"Oh how hilarious, you have come to see . . . me?" Loki swirled around his green cape clinging to his frame. Hestia bit her lip and stepped forward. "Please."

Loki snorted and glared at her. "Please, what?" Hestia frowned and continued "There is a . . . boy."

"A boy? Wow, it's been centuries darling and you only come to me for a boy," Loki spun around a look of mock surprise on his face "is he mine?"

"Resorting to mortal words, how the prince of trickery has fallen." Hestia snapped back her eyes flaring for a second, then she stopped, chastising herself when she realized what she just did.

"Trust me I'm still the king of lies, but no prince of Asgard am I." Loki sneered his voice dripping with venom.

"Stop trying to lead me astray, Loki let me finish." Hestia took a deep breath and forged on "There is a boy, he lost his mother at a young age," she frowned when Loki snorted. "murdered in front of him when he was just a babe."

Loki frowned and for a second a spark of something flickered in his eyes.

"He was taken in by one of the ones you are destined to fight, he was raised for a while until he learned of his heritage, he is Poseidon's son."

"Oh Joy, that barnacle, sorry if I don't want to meet his darling . . . offspring." Loki snapped getting ready to turn away.

"He hates hates all of us in fact, cursed our names and sneers when someone mentions 'Greek'" Hestia hurried, feeling a pang in her heart.

Loki looked over again, he seemed unsure, balancing between two points. "Smart Boy." he frowned again.

"What is this ward's name?" he finally asked.



I can't stop, I can't stop this feeling

I'm falling, I'm falling

like a fallen angel

So call me demon daughter

call me the black sheep

but just remember

the rewards are yours to reap. . .

Percy studied the cover of the CD, he had recently become interested in this band, it was called Fairy Lights, such a nice name for such dark music.

He liked it, though, the lead singer and pianist, Etie was good she sang from her heart. Also, the plus side it pissed Pepper off. Setting it aside he turned the knob on his stereo and danced over to his hover desk.

Sitting down he started to work on his English paper, nodding his head as the next song came on. . .

My God

look at me now

look at these



can you tell me I'm the chosen one

special child

how dare you

how dare you say

that you can come this way

after you left so soon and left those

bloody splotches

on the floor . . .

Percy looked up and winced. Yah, no. Too close to home he skipped onto the next song and turned it up even louder. Loud enough to send his fingers drumming and to sent his mind scattering across the floor, across the room.

Thoughts danced in and out, why did Tony act like he wasn't his son?


Why didn't Pepper stop him?


Why didn't they help Percy save his friends?


They fell so easily into a pattern, one they had created without Percy, as they walked the next path they left Percy all alone again. Just like in camp.

The only person who he had trusted was mute, his vocal cords blown out by Percy, by his mistakes. Furthermore, he learned his girlfriend was a spy helping blow out those voice cords.

Even worse when he found the written songs in a notebook under his bed, never to be sung.

"PERCY! TURN DOWN THAT GODFORSAKEN MUSIC!" Tony howled, sounding like a blow horn, his voice just barely rising over the music. Percy jolted, his hand automatically reaching for the power button only then noticing his arms were wet, wet. He touched his fingers softly to his cheek, standing up he shut his desk off, report forgotten.

A shower that's it, he needed to shower. As he walked out of the room only clad in a towel he didn't see the blue eyes, glittering like crystals as they watched him slowly close the door.


Loki's eyes flicked down in annoyance, The Other was constantly trying to get in touch with him. As he ignored the tugging in his gut he focused on the boy inside.

'Come Loki, Now!'

Loki ignored it, focusing on how the boy kept turning up the music his eyes starting to well up before finally tears fell. Loki held up his spear and looked down into it. Images of the boy before his flickered across.

Him smiling, building, fighting, laughing, however nowhere can Loki see him cry, never since that night his mother was killed. Never.

Yet now he cried so easily when he thought he was alone, with his horrible music, and his technology.

"Horrid Mortal" Loki sniffed, and yet there was something more. This boy was alone, Loki could sense the turmoil, and yet he was one of the best liars he had ever seen. Even when others saw broken pain they saw how much he wanted them to see. Never showing too much emotion, until that time he broke. Loki looked down at his staff again. He knew he should be readying his army, even though Midgard was a pathetic world it wouldn't fall by itself.

'No, more time.' he promised himself, watching as the boy stood up turning down his music and walking away into a separate room before walking out in a towel.

'No more time.'


"So did you look at the files I sent you?" Tony asked watching as Percy shook his head, water droplets spraying all over the counter.

"Yes," Percy started vaguely still rubbing at his hair with his towel.

"So . . ." Tony mumbled rolling his hand. "my god, Percy stop being a drama queen."

"I'm not."

"Yes you are, your acting so vague and weird, your totally sulking." Tony pointed out.

"Fine," Percy slammed his hand down. "I looked them over, it's a bunch of shit, I don't need that right now." He closed his eyes and sighed, and rubbed his brow,

"I'm going out," he pulled up a bag and set it on his shoulders "one of my friends, Nico, were going to Mcdonalds to study."

"Good-" the door slammed and Tony could hear Percy taking the stairs two at a time.

"Bye." Tony frowned and ran his hands through his hair.

"Talk to me, Stark." Fury asked, drawing Tony's attention back to the call he put on hold.


"Excuse me?" Fury asked his one brown eye widening and surprise.

"As much as I love to play the superhero, I have Pepper, I have my life back down. I'm done." Tony explained, his eyes hardening with conviction.

"Well that's nice, but sometimes the fight pulls you in, whether you want to or not" Fury snorted.

"Goodbye Director."

"See you soon Stark"


"So why are we doing this?" Steve asked pulling his cap further down his head.

Natasha looked up and frowned "Well for two reasons one," she held up two fingers and pulled one down "there are alien energies surrounding the tower, and two" she pulled another finger down "Director wants us to find out where Tony's loyalties lie."

"Wow does he really not trust Stark that much?" Steve asked raising his eyebrows.

"He doesn't trust anyone."

"Even you?"

"Especially me."

"Okay . . . " Steve trailed off, as they walked in, they heard a "Hold the elevator!" Turning they saw a boy holding a happy meal in his hand and running toward them. Steve wordlessly put a hand over the door, holding the door open.

The boy slid in and smiled, panting. "Thanks, this elevator is so funky only comes down every thirty minutes, then I'll have to take the stairs."

"All technology is funky, now," Steve muttered.

"That's so true, but hey it helps, I mean a bit more than it hurts!" the boy replied cheerfully. Making Steve look over in surprise, how did this boy hear him?

"So now tell me, why are you really here?" the boy asked, his voice suddenly filled with ice. Steve felt the touch of a cool blade against his throat, looking over he saw Natasha, unconscious.

"How? Who are you?" Steve asked, his muscles tensing.

"Stop trying to fight, my name's Percy Jackson, I want to know why you're really here, going upstairs."

"What I want to know is who you are and why you're going upstairs." Steve countered, his hands tightening.

"I'm the one with a blade to your throat, so stop being so cute," Percy smirked.


The door opened and hey were in an open penthouse, a man was chopping up some food. "Hey, Percy do you-" The man looked up and his mouth opened. "Should I be worried?" he asked.

The boy slapped some cuffs onto Steve, wait when did he have cuffs!?

"Nah," he started pulling Steve over to the couch and Natasha dumping them.

"Make yourselves comfortable." he finished. Percy then sat done, crossing his ankles and glaring at them.

"Why do I recognize them Tony?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

"The files, the ones I sent you," Tony mentioned.

"The ones I barely grazed over?" Percy sighed "Damn."

"So," he turned to Steve and rose an eyebrow "refresh my memory." Steve watched this in confusion, their actions were certainly hostile, however, his gut told him . . .

"Steve Rogers," he said, event though he felt uneasy. . .

"Captain America" the boy stated, not surprised nor confused. "So tell me why is the fucking war hero trying to sneak into mi-Tony's home?"

"Language." Steve immediately said.

"My gods, you're telling me you the one who was in the army with a bunch of young guys can't stand cussing?"


"I like you." the boy said walking over and taking off the handcuffs. Steve rubbed his wrists, which ached from trying to tug the cuffs off. Percy noticed the red swollen wrists and handed a wet cloth over.

"You just couldn't wait." he snarked.

"Time is lives," Steve replied rubbing his wrists with the cloth, sighing in relief.

"That's true."

"So who's she?"

"Natasha Romanov."

"Black Widow."

Steve nodded silently.

"So when is she going to stop pretending to be out and actually introduce herself?" Natasha sighed and popped up sitting up and brushing the dirt off her clothes.

"As soon as she gets the information she needs," she stated, smiling quietly. "What gave me away?"

"You stopped breathing for a second"

"Nightmare?" Natasha offered with a smirk.

"Took the chance."

Steve sighed and bit his lip, he hated small talk. He knew there was a lot of inner workings in. A few words that held secret meanings but he rather start fighting, that he understood.

"Stop pouting and come over to talk," Percy said addressing Tony, who was actually pouting.

"Fine." Tony sniffed, put out. He walked over and sat down in thin air, somehow resting on something.

"You fixed the problems with the air bursts?" Percy noted.

"Yep, the fan was just unbalanced."

They talked a bit more, about the workings of the machine, Percy adding in a few thought and notes which Tony promised to add.

"Enough fun talk, can you tell me why Fury's dogs are here when I just said I don't want to help?" Tony asked spinning to glare at Natasha.

"Dogs?" Steve asked seeming put out.

"You could totally be a golden retriever, and Natasha a greyhound-no, I'll work on that," Tony promised.


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