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This crossover is with the daily life with a monster girl(DLWAMG) for the heck of it. I am not expecting this to get much attention because DLWAMG does not have as big a fan base as other fandoms. But I still thought it would be interesting to give this unusual crossover a shot.

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Blank Slate

Chapter 1: Day 8

"For the seven days since my arrival, the name Roxas and the number 13 were all I had. Who the people around me were, what they wanted, or what they were trying to do."

"I had no idea."

Roxas could be found staring blankly at the ground with Axel standing a few steps behind him. They had just received another mission, which they were preparing for. The dark sky and heart shaped moon could be seen from the room of the castle in the world that never was.

However, they were not the only ones in the room. Roxas's gaze rose slightly as he noticed another person standing there in front of him. The newest member of Organization 13.

Number 14. Xion.

Their eyes seemed to lock for a second before Xion's head tilted downward a bit more, allowing her hood to cut off the eye contact. However, in that brief exchange, Roxas noticed something about her eyes.

They were as empty as his.

Ever since he had joined the Organization 7 days ago, Roxas was told that the way he was created was rather peculiar. He was a nobody that lacked memories. And because of this, he wasn't that different than your run-of-the-mill Nobody. He simply took orders, did as he was told, and never asked questions.

However, he was extremely observant. He noticed that other members of the organization could remember their past lives. He could see some of them trying to mimic the personality they had before they lost their hearts. That's what made them different than your average Nobody.

But Roxas didn't have memories. He didn't have emotions. He didn't have anything.

That's why, for the first time, Roxas found interest in one of the members of the organization. It was because she was like him. Xemnas never mentioned how or when she was created, but her eyes spoke volumes instead. How could he not recognize them? They were the same kind of eyes he saw every morning in the mirror.

"What's wrong? You worried about the new kid?" Axel asked as he took a couple steps forward. "What was that name again?"

"Number 14. Xion." Siax droned out, with a touch of annoyance in his tone.

"Riiiight. I knew that."

Roxas continued to stare at the new member. "Xion." He said quietly.

"Got it memorized Roxas?" Axel asked, walking right up next to his fellow nobody.


"Yeah? How bout' my name then?"


"And how about our boss's name huh?"


"No way you're going to forget his name, right?" He asked, not allowing Roxas to even respond before he stretched forth his hand. "Let's go."

A pillar of darkness erupted from the ground, forming an oval like portal. This was the Organizations favorite method of transportation.

The corridor of darkness.

Axel led the way into the corridor and was quickly followed by Roxas. The portal disappeared behind him, leaving only Siax and Xion standing there in the room. Siax glanced at the newest member of Organization 13 before he gave a small grunt of distaste and left the room.

Xion stared at the area where the corridor had been before she whispered one world.


It was your completely average and boring mission. They were tasked with finding a few treasures and killing a few heartless in twilight town. In the seven days since Roxas had arrived, the members of Organization 13 had trained him relentlessly to fight. He was there precious Keyblade master after all. They could not allow some weak heartless to kill him off.

But even so, it seemed that he had inherited a lot of the skills his Somebody had. Roxas easily caught onto combat and wielded the Keyblade easily. Heartless fell at his feet in clusters without him even breaking a sweat. He was becoming a powerful member of Organization 13 already.

It didn't take long to complete the mission. With the Organization blocking off any waterway exit, they were forced to stay on task and find the treasure quickly. Sure, heartless popped up in there way every so often, but they were easily taken care of by Roxas and Axel. When their mission was over, instead of returning right back to the castle, Axel had a different idea.

"The icing on the cake." Axel said as he handed the ice cream bar over to the newly born nobody. Roxas glanced over at Axel for a moment before looking at the desert. He slowly reaching out and took it. He observed Axel take a large bite from the corner of his own treat with a small smile on his face. Roxas found it interesting that the Nobodies who remembered their past lives missed having emotions so much that they pretended to have them. That was something Roxas didn't understand. Were feelings that great? Was that the reason why Organization 13 was working so hard? The first thing he ever remembered was Xemnas giving him his name and number. Before that, there was nothing else.

Looking down at the ice cream in his hand, he just stared at it like it was the most fascinating thing in the world.

"You remember what this ice cream is called?" Axel asked.

"It's um…"

Axel gave a disgruntled sigh as his pet peeve was touched. He really didn't like it when people didn't remember things. His entire body drooped dramatically as he glanced over at Roxas. "Sea-Salt Ice cream. I already told you before." He said as he reached up and tapped his temple. "Get it memorized."

Roxas didn't pay much attention to Axel's words as he took a bite from the corner, allowing the familiar salty sweet flavor to wash over his tongue again.

"It's salty…but sweet."

Axel couldn't help but laugh at the Nobodies antics. "Roxas, you said the same exact thing the other day."

Roxas's face scrunched in confusion. "I did? I don't remember."

"So, what has it been? A week since you joined the Organization?"

"I guess…it has."

"You guess it has?" Axel asked. He almost felt sorry for his nobody companion. He really was completely blank, far more empty than other members of the Organization. "c'mon you must remember that much." He said as he looked back at the sunset. "Well, here you are, finally out in the field working for the organization."

"For the organization…"

"You might even say that today is where it all really beings for you."

"Where it all begins…"

Axel never knew how right he was when he made that statement to the empty nobody.

It was later that Axel and Roxas finished off their bars of ice cream. They were back in the waterway, ready to return to the castle. However, before they returned to the castle, Axel decided to train Roxas a little more before the day was over.

"Alright Roxas," Axel said, getting the nobodies attention. "The corridor of darkness is the main way the organization travels to places. Got it memorized?" He asked as he tapped his temple again.

Roxas simply nodded.

"Now then, you need to learn to open these corridors to get to places. There may be times when you get separated from your partner and you gotta return without them. Why don't you give it a shot?"

Roxas looked at him Blankley. "How?"

"It's simple." Axel said as he cast his hand to the side. Immediately the ominous corridor formed from the ground. Its wispy entrance beckoned them to enter. "Nobodies can manipulate the darkness like the heartless, remember? It's all in the flick of the wrist."

Roxas watched as the corridor disappeared before he glanced over at axel.

"Now it's your turn. Focus the darkness and open the portal." Axel said vaguely.

Again, Roxas hesitated, not sure what he was doing. He extended his hand, trying to focus the power under his command. It was a little shaky, but puffs of Smokey darkness started to form around the area before eventually the corridor erupted from the ground. He blinked a few times, surprised that worked.

Apparently, Axel was also surprised as he gave a low impressed whistle. "Right on Roxas!"

Roxas didn't say anything before he took a couple steps forward. Axel followed behind, but just as they were about to enter, smaller corridors appeared around them. The corridors vanished and in their place where small shadow heartless.

Axel gave a sigh as he summoned his fire Chakrams. "Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs." He grumbled as he turned to Roxas. "Seems the heartless haven't had enough for today. Why don't you go back first and rest? I will clean up the rest."

Roxas hesitated, but there were only a few heartless and he knew Axel was capable of defending himself. So, he turned back to his corridor and walked through. The corridor vanished right behind him, leaving Axel surrounded by the low level heartless. He gave a small grin as his Chakrams started to rotate in his hands, fire roaring to life before circling himself and his weapons.


Roxas didn't know what to expect when he exited the corridor of darkness. Axel only told him to open a corridor, which he did. He didn't know where it would take him. He was just following orders and did as he was told. What he didn't expect was to exit the corridor, only the be met with a loud noise coming right in his direction. He only managed to turn his head before he noticed a large vehicle heading straight for him.

Now, nobodies weren't supposed to feel anything, but Roxas swore he felt his heart leap into his throat as he saw the car racing speeding straight at him. He barely managed to leap into the air, completely hurtling over the car before landing back on the ground. It didn't stop there though. More cars were racing towards him, the drivers frantically honking their horns while trying to either swerve away or screech to a halt.

Roxas quickly leaped out of the way, hurtling the different vehicles and evading extremely close calls with other cars. Eventually, he dove onto the sidewalk. His heart was racing for the first time in his life. It felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. Slowly looking over his shoulder, he noticed that a few cars had stopped and people were shaking their fists at him while screaming obscenities.

The corridor had taken him right into the center of a highway. He had nearly been hit by a few of those vehicles. Why did the corridor take him here? Where was he?

Roxas didn't get the chance to wonder for long as he felt something lock around his wrist. He glanced down to notice there was something shiny and metal that bound his hands together. He then looked up to see a man standing there in a blue and black uniform. The words POLICE printed on his upper breast pocket.

"What the hell were you thinking?" The man demanded, shouting in Roxas's face. "You don't just play in traffic like that kid, especially in a busy highway. You could have gotten yourself killed! You could have caused the death of someone else!"

Roxas didn't really know what to do in this situation. This was not only the first time he had been screamed at like this, but this was also the first time he had seen another person other than members of the organization. His befuddlement left his speechless.

"You should be ashamed of yourself! Who are your parents? Where are you from?" He demanded.

Roxas blinked a few times and was about to open his mouth, but them he remembered something Axel told him a couple days after he was brought on.

"Roxas, this is important. When we visit other worlds, we can't let people know where we are from."


Axel waved his hand lazily. "Ehh, just something about meddling. Honestly, people would just ask annoying questions if you let them know. So don't let people know, got it memorized?"


Roxas closed his mouth when he remembered that particular memory. He remained silent which caused the police man to become extremely agitated.

"Nothing to say for yourself? You will be held in a juvenile detention center until you talk. Is that what you want?" He roared.

Roxas just looked at him blankly, showing that he really didn't care what this guy had to say. This just proved to further infuriated the man.

"Alright, you leave me no choice. Come with me. I will get you to talk one way or another." He growled as he grabbed the cuffs and started to drag Roxas away. The poor nobody still didn't know what to do in this situation. All his life, he always had at least one member of the organization at his side to tell him what to do, but now he was alone. He had no instruction from the organization. All he had was a name and a number. That was it.

So, he just allowed the police man to drag him away to wherever they were going. After all, what else was he supposed to do?

Axel was having a great day. He was able to eat some of his favorite ice cream, chill with the new guy, then let loose on a few low levels heartless. It was a nice way to unwind after the day. He walked up the stairs, heading to Roxas's room before he noticed Siax walking down towards him.

"Hey, mission complete." Axel said "Roxas did good."

"Where is Roxas?" Siax asked.

Axel blinked a few times in confusion. "What do you mean? He should have returned before I did."

"He has not been seen since you left with him on your mission. Where is he Axel?" Siax said more firmly.

Axel scratched the back of his head in annoyance. "Chill out. It's a big castle. He is probably wandering around somewhere."

"Unlikely, members know they are supposed to report to me right when they finish their mission." Siax said, his irritation rising.

Axel bit the inside of his cheek. Siax had a point. Roxas may be forgetful sometimes, but the reporting process was drilled into his head almost literally by the berserker nobody.

"He should have come right here after he summoned the corridor." Axel responded.

"And yet he is not here. You said he summoned the corridor?"

Axel nodded as he scratched his chin.

"Did you show him how to do it?"


"Did you specifically tell him to concentrate on opening a corridor to the castle?"

Axel paused as he recalled his instruction to Roxas. He eyes widened slightly when he realized he never did say anything about that. "That's supposed to be common sense." Axel tried to justify.

Siax was quiet for a few seconds, but you could tell by the slightly blue wisps of energy coming off his body that he was not pleased.

"Axel, he was created seven days ago. He has no memories of his past and he has no emotions. Do you really think he would have any common sense whatsoever? He is no different than the regular nobodies who can hardly act without instruction from us." Siax seethed.

Axel rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Damn it!"

"And now, you say he opened a corridor of darkness without a destination in mind. You do realize doing that could send him anywhere in the stars. Do you realize how long it is going to take to find him?"

"Whoa Whoa!" Axel said with a calming gesture. "Relax. I'm sure he will just open another corridor and come back here."

"Will he?" Siax asked "Does he even know that you have to concentrate on a destination while opening the corridor to get back here?"

"It's common sen…" Axel tried again before his words died in his mouth.

Siax clenched his teeth as he turned around and began to ascend the stairs. "Find him! The organization needs the Keyblade. If our cause is lost because of you…" He said as he turned around and leveled Axel with the hardest glare he could manage. "I will destroy you. Got it memorized?"

It was a usual day at work for Mrs. smith. Loads of paperwork littered her desk and she was just about to sneak out of her office to go pester Kurusu for lunch. She would have been successful too if her phone hadn't just rung. Giving a disgruntled sigh, she reached over and picked it up.

"Culture exchange coordinator, Mrs. Smith speaking." She said blandly into the phone.

"Smith, the police chief of Tokyo wants ta' yack with ya. Are ya in?" The voice on the other end of the phone said.

Mrs. Smith groaned as she rubbed her eyes. "Um…Sure? What is going on Zombina? Did another Liminal decide to use the law to their advantage again?"

"Nah, don't think they would be that stupid ta' try again just yet. But he says they caught another Liminal without its host."

"Really?" Mrs. smith said as she leaned back in her chair. "What kind? Lamia? Dradonewt? Those ones were always a pain in the ass."

There was a pause for a moment as a background conversation could be heard over the phone. "He says he doesn't know. He looks exactly like a human."

That perked smith's interest as indicated by a slight rise of her eyebrow. "Another Zombie then?"

"Smith, Stop being difficult and get yer ass down here."

"Yesh, fine." Smith said as she hung up the phone with a sigh. "And here I was hoping to see how darling was doing." She gave a small chuckle at her own joke before exiting the office.

It didn't take but a few minutes before Smith was downstairs and sitting in front of the chief of police. The chief was a burly man with a dark brown hair and a mustache. You could tell he was a bit irritated at the moment.

"So, what do I owe the pleasure?" smith said as she took a sip of tea from one of the two cups on the table.

"You already know. I found another Liminal wandering around without its host." He said as he reached into his coat pocket. He then pulled out his phone before scrolling through the pictures until he found the one he wanted. "Do you recognize this kid?"

Smith sighed as she glanced at the phone. The picture was of boy with spikey golden hair. He had a very blank look on his face and his eyes were crystal blue. He didn't have a single feature about him that made him look different than an ordinary human.

"Well…What is he? He looks human to me. That doesn't fall under my jurisdiction." Smith said as she leaned back in her chair, taking another sip of tea.

"That's what I thought too, but take a look at this." Chief said as he scrolled through the video files on his phone before selecting one. He then turned his phone to Smith again as the video feed started to play.

The video was of a nearby highway. It looked like any regular feed until a pillar of darkness appeared in the middle, right in front of an oncoming car. The darkness was replaced by the boy with golden hair. The boy had just a fraction of a second to respond before the car would hit him. With complete inhuman agility, he managed to completely leap over the car much to Smith's amazement. He then weaved through the traffic without so much as a scratch before landing on the sidewalk. The feed ended with the local police officer screaming in his face.

Smith was stunned. She had never seen something like that before, and she had seen some really strange Liminal in the past.

"Does this answer your question?" Chief asked.

Smith nodded her head as she stared at the freeze frame of the boy being dragged away by the officer.

"How long ago was this taken?"

"Just yesterday. He has been in our custody since."

Smith cocked an eyebrow at him. "And you just informed me now?"

"We didn't think he was a Liminal. But when he refused to say anything, we had to look back at the feed to see what he was doing in the middle of the highway in the first place. Needless to say, we were all surprised when we saw the footage."

"You can say that again." Smith said quietly as she thought about the numerous Liminal she had seen over her career. While some could do amazing things, there was always specific qualities about them that made them appear different than humans. This boy looked EXACTALLY like a human. "Haven't you run any tests?"

"This isn't my first rodeo with an unknown Liminal Mrs. Smith." Chief said as he took a swig out of his own tea cup. His DNA test was less than helpful. According to the tests, he is completely human."

"You're joking."

"I wish. It really is starting to worry me. Do you think it could be…" Chief started with a serious gaze in his eyes.

"Oh God, I hope not." Smith said, following the Chief's train of thought. "And he hasn't said anything?"

"Not a single word." Chief replied with an annoyed grunt. "I swear, I tried every tactic in the book to get him to talk, but he is like a brick wall."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing affects him. He rarely shows that he even pays attention. In fact, he doesn't show anything. We haven't even gotten his name. It's like…" Chief paused. "I…don't know how to describe it. The look in his eyes really bothers me."

Smith glanced back at the freeze frame, noticing that the chief was right. This boy's eyes were as blank as blank could be. She had never seen something so…Empty in her life.

"Well…Let me take a crack at it." Smith said as she stood from her spot.

"I was hoping you would say that. We can't hold him forever. Besides, he is just a kid, and from the looks of it, a young one too." Chief said.

Smith nodded as she and chief stood from there spots. "I will meet you back at the station in a few."

Roxas didn't know what he was supposed to do as he found himself in the room that had been offered him when he first got to this facility. Well…not exactly offered, more like forced. The door was locked, but Roxas knew he could easily get out with his Keyblade. But then what should he do? He hadn't received any instruction from organization 13. No one had come to get him, and he wasn't sure how he could use the corridor of darkness to get back to the headquarters.

Not that he could use it right now anyway. They had taken away his coat and gave him clothing that was more standard for the detention center. He had been told by other members of the organization that the corridors were very dangerous if the coats were not worn.

The people here at the facility were really starting to annoy him as well. They kept asking extremely probing questions and even tried to intimidate him into answering. However, Roxas kept his silence. He had nothing to say to them. In fact, he had nothing to say at all. Because he didn't know how to deal with people screaming in his face, he just sat there and listened to them without saying a word.

His fellow inmates found him rather strange as well. During lunch, a group of boys tried to pick on him because he was new, but he just walked away with disinterest. They were so perplexed that most of them left him be. All except for one, who didn't like that Roxas just ignored him. He tried to clock Roxas in the back of the head. However, the moment the boy's hand collided with Roxas's skull, the wrist folded like an accordion and the knuckles crunched. The boy jumped back and screamed out in pain while holding his broken wrist.

The only indication that Roxas felt anything was an extremely slight jar of his head. He simply looked around at the boy curiously before turning away again. He went up to the food line and got his helping before sitting down alone at a remote table. Everyone else was watching the boy roll around on the floor in pain. After that happened, everyone steered clear of the new guy.

The guards saw what happened, but since Roxas literally didn't do anything, they couldn't punish him. They could only pick the injured boy up and take him to the medical wing.

Roxas on the other hand, was deep in thought. From that little experience alone, he concluded that people here were much weaker than members of the organization. Heck, even spars would usually result in someone being put through a wall and them just walking it off. But after one punch, the boys hand had broken.

And thus, Roxas was back in his room, wondering what he should do now that he was in this situation. It had been a whole day since he arrived here. One whole eighth of his existence was in this place. How was he going to get back to the organization? What was he going to do?


Roxas was shaken from his thoughts as he looked up to see the familiar face of the chief standing just outside his room. He had his usual frown on his face as he pulled out the keys and unlocked the door. "Come with me."

Roxas didn't have a reason to object, so he followed the chief outside the room and down the hallway of the detention center. They eventually made it to another room where they would usually try to drill answers out of him.

However, when he entered, he noticed that there were a couple other people in the room. One was a rather tall lady with dark hair and sunglasses. The other one was…very peculiar to look at. She had bright red hair, sharp teeth, multi-colored eyes, and a massive stitched scar across her nose. All in all, he had never seen someone quite like her before and he was intrigued.

The girl in question grinned when she noticed him staring at her. "What? Ya never seen an undead before?"

Roxas continued to stare at her before slowly shaking his head, not giving much a reaction to the news.

The chief gave an annoyed grunt. "Well look at that. A shaking of the head. That's the most progress we've had with him since he got here."

Roxas ignored him as he looked at the other woman in the room. She was sitting at the table, her chin resting on her intertwined fingers. "Sit down honey, I want to ask you a few things."

Roxas blinked as he glanced around him, as if to see who exactly she was addressing.

The lady in question giggled when she saw this. "I was talking to you kid. Since I don't know your name, I thought a nickname was in order."

Roxas paused as he listened to her voice. The way she talked was much more clam than anyone else he had met so far in this place. It was almost…inviting.

"N…Nick name?" Roxas asked.

The chief's eyes widened a bit when he heard Roxas say something for the first time. However, the tone in his voice send an unpleasant chill down everyone's spine. It sounded so dead, so devoid of emotion.

Smith was the first to recover. "Yes honey. A nickname. Surly you know what a nickname is?"

Roxas slowly shook his head, staring into the woman's sunglass covered eyes. It was almost painful how devoid of deception the look on his face was. He really didn't know. "What…is it?"

Again, everyone was a bit perplexed by this situation. Even Zombina, who was loud and talkative, was silenced by this strange phenomenon.

"Well sit down and I will explain it to you." Smith said. Roxas hesitated before slipping into the seat across from her. "A nickname is like a substitute for someone's name. Usually friends call each other nicknames for fun." She said as she gestured to Zombina. "Like Zombina here. I usually call her Bina for short."

"And I call her lazy ass for fun." Zombina grinned, showing off her sharp teeth.

Smith's eye twitched in annoyance. "Well, yeah, but the point is, friends call each other by nicknames."



By this time, everyone seemed to be floored by this kids responses. There was no way he was that oblivious, right? "Y…Yeah friends." Smith confirmed. "You know, buddies? comrades? partners? People like that."

"Then…Are we…supposed to be friends?" Roxas asked curiously.

Smith blinked a few times. "I mean…sure? If you want to be friends." She really didn't know what to say in this situation. This was clearly not what she was expecting when she decided to talk to this boy.

Roxas just continued to stare at her but didn't say anything, which was making her a little unsettled. "Soo, would you rather me call you by a nick name, or by your real name?" Smith asked.

Again, Roxas hesitated. The man in the room asked him this many times, but it was always with a very aggressive tone. But this woman was calm. She wasn't demanding information from him. She was simply asking his name. There was no harm in telling her, right?


Smith smiled when she saw she could get through to this boy on some level. "My name is Mrs. Smith. Or just Smith if you prefer." She said before she gestured to the other woman in the room. "This is Zombina."

"Hey squirt." Zombina greeted with a two-fingered salute.

Roxas frowned again at the name before glancing at Smith. "Is that…Another nick name?"

Smith chuckled. "You catch on quick. Do you have a last name?"

Roxas frowned slightly. "I…Only have one name. One name and…a number."

"A number?" Zombina asked, cocking her head curiously. "Who da fuck has a number?"

Hearing this information disturbed both Smith and the Chief. The only time she heard someone label themselves with a number was then they were an experiment of some kind. She was hoping and praying this was not one of those cases.

"What number?" Smith asked curiously.


"What does it mean?"

That's when everyone in the room notice Roxas seal his lips shut. It was obvious that he was not going to say anything else about the matter. However, that spoke volumes to smith. The blank look in his eyes, the emotionless tone in his voice, and his single name and number were all pointing towards an illegal Liminal-based experiment. While an extremely rare occurrence in the past, it was not an impossibility. The fact that he was tested to be 100% human, his strange abilities and inhuman like reflexes, it was definitely possible that someone tried to experiment with Liminal and humans.

Smith glanced over at the Chief of police. He was wearing a similar expression on his face. She narrowed her eyes a bit as she looked over at the boy again.

"Anyway, we will take it from here." Smith said as she turned to the chief. "He is under my jurisdiction now."

"What are you going to do with him?" Chief asked curiously.

"Ohh, I have an idea." Smith said with a grin as she stood from her spot.

The sudden turn of events was really curious to Roxas. One moment he was in his room, contemplating what he should do, and the next he was sitting in a government vehicle with his organization 13 coat in his lap. It had been returned to him after they told him he was leaving the facility. He didn't know where he was going, but anything was better than sitting in that room all day with nothing to do.

Glancing over to his left, he noticed Mrs. Smith sitting there, her elbow on the arm rest with her chin in her palm, gazing out the window absently.

Suddenly, Roxas felt an arm around his neck before his cheek was pressed against something soft. He glanced up at the person sitting on his right. Zombina was looking down at him with a grin on her face before she ruffled his hair.

"So, squirt. What was that thingy you did on the highway? Some sort of weird power?"

Roxas paused as he tried to figure out what she was asking. "The highway?"

"Yeah, you know. Where you almost got yer ass ran over by a car?"

"Oh…" Roxas said before he finally understood what she was getting at. His eyes widened just a bit. "Oh…You saw that?"

Smith glanced over at the duo, making sure to pay attention to their conversation.

"Not personally, but we got it on camera. Not often we see someone with yer ability. So, what was it?"

Roxas's mind was racing. He didn't want to say too much about it because he knew the rules of the organization. They told him not to tell others he was from another world, but they never said he couldn't tell them about other things.

"Um…The corridor." Roxas said.

"The corridor?" Zombina said, intrigue clear in her voice. "Is that what it's called? What does it do? Teleportation of some kind?"

"S…Something like that." Roxas said. "Its…hard to control."

"Yeah, I can see that. You teleported right into the middle of an intersection." Smith suddenly said as she turned to the nobody. "How are you able to do that?"

"Um…" Roxas paused, clearly uncomfortable with the amount of attention he was getting. "I was taught how by someone known as axel." He said.

"Axel?" Smith said, storing that name in her mental database. "Is that a friend of yours?"

"I…Don't know. I only knew him for 7 days." Roxas said before he shut his mouth again.

"Does he have a last name? Can you contact him?"

Roxas simply shook his head. "I don't know where he is or how to get back to him." He responded.

"Hummm…" Smith hummed as she scratched her head. "Did…Did he have a number like you?"


Again, smith bit her lower lip as she was reminded of some bad memories.

Zombina stared down at the kid before wrapping her arm tighter around his neck, almost to the point of choking him as she grinned. She nuggied his hair even though he showed little to no reaction. "Well, don't worry about it squirt. Well make sure to take care of you until we find out what's going on…That is unless you want to tell us."

Seeing Roxas zip his lips again forced a sigh out of them both. It was obvious he was not going to say a word about it. "Well fine, be difficult then." She said playfully as she removed her arm.

"…Sorry." Roxas responded, getting the two women to glance over at him curiously. He was looking down at the floor of the car, his mind clearly deep in thought.

A bit later, the car pulled into the culture exchange facility. All three walked into the front door before reaching the lounge where most of the members of MON would hang out. Just as they opened the door, the other members of the squad glanced over at them.

Roxas took in each of their features. One of them was reading a book before they walked in. She was a skinny and average looking girl with dark hair and wearing a large sun hat. Her most noticeable feature was her single large eye. Roxas and the girl made eye contact for a brief few seconds before the girl turned away from him and started reading her book while biting her lower lip.

The next girl was sitting on the couch watching TV. She glanced over in their direction for a brief second before returning to her program. She was skinny as well and had long flowing white hair. Her skin was darkly tanned and she wasn't wearing any clothing. Though her hair seemed to cover the more private areas of her body.

Lastly was the person who was easily the most noticeable of the group. She was lying on her stomach next to a pile of manga with one open in front of her. Her legs were joyfully swinging back and forth as she hummed in delight. She was huge, easily a few feet taller than Roxas. She also had dark tanned skin and a large horn protruding from her forehead. She glanced up when the trio walked through the door.

"Oh, you're back already. Where did you go? I thought you were going to hang out at Kurusu's again." The girl with the horn said.

"More like mooch off his food while watching his harem fight over him." The girl watching TV said.

"Can you blame me?" Smith asked with a grin. "Darling can cook a good meal and watching those girls fight over him is better than any TV program."

"Can't argue there. So, what happened?"

"I got sidetracked Doppel." Smith said as turned to the rest of them. "Tio, Manako, Doppel, Will you all watch over Roxas for a few minutes, I need to make a few phone calls."

Tio instantly glanced over at the young boy who was standing next to Smith. He was staring at her as well, his face devoid of emotion. However, that all changed when he heard a sudden squeal that caused him to jump slightly. The next thing he knew, he was having a very hard time breathing. He didn't know how, but the large girl made a mad dash over to him before wrapping her arms around his head and forcing it into her enormous bosom.

"He's so CUTE!" She squealed as she lifted him off the ground and twirled around in a circle. "Can we keep him."

A chuckle from the couch caught their attention. "Tio, he isn't a dog."

"Muu, I know that Doppel." Tio whined before tightening her told on the poor Nobody's head. At his point, his entire oxygen supply was cut off.

"um…Tio, I think he needs to breath…Sorry." The last girl said.

"Nah, He'll be fine, Manako." Zombina replied, clearly amused by the boy's predicament. She was impressed that the only reaction he was having was by the sever lack of oxygen. It was hella funny watching him start to flail his arms.

Smith smiled as she turned to leave the room. "I will be back in a few. Just…don't kill him Tio."

"You're all so mean!" Tio whined.

Right before Smith closed the door, she caught a glimpse of Roxas breaking free of Tio's death hold before leaping away from her and taking a deep breath. There was just a touch of panic on his face, the first amount of emotion that Smith had seen yet. However, the Cheerful Ogre rushed over in an attempt to glomp him again. She chuckled when she closed the door, listening to the sound of chaos ensuring in the room.

Smith went over to her office before reaching for the phone. She had to let out a chuckle as she thought about all the times she had called this particular man. He was easily one of her favorite hosts and no doubt he would take the boy in. In fact, it would be nice to have another male in that house, even if he was young. Dialing the number, she waited as the phone started ringing on the other end of the line. Truthfully, after the last incident of her accidently unloading three tranquilizer darts into his back, it was clear that Darling could use a hand.

"Hello?" A male voice said through the phone.

"Darling, its me."

"…Mrs. Smith? What's up? You didn't come around for lunch like you usually do."

Smith smile a little. "Awe, you were thinking of me, Darling? How would Mia feel if she heard you talking like that?"

"Sh…Shut up!"

Smith giggled. It was too easy to tease that man. "Alright alright, down to serious business. I have a huge favor I need from you."

"um…Let me guess, you need a home for another one?" Kimihito said. Even though she couldn't see his face, she could tell he had a deadpan expression on.

"Yes, but this situation is a little more unique. You see, since the last incident, I thought you could use some help around the house. This Liminal is a male, and remarkably like a human."

"Really? What is he then?"

"That's just the thing. We don't know. He won't open beyond a certain point. But he has strange abilities that can classify him as a Liminal."

She heard Kimihito give a small sigh over the phone. "well…Some help does sound nice right about now. Things are getting a bit overwhelming."

"Good. Oh, and I will say that he is young, about 15 years old. So, I think I will sign him up for that new school that's starting to incorporate Liminal's. What do you think?"

"Um…That's your decision Mrs. Smith. But again, I would be happy to offer my home as a place where he can stay while going to school."

"I knew I could count on you Darling. He will arrive in the morning. Since he doesn't require any space modifications, you don't have to worry about renovations this time." She said, amused when she heard Kurusu breathe a sigh of relief through the phone.

"Who are you talking to! Who is calling you darling?! I'm the only one allowed to call you that!" Another voice said through the phone.

"Relax Mia it's just Mrs. Smith."

"Why are you talking to her? What does she want this time?! No…Not Another RIVAL!"

"Um…Mrs. Smith, I got to go." Kurusu said through the phone, panic clear in his voice.

"Good luck darling." Smith said as she hung up the phone, chuckling a bit at the boy's predicament. Mia sure was a possessive girl considering her family's tradition. But hey, she was a sweetheart too.

Picking up the phone again, she gave another sigh. She started dialing the number of a nearby school that started to incorporate Liminal into their student body. Since she guessed Roxas was about 15 years old, it was only appropriate that he attended.

"Uhh, they don't pay me enough for this shit." Smith said as she walked down the hallway. She just got done sighting a few documents before shipping them off to the school. Since he was classified as a Liminal, the government was paying for the classes thankfully. Even though she didn't even ask his consent to sign him up, for some reason, she didn't think he would refuse.

She approached the door to the lounge, only to hear a loud crash. She blinked a few times in surprise. "Are they still at it?" She asked herself.

She reached up and gasped the doorknob before pulling it open. Smith barely had time to duck as a book was hurtled through the air straight at her head. Looking around the room, she almost burst out laughing when she saw Roxas crouched on top of the bookshelf, throwing books at Tio, who was still trying to catch him in a deadly embrace.

The room was a complete mess. The television was busted and the furniture was ruined. Zombina was flat on her back, laughing her ass off while kicking her feet in the air. Manako was trying to make herself as small as possible in the corner of the room.

Doppel was float off to the side, avoiding the books as she lightly laughed at the situation.

"C'mon Roxas! I just want ya give you a nice warm hug." She said as she lunged at him. Roxas nimbly leaped over her as she collided with the bookshelf, smashing it to pieces.

"Go away!" Roxas said with much more emotion that Smith had heard from him so far.

As much as Smith wanted to continue watching, she decided the government would through a fit if any more damage was caused. So she decided to step in and save the boy from the cuddly clutches of the happy Ogre. "Alright Tio, that's enough."

Tio stopped her advance on Roxas as she glanced over at her boss. Her lower lip quivered and her eyes transformed into the adorable puppy look. "But…But…"

Smith nearly caved at the look, but they had other things they needed to do before the day was over. "You can play with him later. I need him to sign a few things right now."

Zombina was able to finally control herself as she stood from the ground. She placed a hand on her fiend's shoulder. "Leave the kid alone Tio, I think you traumatized him enough."

"You're so mean! I just wanted to give him a hug."

"A hug that can rend steel." Doppel said with an amused smirk. "You can't really blame him for running away."

"Anyway…" Zombina said as she glanced over at Roxas, who was on the farthest side of the room next to Manako. He was in a crouched position, ready to flee at the slightest movement. Zombina then turned to smith, her grin going from ear to ear. "This kids a riot. I have never seen anyone escape Tio for that long in such a small room. He really is a Liminal, isn't he."

Smith shook her head as she looked over at Roxas. "Come with me. I need you to sign some things."

Roxas didn't hesitate to get out of the room and away from the clingy Ogre. They both left the room, but Roxas was still on edge from the whole ordeal.

"Relax Roxas. She didn't mean any harm."

"I…Couldn't breathe." Roxas said, his usual blank tone returning with just a hint of worry.

"Well…Tio can be a bit enthusiastic about cute things. You just have to forgive her for that."


"Yeah. You're a cute young kid. She thought you were adorable." Smith said with a teasing grin. "She really can't help it."

"…ok." Roxas said, not sure how to respond to that. He had just spent the better part of 30 minutes evading the large girl form her suffocating grip. He had never met anyone like her before. Then again, most of the people here were so unlike the members of the organization. They were so full of life, so full of emotion.

Something that he lacked. He really didn't understand what that was supposed to feel like.

Under the instruction of Smith, Roxas finished signing the documents needed. He also spent the rest of the day avoiding the Ogre girl name Tio. She managed to catch him by surprise a few times and she was extremely difficult to escape from because of her strength.

For some reason, Smith gave him a second name to go with Roxas. When he signed the forms she wanted him to sign, he was told to put "Kurusu" As his surname. It was a little confusing, but he didn't really care.

It was the end of a long day before Roxas found himself lying on his back, looking up at a dark celling. Only this time, the door was left unlocked and he could leave whenever he wanted. Not that he was ever in a situation where he couldn't escape, but what would be the point?

He was stuck here on this planet where no one knew him. Then again, he had only known the Organization for 7 days, so it wasn't like he knew them either.

But still, this place was very curious. He couldn't help but think back on his experience so far. It had officially been two days since he arrived on this world. The people that surrounded him were very…strange, unlike anyone he had ever met. But then again, the only people he interacted with were other members of the organization. And even then, he only talked to a few of them.

But these people were different. They genuinely laughed, got angry and sad. They had feelings, purpose…

They had hearts.

He wanted to see more of it. He wanted to see why the Organization members missed their emotions so much that they mimicked them.

Closing his eyes, Roxas tried to find sleep. All these confusing thoughts were just burning him out. But as he laid there, he could not help but let one last thought cross his mind.

"I wish…I had a heart."

Authors note: Well, there you have it. My attempt at a crossover with Kingdom hearts and DLWMG. As you can see, this will be quite a different story that will contain a lot of OC characters and a OC school where humans and Liminal will attend together. This will prove to be more of a school life story that will have its own story arcs while Roxas interacts with the cannon characters on their adventures as well. Be prepared for something way different in this fic.

But don't worry, there will be times where Roxas will kick some serious ass as well. If you are curious, this story starts right after the 5th chapter in the manga of Monster Musume.

Also, Roxas is only 7 days old here, so he is as blank as this Microsoft word document before I began writing. This will make for some really hilarious situations and serious character development.

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