It was a dreary evening. Henry Jekyll was writing in his study. He was very engrossed in his work.

Rain began to hit the window with a soft pitter patter. It was almost as if it was washing away all the sins of Henry himself. The man had quite a few.

The British man set his pen down and ran a hand through his soft hair. He looked out the window into the looming darkness. It was taunting him. He could almost see his own darkness in the reflection of the window. The man shook his head.

Henry returned to his writing. It was more like a diary then actual scientific notes. He had to document what was going on inside of his mind. The darkness that was consuming him. He needed to be made known what he did to himself to prevent it from happening to others.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on his door. He set his pen down and closed his journal. Who could be here at this hour? He pondered to himself. The man stood and opened the door.

There in the doorway stood a green frog known as Kermit. He held an AK-47 and all Henry heard before he was killed was: "RIBBIT RIBBIT HARRY BOY."