaven. Demons go to….'

Rin blacked out.