This is my first time writing fan-fiction and I am really bored after re-watching Code Geass on Blu-Ray and I wondered what would happen if Lelouch found a Sith Holocron during the first episode of R2 so this is my story. Yolo . Please excuse some mistakes

Chapter 1

2018 A.T.B.

Location :Ashford Academy

Lelouch Lamperouge once known as Lelouch vi Britannia was sleeping in class during a history lesson on the Black Rebellion initiated by the both hero and villain know as Zero

"Lelouch Lamperouge what are you doing in class again ? " Miss Suda shouted.

"Ermmm … Nothing I was just paying attention like the rest of them." He replied.

"Well then, explain to me the cause of the Black Rebellion and the effects it had on Area 11 as a whole. I hope you're not dreaming about Shirley again." Miss Suda replied with a smirk on her mouth.

The whole class burst into laughter

"Well yes and no , now to give my answer. Miss Suda ,the Black Rebellion was caused by Zero who used the Elevens unhappiness and distrust of us Britannian's to start an uprising which caused destruction of a major parts of Area 11 except this school which was planned to be the command center of the Black Knights." Replied Lelouch with confidence.

"Well answered but you need more than that to get a good score in the test and I hope you won't be dreaming again for the next few lessons Lelouch. " Replied Miss Suda.

"Right Miss Suda. " Replied Lelouch with ease as if he knew this Zero so well that the instant mention of him energizes Lelouch


Location : Area 11 Highway System

Destination:Babel Tower

"Hate and anger is strong within you my child."An unknown voice echoed in Lelouch's head.

"What the… Who said that ? No..No… I must be dreaming again" Lelouch said with confusion.

"Is anything wrong brother ?" Rolo asked with curiosity.

"No, I think I heard voices in my head, must be that I'm daydreaming again." Replied Lelouch.

"You still want to go to Babel Tower I mean , we could turn back and go home." Replied Rolo .

"You know I really want to do this. I need a challenge someone who I could have a nice chess game with."Replied Lelouch .


Location : Babel Tower

"Brother , I don't feel comfortable here can we go home." Replied Rolo.

"We are already here why leave .Just who the hell do you think I am to walk away from this opportunity to battle one of the best chess players in this area."Replied Lelouch.

A waitress accidentally spilled drinks on Lelouch.

"I'm so sorry , I really am , let me clean your shirt up." Replied the waitress.

"There's no need to…." said Lelouch.

A big explosion suddenly erupted and the lights went off

"A terrorist attack ?" gasped Lelouch in panicked.

Rolo immediately grabbed his brother and ran to an abandoned section of Babel Tower.

"I'll get us out of here " Replied Lelouch to calm his brother down.

"Lelouch duck" said Rolo as machine gun fire burst towards Lelouch.

An explosion blew up the position of the terrorist and Lelouch was propelled down the structural framework of the abandoned section of Babel Tower.


"Where am I ?"asked Lelouch once he woke up.

"Ouch that hurt . Luckily I landed on this old sheets of mattress or else I'm dead"Lelouch spoke in joy.

"Now where am I ? " "This place looked abandoned as hell" "Based on this my surrounding I think Im on the lower level of this building" said Lelouch .

"Whats that site there? It looks like an abandoned excavation site with all those high tech equipment."-Thought Lelouch.

"Come to me….. Come to me… Boy "Lelouch heard.

"Its that same voice again, who are you show yourself" shouted Lelouch.

"Come to me….. Come to me… Boy" Lelouch heard again.

A Red Glow emerged from the excavation site drawing Lelouch in.

"What is in that place ?"-Wondered Lelouch.

Lelouch walked down the tunnel following the Red Light as it leads Lelouch deeper into the Tunnel.

"What are those inscriptions on the wall" Lelouch spoke.


Location :Unknown

"This place is huge"-Lelouch wondered to himself

Suddenly a door opened welcoming Lelouch into the underground Temple.

As Lelouch journeyed deeper into the temple , Lelouch felt something he has never felt before , Fear ,Hatred ,Darkness and Shivering Cold.

Lelouch then reached what looks like a room with many depictions of murder , torture and genocide .

The Structure in the middle opened revealing a weird sculpture of some sort which had the combination of Organic and Inorganic designs while glowing and giving our a red aura and a flashlight of some sort.

"Whats that" Lelouch spoke then hesitantly took those two artifacts and pocketed it .

The Compound suddenly shook as if an earthquake happened.

The words

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me" echoed throughout the compound

"Got to get out of here" spoke Lelouch as he rushed his way remembering the way he entered this compound.


Location: Underground levels of Babel Tower

"Whew made it out alive. Hmm let's see if I can call Rolo, Rolo must be worried about me " Lelouch spoke with relief.

"No connection dammit ,I need to find my only Brother " –Lelouch spoke with a worried tone.

As explosions rang around the Babel Tower Compound Lelouch ran into every part finding his brother in hopes with reuniting with him.


"Ugahhh" Lelouch gasped in horror as bodies of those he saw in at the upper floors of Babel Tower are drenched in blood .

Lelouch surveyed the area looking for his brother among the dead bodies hoping that one of the bodies isn't Rolo's.

A Knightmare pointing a gun at Lelouch was noticed in a brink of a second as it came to light.

" Black Knights ….What to do know"-wondered Lelouch.

"Lelouch I came to get you out of here I have to time to explain just come with me" spoke a girl with a green hair.

Just as Lelouch was to follow the girl a bullet went through her forehead.

"Who killed her" gasped Lelouch in shock as he ran to grab the falling body..

Lelouch gazed upwards to see soldiers with flamethrowers burning the corpses of the dead.

"Well done Lelouch . Well done .You served your function well" The commander above the knightmare spoke.

"We are friends for a long time Lelouch Lamperouge its just that it's a once sided friendship with the other unaware of the others existence" The commander spoke.

The commander proceeds to describe Lelouche's daily activity.

"How the hell did you know ?"Lelouch shouted in Horror

"It doesn't matter now time to dispose of you and the girl. By the way you're lucky enough to be best friends with a Baron so die happily "The commander replied.

"Is this the end, what have I done . No…No… Theres something wrong I did nothing wrong .These soldiers they are killing innocent ….. They….. They…. I must make sure that they burn in hell , I wish I had the power ,the power to Kill them to maim them brutally for killing this innocent people .I need Power….Power ..Power to do this"-thought Lelouch with rage.

"Power….Power …. I could give you Power all the power you desire boy the Power to fufill your wish." An Eerie Voice spoke to Lelouch telepathically

"That voice again….. Who are you…Theres no time….Can you help me …Give me that power "Replied Lelouch telepathically

"Anything you wish my boy . First calm yourself down and hold that thing you call a flashlight in your hand "The voice replied.

"Oh…ok"-Lelouch replied

Lelouch grabbed the lightsaber in his left hand and close his eyes.

"Now let me take control of your body for a while"-The voice spoke again.

Lelouch felt a jerk as he stood still facing the soldiers

Lelouch Lamperouge blackened out from his body not feeling a thing as if he went to sleep

Lelouch walked towards the soldiers activating the lightsaber. The lightsaber emitted a crimson red blade

"What the hell is that ." Shouted a soldier in fear.

"Your demise" shouted Lelouch as he jumped on to the group of soldiers maiming them brutally with the red lightsaber while moving at an astonishing speed

The body parts of soldiers were flying everywhere

The Baron watched in Horror as his loyal soldiers got decapitated in such a way that only a sick psychopath will do

Some had their face cut in half , Some had their heart cut out from their bodies beating lively. Some the lucky ones had their body cut into pieces. This is not the work of Lelouch Lamperouge but far worse

"I surrender have mercy ….Please ….. Have Mercy don't kill me…I won't tell anyone about what happened here." Coughed the Baron in fear on top of his Knightmare

"Oh I will have Mercy but I fear that my lightning will not"Replied Lelouch as bolts of Force Lightning touched the skin of the Baron turning him into ashes.

An evil laugh of both joy and psychopathy echoed around the compound

Lelouch then fell to the ground


Location: Lelouche's Subconscious

A masked figure stood beside Lelouch showing him his past the truth of who he was.

"Who betrayed you?"

"Suzaku Kururugi"

"Who was your Best friend that you would die for"

"Suzaku Kururugi"

"Who sold you out just for a little reward"

"Suzaku Kururugi"

"Who took your perfect life away from you?"

"Charles zi Britannia ,my father "
"You could have all the joy of being a prince and yet you were sent to live a life void of joy to worry about your sister to care for her .Who made you suffer the endless sleepless nights ,to sit uneasily at every moment and never have any joy , to put on a fake smile even thou you were sad deep down ?"

"Them…. They who rejected me , the ones I used to call family ,brother and sister."

"What do you want ?"

" Vengeance , I want the blood of them all I want to kill them and preserve their dead bodies so I can remind myself of how much I hate them"

"Very well then , looks like bringing you instantly to me was a good idea, I can feel your hate and anger. They overshadow mine even as Sith Lord of the an old age"

"Whats a Sith Lord "

"Whats a Sith Lord you ask, a master of the dark side of the force , a servant of the force as the force is conflict, as both sides of a faction are congruent"

"Why me"

"Boy… demonstrated to me your potential when you caused so much conflict and bloodshed during the uprising, you remind me of someone, an acquaintance of mine called Plagueis "

"So what can you do for me?"

"Give you power as you desire it , to ignite your vengeance , your anger , your bloodshed"

"What powers are those will there be any contract of any kind?"

"Powers that will exceed the thing you call a Geass and no all I ask is of you to become my apprentice and practice my teachings"

"So why are you helping me?"

"I have my own reasons but do you except me as your master , apprentice ?"

"I will do anything as you ask just let me save Nunally "

"Good Good"

"I pledge myself to you master "

"From now on you will be known as Darth Zeroth "

"Yes my master "

This is my first attempt hope you like it Chapter 2 is coming soon