Chapter 4: You're An Asshole, But I Love You

Olivia thought about her choices for a moment before she stood and reached for him. She pulled him close to her and kissed him with an underlying urgency. She nipped at his bottom lip before she pulled back and met his eyes. "Well, since we're not on any kind of actual timetable, why don't we crawl back in this tent here and welcome the day a bit more enthusiastically?" She took his hand and turned toward the tent, pulling him along behind her.

"You know what, Liv? I always knew you were the brains of this outfit." Rafael pulled his hand free from hers and took her by the hips and urged her to go more quickly. He didn't want to spend any more of their time arguing when making up was so, so much better.

She slipped her shoes off before ducking into the tent and onto the sleeping bags that they'd slept in the night before. She tugged off her jacket, tossing it aside and reaching to undo her jeans.

He dropped to his knees beside her, leaning in to kiss her after removing his sweatshirt and t-shirt all at once. He started to reach behind him to zip the tent but decided against it all together. They were likely very much alone, and he didn't mind so much if all of nature saw them making love.

Several hours later, he grumbled behind her as he adjusted the pack on his back once again. "Are you sure you didn't shove all the heavy stuff into this pack and let yourself off with the dainty stuff that weighs next to nothing?" He didn't mean to sound as cross as his voice came out, but he was in desperate need of a break.

She looked back at him and snorted. "You did not just accuse me of pulling the woman card, did you?" Her eyes rolled toward the sky as she stopped and removed the pack from her back and dropped it at the base of a tree. "If you need a break, just say so. You're not afraid to use that voice of yours any other time."

She pulled a bottle of water from her pack and brought it to her lips to relieve her parched throat. "And I believe it was your idea to go hiking and fishing all in one go, so quit your bellyaching. This is why I left my toddler at home." Right now, she couldn't see much difference between Noah and her boyfriend.

He dropped his pack from his arms and stretched his back to work out the kinks. "I was fine. We could have kept going. Don't stop on my account." He turned then, ignoring the look that flashed in her eyes and reaching instead for this own bottle of water. He brought it to his lips, drinking a good third of it without stopping.

"Hey. Take it easy, Rafa. You'll be tossing your cookies if you don't." She pulled out the map from her back pocket and unfolded it. "We only have about half a mile to go if I read this map right."

He sat down on a fallen tree and looked up at the sky through the canopy of trees. "Okay. Just give me about ten minutes okay?" He reached for her belt loop and pulled her in front of him. He kissed her stomach gently as looked up at her. "You're not really mad, right?"

She rolled her eyes again, folding the map quickly and replacing it back into her pocket. She took his face in both of her hands and bent to kiss his nose first then his mouth. "Well, I was, but I'm over it. You're too adorable to stay mad at for too long." She shifted, sitting on one of his legs. She was now only slightly taller than him.

"Good," he mumbled as his face came to rest against her neck and breathed her in. "It's nice up here. I mean, it's a little too quiet, but nice, don't you think?"


Less than half an hour later, the lake came into view. He spotted it first, causing his step to quicken. The sooner they got there, the sooner he could get this pack off his back until they headed back down to their campsite. "Oh, Liv," he breathed as he stepped off of the trail and onto the slightly rocky, slightly sandy lakeshore.

She stepped into the opening with him, grasping his hand and taking it all in. The lake was shiny and dark and more beautiful than anything she had seen in a long time. She took a deep breath. "You can't see things like this in the city." She wanted to bring Noah here as soon as he was old enough.

"No, no, you can't." His eyes weren't on the view any longer, but they were on her and how she looked in that moment. He squeezed her hand. "Are you still upset that we decided to do this?"

She tore her eyes away from the water and looked at him. "Not one bit. Thank you, sweetheart. We really did need this, didn't we?"

He leaned in to kiss her softly, bringing his hand up to the side of her neck as the kiss deepened. As the kiss ended, he leaned his forehead against hers and met her eyes. "We really did. Olivia, I love you."

"I love you, too, Rafa. Very much." Her free hand grasped his elbow gently as he held her neck. She smiled softly before she pulled herself from his embrace and began to lower the pack to the lakeshore. "But I have a serious question? So don't laugh."

He couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped his slightly open mouth. One look from her silenced him into submission. "Okay. Okay. I won't laugh. What is it?"

"Have you ever in your life baited a hook?"