A/N: Hello and welcome to Aloha Alola. This is a rewrite of Chapter 1, so do note that everything has changed in the narrative. If you read the original, you may find some things that remained the same, and that's because I got a little lazy and reused parts of my previous story, the dialogue and scenes were done, and I didn't feel like wasting them so I put them to use. I might do that if I find parts from chapters 2-4 that I can use. In this rewrite, various things have changed, including the protagonist Jack Sparrow, while still a trainer aiming to be the best, he is also a Photographer, and loves to take pictures of Pokemon where ever he goes. He also got an assistant, a Pokemon that was a gift from his mother. The divorce thing still happens because you know, plot convenience and such. Things will run a bit parallel with the games, but I'm aiming to give this a bit of an anime feel to it. As for the characters, you can scrap what I said in the main reviews. Lillie is still one of the main companions, and Hau will be sort of traveling with Jack and Lillie, in the sense that he will always be a couple paces behind. One thing I noticed in Sun and Moon, thanks to my new Sun Playthrough, is that You start out with the Pokemon with the type advantage to Hau's, and he's always behind you, and completes his trials after you, making me believe that in this game, we are the rival and Hau is the one catching up to us, a nice change of pace, honestly.

I have also changed Jack's final team a bit, though it will remain mostly the same as the team I used during my Moon playthrough, though I added a few Pokemon to keep it diverse. You will of course find out as you read which Pokemon he will end up catching. It wasn't until I was done choosing his team, which took forever by the way, that I realize he is ending up with Four Fairy types in his team. Don't know why, but I keep subconciously making my OC's have Fairy Type Pokemon. It might be because the Fairy type is my favorite type, Electric being second, or that maybe there's still some Legends of Kalos left in me, I dunno, but I found it a little weird. Some Pokemon will evolve differently as well, like say, if you have an Eevee and you want a Leafeon, you can just use a Leaf Stone on it, it makes it easier for me, plus how in the hell did Hau get a Leafeon if you can't find it in the wild? Then again I never tried finding one.

Lastly, there is a whole new character being added to this story, that's right a new character that isn't anyone in Sun or Moon. She is based on someone from another anime series, and if you guess where she's from, you'll get a shout out in the chapter two rewrite. she will be the third companion to Jack and Lillie. I decided to add Mallow as a companion only on Akala Island, as she can't leave due to her trial site being there, the same with Acerola, they will only travel on their respective islands.

Finally, after thinking a lot about the post game, warning, there are some spoilers ahead if you haven't played, Anabel is a trainer that came through the dimensions thanks to the Ultra Beasts, she's from a timeline where Mega Evolutions didn't exist, I.E. Pokemon Emerald. So I was thinking, what if I did the same thing with another character, but they remember who they are and wish to get back to their own universe? Well, there is gonna be a fourth travel companion among the group who has to deal with this dilemma. Will she go home? or Will she stay in Alola? Who knows, that will occur as the story progresses, another shoutout to whomever can guess correctly before her introduction.

Now you must be wondering, why are most of the travel companions girls Celestial? Can't there be a guy in the mix as well? To answer that question, yes, don't forget, Hau will be traveling there as well, just a pace or two behind. Think of it like X and Y, where you travel Kalos in a group with four other people, they aren't always with you, but you travel all of Kalos together. Besides, if love triangles are awesome, then love squares are epic...I dunno, I was gonna make an Illuminati joke there somewhere but I missed my change.

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Aloha Alola

Chapter 1


She didn't know how long it had been, but what she did know was that it was finally night time. The skylights above the conservation area let the beautiful light of the moon through them, illuminating the entire area. She looked around, noticing the area was clear before finally walking into the narrow hallway.

She was only fourteen years old, but she had witnessed the horrible things being done to a certain Pokemon that had been discovered by her mother's organization. She had seen the things that it had been put through, and she was sick of it all. Her bright green eyes scanned every single bit of the hallway, making sure she was truly alone. She was a slender girl, with ivory colored skin, much like her mother. She had long blonde hair that fell down her back like a curtain, evenly cut, and not a single strand sticking up in any direction. Two thick blonde braids served to frame her face, one being decorated with a Beautifly hair tie, a gift from her older brother.

She was wearing a beautiful sleeveless white dress, hand picked by her mother of course. It had a collar, which was a lighter color than the rest of the dress. It was a bit low cut, revealing a bit of her cleavage, something that made her feel a bit embarrassed, but she never liked to complain to her mother about it. The dress reached down to her knees, and had a see through hem, with a few flower designs on it. She was wearing a long pair of white socks, that reached up to her calves, and were folded down. She also wore a pair of light blue slippers, though they were closer to white than the color blue. The final piece of her outfit was a large white sunhat, which covered most of her features as she was looking down. Around her shoulder was a red and white Pokeball themed duffle bag, the top of it being unzipped so that the creature inside could breathe. She got to the end of the hallway and looked around, taking a deep breath.

"Just a little more, we'll be out of here soon enough Nebby." the girl said, whispering to the creature inside. The bag shook a bit, as the creature cried in agreement. She hugged it tightly, to muffle the cry, that however didn't matter, since a passing guard had already heard it. She grit her teeth, breaking into a sprint, knocking the passing guard to the ground. She was close, and she wasn't going to give up just yet. She ran deeper into the conservation area, hoping to reach the exit.

"Stop right there!" a man cried out, forcing her to stop in her tracks. She dove left, running up the walkway, dodging two more guards that were aiming to catch her.

"Just a little more Lillie, no wimping out now." she muttered to herself. She finally reached a metal stairwell, smiling brightly as she started running up the steps, her grip firmly on the handrail. She finally made it to the top, seeing the triangular shaped lift that would get her out of the building. Pausing a bit for air, she continued running toward the elevator.

"That's as far as you'll go."

Her heart dropped when she heard that voice. It belonged to one of the Branch Heads of her mother's organization. He was standing right next to the elevator, stopping her from leaving the building. She looked back, only to see more employees walking up behind her. She gripped the bag tightly, looking around for an exit.

"You can't escape dear, now just give us back that creature and we'll let you go. After all, your brother left us two years ago, why not let the princess leave as well?" the man said.

"Mr. Faba, can't you see that what you are doing is wrong? You guys are hurting Cosmog, and I am not letting you do that." the girl cried, earning a chuckle from the man.

"You and I both know that Pokemon is just a means to an end. Now, hand it over, or we'll use force." the man said firmly. The sound of opening Pokeballs filled her ears, and soon she was surrounded by several Zubat, Golbat and Raticate. Lillie swallowed hard, looking for an exit, but the only one was the elevator. She glanced up, her eyes widening a bit when she saw the sky light. She nodded to herself, reaching into her bag.

"Alright, you win. I wouldn't wanna get hurt." she said quietly.

"Very good, now, hand over the bag. Nice and gently!" Faba said, a smirk on his face. The girl's frown morphed into a grin as she pulled out a bright yellow bottle of repellent. She pressed the top of it, the spray filling the area around her. The Pokemon started crying loudly, unable to stand the fowl smell that was coming from the bottle. Lillie took her chance and raced past the elevator, heading into another part of the conservation area.

"Damn! Get her you imbeciles!" Faba cried, glaring at his employees. They all nodded, replying firmly before giving chase with their Pokemon.

Lillie looked over her shoulder, she knew the repel wouldn't work for much longer, but she needed to buy herself time. She finally found a skylight big enough for her to fit through and looked around for a rock or something similar to throw. Finally finding one, she threw it as hard as she could, but it didn't even crack the glass. She heard footsteps behind her and looked back, eyes widening as she saw all of the employees behind her. She looked into the bag, seeing Nebby's worried face. She hugged it tightly, clenching her eyes shut.

"I'm sorry Nebby."

"Pew?" the pokemon replied, seeing her friend in distress.

"End of the line, Zubat, use Leech Life to weaken her in case she tries to run!" an employee called out. The purple bat cried out flying at the young girl, fangs glowing brightly. She jumped out of the way, dodging the first one while keeping a firm grip on the bag. She didn't want to hurt Nebby, and attacking the Pokemon barehanded was out of the question. She cried in pain, seeing one of the Golbat sink it's fangs into her calf. She fell to her knees, the unbearable pain shooting through her entire body. She hugged the bag close to herself, a fear tears slipping from her eyes. Nebby, wiggled in the bag, unable to see her friend in distress. Closing her small eyes, she focused on her internal power. She started glowing brightly as the energy built up, lighting the entire area up with a rainbow light. Lillie shielded her eyes with her arm, in an attempt to block out the light. Just as the employees reached her, the light enveloped her body, and she disappeared, leaving only the light of the beautiful moon above them as their light source.

"What was that?" one man asked.

"She got away, the President isn't gonna like this."

"Man, I just started too...now my pay is gonna get docked."

"Don't worry about it gentlemen. Sooner or later she will return, and Cosmog will return with her." Faba said, looking at his employees, a smirk on his face.

xxx(Three Months Later)xxx

It was early morning in Lumiose city. The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon, and the city was slowly starting to wake up. Prism Tower was no longer lit up, as it was now day time, but the building still stood as the tallest building in the Kalos region. The local Pokemon were also starting to wake up after a long night. For one young man, it was also the start of a new day.

He was only thirteen years old, but had already traveled most of the Kalos region. He stood only at five foot seven in height, as he was still a growing young man. He had short black hair, reaching down to the nape of his neck, he was wearing a gray beanie over his head, with a few decorative pins attached to it. He was wearing a short sleeved blue shirt, with a few Pokeballs drawn on the front of it, he wore a light jacket over it, which he kept unzipped. He had on a pair of dark blue, almost black jeans, and was wearing a black belt around his waist. He wore a pair of high top sneakers, which were light blue in color, with white laces firmly tied into a ribbon. Around his neck, he wore a nylon necklace, with a golden charm on it, in the shape of an F Clef. Mounted to it was a small round stone, which glittered brightly with limitless power. There was a small black marking on the inside, resembling a DNA strand. He looked around his room, making sure he had everything he needed for his new trip.

This young man was named Jack Sparrow, and he was a Photographer. Growing up, he didn't have many friends. Most of the people around him tended to make fun of him for dreaming of adventure. His own father barely spent time with him, as he only thought about his job. The only person he ever spent time with was his mother.

He had thought a lot about what he wanted to do in life, his father wanted him to become a business man much like him, but he didn't want to become like him. Instead, he found an interest in taking pictures, having taken his mother's digital camera when he was young. He had rapidly learned to take pictures and had filled her memory card with various pictures, and that's when his mother realized he had potential. So with her savings, she bought him his first camera, and the rest was history. Now that he was thirteen, he had become better at taking pictures, eventually developing a love for it. He had traveled most of Kalos, taking pictures of the native Pokemon, along with his friend and assistant, a Pokemon his mother had caught for him when he was younger.

Now that had changed, as his mother had recently gotten a divorce from his father. It had been rough, but he had been able to help his mother pull through it. She was a kindhearted woman, and he hated seeing her suffering so much. He yawned, rubbing his eyes as he opened the shade to his room, letting the morning sun into the room. They lived near Centrico Plaza, so he had a full view of Prism Tower. He still remembered the power outage that had happened not that long ago, which kept the tower from being turned on for the better part of a month, along with the north half of Lumiose. As it turned out, it was Team Flare that had been responsible for interrupting the flow of power from the Kalos Power Plant. He stretched his tired limbs, looking around his room. He had his suit cases prepacked from the night before, as today he and his mother would be moving out of the region. It had been a hasty decision, especially after the rough divorce, but his father wanted nothing to do with the two of them, so she took it as a cue to move away as far as she could. She had chosen a very beautiful and tropical region, the region of Alola. It was made up of four main islands, with several little islands as well. It was mostly revered for it's beautiful tropical climate, the traditional locales and very unique Pokemon. As soon as he had read up on it, he had wanted to go, especially because there were Pokemon he hadn't seen before, it was the perfect chance to take all new pictures. He had already packed his camera case with all of the lenses and extra equipment he would need to take the best pictures around. He was more than ready for a new adventure, and it was something he had been hoping for for a while. He had originally thought of taking on the Kalos League, so he could take pictures of Pokemon battling, but traveling to a tropical region sounded much better in his opinion.

"Sweetheart, are you up yet?" came the muffled voice of his mother. He stepped away from the window, walking toward his bedroom door, pulling it open. His mother was already dressed and ready to go to the airport. She was a tall woman, standing at five foot eleven, with long brown hair that reached down to her mid back. She had a pair of brown sunglasses on her head, which kept most of her hair back. She had light brown skin, and bright colored eyes. She was wearing a light colored shirt, which had a few flowers printed on it. She wore a pair of bright blue jeans, along with a pair of boots. By her foot stood her pet Meowth, the ever faithful cat Pokemon followed her where ever she went. He gave her a smile.

"Morning mom."

"Jacky, you are absolutely glowing. Did you even sleep last night?" she asked.

"I did, Fay used Hypnosis on me." he said, gesturing to his bed where his friend and partner was, except the Pokemon in question was already awake.

Fay was a small bipedal Pokemon, with green hair like growing from he head, along with two red feelers. Her body was mostly white in color, and she had white skirt like ruffles around her waist. Her legs were both green in color. She had bright crimson eyes, her green hair almost shielding her eyes. Around her neck was a golden necklace, in the shape of a G Clef, with a round pink and white sparkling stone in the center. This Pokemon was known by it's species name as Kirlia, but to Jack, her name was Fay, his closest friend. She was also his number one assistant when it came to his photography. When ever he wanted to take a perfect shot, he would have Fay speak with the Pokemon, just to keep them calm, after all he wanted to take the best shot.

"Kirlia!" she cried in greeting, earning a smile from the woman.

"Good morning to you too dear, I hope you are all well rested, because we have a long flight to the Alola region. Thankfully, we were able to get our stuff there. Your uncle Kukui is already at the house getting everything ready for us, all we have to do is go." she said.

"Yup, I still can't believe we're leaving Kalos. It feels like just yesterday, we were moving here from Kanto, and now we're moving away again. I'm a little nervous, but I'm also excited!" Jack said, a smile on his face.

"Best of all, there are tons of Pokemon there, you can continue taking pictures, and I expect you to take a lot of cute pictures of everything you see. I got you that new camera for your birthday so you best use it." she said, wagging her finger at him.

"I will mom, no need to worry. Perhaps we should get a move on yeah? Before we miss our flight." he said.

"Oh right, I almost forgot. I got my suitcases ready, all we need to do is go. I'm gonna miss this little apartment, and Lumiose city, but I honestly can't wait to be back home in Alola!" she said.

"Still can't believe you kept being from Alola from me. I thought would would have told me." she said.

"At one point I would have, at least Kukui was nice enough to set up your passport for when we arrive. Come on, we can't be late." she said. He nodded, grabbing his black backpack. He slung it across his shoulders, securing it onto his back, before grabbing his suitcase.

"Okay, all set. Stick close to me Fay, I don't want to loose you."

"Kir!" she replied, giving him a nod. With that, the two humans and two Pokemon made their way out of the house, bidding it goodbye as they got ready to travel to paradise.

By the time the plane finally landed in the Alola region, it was already well into the night. Jack groaned after having not moved in hours. He stretched his tired limbs, hoping to regain some blood in his legs after not moving for a long time. He cracked his back, the soft pops filling his ears. Fay walked beside him, muttering things under he breath. It was safe to say she didn't like the trip to Alola. Jack didn't want to put her in her Pokeball either, she barely spent time inside it, and he didn't want to force her into it unless he had to.

"Well sweetie, where finally here. Welcome to paradise, how does it feel?" his mother asked, looking at him. He looked back at her, a tired look on his face.

"It feels hot and muggy. Can we go to our new house yet?" he asked, earning a laugh from the woman.

"Yes, we're on Melemele Island alright, be sure to remember that. Our house is a big one on the outskirts of Hau'oli city, the city we are currently in." she said. He nodded, and followed his mother out of the marina. He could see the tall buildings and resorts that made up most of Hau'oli city's beach front. He was rather interested to see it, but as of now, he just wanted to sleep for a bit. It was already late at night in Alola, either that or it had been night all along and it wouldn't be long for daybreak, he didn't know where exactly in the world he was nor did he know the time zone. Part of him wanted to know, and part of him didn't care at the moment, so he just kept his mouth shut and continued following his mother.

Around ten minutes later, they reached a large house. It was actually bigger than the one he had lived in back in Lumiose. It had a small porch on the front, and the mailbox was attached to the post rather than being on it's own post. As far as he could tell the building itself was a single floor. There was a smaller building next to it, a garage, along with a dusty drive way. The house was surrounded by a white picket fence, which seemed to have been repainted recently. It had an angled roof, with bright green tiles on it, and he also spotted what looked like a chimney, though he figured that was more for looks than anything. It didn't snow in Melemele Island, as far as he could tell anyway. His mother opened the mailbox, humming to herself as she took the key from within.

"It's a good thing people here in Alola are well mannered, I doubt a house like this would last in Lumiose." she said, placing the key in the door.

"Uncle Kukui must be proud of himself, scoring a house this big for such a cheap price." Jack said firmly. She giggled, opening the door.

"If there's anything I know about my older brother, it's that he's a good negotiator. Well, here we are, home sweet home." she said.

Jack looked around, eyes widening a bit. The inside of the house was much bigger than he had expected it to be.

The kitchen area was separated from the rest of the house by a wooden counter top, which had the stove built right into it. There was a brand new refrigerator, which was much bigger than the one they had back in Lumiose, and was completely in stainless steel. The floor was tile instead of the wooden ones he was used to, and had been recently mopped, since they shined in the low light of the house. There were two doors on the far side of the house, which he assumed were the bedrooms. There was also a sliding glass door on the far right of the house, which lead out to the large wooden deck. He gave a low whistle of approval.

"Damn, Uncle Kukui really does know how to negotiate." he said, pulling his suitcase into the house, along with his mother's. The woman closed the door behind herself, before moving toward a stack of boxes next to the counter.

"Kukui said everything got here three days ago, he and his assistant, along with a few local friends got everything in place, so your bedroom should be all set, though they didn't unpack anything personal from inside. I'm pretty sure your Aunt made him mop the floors though." she said, giggling at the thought.

"Man, she must be tough on his ass then. I know I don't like mopping floors." he admitted.

"How about you go unpack everything and get to bed? Even if you don't sleep, you got a big day tomorrow." she said, earning a nod from him. He wasn't tired, but it would be better to occupy his mind, rather than just sit around.

"Um...which one is mine?" he asked, pointing to the two doors.

"The right one, oh, and the bathroom is that door to the left of my room. Remember, we don't get our own separate bathrooms anymore." she said.

"A price to pay to live in paradise." Jack said poetically, before ducking into his room, pulling his suitcases with him. He opened the door to his room, and walked inside. Turning the lights on, he was surprised to see everything in the same spots he had them back in Lumiose city, aside from the television which now had it's own table rather than being set on the desk. He also had a bigger closet, though he wondered if he would be able to fill it up with anything stylish. He opened his suitcase and started pulling everything out, making sure all of his clothes were in order, a process that took him over an hour. Finally, he was able to take a break, sitting on his bed, which was covered in a fluffy quilt. He caught the scent of vanilla drifting from it, making him smile a bit.

"Hey mom, did you wash these quilts with vanilla scented soap? They smell really good!" he called out.

"Vanilla scented laundry soap is too expensive for me to buy. So no, I didn't."

"It's not that expensive...only 5.99 at your local Thrifties." he called out. He heard the woman giggle, but she didn't reply. Whoever had taken the liberty of washing his quilt had done a great job at finding his favorite scent in the world. He kicked off his shoes, and settled himself onto the bed, allowing the scent to lull him to sleep. He didn't know why, but he just felt really tired and relaxed. Perhaps it was the Alolan environment that was doing it, whatever it was he knew that tomorrow was going to be a good day, perhaps maybe even the best day ever. As he fell into unconsciousness, he couldn't help but start dreaming of all the adventures he was going to have, and all the Pokemon he was going to meet. He slowly fell asleep, without even realizing it.

Jack stirred awake, the bright sunlight making him wince a bit. His eyes slowly opened and he saw a white blurry mass that was no doubt his mother's pet Meowth. The Scratch Cat meowed loudly, waking him up further before ducking out of the room. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, looking around the room. His eyes widened a bit, realizing he was no longer in Kanto, but he was now in the Alola Region. He sprung to his feet, almost tripping over his shoes as he raced out of his room.

Looking around, he didn't see his mother anywhere, not in the kitchen nor in the living room, which had finally gotten couches in it. He wondered when that had happened, but shoved that concern in the back of his mind. He saw the open glass doors and made his way toward them, brushing his hair down with his hand. When he walked outside, the first thing he felt was the intense heat, the second thing he felt was the strong salty air. He blinked a few times, his eyes adjusting to the light. He looked to his right, seeing his mother looking up at the sky, arms spread out. She was wearing a different outfit, now she wore a short sleeved pale yellow shirt, with a long, almost floor length yellow skirt, and brown sandals. The skirt had several red flowers painted on it, resembling some of the ones he had seen on the way home from the docks. Meowth jumped up onto the railing, and sat down on it, licking it's paws. Jack scratched his head, looking right at his mother.

"Mom...what are you doing?" he asked.

"Feeling the Alolan sun on my skin!" she responded, not even looking at him.

"Why must you do it like that? Mom, people are staring." he said, looking past the railing toward one of the two paths that made up Route 1. He saw a couple of pre-school kids, and one young girl looking in their direction, most likely wondering about the new people that had moved into town.

"Let them stare honey, there's nothing wrong with that. Here, you need to get a bit darker dear." she said, pulling his arms outward, in the same way her's had been mere moments before.

"Jeez mom, stop...I don't wanna be a laughing stock in this new region!" he cried out, pulling away from the woman. She giggled, shaking her head.

"Go wash up for breakfast, it won't be long until your uncle shows up, and I'm sure you want to go out and start your journey." she said. He nodded, walking back into the house. He gave Fay a soft pat on the head as she continued eating her berries with Meowth. Stepping into the bathroom, he took care of business, brushing his teeth afterward. He combed his hair a bit, securing his beanie onto his head. Nodding to himself, he walked out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen. Fay had by now finished her breakfast, and was now checking over his supplies, making sure he had everything with him.

"Hey girl, are we up to date on everything?" he asked, earning a nod from her. He sat beside her, pulling his camera case from inside it. It was a medium sized case, which was black in color. Flicking it open, he pulled out his camera from inside.

It was one of the best cameras on the market, one that his mother had gotten him for his recent birthday. Despite it being small, it was actually a really good digital camera. It was around the size of a Holo Caster, bright blue in color, with a big lens in the center. The sides were black in color, and were smooth to the touch, making it easier to grip. On the back of the device was the digital touch screen, along with the view finder. It was one of the things that he loved about his camera, he could use it as a digital camera and as an SLR camera. He also got two adjustable lenses for it, along with a tripod and a special remote so he could take his picture without moving, though he only used that for stationary photography, or when he was persistent on capturing a certain Pokemon in a picture. He looked the device over, making sure he had plenty of charged batteries for it, though it was a solar powered model, so he doubted it would run out of power anytime soon. He grabbed the small strap attached to the side of it and attached it to this nylon necklace, allowing it to hand from his neck. He closed the case back up, as he wouldn't be needing any of the high powered lenses anytime soon. He stuffed it back into his backpack, giving Fay a nod.

Just then, the door bell rung, rather loudly through the house. His mother, who had just finished making breakfast, shut off the stove. She handed Jack his food, before moving toward the door.

"That must be your uncle now. Can't wait for you two to meet in person!" she said, finally reaching the door. She unlocked it, allowing the older man into the house.

"Alola, it's so good to see you little sis!" the man said.

"Nice to see you too Kukui. It's been how long?" she asked.

"Thirteen years, gotta say that's a long time to spend away from paradise. I'm honestly surprised you came back. And you must be Jack, nice to meet ya kiddo!" the man said, earning a smile from Jack.

"Nice to meet you too uncle, Alola!" he said, crying out the greeting.

"Kirlia!" Fay called out, a smile on her face. Kukui gave the two a smile in return.

"I haven't seen a Kirlia in a long time, you are a welcome sight here in Alola." the man said.

"Fay here is my number one assistant. When I want to take a good picture, she talks to the Pokemon for me, so they don't get startled. She usually doesn't have to battle, if she makes her presence known ahead of time. Mom was the one that got her for me...she's been my best friend for as long as I can remember." Jack said, giving his friend a light pat on the head. Fay grinned brightly, a small smile on her face.

"Well, I think Leilani made a right choice in your first Pokemon. Now for the reason why I came here, the Island Kahuna would like to meet you in person, as you'll be taking part in the Island Challenge. He wanted to meet you and your partner. His grandson will be starting out today, so he gets to choose his starter Pokemon, I figure you'd like to see some native Pokemon up close." he said.

"Would I ever, I didn't see anything when I came here last night. I'm dying to see some of the local Pokemon!"

"Well, let's take a trip to Iki Town so you can get a feel of the area. I assure you Nephew, you are going to love paradise." Kukui said. Jack finished his breakfast and stood up, grabbing his backpack, slinging it around his shoulders.

"I'll see you later mom, and I'll show you all the kick ass pictures I'm gonna take."

"Have fun dear, and be careful. You too Fay, keep an eye on him for me." Leilani said, earning a nod from the Psychic/Fairy type. The three of them left the house, making the woman shake her head.

"Well, he's certainly excited, isn't he Meowth?" She asked, looking at her pet, who just gave her a nod of agreement.

One of the biggest locales in Hau'oli city was of course the beautiful beach. It made up most of the southern end of Melemele Island and was one of the biggest attractions on the island, as it was lined by many resorts and souvenir shops. The beach was filled with people young and old, all enjoying the refreshing water and the warm sun.

There was also a pier nearby, where people could rent Sharpedo and zoom around the ocean to see the underwater Pokemon. It was also a place that was popular among fishermen, as a lot of Pokemon looked around the area for food. This was also the favorite spot of one of the local Pokemon.

It was a small feline pokemon, which was a dark black in color. It had bright orange markings on its face, with bright yellow eyes, and long bright orange whiskers. It had small paws, with bright orange rings its legs. It's tail was medium length and had a small tuft of fur sticking up, making it look like a paint brush. This pokemon was the fire type Litten, a Pokemon normally given out to new trainers. It yawned loudly, stretching its lithe body before settling down on the wooden dock, only to get a small spay of water to the face, making it hiss in anger.

"Whoops, sorry there buddy, I didn't mean too!"

Litten looked up at its trainer, a flat look on it's face. It ignored her entirely and started licking its paws, wanting to get the water off its fur as fast as it could.

The girl sighed, rolling her eyes as she pulled her fishing rod closer to herself. She was a young woman of thirteen, with light tan skin. She had long blackish blue hair, which reached past her waist, and was tied up into a high ponytail with a bright blue ribbon. She was wearing a white tee shirt, which had a white collar, showing off most of her shoulders. Underneath she was wearing a mint green bikini top, slightly visible through her shirt. She was wearing a pair of short blue shorts, the bottom of her pockets sticking out from the legs. She wore a pair of brown sandals, the straps wrapping around her ankles. She was sitting on a milk crate, her tackle box being right next to her. In her hands was the latest version of the super rod, which she had bought for herself not that long ago. On her shoulder sat a small rodent like Pokemon, it was light brown in color, with big round ears which were light yellow on the inside, it's belly was also light yellow in color. It had white colored cheeks and black v shaped whiskers on its face. It had a small black tail, which was wrapped around its body. This Pokemon was known as Dedenne, and was the girl's first Pokemon friend. Her name was Hibiki and she loved Pokemon.

All her life she dreamed of being a Pokemon trainer, and once she was old enough, she had asked for a Pokemon. She had gotten Dedenne as a gift from her grandfather who lived in the Kalos region, and shortly after she had found Litten's egg buried in the sand, since then she had started taking care of both of them, training them to the best of her ability. But even though she was technically a trainer, she didn't know what to do with her life. She just wanted to explore and see all the Pokemon in the world. She wasn't brave enough to leave home, so instead she came out to the pier every morning to see what she could catch, and so far she hadn't nabbed anything other than a Magikarp, something that was very common in the Alola Region. She quickly baited her hook, making sure it didn't slip from it before casting the line back into the water. She checked her wrist watch, seeing that it was slightly past eleven in the morning, the time she usually started packing up. She looked over to Litten who was looking at her curiously.

"Don't worry buddy, I'm sure we'll fish up something really cool, aside from the twenty Magikarps that I reeled in before!" she said, scratching its ear, it mewled softly, a loud purr escaping its lips. The girl felt a firm tug on her line and turned her attention back to the water. Pulling the rod slightly, she got a bit of resistance back, a smile slowly worked its way onto her face.

"Alright, let's see what we got this time!" she exclaimed, giving the rod a firm tug. Her eyes widened a bit when she didn't pull anything up. The line wasn't that deep in the water and she usually just pulled whatever she had hooked out of the water. She tried reeling it in, but the reel didn't even move. She felt another strong tug on the line, pulling her to her feet just by the sheer strength. She grinned, tightening her hold on the line.

"Come on baby, this is it!" she cried, pulling the rod with all her strength.

"Denene ne ne!" Dedenne cried, cheering his trainer on. It had jumped off her shoulder, standing beside Litten as they watched their trainer reel in the Pokemon she had hooked. Hibiki grit her teeth, and with one last pull, she was able to pull the Pokemon to the surface. Her grin turned into a look of horror as she was what she had fished out.

It was a rather tall Pokemon, that looked like it was made of boulders, except these boulders were in fact light blue in color. It had a firm look on its face, eyes wide and filled with anger, along with a large spike that grew out of its head, almost resembling a drill. The Pokemon glistened in the sunlight, as if it were made of pure glass. This Pokemon was a local species of Onix, one that was a Water/Ice type. She swallowed hard, seeing it open its mouth.

"Oh crap. I'm so sorry Mister Onix, I didn't mean to pull you in. We'll leave you alone, honest!" the girl hastily said, grabbing her things and stuffing them into her backpack. Onix didn't seem to care as it had already formed a large orb of water in its mouth. It fired it with a loud grunt, shattering the part of the pier that the girl had just been on. She grabbed her fishing rod and broke into a sprint, dodging the Water Pulses and Ice Beams that Pokemon was throwing at her. The locals only stepped aside as the girl blitz past them, the Pokemon hot on her heels, though it had been swimming through the water.

"Litten quick, use Ember on it! Dedenne Thunderbolt!" she tried, Finally reaching the pavement. Litten stopped next to its trainer, opening its mouth it fire a small wave of burning embers, that struck the Onix dead in the face, stunning it for a few seconds. Dedenne jumped high into the air, unleashing the strongest Thunderbolt it could muster. Onix cried in pain, but shook off the attack like nothing. It pulled its head back, forming another Water Pulse in its mouth.

"Dodge it you guys, Dedenne Parabolic Charge!" Hibiki cried, jumping to the side as the Water Pulse almost hit her.

"Dedenne Ne!" the small mouse cried, forming a large electrical orb above its it head, it fired it right at the Onix, striking it right in the mid section, it cried in pain and fell down onto the sand, having its energy drained away from it. Hibiki snapped her fingers, fishing a Dive Ball from her pocket.

"Alright, Go Pokeball!" she cried, throwing the ball directly at Onix's head. It hit the spike, opening and turning the Pokemon into a red energy, that was pulled inside the ball. It fell to the sand, shaking to and fro as the Pokemon inside tried to escape. Hibiki watched, biting her lip and hoping she had weakened it enough. Finally, the Pokeball snapped shut, and the button stopped blinking. She had done it, she had finally caught her first Pokemon. Loud cheers erupted from her tiny body as passersby applauded her. She held the Pokemon tightly in her hand, holding it above her head.

"Alright, I just caught an Onix! This so cool...oh man, I gotta show the Professor, he is totally not gonna believe this. Let's go you two, we need to head to Iki Town right away!" Hibiki cried. She earned a joyous cry from her two Pokemon and raced up the road, leading the partially destroyed pier behind.

"As you can see Nephew, here in the Alola Region you might recognize Pokemon from Kalos and Kanto, but they might be a little different than you remember. Various Pokemon have adapted to the environment here, so that in turn made them change, to adapt to the climate. Some have even gained a secondary typing, or changed types entirely, like that Rattata for instance." Kukui said, pointing to the black Rattata that was currently being used in battle. Jack, who had finished taking pictures of a couple of Metapod, turned his attention to the small rodent Pokemon, eyes widening at the difference in colors. The two trainers stopped their battle, waving at the professor.

"Hey, are you the new kid? Maybe we can have a battle later, yeah?" the older of the two trainers and owner of the Rattata said, earning a nod from Jack.

"If Fay here is up for it, I'll definitely take you on. Do you mind if I snap a couple of pictures for my album?" he asked.

"Go right ahead cousin!" the trainer said happily. While he still didn't understand why so many people called him cousin, he didn't waste a second in snapping a few pictures of Rattata. He could see a slight pink tinge on its dark fur, most likely a little embarrassed at having a picture snapped at it. Jack turned the camera to the Yungoos that was being used by the other trainer, the Pokemon happily waving at him.

"These Pokemon are so cool, and unlike anything I have ever seen. I am definitely going to love traveling through here."

"Better yet, by taking the Island Challenge, you'll be able to meet countless people and Pokemon throughout the Alola Region. It will be quite the experience."

"Island Challenge? You know I heard you and mom mention it before, but I don't exactly know what it is, mind explaining it to me?" Jack asked. He looked at his camera, saving all of his good pictures, while deleting some of the ones he didn't quite like. Kukui grinned, fixing his hat.

"The Island Challenge is something that all trainers here in Alola can participate in, if you are over the age of eleven that is. Basically, you have to travel to the four main islands, and challenge the trial captains. There are seven captains in total. Once you defeat the captains of an island, you must then challenge the Kahuna to a battle. If you defeat them, then you can move onto the next island until you defeat them all!" He said.

"Oh, so it's like in Kalos where you have to defeat the eight Gym leaders and collect their badges, except there isn't a Pokemon League here, so the Island Challenge is more of a tradition. I like it, makes it fresh and unique!"

"Aside from that, there are a lot of other smaller islands in Alola, aside from the big four, these islands, while not having an trails, still hold a lot of Alolan traditions, there's an island off the coast of Poni Island that's inhabited entirely by Exeggcute and Exeggutor, which are Grass/Dragon types here." he said.

"Wait, Exeggutor are Dragon types in Alola? Oh I have got to see that!" Jack said excitedly, stars in his eyes.

"There are tons of other things to do here in Alola, aside from the Island Challenge, of course we don't have anything fancy like the Contest Spectacular or the Pokemon Showcase you are most likely used to seeing, but we do have the Battle Royal on Akala Island, and that's garnered quite a bit of interest among young trainers." He said.

"I'll look forward to it. I can't believe it's only been a day and I've already seen so many cool things." Jack said.

"That's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, by the way we don't have any of those here. Well, here we are, Iki Town."

Finally arriving at Iki Town, Jack couldn't help but look around in awe. It wasn't that big of a town, in fact it was more akin to a village. Over all there only eight or so houses, all of them being really small, compared to a house like his own. Behind the quaint little village was a large sprawling forest, the lush green trees moving slightly with the salty breeze. Jack had also noticed the stone statues lining the path up to the village, and noticed several more within it. In the center of it, was a large wooden platform, with a Pokeball design in the center of it, painted in the shape of flowers. He assumed it was a battlefield of some sort. He felt his uncle clap his shoulder.

"This is our small little town, although it's more of a village than anything. Hmm, we were supposed to meet Old Hala at the entrance...tell ya what, why don't you go look for him? I'm sure the locals will help you." he said, pushing him forward.

"Um, okay. Come on Fay." he said, walking into the small town, his Kirlia hot on his heels. He was a bit nervous but he wasn't going to let that get the best of him.

"Alola, you must be the new trainer in town, would you like to buy some souvenirs? I'll give them to you cheap since you are new in town." one woman said, showing him some of the charm necklaces she had made.

"Oh wow, these are so cool. What's this one supposed to be?" he asked, picking up one resembling a Pokemon. It was yellow and orange in color, with an orange hair like crest sticking from the top of it's head. It's eyes were a bright rainbow color, it's face being black as night, with white and yellow markings around it's eyes. Its arms extended outward, large yellow appendages growing out from the wrist, forming a sort of dome like appearance. It had white, orange and black markings on it, making it stand out in the pale yellow. Its lower body was a bright orange color, and had four leg-like appendages, one being a little longer than the others. It looked rather menacing, but Jack could also tell it wasn't a harmful creature. The woman smiled, looking right into his eyes.

"That my dear is the island deity that protects our island. Its name is Tapu Koko. It's a highly curious Pokemon, and acts mostly on a whim, it darts around so fast, not many people have seen it. It's known to help out trainers that it's taken a liking too. It's also the Pokemon responsible for choosing the Kahuna of our island. Those who wear this charm are said to gain it's blessing!" she said. Jack rose a single brow, pursing his lips.

"Are you sure that isn't just something you say to make tourists buy this?" he asked. The woman chuckled, not at all bothered by what he had said.

"Well said dear, tourists do eat it up, but I told you the utmost truth about Tapu Koko. Who knows? Perhaps you might even see it in the flesh!" she said.

"Which one should I take Fay? Blue, red, yellow, green, pink or purple?" he asked, looking at his partner. She pointed to the blue one, a disinterested look on her face. He shrugged, and took some Pokedollars from his pocket, handing it to the woman. She handed him the charm necklace, which had blue and black colored beads instead of the one with pink beads he had been looking at.

"Thank you kindly. Why don't you pick out another item? Consider it a welcoming gift." she said, giving him a smile. He looked at a few other things on the table, finally picking the necklace he had been staring at.

"Thanks ma'am. I'm sure the person I give this too will love it." he said.

"Of course they will! I hope Tapu Koko grants you its blessing, Alola!" she called out, as he walked off into the town. He placed the necklace in his backpack, so it wouldn't get damaged. He looked around, trying to find anyone with the brief description he had gotten from his uncle, but no one stood out to him. He sighed, looking back to the town entrance. His uncle had disappeared, most likely having walked down to Hau'oli city to check there.

"He must be around here somewhere, any ideas Fay?" he asked, looking down at his partner. She shook her head, unable to think of anything. He sighed, about to head down to Hau'oli city himself, until Fay tugged his shirt, pointing towards the woods. He tilted his head a bit in curiosity.

Standing at the forest entrance was a girl. She looked to be his age, perhaps a year older. He couldn't tell from where he stood. She was wearing a white outfit, consisting of a sleeveless dress, which reached down to her knees, long white socks with matching slippers, and a wide brimmed hat. He spotted something attached to one of her braids, but couldn't tell what it was. Looking closer, he noticed her duffle bag was shaking. He rubbed his eyes and held his hand over them, to make sure he wasn't seeing things. The girl was talking to herself, at least that's what it looked like, but he did see something small and blue sticking out of the bag for a single second before the girl walked off, heading into the woods. He smirked.

"Well, I know we're supposed to find Hala, but I think we found something much more interesting. Come on Fay." he said earning a nod from his partner. They waited for a minute before walking toward the forest entrance. He fiddled with the clasp of his new necklace, trying to get it on with it falling off. After a minute, he finally had it on, with the wooden carving of Tapu Koko resting near the center of his chest. He walked through the forest path, following the stone statues deeper into the woods. After awhile, the trees thinned out, revealing a path, that lead him toward the right. He noticed the walls actually rose high above him, and were dotted with trees. Licking his lips, he continued walking up the path, following every bend and turn it took. Fay kept a look out, in case any wild Pokemon decided to attack them, though she didn't sense any near the area. They spotted the blonde girl standing next to a stone statue, several meters away. They ducked behind a statue, looking at her closely. She seemed to be resting, and was favoring her right leg a lot. He did see her rubbing her left calf a few times before starting her walk.

"Is she hurt? If she is why the hell is she walking up here?" he muttered. Fay gave him a shrug, not exactly knowing the reason herself. He decided to find out, and started walking up the path, noticing the wooden steps that had been placed on the ground. Finally reaching the top of the hill, he noticed the girl was walking toward a wooden bridge, that crossed over a fast moving river. He could hear the water just from where he was standing. He saw her bag shake again, and out popped what looked to be a pokemon.

"What is that? I've never seen that Pokemon before." he said quietly. It was too far away so he couldn't see it very well. To him, it resembled a small ball of floating gas, which sparkled a bit, since it looked like it had stars on it. It had two small puffy looking antennae, which were light pink, fading into a darker midnight blue. The Pokemon turned to look at the girl, and he was able to see its face, two bright round golden eyes and a small golden mouth were surrounded by black gas. He rose his camera, trying to zoom in a bit to get a clear picture of it, but the girl stepped in front of it, blocking his view.

"Shit, of course." he muttered dryly. He heard a soft cry coming from the Pokemon, which took off toward the other side of the bridge.

"Wait Nebby, you could get hurt!" the girl cried suddenly, about to step on the bridge herself. Too busy wondering what the heck a Nebby was, Jack didn't notice the flock of Spearow flying toward it. They soared overhead, cawing loudly as they swooped in to attack the small gas like Pokemon. The girl cried in shock, several of the Spearow decided to attack her as well.

"Oh no! Quick Fay, we gotta help them!" he said, running toward the bridge.

"Kirlia!" Fay cried, following after her trainer. The girl was using her arms to block the Spearow from attacking her face, her arms being dotted with several cuts which were bleeding a bit. She cried in pain, taking a Peck attack right to the bicep, the cut started bleeding profusely.

"Please...stop!" she cried, desperate for the onslaught to end.

"Fay, Confusion!"

The girl's eyes widened a bit, as a light blue energy surrounded the Spearow, before all of them were pulled away from her. She looked toward the source of the voice, seeing a young man standing not to far from where she was, a Pokemon she hadn't seen before was holding the Spearow in place.

"Disarming Voice!"

"Kirlia!" Fay cried, letting out a pink sound wave, surrounded with sparkling pink hearts. It slammed into the Spearow, knocking them out instantly. Fay gently set them aside, making sure they were away from the two.

"Are you alright?" Jack asked, looking the blonde girl over.

"I'm fine, but please...you have to save Nebby." she said pointing to the Pokemon being attacked by Spearow. Jack nodded, taking his camera off and handing it to Fay.

"I don't want you getting hurt, keep an eye on her for me, I'll be back." he said, walking toward the bridge. He stepped onto it, noticing how rickety and old it was. It was cracked in places and some of the boards were starting to fall apart. He took a step forward, the board snapping under his weight. He gripped the handrail tightly, getting a few splinters in his hand.

"Be careful." the girl cried.

"I'm trying, this bridge looks like it can fall apart any second!" he snapped back. He took a deep breath, lifting his leg over the gap. He slowly made his way forward, stopping every time he felt a board give way. He swung his arms around, trying to keep the Spearow away from the small Pokemon. He knelt down, using his body as a shield. The Pokemon looked at him, a fearful look on its face.

"It's alright little one. It'll all be over soon." he said softly. The Pokemon seemed to calm down significantly, a small smile on its face. It adopted a determined look, seeing the Spearow rounding for a dive bomb, it decided it would be its turn to attack. It started glowing brightly, the rainbow colored energy enveloping its small body.

"What the hell?" Jack muttered, shielding his eyes a bit.

"Nebby don't!" the girl cried. Nebby stopped the attack, the energy bursting from around it. The bridge broke apart, sending wooden boards and splinters down into the river. Jack wrapped his arms around the small Pokemon, turning his body mid air. Even if there was a chance he wouldn't make it, he would protect the small Pokemon with his life if he had too.

A loud crackle of electrical energy boomed through the area, as a bright yellow, orange and black blur zoomed through the air, shooting down into the river. Jack felt himself being picked up by the blur, that turned out to be a Pokemon. He was softly dropped next to the girl, the Pokemon shooting off into the center of the clearing. It spread its arms, revealing the face of a Pokemon. Jack's eyes widened when he saw it, looking down at his necklace as he recognized the Pokemon the old woman had spoken about.

"Tapu Koko." he muttered quietly.

"Ko-ko-ko." the Pokemon cried loudly, giving him a firm nod. Its rainbow colored eyes focused on it. It held its hand out, forming something out of thin air. Whatever it was, took the form of a bracelet, which was white in color, and seemed to be made of stone. It sparkled a bit in the sunlight. It had a diamond etched on the top, with a black Z in the center, with a glittering yellow crystal mounted on it, he could see a lightning bolt etched into the crystal. The bracelet floated down in front of Jack, who looked it oddly.

"You...want me to take it?" he asked softly.

"Ko." the Pokemon replied, giving him a nod. He reached a shaking hand to the bracelet. His fingers wrapped around it, and he felt a warm energy coming from it. Once it was in his grasp, he slipped it onto his wrist, and looked at it. Tapu Koko gave a loud cry of a approval, before zooming into the distance, the crackle in the air finally leaving. Jack stayed quiet for a few seconds, unable to say anything.


He looked seeing Nebby was still in his lap. The smile on its face seemed to knock him back to his senses.

"Holy shit I just saw a Legendary Pokemon." he whispered. He shook his head a bit and looked toward the girl, who had also remained silent, clutching her bleeding arm a bit. He pulled his backpack off his shoulders, and opened it, pulling out a white first aid kit from inside.

"You're bleeding, let me bandage that." he said, earning a quiet nod from the girl. He was surprised to see her dress was clean of blood and grass stains. He pulled out some cotton swabs along with the rubbing alcohol. He cleaned up some of the blood, looking at the cut.

"Shit, looks like you're gonna need some stitches, hold still while I thread the needle." he said, reaching into the kit.

"What?" the girl cried, eyes wide in shock and fear. He bit his lip, bursting into laughter right after. Fay rolled her eyes, shaking her head at her trainers antics, before returning her eyes back to the camera.

"Oh jeez, the look on your face was priceless. Don't worry miss, it's just a small cut...nothing a big girl like you can't handle." he said. He dabbed the cut with the alcohol, earning a hiss in return from the blonde. Once it was disinfected, he put some ointment on it, along with a small bandage, before wrapping it up in gauze to make sure it truly stopped the bleeding.

"Do you want me to kiss it?" he asked, looking right at her face.

"No thanks!" she said. He shrugged, taking the soiled cotton balls, placing them in a small plastic bag he had designated for trash. He packed his kit back up, placing his backpack back on was it was closed.

"So...we both just saw a Legendary Pokemon. You gonna say something about it? Because I'm about to run back home to tell my mom about it." he said, about to take off.

"Um, wait...I'd like to thank you. You not only saved Nebby from being attacked, but you even took care of me. I don't deserve your kindness." she said, bowing a bit.

"Hey, I just did what any normal person would have done. Though I am curious, what were you and...Nebby, doing up here by yourselves? Is Nebby your starter Pokemon?" he asked.

"Heavens no! I'm not a trainer. I-I can't explain why I am here, it's a bit complicated. I must ask you to keep this between us...and keep Nebby a secret too, I can't have you talking about her to anyone." she said firmly.

"O...kay I guess. Can you tell me what kind of Pokemon Nebby is at least? She's really adorable." he said, poking the little floating ball. She cried joyously, spinning around while wiggling it's antennae.

"I'm not entirely sure what she is, or if she is a Pokemon. All I know is that she's in danger, that's why I am asking you to keep her a secret. And you, back in the bag, we can't have something like that happening again." she said firmly. Nebby gave her a firm look, but ended up floating into the bag.

"By the way...my name is Lillie. It's very nice to meet you." she said, giving him a bright smile.

"Whoops, totally skipped out on the intro, the name is Jack. This is my partner Fay." he said, introducing his Pokemon.

"Kirlia." she cried, giving her a bow. Lillie's eyes lit up a bit, and she knelt in front of the Pokemon.

"Wow, I've never seen a Kirlia up close before. They aren't native to the Alola Region, so you barely see any of them here." she said.

"Really? Interesting, actually I'm a Kanto born boy, but for the last seven years or so, I lived in Lumiose city, in the Kalos Region. Me and my mother moved here last night." he said.

"Hmm...wait are you Professor Kukui's nephew?" she asked.

"Yes, you know the professor?" he asked, earning a nod from the girl. She stood up, brushing off her dress.

"I'm his assistant. I completely forgot the move happened, I was so busy last night I wasn't paying attention. I'm such a forgetful person."

"Oh no, it's no issue. I'm sure you're a busy woman, we all have things to do." he said. Fay tugged his shirt, handing him his camera back. He slipped it around his neck, and looked at the screen, eyes widening. On it was a picture of Tapu Koko, floating in front of him along with the bracelet. She had taken the picture when he reached for it, so both of them were visible on it. He looked down at her, earning a small smile from her.

"Fay, you are awesome, you know that?" he asked.

"I try, after all you were just sitting there with a dumb expression on your face." she said, voicing out her thoughts. Lillie jumped back a bit, letting a small cry from shock.

"She can talk?"

"Of course, Kirlia are Psychic types, as well as Fairy types. With enough training, they can learn to voice out their thoughts through Telepathy. In fact, that's her special ability, it works two ways, she can voice out her thoughts, and through that she can help other pokemon on the field. Say I was in a double battle, with her ability, she can warn other Pokemon way before an attack is called, of course it takes a lot of focus, training her to use this ability was hard enough, but it paid off." he said.

"That's amazing, what an awesome Pokemon." Lillie said, giving the Kirlia a warm smile. Jack made sure to save the photo of Tapu Koko to his memory card, before switching his camera onto standby.

"Well, I should be getting back to Iki Town, I was supposed to meet up with the Kahuna to introduce myself, but so much has happened already, it completely slipped my mind."

"Um...I'm headed the same way...could we go together?" Lillie asked. Jack chuckled, giving her a nod.

"I'll hold your hand if you want, I know being attacked by Pokemon can be scary, so I'll be a gentlemen."

"I'll be fine. Somehow I doubt that would be of much help!"

"Hey, I'm taking that as an insult!"


The two teenagers started making their way back to town. Little did they know, they were about to be thrown into a life changing journey, one that would put them through different trials and tribulations, under the warm rays of the sun, and the brilliant rays of the moon.

Current Pokemon:


Fay (Kirlia) Gender: Female: Level 21: Held Item: Gardevoirite

Known Moves: Disarming Voice, Confusion, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball


Nebby (Cosmog) Genderless (Prefers Female Pronouns) Level: Unknown

Known Moves: Splash


Dedenne: (No Nickname) Gender: Male: Level: 20 (Shiny)

Known Moves: Thunderbolt, Parabolic Charge

Litten: (No Nickname) Gender: Male: Level: 10

Known Moves: Ember

Onix: (No Nickname) Gender: Male: Level: Unknown (Alolan Variant: Crystal Onix: Dual Water/Ice Type)

Known Moves: Water Pulse, Ice Beam