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Blank Slate

Chapter 17

Day 39

Roxas instantly knew that something was wrong when a loud commotion seemed to echo through the entire house. The floor rattled with activity and various voices could be heard through the walls. It was a tad unusual because the morning was still early and everyone was supposed to be asleep. Sadly, that was not the case today…for some reason.


Roxas grumbled as his eyes slowly opened. He turned over on his bed and tried closing his eyes again in an attempt to fall back into peaceful slumber.


Taking his pillow, the nobody tried to drown out the sound by pressing it over his head and ears.


The alarm on Roxas's phone suddenly blared loudly, adding to the already noisy morning and nearly making the nobody jump out of his bed in surprise. He clenched his eyes shut before slowly reaching for the phone and turning off the alarm.

"If it's not one thing, it's another…. What is going on out there?" Roxas mumbled to himself as he sat up in his bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I need to go shopping Miia, I promise I will be back soon. Papi, stay here with-"

"If that be the case, I will assist you master! You could ride upon my back if you so desire." Centorea's voice boomed through the house.

"No! Papi will go with Hubby! Because Hubby will marry Papi and we will play every day."


Roxas shook his head to clear the cobwebs away as he turned towards the door. "Why are they up so early? They never get up this early."

His reply was more loud bickering through the door. Whatever had them riled up, it was becoming apparent that this was going to be a difficult day for Kimihito.

Glancing down at the pool next to his bed, Roxas noticed that Suu wasn't there. She would usually leave right before he got up to rehydrate herself because that would allow her to accompany him when meeting up with Kii.

Speaking of which, he needed to get ready because the Dryad didn't like it when he was late. Especially when there was work to be done.

The door to Roxas's room suddenly flung open before someone darted in and then slammed it shut. The person who just entered his room had her back pressed against the door and a concerned/panicked look on her face.

"…What's up Xion?"

"I don't know. Everyone is acting…strange." She said, pushing off against the door. "They were chasing Kimihito around the house. Are they…trying to attack him?"

Roxas raised an eyebrow. "…No, why would they?"

"It just looked like…they were about to…do something to him. The look in their eye was…scary." Xion summarized. "I was almost trampled while walking past them."

Roxas thought about it for a few moments. This situation seemed really familiar for some reason. In fact, it was around the first couple of days when he arrived at the household that they were acting similar to how Xion was describing.

"Do you think Kimihito will be ok?" Xion asked with a touch of worry.

"…I hope so…But we could check to see if he's alright." Roxas responded, scratching his chin. "This…seems familiar though. They acted a bit like this when I first came here."

"They did? What caused it?" Xion asked, waking into the room and sitting on the edge or Roxas's bed.

"…I don't remember. It was a while ago, back when I was still trying to adapt to this life." The nobody responded. "Speaking of which, how are you adapting?"

Xion paused for a few moments as she intertwined her fingers in her lap. "It's been…different. At first, it was difficult to get use to because all I ever knew was Organization 13." She said as she glanced over at Roxas. "And you know how they were."

"I remember what that was like." Roxas confirmed. "It was like living with a bunch of soulless husks."

"That's kinda what Nobodies are…" Xion continued. "But the more I interact with everyone, the more I find it hard to not…smile." She finished, the faintest of smiles on her face.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Roxas agreed. "It was really weird at first because I wasn't use to how everyone acted. But now, I don't think I would ever go back to the organization, even if their goal was to make us whole."

"Right…" Xion said, her face giving a thoughtful expression.




Xion and Roxas turned toward the door with deadpanned expressions.

"I guess we should see if he's alright…." Roxas said, standing from the bed.

"Yeah, We should."

Roxas quickly changed before he and Xion walked out the door. Loud commotion was echoing through the house, originating downstairs in the kitchen. They only made it a couple steps before they saw the top feeler of a familiar blue slime as she walked up the stairs. Right when she saw the two, her eyes widened gleefully before she launched herself at them.

Xion and Roxas felt her blue arms circle around them as Suu gave both a nice morning squeeze. The slime had really improved on upholding her form every day. She rarely wore the rain jacket around the house anymore because she didn't get anything wet or damp when she touched it. Even as she hugged Roxas and Xion, they were still perfectly dry.

"Morning Roxas, Xion" Suu said happily.

"Morning." Roxas responded, reaching up and patting the slime on the head like he usually did. "Are you all hydrated?"

Suu frantically nodded her head. "Suu is Hydrated." She said as she cocked her head to the side cutely. "Can Suu come with Roxas and X-Xion today?"

Roxas glanced over at Xion, who only smiled and nodded her head. He smiled down at the slime. "Of course, you can."

"YAY~" Suu cheered as she squeezed them tighter.

Glancing over at Xion, Roxas could again see the smile on her face as she happily patted Suu's head. She was completely right, it was very hard not to smile in his house.

It was much later that Roxas and Xion were walking down the road on the way to school. For some reason, both were a little quite because they were thinking about the strange occurrences that were happening today.

"…I know that I haven't known Kii as long as you have, but…does she do that often?" Xion asked.

"Never…" Roxas said, thinking back to the extremely awkward training session with the Dryad. When they met up with her that morning, her body once again went through a couple changes. Each time they helped her in cleaning the forest, the next day the Dryad would grow and mature. The first time Roxas met Kii, she was actually shorter than him. Now, she was a few inches taller. Not only that, but her body would become more and more developed.

That was a regular occurrence, but her strange actions were most noticeable today. Even meeting up with her, they knew something was a bit off. For starter, she wouldn't look any of them in the eye and her face had a constant blush on it for some reason. Not only that, she was much quieter than she usually was, and that was saying something. She would occasionally sneak glances at Roxas every few moments while cleaning and during their sparring session.

But the weirdest part was when they finished cleaning for the day and started the spar. The Dryad was much more…Kind this time around. She didn't throw them around much with her vines, nor try to crush them with a giant tree. The only thing she would do was tie them up, which she seemed to take great pleasure in doing. And on more than one occasion, she "accidently" tied Roxas to herself and held him close, nearly suffocating the poor nobody with her developing breasts.

Thank God Suu was there because she was able to free Roxas by tying the Dryad up with her own slime. For some reason, Kii seemed to enjoy that as well…in a really weird way.

Even when they tried to leave, she tied them up once again and mumbled a few things about not wanting them to go quite yet. It was probably the strangest thing they had ever seen the Dryad do considering her distant personality. Fortunately, Suu saved the day and they managed to escape, even with Kii's vines chasing them.

"I've never seen her like that before." Roxas concluded.

"…Did you notice that everyone is acting a little strange today?" Xion asked.

"Oh yeah…" Roxas said, remembering when they finally got home. They walked in to see Kimihito being nearly torn in half by Centorea, Miia, and Papi. Mero was going off her usual tragedy tangent, this one about Kimihito being killed and them being declared murderers and sentenced to life in prison somewhere.

Surprisingly, Rachnera was simply watching like it was some kind of TV show. She munched on a few pieces of Bacon as the girls kept fighting over the one human. If not for Roxas, Xion, and Suu helping the poor guy out, he might have been torn to shreds.

"Something weird is going on." Roxas said as he glanced over at Xion. "But how there acting is not the only thing surprising today."

Xion quieted down a little as she rubbed her hands together. She looked a little nervous and a bit unsure, but she slowly raised her hand. In a flash of light, a Keyblade Identical to Roxas's appeared in her hand.

"I know…" She said, gazing upon the weapon. "I…didn't expect this to happen. I Didn't think I would be able to use the Keyblade." She finished, letting the weapon disappear in her grasp.


Roxas leaped backwards, avoiding another stream of vines from the Dryad. He learned the hard way that Kii was acting really weird today and getting caught in her vines was not the best idea. Seeing how…touchy she was being, it was best to keep his distance.

The vines slammed into the ground, ricocheting off the dirt and heading right back in Roxas's direction as he was suspended in the air.

"Fire!" Xion cried, a small fireball ejecting from her hands and incinerating the vines before they caught Roxas. She then aimed her hand at Kii. "Blizzard!" Ice erupted for her hand, shooting right at the Dryad, who erected a small tree to shield herself.

The ice impacted the tree, causing ice crystals to burst from the impact point. Xion was about to cast another spell when she felt something wrap around her ankle. She only had time to look down and realize that one of Kii's vines had snagged her before her body was lifted into the air and thrown like a ragdoll.

Xion flipped through the air and landed awkwardly, causing her to stumble a little.

"Always be aware of your surroundings." Kii's voice echoed.

The puppet heard the sound of something cutting through the air. She turned around to see a large piece of wood flying at her. It was less than a foot away, meaning that she didn't have time to summon her magic and preform a spell.

She didn't know why or how, but her instincts took over. Without thinking, she drew her arm to the side as if she was holding something in her hand. With one quick motion, the girl let out a battle cry and swung with all her might.

Roxas and Kiis's eyes widened when a flash of light briefly illuminated the area and the piece of wood shattered into splinters as a metal item made contact with it. Then, grasped in her hand, was a very familiar key-shaped weapon with a golden hilt.

Kii and Roxas glanced at each other for a brief moment in confusion. Xion seemed just as confuzzled because she looked down at the weapon in wonder.

"What…What's going on?" she asked. The same question was also on Roxas's and Kii's mind.

Flashback End

"…I think I might have an idea." Roxas said, causing Xion to look over at him. She didn't ask, just waited for an explanation. "Well, when I overheard Xemnas and Xigbar, they mentioned you."

"They did? What did they say?" She asked, clearly curious.

"They mentioned that they had Vexen create you so you could copy my ability to use the Keyblade."


Xion looked away from the nobody, silenced by this new and sudden revelation. She already knew that she was a puppet because members of Organization 13 took great pleasure in reminding her. But she never really knew why she was created. She didn't know what purpose the Organization had for her.

But now she did.

"So…The only reason I was created was so I could copy your ability? Why?" She asked quietly.

Roxas paused again. He remembered clearly what Xemnas and Xigbar said. They said they wanted Xion to not only copy his ability, but to completely absorbed him as well. While he didn't know quite what that meant, it sounded like something really bad.

"…They said something about having complete control over the Keyblade so they could collect hearts." Roxas said, decided to keep the whole "absorbing thing" to himself for now. After all, he didn't really know what they meant when they mentioned that.

"So…that really was my only purpose." Xion responded as she stopped walking. It wasn't a question, but a statement.

Roxas stopped as well and glanced back at her. He could see by the look on her face that she was visibly upset. He had seen this kind of look before from both Pyra and Yukiko, so he was getting better at reading the signs. Her head was slightly dipped and she was biting her lower lip.

"My only reason to exist was to be there puppet? To not have a will of my own and collect hearts for whatever they were doing? Is that my purpose?"

Again, Roxas could tell she was very upset about his. Her hands were clenched and her eyes shined with unshed tears. It…actually surprised him quite a bit to see them start dripping down her cheek.

"Xion…What's wrong?" He asked, approaching her. "You're crying."

"Ah…" Xion paused, reaching up and feeling the tears on her cheek. She blinked a few times in confusion as she gazed at the moisture on her fingers. "You're right…I'm crying." She said, her voice one of wonder. "I…I Didn't think it was possible…how?"

"Because…you're sad." Roxas said, remembering how he felt back when he returned from his excursion to the world that never was. He remembered how worried Yukiko, Pyra, Kimihito, and everyone else was about his disappearance. Most of all, he remembered how it made him feel.

He remembered crying with them.

Xion was looking at him again, expecting him to say a little more in order to help her understand. But honestly, he didn't know what he could say to help her understand. Heck, he could hardly understand it himself.

"Well, collecting hearts and copying my ability might have been your only purpose back in Organization 13…" Roxas started, causing the girl to slowly look down at her feet as if his words confirmed her thoughts. "But, you don't belong to Organization 13 anymore. None of us do."

Looking back up at him, Xion still didn't respond but was interested in what he had to say.

"We left the Organization. You, Axel, and me. We left because we didn't believe in what they were doing. We learned that what they taught us was wrong." Roxas continued. "We left so we could create our own purpose instead of being used by them."

Xion stared at Roxas as she reached up at wiped the tears off her face. "Roxas…" She started. "Have…you been able to find a purpose?"


Her question stumped him. In all honesty, he hadn't really thought about it that much. He was just taking existence one day at a time. As for what he wanted to do with that existence, he didn't quite know.

Slowly, Roxas shook his head. "I haven't yet, but…" he said, staring her straight in the eye. "when I do, it will be because I found it and not because someone forced it upon me." He gave a sigh as he placed his hands in his pockets. "Who knows, maybe we can find purpose together, as people who were never supposed to exist."

Xion paused for a while as she pondered his words. Slowly, a delicate smile creeped along her lips as she nodded. "I guess you're right. Thanks…Roxas."

Roxas smiled back as he and Xion began walking down the road again. "In the meantime, we should practice with the Keyblade together. We never know when the heartless will show up again."

"Yeah, we really should." She responded, a small blush dotting her cheeks. "I hope they never do though."

"Me too."

"Bout time you guys got here!"

Roxas and Xion spotted Pyra standing in front of her Aunt's house. It had been a couple days since she moved in and things have been improving quite a bit for the Hellhound. Pyra seemed like she was much happier then when she was living with her old host. It was interesting too because they would occasionally go to her house instead of Kimihito's when Polt invited them for dinner. Papi wasn't too happy about that because it meant she had less playmates for the evening.

"Lil' Pyra! Don't forget your lunch! You need to eat three well rounded meals to stay healthy!"

Roxas and Xion watched in amusement as Polt appeared at the door and threw her arms around Pyra's shoulders, a bento box in her paw. The energetic Kobold was very welcoming and would usually interrupt them with healthy snacks and exercise tips when they were either studying or hanging out. She would also take a few moments to molest Roxas and Xion. In fact, almost every time the nobody and the puppet saw Polt, they found themselves on the other side of her full-body inspection.

Today was no different.

"It still amazes me at how good both your physics are!" Polt exclaimed, simultaneously feeling Roxas's and Xion's shoulders, chest, and stomach.

Roxas blinked a few times because he didn't even see the Kobold move. One second she was hanging around Pyra, and then next she was in front of him and Xion, per paw literally under there shirt, feeling there toned abdominals. It was still really strange when she did this, but he was slowly getting used to it. But it was still annoying when she untucked his shirt like that.

Xion had a much harder time adapting because her face was turning a dark shade of red after having her chest grouped. Even though she was more petite, it was still embarrassing to have Polt give her a physical in the middle of the street.

"Auntie! Knock it off!" Pyra growled loudly.

"But it feels so good!" Polt responded, her face getting a little red.

"Do you have to do this every time?"

"Of course I do! How can I resist such a perfect pair of specimens?" Polt said gleefully. "Besides, you don't mind, right Roxas? Xion!?"

Roxas simply shook his head and stepped away from her while Xion did the same. Xion retreated behind Pyra for safety. Even for her usual antics, the Kobold was acting stranger than usual.

"We have to get going or we'll be late for school." Roxas said. He noticed that Polt's ears drooped a little at his declaration, meaning that she was disappointed. Without thinking, he reached up to pat her head, thinking it would cheer her up.

Seeing this, Pyra's eyes widened in horror. "Roxas! DON'T!"

It was too late. The instant his palm grazed the top of Polt's head, an expression came over her face that was a cross between total bliss and unrestrained desire.

Pyra leapt into action, trying to tackle her aunt to the ground, but Polt quickly maneuvered around her and threw her arms around Roxas's neck and wrapping her legs around his waist. She had the biggest smile on her face as she rubbed her chin on the top of his head, her tail wagging like a propeller.

Both Xion's and Pyra's eyes widened as they watched the Kobold manhandle the poor boy. His arms were flailing while desperately trying to pull back, but his face was firmly trapped between a pair of furry breasts.

"Auntie! What the fuck!" Pyra shouted, reaching over and grabbing the Kobold in an attempt to throw her off. "Xion, give me a hand!"

Xion nodded quickly before they both grabbed ahold of Polt and tried to pry her off. It took a few seconds, but they finally managed to unwrap her arms and peel her torso away from his. She was trying desperately to get ahold o him again, but they held her back.

Now that he was able to breathe, Roxas reached down and worked to unfix Polt's legs from around his waist. It was like trying to rip of Velcro, but he managed to untangle her and jump away, his face bright red and full of confusion and fear.

"Bad Polt! Go back in the house!" Pyra scolded, flicking the Kobolds ear.

Immediately, Polt flinched and her ears flattened against her head as she looked up at Pyra with her big puppy eyes. "I-I didn't mean to."

Had it been any other person, they might have caved by the sheer adorableness of Polt's gaze, but Pyra was still glaring at her. "No, you do not sexually assault any of my friends, understand!?"

"But I was just giving him a little hug!" Polt said, an innocent smile on her face. "You don't have to be Jealous though, you're still my favorite."

Pyra was grinding her teeth in annoyance.

"Here, I'll show you." Polt said as she threw her arms open wide. "Let me give you a hug!"

With great nimbleness, Pyra ducked under Polt, causing the Kobold to fly over her and land in a heap on the ground. "Not this time Auntie. Go back inside and cool off. You have to open the Gym in an hour, right?"

"Oh! You're so right! I have to get ready." Polt said as she suddenly shot back into the house without a second thought.

Pyra shook her head. "That Kobold really needs a man in her life." She murdered to herself as she turned to her two friends. They were both staring at her with completely bewildered expressions.

"What-what was that about?" Roxas asked.

Pyra shuffled a little when she felt his gaze land on her. The memory of their first kiss was fresh in her mind and she felt her eyes drawn towards his lips, causing her to lick her own slightly.


Pyra blinked as she cracked her neck, trying to play off that she was staring. "Oh, don't worry about her. The day of the full moon just has her frazzled."

"Full moon?" Xion asked.

"Oh yeah!" Roxas said. "I remember what happened last time there was a full moon. All the girls in Kimihito's house went completely nuts."

"They did?" Xion asked, her eyebrows rising into her hairline.

"Well, it doesn't surprise me. The full moon affects most Liminals, making them much more passionate." Pyra explained as they started walking in the direction of Yukiko's apartment complex. "Just a word of caution, do not…and I mean absolutely do NOT pet my aunt on the day of the full moon. Since she doesn't have a boyfriend, she reacts to the smallest things today."

"…Noted…I didn't think that would happen. She never did something like that in the past."

"So, the full moon is why everyone is acting so strange today." Xion summarized.

"Yep, so be prepared for an interesting day of school. The day is not as bad as the night during the full moon, but the day does get really interesting too." Pyra said, a grin forming on her face.

"Does it not affect you?" Roxas asked.

"Who, me?" Pyra scoffed. "Please, as if a full moon would cause me to lose control." She said as she increased her pace a bit. Truthfully, that statement was more to convince herself than it was Roxas and Xion. Currently, she was clenching and unclenching her paws and biting her lower lip in an attempt to control herself.

The walk to Yukiko's apartment was a more awkward than usual. Pyra was a bit fidgety and always kept a few feet in front of them. Any question asked was met with short and to the point answers, leaving no room for conversation. Sure, she was never really talkative, but she did pitch her two cents in their conversations, but today was much worse.

Just before they reached Yukiko's apartment, Xion leaned over to Roxas. "I think the full moon is affecting her." She whispered.

"Yeah, I think so too." Roxas whispered back.

"You know I can hear you perfectly, right?" Pyra growled, her eyebrow twitching.

Roxas and Xion straightened up, completely forgetting about Pyra's superb sense of hearing. However, the conversation ended there as they approached Yukiko's door. Roxas walked forward and was about to knock when the door suddenly opened with a bang. Just like with Polt, the poor nobody found himself in nearly the exact same position with arms constricted around the back of his head and a soft body completely flush with his.

The only difference was that Yukiko's grip was much more powerful that Polt's. The legs around his midsection almost felt as if they were breaking his ribs while the back of his neck ached from also being constricted.

"Ahhh! It feels so good to hug something that's not a pillow!" Yukiko exclaimed, applying more pressure around the nobody's body.

Xion and Pyra glanced at each other before sighing simultaneously. What was it? The third time today that Roxas had been in this position. The poor boy would probably develop PTSD if this continued.

"…Um…That's great Yukiko, but you are seriously going to kill Roxas if you keep that up." Xion said.

"No, I won't! Roxas is much more durable than a normal human, so I can hug him as hard as I want withoutbreakinghim." Yukiko responded. She was talking so fast that Pyra and Xion were barely able to comprehend what she was saying.

"I'm not talking about breaking him, but he does need air…" Pyra said, her paws twitching a little. She was getting kind of jealous that everyone else was being all huggy except for her.

Pausing, Yukiko looked down to see that Pyra was indeed right. Roxas's face was turning blue from lack of oxygen. But even though she saw that, she was still extremely reluctant to let to. It took basically all of her willpower to release the nobody just enough to allow him to gasp for air.

"Y-Yukiko!" Roxas gasped.

"Hi Roxas! It's so good to seeyouandeveryoneelsethismorning."


Yukiko slipped off the nobody and took a few deep breaths. "Sorry about that…the full moon is tonight."

"Right…" Roxas said. "So, it's affecting you too huh?"

Yukiko nodded up and down ferociously. "Yeti's get really antsy on the full moon if they don't have someone to cuddle with." She said as she turned to both Xion and Pyra. Her attention turned to Pyra first, all the while a massive grin crossed her face. "Your turn!" She exclaimed, leaping in the air.

Fortunately for Pyra, she guessed what was about to happen…and unfortunately for Xion, Pyra quickly grabbed her and forced the puppet to take her place. The Yeti collided hard with Xion and both were sent sprawling to the ground.

Xion just lay there, her eyes wide with confusion as she allowed Yukiko to rub her cheek against hers affectionately.

"Alright, I think that's enough." Pyra said as she reached down and grabbed the Yeti by the back of her school uniform, lifting her off of the poor puppet. "Thanks for the save, Xion."

"…How could you?" Xion asked comedically.

"Hey, you were the closest thing to a shield that I had…" She said as she looked over at Yukiko, who was trying desperately to give the Hellhound a smothering hug. The only thing that was preventing her from doing such a thing was a firm paw that was still grasping the back of her uniform. "What are we going to do with you?"

When those words escaped her mouth, Pyra noticed that Roxas was walking towards them again, his face completely red from embarrassment. Suddenly, a grin formed on her face. "Here Roxas, catch!"


Pyra shoved Yukiko at the nobody and just like a magnet, the Yeti was latched onto his arm with a huge smile on her face.

"You entertain her for the day."

Roxas looked at Yukiko, who looked back at him with eyes that burned with…something he couldn't really recognize. The smile on her face was there, but it seemed to send a different message than the one she usually had. For some reason, it really reminded him of those strange looks that Miia, Centorea, and Papi gave Kimihito on the last full moon.

Having those same kinds of eyes looking at him now was a bit unnerving.

There wasn't a word in the dictionary that could describe how strange the school day was. For one, Mrs. Kitsuna was a complete mess through the entire lecture. Her usually stunning handwriting turning into a little more than chicken scratch because of how fidgety she was. Anytime a student would ask her a question, she would turn into a nervous wreck. Multiple times, she had to leave the classroom for a few minutes to compose herself.

That's not to say the rest of the class was any better either. Most of the Liminal didn't pay the slightest attention to the lecture either. Many found themselves fiddling with their pencils, or just messing around with something in their hands. It was quite obvious that the full moon was a big deal. There were some slight episodes in the past few days, but nothing was as bad as now.

Finally, the bell rang and Mrs. Kitsuna slammed her calk down in relief as she turned to the rest of the class.

"Alright c-c-class. R-Remember that tonight is t-t-the Full M-M-Moon, and as such, you have to r-r-remember the regulations. Be back a-a-at your hosts house before 6:00 PM." She said, her words followed by annoyed grumbles from the class.

"I forgot all about that." Yukiko whimpered sadly.

"N-Now now, none of t-that." Mrs. Kitsuna said. "This rule is more for your safety than anything else. Y-You know what happens during the full moon, no?"

"Yes Mrs. Kitsuna." The class echoed.

"What's she talking about?" Roxas asked Yukiko as the students started standing from their seats and packing their bags. He noticed that Callie quickly snatched Ichiro by the arm and dragged him out of the classroom.


"Nothing!" Yukiko interrupted Pyra with a glare while the Hellhound simply smirked back. She then turned back to Roxas. "Hey, could you go grab our president? We will meet you in the clubroom."

Roxas blinked a few times. That was indeed a strange request because they would usually wait until Ichiro and Callie returned on their own. He opened his mouth to ask why, but the flustered Yeti interrupted him.

"Please! Can you just go get them?" Yukiko asked, biting her lower lip.

Roxas closed his mouth and slowly nodded his head. Without another word, he left the room.

"…That was weird. Why did you ask him to do that Yukiko? We usually wait until Callie is done with Ichiro before they come back." Pyra said.

Yukiko shuffled uncomfortably. "I…I didn't know if I would've been able to hold back a second longer." She whispered.

"What do you mean?" Xion asked.

"I…" Yukiko paused as she slowly wrapped her arms around herself and looking around nervously. "Let's get to the clubroom first, then I'll tell you."

Roxas was walking down the hallway in the direction he remembered seeing Callie drag Ichiro off to. They were moving kinda fast, but Roxas just trotted behind them a few meters back so they didn't seem to notice. He was a bit preoccupied with how Yukiko was acting. During the entirety of the school period, he could literally feel her staring holes in the back of his head.

Not only that, but she was acting extra clingy during lunch as well. It was really weird to watch her try and eat with one hand while the other arm was looped around his arm. It also made it difficult to eat himself, but he couldn't get her off. The full moon sure was having a huge effect on her.

And then there was Pyra. Though she tried hiding it, the Full moon was also working its magic on her. During lunch, she even…

Roxas let that thought process drop for now as he began to wonder what was the moon doing to them exactly. It made all the Liminal in the classroom so…fidgety. Even their teacher was having a hard time during class, but why was the full moon affecting them?

Deciding to think about that later, he noticed a door closed on the far side of the hall. It peaked his curiosity because he always wondered what Callie and Ichiro were doing every time Callie dragged him away. They always returned a few moments later, but Ichiro looked like he was about to pass out each time they came back. Slowly, he walked down the hallway until he reached to door. He could hear both Ichiro's and Callie's voices in the room.

"Callie, we did this a couple days ago. Are you really due for another...Um…You know…"

"Well…Yes, but…I um…"

"Are you ok? Is the full moon affecting you as well?"

"Kinda, but…Um…could you…"

"Yeah? What's wrong? Your face is really red. You're not getting sick, are you?"


"Um…Callie? What are you doing?"


"Whoa! Hold on! You just need me to…Help you out, right? Why are you looking at me like that! To close! To clo-Mph!"

Roxas raised an eyebrow as a sudden crash echoed through the room. The sound of a couple bodies hitting the ground as well as a metal bucket could be heard through the door.

Frowning, he reached forward and grasped the handle of the door before pulling it open.


There was the longest pause as the nobody witnessed the entire scene in front of him. He couldn't really describe what he was seeing, only that it made his eyebrows rise into his hairline.

In the center of the empty classroom were Ichiro and Callie. Ichiro was laying on his back, his eyes wide with shock. He wasn't looking at Roxas though because his eyes were staring directly at the Liminal laying on top of him, capturing his lips with hers in a passionate kiss.

Callie's eyes were closed and a blissful look was plastered on her face. Her hands were resting on Ichiro's shoulders and her top was completely off, her bra covered breasts pressing against Ichiro's chest. Right next to them, there was an empty bucket that had been knocked over and forgotten as well as Callie's shirt.

However, the instant Roxas opened the door, the two broke apart. The awkward atmosphere was almost too much for all three to handle. For one, Callie was now exposing her half-naked chest out in the open, Ichiro's face was redder than molten lava, and a small blush was dotting Roxas's cheeks when he saw the two staring at him with horrified expressions.

"Um…Is now a bad time?" Roxas asked innocently.

In the club room, Yukiko was shuffling awkwardly in front of Pyra and Xion.

"So, are you going to tell us why you had Roxas run off after Ichiro and Callie? You do realize what they are doing when they leave, don't you?" Pyra asked curiously.

"I know, it's just…I…It's just so hard, ok!" Yukiko exclaimed, rubbing her paws together.

"No…I'm pretty sure Roxas isn't affected by the Full moon like Liminal are." Pyra said, a small grin claiming along her face.

"What are you…Wha-NO! I didn't mean that!" Yukiko screeched, her face turning a bright shade of red. "Just, sitting behind him like that for hours and not…doing anything! Any longer and…"

"Geeze, you're really having it hard, huh?" Pyra commented, but in truth, she wasn't doing much better. "Do all Yeti end up like this during the full moon?"

Yukiko bit her lower lip and nodded. "During the day, you can't separate my mom and dad. At night…let's just say there is a reason why they leave us in one of the resort guest rooms instead of the house."

"Wow…To much information." Pyra said, licking her lips slightly.

"You asked!" Yukiko countered. "Now, I kinda understand though. Sometimes, I just wanna…" Yukiko trailed off, her facing during a darker shade of red and her breathing a bit more labored.

Xion looked curiously at the two of them, her head tilted slightly. "What are you two talking about? I don't understand."

Pyra and Yukiko turned to the girl. They didn't really smile or laugh this time because the joke had gotten old at this point. Instead, it was becoming a little tired and kind of sad.

"Trust me on this one Xion…" Pyra said, resting a paw on her shoulder. "It would be best if we didn't talk about it right now, I mean…seeing how much of a Pervert Yukiko is becoming, talking about it might trigger her to do something she might regret later."

"P-PERVERT!? PYRA!" Yukiko wined. "Don't act like I'm the only one affected. I saw you steeling glances and fidgeting the entire class period!"

"Hah! Yeah right! Name one time I acted like that!" Pyra said, turning to the Yeti girl with a grin.

"You grabbed his butt during lunch!"

"…True, but that doesn't prove anything!"


Everyone tensed up as they heard an ear-shattering scream echo through the entire school.

"What was that?" Xion asked.

"Oh…I might have an idea." Pyra said with an amused grin.

It wasn't a few moments later that the door to the clubroom slowly opened and there stood Roxas. He blinked a couple times as he walked through, the most confused expression on his face. It was also important to note that there was a red, pulsing, hand-shaped mark on his right cheek.

"…Callie and Ichiro are…busy I think…"

For the next few moments, the air was saturated with Pyra's howling laughter while Yukiko frantically tried to apologize, but was finding it hard because she was on the verge of laughing. It took them a while to calm down, especially for the Hellhound, who was rolling around on the floor, laughing her head off.

"Callie S-Slapped Roxas! HAHAHA!" Pyra roared as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

Roxas and Xion just glanced at each other in confusion, wondering why this situation was so funny. Despite her best efforts, Yukiko found herself unable to fully stop herself to laughing as well. Even though Roxas might have seen something he shouldn't have, it was still a hilarious situation one would only see in a manga.

In fact, there laughing continued until Ichiro and Callie returned from whatever they were doing. Both looked extremely embarrassed, more specifically Callie, who had yet to look Roxas in the eye. It was like that for the entirety of the club meeting. After Pyra managed to gain control of herself, Ichiro shared a few inspirational messages about trying to find a muse for photography and encouraged them to make the deadline for their photographs. He endured everyone's questions and they furthered there pans for their first club event.

Finally, it was time to head home. Roxas picked up his things and packed them away in his bag before he felt a small tug on his sleeve. He glanced over to see Callie standing there with an incredibly embarrassed blush on her face.

"Um…Roxas…. I-Um…" She fumbled, releasing his sleeve.

"What's wrong Callie?" Roxas asked. "You ok?"

"Huh?" Callie murdered, meeting Roxas's gaze for the first time that day. "Oh, no-it's nothing. I just…I just wanted to apologize for slapping you."

"Oh, that." Roxas murmured. "That was kinda confusing, but it's alright. I'll just make sure to leave you two alone and wait for you to come back next time."

Callie blushed again, sneaking a glance over at Ichiro, who was in the middle of asking Xion and Yukiko what they were going to take photographs of. She glanced back up at Roxas, biting her lower lip. "You're not mad?"

"…No…Should I be?" Roxas asked back, throwing his back pack over his shoulder. "Everyone is acting weird today, so it's not really your fault."

"Well…actually…" Callie said, knowing that if this situation happened on a different day, she still would have probably slapped him out of sheer embarrassment. "You know what, neverminded. You're right!" She finished with a smile.

Roxas smiled as well. "See? No reason to get mad of feel bad about it."

"You're right." Callie said, glancing over at Ichiro again and rubbing her hands together nervously. "Thank you! It's awesome to have such great friends."

"…True." Roxas responded as he and Callie made their way over to the others. He could not help but agree with Callie on that one. This life was had become so much more than he ever thought possible for a nobody like him. He never expected to look forward to every day, waking up with a smile on his face and wonder what he was going to learn.

But most of all, he never expected to have so many friends. He never thought there would be so many people in his life that he cared about and couldn't imagine a life without. It was because of them that he found a new joy in life and…maybe even a reason to exist.

Again, it was amazing that a nobody like him could feel something like this and actually comprehend it. It was just another reason why Xemnas was wrong about the nobodies.

They weren't as empty as everyone thought they were.

The walk home went as expected. Yukiko had become like a barnacle, trying everything in her power to stay attached to the person of her affection. But while she was more open about it, Pyra continued trying to contain herself, which made her a fidgety mess. Hopefully things would calm down when they got back to the house.

It wasn't but a few moments before Roxas had abandoned that train of thought. The instant they walked through the front door, they saw that the entire house was thrashed. Kimihito was frantically trying to calm the girls down, but the bickering continued between Miia, Papi, and Centorea. Mero and Rachnera were watching along the sidelines, clearly enjoying the scene.

Roxas walked up next to her with Yukiko still snuggled onto his arm. "Rachnee, aren't you going to help him?"

"Oh, you guys are back." Rachnera said, taking a moment to glance at the bewildered children before looking back at the chaotic situation. Kimihito had managed to convince them to calm down by claiming he needed to get dinner ready. But even though the girls agreed, everyone could see that they were trying everything in their power to hold themselves back from basically raping the poor man. It was so entertaining, that Rachnera couldn't help but enjoy the drama. "Nah, I don't think I will. Honey needs to be a bit more decisive if he wants this to stop."

"Decisive about what?" Roxas asked.

Rachnera shook her head and grinned down at him. She reached over and ruffled his hair with her sharp hand. "About who he is going to pick for marriage."

"Oh…That…" Roxas said, a contemplating expression on his face. "Why does he have to choose?"

Rachnera, Yukiko, and Pyra nearly choked on their own breath as they looked at Roxas in unbelief. At first, they thought he was being a smartass, but seeing the genuinely curious look on his face, they had to remind herself that Roxas's circumstance was special.

He had amnesia, so he didn't get it.

"That's a complicated topic that can be saved for another time." Rachnera said, turning back to the drama. Papi had attempted to Glomp onto Kimihito, but was stopped by Miia. However, both girls crashed into Kimihito and they all tumbled to the ground, the half cool food nearly falling off the stove. "But…I think we should give them a hand. Otherwise, we won't be eating dinner today."

"…Sure…I guess." Roxas said slowly. He was beginning to get a little annoyed with how people kept dodging certain topics. What were they all so embarrassed to talk about?

After hours of arguing, bickering, and yelling, everyone was finally settled down to a rather massive fest of turkey, milk, cheese, almonds, whole wheat bread, Salads, and other…rather peculiar items. It was a very strange spread of food, but it was still delicious nonetheless. Everyone basically gorged themselves.

Sadly, since the Liminal curfew for students was much earlier tonight, Roxas and Xion found themselves already needing to walk Pyra and Yukiko home for the night.

But despite the earlier hours, everyone seemed much more tired than usual. They were barely able to concentrate on a single game of Mario cart without someone nodding off. It wasn't until later that they learned that Kimihito had used special foods that make people incredibly sleepy, which made sense because he didn't want to fear for his life…or chastity during the prime hours of the full moon.

When 6:00 rolled around, Yukiko was barely able to keep her eyes open as she placed the controller on the coffee table. She gave a long yawn before playfully laying down sideways on the couch, her head resting in Kimihito's lap while her legs landed on Xion's thighs. She looked up at him with her big watery eyes.

"Can't we stay over tonight Bro?" She asked, putting on her best puppy face.

"That…probably wouldn't be a good idea." Kimihito responded, comedically patting the top of her head. "You students have those rules for a reason, so it would be best to obey them."

"Poo." Yukiko pouted as she slowly sat up.

"*Yawn* Screw the rules." Pyra countered, stretching her arms to the celling. "My aunt is going to keep me up all night."

"Sorry to hear that, but Rules are Rules." Kimihito said with a smile. Honestly, he had his hands full for the night with all his tenants. While he loved Yukiko and Pyra to death, he didn't know if he could handle two more considering how tired he was. "Roxas, Xion, why don't you take them home now. I'll start cleaning up and putting everyone to bed."

Roxas and Xion nodded as they rose from their seats and walked over to Pyra and Yukiko. Both Liminal looked as if they were ready for bed, but Roxas and Xion weren't as affected by the meal as everyone else.

Pyra whipped her paw over and grasped Xion's wrist. "To save time, you're taking me home." She said as she shot a tired gaze at Roxas. "You take her home."

"…We can all walk together." Roxas said, his eyebrow raised.

"Nope! I'm tired and want to get to bed as fast as possible." Pyra said, grasping onto Xion's shoulder for support in an attempt to stand, showing off her fangs with another long yawn. To be honest, she just wanted the day to end. She had been holding herself back all day, and even though she was tired, she was also at her limits. Any more, and she would have probably caved into her desired no matter what the costs. Stupid Hellhound genes.

Yukiko seemed happy by the idea as she stood up on the couch and leaped onto Roxas's back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Carry me!" She said sleepily while snuggling into his back.

Roxas simply shook his head as he hooked his arms under her legs.

"Well, I guess I'm gonna take Pyra home since your…hands are full." Xion commented, a small grin on her face. Her sense of humor had been getting better, but still needed a little work.

"…Oh, hilarious." Roxas said dryly, shifting the Yeti up a little to get in a more comfortable position.

It wasn't long before Roxas was standing in front of the rundown apartment complex. Yukiko had dosed off and on during the trip, but she was wide awake now. She hesitated for a second, but lowered herself from off Roxas's back. "You don't have to come in this time. It's…not a good idea."

"Why's that?"

"I'd rather not say." Yukiko said, blushing deeply.

"…Ok, I will see you tomorrow then." He responded, giving her a small smile.

Yukiko nodded, rubbing her paw together nervously. The look on her face became one of determination before she reached out her arms and circled them around his torso once more. "You're the best Roxas." She said before she pulled away slightly. Her cheeks were rosy red before she brought her face close to his and pressed her lips against his cheek.

Instantly, Roxas's face flared up. His heartbeat increased dramatically, and his core temperature increased a few degrees. This sudden rush of feeling left him speechless. Again, these unfamiliar emotions were difficult to understand. Although he felt them occasionally, it wasn't nearly enough to know what they meant. It didn't mean those feelings were bad, just unfamiliar.

Yukiko left her lips lingering there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her own increased heart rate before she pulled back. She giggled at Roxas's shocked expression as she skipped away from him, her hands behind her back. "Goodnight, Roxas." She said as she pulled open the door and walked into the apartment.

Roxas stood there for a second, his hand slowly coming to his cheek as he watched the door close after her. He didn't know what these feeling meant, but he really wanted to find out. Why did these feeling emerge? And why did they mostly occur around Yukiko and Pyra? What did they mean?

Turning away from the door, Roxas took a few paces away from the apartment complex, his mind still pondering the phenomenon.


The nobody frowned when he heard a sudden noise from inside Yukiko's apartment. He turned around to face the door, staring at it for a few seconds. When the sound didn't happen again, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away from the complex.

Aiko was breathing heavily as he dropped the chloroform filled rag, watching the door intently. He slowly glanced down at Yukiko's Motionless body. He'd been sloppy and the Yeti was almost able to cry for help, but he managed to cover her mouth before it was too late. However, her unconscious body hitting the ground made enough noise.

Luckily, the boy who escorted her home didn't return to check on the noise.

"Damn Brats." Akio cursed as he retreated to the living room and picked up his cell phone. He dialed a few numbers before placing it to his ear.

"Hey, we doing this tonight, or not?"


"When is the van coming? I need to get her out of here right now. We can't miss that Freighter."


"Perfect. How's the haul this time?"


"Hell Yeah! Hopefully we can transport all of them before anyone figures out what's happening."


"Good, this is going to be a big payday." Akio grinned as he ended the call, glancing over at Yukiko's prone form with a sadistic grin. It was a little unfortunate for Akio that he didn't hear Yukiko's phone vibrating in her pocket.

Roxas was again sitting at his desk, typing away with Suu in his lap once again. They were both winding down for the night after they spent a few hours helping Kimihito clean up the house after the disastrous day. Today had been absolutely insane, but thanks to Kimihito's genius, most of the house habitants were fast asleep thanks to the food.

In fact, Roxas felt himself yawn deeply before he reached up and saved the file on his computer.

"I think we should call it a night, Suu."

Suu nodded her head, but didn't look particularly tired. They both made their way to the bed. Suu Lay down in her pool, watching Roxas collapse on his bed. With all that happened today, the Nobody wasn't surprised at how tired he was now that everything had calmed down. He felt his eyes close as his breathing begin to soften.


Frowning, Roxas looked over at the night stand. His phone was vibrating. He raised an eyebrow as he reached over and picked up the phone. When he saw that the caller ID was actually Smith, he quickly brought the phone to his ear.

"Smith? Why are you calling so late?" Roxas asked with a yawn.

There was a long pause on the phone while multiple voices echoed in the background. "Roxas…You took Yukiko home tonight, right? She's not at your place, right?"

For some reason, a sinking feeling entered Roxas's stomach. He was no longer tired anymore when he heard the tone in Smith's voice. It wasn't her usual teasing voice she used to get Kimihito's girls riled up, or the voice she used when addressing him. This tone was her rarely serious tone she used only when something important was happening.

"…Yeah…Why are you asking?"

"…Roxas…I need you to stay calm as I tell you this." Smith said, causing that feeling in his gut to multiply.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" Roxas asked. Sitting up in his bed.

"…I'm sorry Roxas. Yukiko was kidnaped."

Roxas felt his heart stop, his limbs going numb right as Smith finished her sentence. His cell phone dropped from his hand, bouncing off his bed and landed on the floor with a quiet thump. He felt as if his entire world was crashing down on him. His friend, one of the first fiends he'd ever made had been kidnapped. She was gone.

In that moment, something else awoke inside of the nobody. His teeth slowly clenched as did his fists. Pure, unrestrained fury coursed through his veins like a raging current.

White energy seeped from his body, lighting up the entire bedroom with an illuminating glow. Streaks of light began circling around him as he continued to shake in fury. He didn't pay any attention to it though because his mind was focused on one single thing.

Roxas! Roxas! Answer me!" Smith's voice said through the phone.

With the energy still coursing around him, Roxas knelt down and picked the phone up, trying his hardest not to crush it in his hand.

"What happened?" He seethed dangerously.


"WHAT HAPPENED?" Roxas yelled into the phone, the light energy erupting more from his being as anger continued to swell in his chest.

Suu watched Roxas, her emerald eyes wide. She had never seen the nobody like this before and it was…scary. She could only reach out and gently rest a feeler on his arm, hoping she might be able to do something to calm him down.

Unfortunately, it had no such affect. The rage that Roxas felt at the moment could only be quenched by finding the ones who took his friend and making them pay.

And when he did find them, God have mercy…

Because Roxas would not.

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